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This review is going to be long...but I trolled...

This review is going to be long...but I trolled this website a lot before deciding to do my procedure so I hope it helps you as much as it helped me!

Backstory: I've hated my nose since before I can remember. It was actually pretty good from the side profile, but would make me cringe whenever I would take a picture head on. I just felt it was way to big for my face, especially the tip. The bone was slightly asymmetrical as well...but more than anything i hated how far down my tip would fall, especially when i would smile (and I smile alot!)

Now, don't get me wrong...I never thought I "needed" a nose job per se, my nose was in no way inhibiting my life or my self esteem, but I always secretly wished if I could come up with the money and the nerve to do it, I totally would.

How I chose a doctor: When I first decided to actively pursue the idea, I googled other people's reviews and stories as well as doctor's I could meet with. I searched for plastic surgeons in another state as well as Florida and checked out their websites. If they looked credible, i sent them an email for a little more info about a consult/pricing. If they replied and I got a good vibe from them...I made an appt for a free consult. In miami, its really easy to find a plastic surgeon that will operate on pretty much anything...but it's kind of scary and hard to find one you trust and are comfortable with. I met with a few doctors...majority just made me feel like I was on an episode of nip/tuck and the rest just kept hassling me to book after the initial consult. One doctor even told me "I think you're very pretty, BUT I think people notice your nose when they shouldn't". Although I dont think he meant anything by it, the statement kind of rubbed me the wrong way...like he was praying on my insecurity. Anyway, after going through this for a few months, I found a doctor and staff I was very comfortable with and trusted. (Bonus-his price was actually a little less than other "leading miami facial surgeons") Surgery:

The worst part of the surgery was the anticipation leading up to it. I was freaking out while sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called back!! I've never had any type of surgery (especially not cosmetic!) so I was terrified. My doctor's office even called me the day before and could tell I was terrified and talked me down lol. All I remember is being taken to the operating room and being moved on to the table, then what felt like 1 minute later someone telling me it was all over! But i found out my surgery actually took 5 hours to complete, the majority of which was cartilage work on my tip! The doctor actually re-did it 3 times because he didn't like the way it looked (keep reading, i'll tell you all about my awesome doc in a few). And, when he got in there...it turned out i had deviated septum which he fixed.

Recovery: Right after surgery was a little weird, my throat was just extremely dry from the breathing tube...but other than that nothing to awful. The nurses and doctors at the recovery center were so amazing that it was no biggie! They did give me a pain pill because my nose was throbbing...not so much painful as just heavy and throbbing. I didn't really even noticed the drip pad. The first night I didn't get much sleep because my nose had packing in it and I'm not used to breathing through my mouth. Also, having to sleep with my head elevated was kind of uncomfortable. But again, nothing unbearably awful.

I got the packing taken out the second day and everything was a little better...still kind of throbbing but thats what vicodin is for! Even though the cast was still on...I could already see a difference in my tip!! My face did swell up the following day really badly...not bruised...but really really swollen, especially around the eyes. It was gone by the third day...and even now (a week after surgery) I have absolutely no bruising or swelling! Granted, my doc didn't have to break my bone so that probably made a difference. Tomorrow will be one my one week post op, when I get my stitches out and my cast off...so I will update and hopefully try to get a pic up! Hope this helps!!

1 week post op: got my stitches taken out, the...

1 week post op: got my stitches taken out, the splint and cast off and my nose looks AMAZING!!!! I cannot believe how happy I am with it! It's still a little bit swollen (but I dont even care) but it still looks SOOOO MUCH better to me than before. and sooo natural! I showed a friend an after picture and she thought I was lying about having surgery lol.

The congestion and runny nose was pretty much the worst part of the entire recovery process (not b/c its painful, because its annoying) and soon as the splint came out it was immediately better!!

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