9 months post op!

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Iv'e been thinking about getting a breast...

Iv'e been thinking about getting a breast augmentation for the past few years and have been seriously considering it for this past year. I have been doing research and I want to share my experience here on realself so that others can benefit by reading through my posts.

After consultations in the New England I have decided that I am going to travel to Miami and have my BA done by Dr. Hochstein. There are many reasons why I chose Dr. Hochstein, the main reason being that his before and after pictures consistently show beautiful and natural looking results. Many of the surgeons I saw in New England (mainly in Rhode Island and Mass) had only a couple of before and afters that I liked and I feel I am taking more of a shot in the dark with a surgeon that has more of a limited patient base. I am confident that Dr. Hochstein, with his experience, can produce my desired look.

I will also be posting videos when my date gets closer and, of course, after my surgery!

Before photos and the look that I desire

Hi, I wanted to include before photos of my breasts and some pictures of how I want them to look after the procedure.

2 months pre-op!

Everything is official, I made my deposit and booked my flight and hotel room. I'm posting a 2 month pre-op video to start documenting my boobie journey! I have decided to post videos of before and after my surgery so I can help other women. I have gotten so much help from other videos on this website and I want to pay it forward!

2 months pre op plus video

2 months pre op video

About 6 weeks until I leave to go to Miami for my BA!

Hi ladies!
I wanted to update on how excited I am about my upcoming BA! I have bought a recovery bra from Tonserio and Vitamins that are surgery specific. I emailed the amazing assistant Jennifer and she told me that these vitamins are perfect because they have vitamins that will boost your immune system and speed in recovery. Also, these vitamins do not contain anything that could harm the process (i.e. vitamin E). The vitamins are: Vitamedica Clinical support program. It has a morning and evening supplement. I chose the Tonserio bra because i read great reviews and got a size Medium which is for augmented breasts up to a 34DD (i believe, maybe a D) I tried it on and it fit my breasts currently, i think that this supposed to happen because the bras are supposed to pull the implants closer and towards your body.
I am getting so excited, I am going to have my lab tests done at the beginning of the following week. I am looking forward to the trip in general because it will be nice to recover in a hotel, as opposed to home where I will be tempted to clean ;). My close friend who has undergone plastic surgery before is coming to stay and take care of me and she is so excited for me which is awesome! Especially to have the support system right there. Hope everyone is doing great!

T-minus 5 weeks until I have a beautiful set of twinsies !!!

I've been more excited than scared the past couple weeks. I used to have crazy dreams, almost nightmares about the BA but they were so ridiculous I think if I wrote any of them that I would get locked up in a psychiatric ward! But.... my last couple dreams have me with big boobies in them and i wake up really excited!! I'm a little weird but I want to keep the excited vibes flowing :)
I did my blood work a little early by accident and called the office and they told me that they haven't received it yet but it shouldn't be a big deal that I did it early. I am the complete opposite of a procrastinator!
I just bought a neck pillow because I think the worst day I will have to face will be the day that i travel home (3 days post op) so I want to make sure that I am the most comfortable that I can be.
I am putting up another before picture so all you ladies can get a better perspective of my body type when I have my couple days of cc advice. I want to be a small d -d and right now i fill out a victorias secret b even though my boobies naked are a A very small. I am way more picky about the shape then the size. For the shape I am looking for perky, some side boob, a little bit better cleavage than I already have (I have a slightly bigger gap between my boobs that I would want), and just big enough where they droop a little bit and make a beautiful breast fold underneath.
So excited!!!!

Its November!

Getting excited for the BA, I am starting to take my supplements tomorrow morning. I have a new wish pic which is what I am going to use in the consultation when I see Dr. H. It is from another user on here (thanks Maggie!)
I feel so loved and supported from members on this site and I wanted to say thanks! It has been so helpful reading everyone's experiences and I am much more prepared for surgery mentally. All of my plans are secure and I am going to have my finals two weeks after I get home. This will be great for me because I will be busy and not obsessing so much over my boobs. I took two weeks off from work because I normally do when I have finals anyways as to be sure that I have time to study. I am going to "nest" my house before I leave for Miami.
I was considering changing my dates so I would leave 6 days post op instead of 3 as to be safer regarding infection etc. I e-mailed Jennifer showing her my concern and she gave me alternate dates to choose from and also told me that there is no difference between leaving 3 and 6 days post op. Also, if i were to change the dates I would have my pre-op the same day I fly down and post-op the next day, and I would have to have my boyfriend come down with me and have him take care of me instead of my best friend... So i stuck with my original surgery date and will carry through :) Also, it will be nice to vacation for a few days prior to surgery and I feel like post op day 3 I will start to get homesick!

A couple more wish pics

A personal issue and the outcome.

Throughout the research process up to now I have struggled with deciding whether or not I would tell me mom that I am going through with my BA. I am visiting my mom and my dad this January in Florida and a week ago I asked my mom what she would do if my boobs looked a little bit bigger. She kind of freaked out a bit and told me that I should wait until after I have kids and see what my body is like then and see if I even want the boobs. The topic changed and we kept talking but it was nice to know that she wasn't completely opposed to a elective surgery. So, I went on with my week but I kept thinking about if I should tell her that I am going through with it.
I struggled, and voiced my concerns with a couple members on here. On one hand I felt that I didn't need to tell her because it is my body and I am confident in my decision. I felt like she would worry about me too much and blow it out of proportion. I also felt like I had enough of support from my friends and people here to be able to make the best decisions and deal with the emotional and physical aftermath of surgery. And most importantly, I didn't want her to think that I wasn't grateful for my life or for my heath and that I was too greedy wanting more. My sister passed away 5 years ago and she was sick for a large part of her life. My mom had to take care of her and saw her sick and I saw all of this (being the younger sister) and didn't want her to think about another one of her children being operated on/in pain. Not that a BA is anywhere comparable to what my sister went through, but I didn't want to have my mom worry about me if she didn't need to. On the other hand, she is one of my best friends and I am very close with her (we speak close to once a week). I value her input, and I felt that she would have good advise. I also didn't know if I could go through with it and not tell her.
So, today I texted her and told her that I needed to talk to her about something private. She called a couple hours later and I told her.
She was VERY supportive and informative. She told me to do a background check on whatever surgeon I chose and to do more research about the long term effects with pregnancy.
I went on with telling her that I wanted to have a conservative look which she was very happy with, and I also told her that I wanted to get them done before I start my career because I didn't want to take two weeks off and come back with bigger boobs (not that it would make a big difference because I wear a very padded bra now).
I went about it by telling her that I was sure I wanted to do this and that I have been self conscious about my small boobs for a very long time, but I knew that there was more to life than the size of my boobs so I never let it known that it really bothered me. I told her that I would stuff my bikini tops :) and she laughed a little bit. Then she went on to tell me that she thought about getting a lift and reduction! I would never think of her wanting to do that so it was kind of shocking to me!!!! She is the most free-spirited, life loving, love your body the way it is person that I know! It also made me so happy because she could understand where I was coming from, just in the opposite direction!!
I didn't tell her for her approval, I didn't need that. I told her because I wouldn't of felt right going into surgery without her knowing. I want to be able to call her before and after and take her through the journey with me! Going into the phone call I told myself that if she didn't approve I would have still been happy that she knew what I was doing.
Who knows, maybe there will be another real self member in the future!
Also, i am writing this to share the experience. I don't want to sway anyone's opinions on what they do or who they tell, I just knew that I wouldn't have felt comfortable going into the surgery without telling her. That is a personal thing, and elective surgery is such a personal matter. I am elated that she knows and that I told her, the fact that she supports me on top of that makes me that much happier.

So Soon! So Excited!

I can't believe that next week today it will be the day before my surgery. I've waited so long and have had so much planning in advance I have everything set so it will be smooth sailing. I feel that I have done more research since I am traveling to have the procedure done than I would have if I had stayed in state. Also, Dr. Hochstein's staff have been wonderful with any question or concern I have had so far. I am so excited to have the boobies of my dreams but I'm also savoring every day with my small boobies because I know that I will be limited to what I can do for about 6 weeks post op. But, I have to be patient with healing process. I don't feel nervous about it at all, I think because I have had all of this time to plan and think about everything, now I am just eager!
Today I got another D bra in the mail and I put it on over my currently padded bra and it honestly looked GREAT and matched my body so well and I am sure that I want to be a D cup. Before I was thinking big C/small D but that is sort of the standard for "make them proportionate to my body". I want a size that I can choose to hide when I want to, and when I am in a bikini stand out!! I feel that on my body, a D cup will do just that.
I am kind of torn for cc's I'm sure I will get a better idea when I am down there but the same cc's on one girl looks very different on another so it is sort of confusing. I have 421-457 in my mind as a ball park range, and that is what Dr. H told me would get me the look of my wish pics on the phone consultation. I think I'm not going to sweat it and figure it out when I am down there :) I have about 10 wish pics and 5 bad pics that I do not want them to look like, and a pre-op consultation checklist packed away in my suitcase for next week.
So excited!!! I'll post another update after my pre-op and a video before and after ;)
take care ladies and much love !

So excited!! Just days before my BA :)

Hi ladies,
I am getting so excited for my BA, I fly out of CT Tuesday morning, Pre-Op Wednesday, Wednesday night I pick up my caretaker and bestie at the airport, Thursday is Thanksgiving and I have arranged a early dinner at a french restaurant that looks great, the only thing that people knocked on the reviews was that the portions were a bit small which is perfect for me because the office advises that patients eat light the day before. (It's too bad I can't drink wine that night :/ , I'm sure I will live, and I will miss eating turkey and pumpkin pie and fall asleep and repeat 5 times :) I will manage. And then Friday is surgery!!!
I've been on the multivitamins that I posted prior as well as 1 iron supplement every morning. I have been eating a lot of foods with vitamin C and protein. I also have not had a drink in the past couple days, I am not supposed to have any alcohol 1 week pre and 1 week post. I am also not a smoker, that is a MAJOR thing to quit if you are a smoker pre as well as post op because it inhibits healing by depriving your blood of the oxygen it needs.
I finally have the final photos of want and do not want as well as the pre-op consultation questions and concerns printed and in a folder in my suitcase. Bendy straws check! I am going to focus on staying hydrated before and after to flush out all of the toxins. My mother is not coming to stay at the hotel with me, she was thinking about it, she lives 3 hours away so if I need her she will be right there :) makes me feel very good that she is on board.
One of my concerns was that Dr. H preforms his surgery in office. I asked the office assistant Amanda what happens if there is an emergency. She told me that Dr. Hochstein has affiliations with Adventura hospital, IF, a patient ever needed to get brought there. She told me that this has never happened in his practice. Also, all of the nurses are registered as well as the anesthesiologist. I feel that this should be a given, but there are Dr.'s out there who, I can imagine, do not have the credentials. My best piece of advise is to do research and than do some more research, it will keep you safe as well as give you piece of mind. Even if something seems obvious... double check.
And, I will post again when I am in Miami, I am going to try to focus on all of the work I need to get done before I leave on Tues morning so I can relax and not have to do any work when I am down there. It is very hard to focus!! Love all of you ladies... I am also going to post a couple more photos of my pre-op boobies :)

Pre-op complete, Surgery Friday!

Hi ladies! Just posted another video! Done with pre-op and surgery on Friday!!! So excited and nervous. I will post right before surgery. Going to get a last workout and then picking my bestie up from the airport :) Ill post some updates right before surgery because I know that I will be nervous! Much love

Supplement to video!

Hey! just for quick reference because my video is a bit long!

Pre-op today - decided on 457 mod + profile through the areola and under the muscle. The appointment went very well, did not feel rushed at all and the doctor was extremely personable and answered all of my questions.

Picking up my best friend from the airport at 12 :) so happy to have her, wish my mama and my boyfriend were here to hold my hand and snuggle! But im a tough cookie and will get through!

Surgery tomorrow!!

Feeling nervous ladies!!! Going to go to thanksgiving dinner, happy thanksgiving to you all :) Ill post tonight after my shower!!!

Surgery tomorrow, excited!!! Had my "holy shit i'm really doing this" moment!!

Hi ladies!
Ok, so my 1 day pre-op went like this...
Last night I couldn't really sleep because I kept getting spikes of nervousness/anxiety every time I would start to fall asleep I would wake up from my nerves. This happened for about an hour or two and then I decided to switch my mind to only positive thoughts and pictured myself with boobs that I loved! I feel right to sleep! Woke up with some nerves, and throughout the day felt better and better and now I am calm! I'm sure on the drive in tomorrow I'm going to be going nuts!!! Ahhh so exciting! I thought about everything I was thankful for today and it made me realize that I am so fortunate to be surrounded my love and support and I am so grateful I am at a time in my life when I can treat myself to something like this!
As far as what I did today 1 day pre-op was nothing, I relaxed and ate healthy and drank so much water. I had a hearty breakfast, a yogurt for lunch, and a early dinner and ate until I was full but not uncomfortably full. I got the hotel ready and laid out all of my clothes that I will wear tomorrow and the next few days, all of the zip up hoodies and soft pants that are easy to take on and off. I have a soft headband that I could kind of use as a scrunchie so it is easy to get my hair back and out of my face so I dont have to deal with it after surgery. I have warm fuzzy socks and my favorite undies to wear for surgery tomorrow. (I think I wear undies in surgery... pretty sure...) I am ready, talked to my parents... my boyfriend, they all have their phones next to them incase I need to talk to someone in the middle of the night. I have my friend sleeping in the bed right next to me incase I need her :) So happy, my mom said the best few words, "embrace it". I am :)
Love all of you ladies, so happy to read your stories and share my story with you :) Wish me luck for a safe and successful surgery, I know that i will be fine :)

Surgery done!!

Hey ladies!!! Thanks for the support!! Made it! Wasn't too nervous waiting to go in today. 457 mod + in both, areola incision under the muscle. Sensitive to pain killers, got nausea and didn't throw up. Going to try to take half the pain killers to reduce nausea. Dr called, he told me to do that if I can handle the pain. Doing good so far! Took a peak, looked good! Much love and I'll post later with pictures of the boobies!!!

1st photo of my boobies!

Hey ladies!!
Down to a half of a painkiller instead of 1. The whole one was making me so nauseous i woods overheat as feel like I was going to throw up yesterday it was not fun. I am definitely sensitive to painkillers because even on half of one I am flying high! Eating well just not too much, sleeping on and off. So happy with them so far!! Surgery was easy, woke up in little pain and no shaking just nausea!! The nurses had me smell this weird thing to get rid of the nausea. Will post more when I'm not so loopy!

Post op day 2

Today is so much better than yesterday, I can move my arms and get up on my own! Down to a quarter of a oxy and 1 Tylenol. My pain is minimal just tight and pressure. The painkillers gave me headaches and nausea so it's nice to not have to take a whole one anymore! Getting up and stretching more and more. Flight home tomorrow, feeling stronger and post op appointment tomorrow AM, hopefully I don't get manhandled ! So happy with them they look pretty huge!!! :) so happy I went through I was originally so nervous about surgery and the first couple days post op but it hasn't been bad!! Love you ladies! Thanks again for the support, I'll post pics when I am home and have the bandages off!! Yay :)

Post op day 4

Oh my goodness, so sleep all the time, hard to breath at times which kind of freaks me out and then I am struggling to breath even more! I am just trying to deal with healing and I cannot wait until I feel better!! Staying strong !!!! Sometimes I'm so happy and sometimes I get down which is normal I know, and I just got my period... Fun ! Yeah def emotional because I'm getting teary eyes watching keeping up with the kardashians haha! That's pretty bad! I will post another video when I'm more up for it :) love all you ladies stay strong and take care of yourselves in mind and body!

Starting to feel more normal!!!

Ok I definitely have has my moments where I get so frustrated... Particularly at night when I am trying to find a comfortable position on at my 45 degree angle that I am trying to sleep at. Once I get comfortable my back hurts so much and then I will get up and try it all over again! That's the hardest part, if I can't sleep for an hour or so I take half of a valum just so I'm not so squirmy and it really really helps! If I were to take a whole one I would be out for the whole day! Oh yes, and I've found that sleeping on the couch propped up is sooooo much better than sleeping in the bed!
Starting to get used to the boobies! I like looking at them in the mirror and it's so weird in a way to have them!!! So at 10 Days post op I can reach over my head and switch to a sports bra that doesn't squish my boobs together.
I have heard noises, creaking and squishing! It doesn't freak me out... There just settling in!
I'm wondering when it will be ok for me to drive, I'll prob wait 5 more days. Everyday is a little but easier than the last! Feel like the swelling goes down more and more. So thankful for my mom... Last night I was crying so frustrated (my BF wakes up at 6 and works until 6) so I didn't want to keep him awake. My mom helped me so much she talked to me until I fell asleep!!! She's so so so sweet and understanding.
I'm posting good photos of my boobies! Took these after my massages !

Some more pictures

Hi ladies! Just a quick photo update, sent these photos to the PS today. I'll post a video tonight :) I gain more movement and less pain everyday, I also slept for 9 hours last night thank goodness! Love all you ladies and happy healing :)

One week post op video :)


Sorry that the video kind of lags with my voice or the other way around, I uploaded it quicker but the quality isn't as good as it normally is.

Reached 10 days!

Hi ladies!!
The past couple days have gotten easier and easier, yet I haven't really done much other than homework. Planning on taking a drive tonight to see how it goes. I need to drive an hour away tomorrow and wed so wish me luck ladies!! I think I'll be more wiped out than anything!
So, day 8 was super emotional for me. I was frustrated because I still felt so laid up and I was annoyed because I was missing my independence. :(
Yesterday was a lot better! Pain wise and mobility wise I was able to do more and not in much pain.
So my PS has day 10 be a big day :) I can now wear sports bras and I can now lift my arms above my head!!! Weeeeee so a shower, a sports bra, and studying is what I will be doing today!
I'm liking the boobies a lot! I feel like I will love the shape once they are more settled in :) I think I'll have a little bit of a breast fold underneath!!!! ( that's one reason why I was in the 400's range )
Happy lately, although I cannot wait to be at 100% and have everything healed :) I am patient ! I'm religiously doing the massages the PS showed me.
Can't wait to make Christmas cookies!!! Love all of you ladies so so much!!!! And I am definitely open to any advise :) still so new to the boobie community !!

Big milestones and the past few days

Hello ladies :)

So my hour commute the past two days went well. Honestly it was very good, no pain really, just once in a while, like when I came to a complete stop and had to make a sharp turn. It required me to out some force behind the wheel and I could def feel some chest muscles I haven't felt in a while.
The first day driving was so crazy, it was snowing on the way up to school and the road was ice , 10 hours later, when I was driving home from school. I had 3 finals that day but I just took it one moment at a time and kept my cool and completed the tough day!
I didn't sleep much the night before because I was so worried about how the day was going to go, but I think I had some rest stored inside me because I didn't feel too groggy.
I have pretty much full movement now without being in pain or uncomfortable. And, for the first time today I did my massages and they didn't hurt!!!! My left boobie was hurting for a while because I think it stayed swollen for a bit longer.
Even though I had so many great small victories I still get frustrated at times! I think it's because I'm such a independent person, I have not being able to do things and I hate asking people 10x more.

Any of you ladies resumed normal house cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry at 10 days - 2 weeks post op?
I feel good but at the same time I really don't want to push it. My PS says no lifting, pushing, pulling anything over 10 lbs for 6 weeks. And in thinking in my head... Is anything around the house 10lbs? A case of water bottles from Walmart? Lol I'm such a weirdo but I just want to be careful, also I'm a low pain tolerance (I shouldn't say that out loud) but I don't want to hurt myself.

Also! I want to snuggle with my boyfriend!! We kind of snuggle, but not really, I want to get in there and have a awesome snuggle session! Oh, also I want to sleep flat on my back but it feels sooooo weird on my boobs to lay flat on my back... Maybe i just have to get used to it? I'm still propped up a bit on the couch.

I still wear my surgical bra because I like the support and the clip from the front. I'm such a dork, but I will snag a good sports bra soon because my surgical bra has clips on the top of the straps and when I'm wearing a tee shirt sometimes it pokes out and I don't want anyone to see it.

In other news, I am very happy with the way the boobies are healing! Yes, I am eager for them to develop into the beautiful boobies I know they can grow up to be!

I need to take my small victories and keep moving forward! And my boobies have come a long way from what they looked like when they took the bandages off!!! It's so nice they are not achy, and I feel like they are settling in good!

I will post pictures on fri most likely when I send my PS a update.

Any advise anyone has on sleeping/housework/well being would be great :) love all of you ladies so much !!!!

2 weeks post op :)

Here are the photos I sent my PS this morning

Starting to love the boobies

Hi Ladies!!!

I have definitely had my share of the "boobie blues" I feel half of the reason was from frustration of being limited in my everyday life, and the other half was from not being able to work out at all. I normally work out 4-6 times a week. Now that I haven't worked out in almost 3 weeks, I am starting to get a little stir crazy. I also am starting to not be too fond of the rest of my body either :/ I know I can change it and I do have the clear for light cardio this Friday. So… now I just have to wait and continue to listen to my body.
I am starting to get more and more comfortable with the boobs every day. My back rarely hurts, and my boobs rarely hurt… unless it is when I just wake up!

The morning boob is very real!!! It only lasts a couple minutes for me but it is not fun waking up in the morning. I normally will lie there for 10 minutes when I wake up, dreading the ache I know that is coming, and then I will use my abs and sit straight up, holding the underneath of my boobs!! This is my new morning boob routine, hopefully it will not last too much longer.
At night, I am now sleeping on my back, it hurts just a bit when I first lay down on the top of my breasts, I think it is because the implant is laying flat instead of on a angle so it pushes in a different spot on my boob.

Oh and cleavage!! I am not supposed to wear any sport bra that pushed my implants together, or any underwire bra for 6 weeks. When I was washing my surgical bra (which I am still in 24/7!) I put on two different sports bras and they were definitely pushing my boobs together! Seeing this was amazing!! I have never ever been able to have any sort of cleavage before. Even when I wore a super padded push up bra I could never have any boob action at all! This is a completely different element for me and it was amazing!! I thought that my boobs were also too hard still to be squished together! I believe that my cleavage is also getting closer as the implants are settling in :)

When i look in the mirror sometimes is is weird to have the boobs and at times it seems so normal. In just a bra and pants I feel like they match my body SO WELL and I am so happy with the size! I am also over the top with the profile type I got because I feel like they will look so natural once they settle in.

Starting to love them, and I will be so so happy once I can be more active. Im going to give it a week or two and see how my body is feeling
Ordering some sports bras that will hopefully fit better :)

3 weeks post op photos

Hi loves!

Things have been great! Back into my groove :) boobs gett the tiniest bit softer each day. I have extremely dry skin on my chest and breast. I think from my skin getting stretched out so much it got really shiny and I think that layer of my skin is shedding kind of like sunburnt skin. I gently exfoliate when I wash my breasts in the shower.
I have full movement besides I haven't completely reached up with my arms super straight yet. I drive and it doesn't hurt. When I went Christmas shopping yesterday my boobs started to feel a little uncomfortable towards the end, I think becaue of carrying all the bags.
Still sleeping flat on my back, still have morning boob :/
Feeling 90% normal :)
Love you ladies!!!!

Yay!! I am 1 month post op :)

Hi ladies!!
I hope that you all are doing well and that your all enjoying the holidays :)

The boobies are doing really good, they are getting softer and softer each day. When I was 3 weeks PO I was thinking, when are these things ever going to get soft, they still seemed very hard at that time. Now the massages never hurt and I can lay on my back and not be in pain. I am still wearing my recovery bra most of the time because I feel like it fits the best out of all of the sports bras that I tried. I found that Champion and Under Armor sports bras fit the best. I usually wear these when I go out or when I am washing my recovery bra. Its sweater season here in New England so I can get away with hiding the bulky straps.
I ordered a couple bras with underwire and am so excited to start to wear them once i reach the 6 week mark!!! I feel like i will love them even more once I can get them in a pretty bra.
I am feeling so so so happy that I did this and am so confident in my decision to have the surgery as well as the doctor I chose. I feel like the boobies are mine and they don't feel like a foreign body at all. This is something that I am so happy about because I am very in touch with my body and I was nervous (until i did some more reasearch) that I would be able to feel them inside me and that I would never feel like I was 100% me. Even at 1 month post op this is not the case at all. It did take some getting used to but I never felt weird having them.
I am very happy about how they are settling in!!!
I am going to Florida for a week before the semester starts up again, I am so excited to get into a swimsuit and be in the sun. It was honestly kind of miserable healing in the middle of winter, I remember when I would go outside and my my chest muscles would sort of tense up from the cold!
Question, is it normal for my boobs to feel like they are more in my armpits when I lay flat on my back? When i sleep at night my boobs slide a bit higher and a bit into my armpits. I feel like it is a gravity thing but I wanted to make sure its normal. Also, my cleavage gap is wider when I am laying on my back as well.
Any input advise would be great!

Nippies without steri strips!

So a few days ago I removed my steri strips! This was very scary for me!! When I was peeling them off I was also peeling off dead scabs that were just sitting on top of my newly formed scars.
On one nipple, the scars are slightly ridgelike, this is normal from my PS and it is because the stitches haven't fully dissolved. On the other nippie, the scars are flat, which I am happy about, but there are two tiny tiny areas where the stitches are exposed. This freaked me out a bit and I emailed the PS and he said that it happens sometimes, and to just keep them clean and to not put anything on that area.
Other than that, I am really amazed at how well they are looking! I am happy that I got that as my incision site because I feel like it is going to be almost invisible one they are healed up. I have full sensitivity in my nippies (something that I am VERY happy about!) and i know that they will only improve from here on out!

As far as the feeling is going, I am feeling great, I am still doing light cardio for the most part. I did some leg exercises and and light biceps and it was fine, but boy my legs BURNED afterwards!! It felt great and I am so happy that I am starting to get toned again. I want to have a hard body and soft boobies, not the other way around lol, but time and a bit of work will solve that problem :)

Oh! And I traveled to FL, the heavy carry-on bag was fine, my left boobie was just a bit sore later that night, but I was also just exhausted from traveling.

O! and I have a couple new swimsuits that I bought in FL I will post! It felt so good to tell the women that was helping me that I was a D cup. Oh, and i bought a underwire because I have the clear to wear them, and as of right now I am a 34 D exactly. I am VERY happy about it and feel like they belong to me. I am so used to the boobies now I am not thinking of them 24/7 like I used to. Love you ladies!!

Oh here are the pics!!

Pics 6 weeks out

Bikini photos 7 weeks post

Week 8 update

Hi ladies!
I wanted to let you all know how I am doing, I came back from Flordia a few days ago and got a chance to soak up some sun! I flew into New York and spent a night there with my boyfriend, went out to dinner and to a club and had no problem with pain or anything.
Flying was fine, I did notice that walking all around the airport with my carry on was a bit uncomfortable.
Once in a while I will get a twinging pain in my boobies, and sometimes underneath my arms on the sides of my ribs will be a tad bit sore if I wear a sport that is a little tight all day.
I haven't worn a underwire bra underneath my clothes yet. I think when I do I will bring a sports bra in my purse just in case it starts to get really uncomfortable through the day.
As for the size, I feel like I got the perfect size boobies for me. They honestly aren't even that big!! I know I know, it sounds like I have boob greed haha but as of right now I don't. I really wouldn't want them to be any bigger or smaller. I really wanted to have the surgery so I could be proportionate. I have always had a athletic body type with a slightly curvy bottom, flat tummy, and zero boobs. I always hated getting dressed, because I felt that I was so limited in my wardrobe because I would always try to dress in ways that would make me appear more proportionate, (padded bras etc). I really wanted to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I am really happy that I got the mod + profile because I feel that they are really starting to look very natural! Do I wish that I went bigger/smaller? No, as of right now no :) I feel that they really are a great size for me and love seeing how they progress. Things are going great and I am very grateful and hope that my recovery stays positive! I just have to wait for the scars to heal up. I still have two tiny sutures that are sticking out that should be fully dissolved in about another week.
I am still taking it easy in the gym, but have made it a point to make sure I am going 4 or 5 times a week, I feel SO much better now than I did! I was pretty difficult to stay away for so long but so worth it! I also learned today that I need to stay away from chest excersises indefinitely. This is something that my PS recommended because I got my implants under the muscle. I never did chest before thank goodness, but it was something that I didn't think much about before the BA.
They are starting to get squishier and can move around much easier, I still sleep mostly on my back but roll to my sides sometimes, I still haven't slept on my tummy yet, I did lay out on my tummy in Fl and it felt fine, i just felt like I had some boobs squishing lol
I am so so used to them now, sometimes I try to think about my old boobies on my body and I can't really remember them. Like I said before, they do not feel foreign at all.
I will post some bra photos and another video soon. Love all of you ladies and wish you all happy recovering!

2 months post op photos

2 months post op!! Things are progressing so well!

Hi ladies!
I have to start by saying how much I value the women on here who have not only shared their experiences but have also helped me along my journey personally. I can say that before my BA and directly after, I was constantly on this site because it was all so new to me and I couldn't possibly get enough info. Now that I have experienced the surgery and at the 2 month mark I really don't think about them too much. At least not anywhere as much they used to. I have to say that it is amazing how dedicated a lot of the members are on here who continue to post and I think it is so awesome! The time really has been flying by and I am so grateful that things have been going so well.
They are continuing to get softer and more mobile as the time progresses. I am really loving the shape of them so far, to me they still have sort of a "fake" look but I know that as they settle in more and more they will appear more natural. The scars also look better all the time too, and I religiously massage and put the scar treatment cream on.
I can sleep on my tummy, it doesn't feel the most comfortable yet, so I never stay on it for too long.
In the gym I can run, but it still feels a little weird to me, like my chest muscles with tense up a bit. So I speed walk and do leg, tummy, and light arm excersises and none of that bothers me. I have a trainer for an hour once a week and we always do some new excersises. I did this primarily so I can still challenge myself and also to not harm my breasts.
So far, so good. Things that I have noticed that I am not too find of is that I definitely have the "flex animation" when I tense up my pec muscles both of the implants move to the side. This isn't horrible, but I think it will get better in time. Also, when I run my fingers on the insides of cleavage I can feel the tiniest bit of rippling. It cannot be seen at all thank goodness but I can feel it a little bit. I am hoping that all or most of my swelling is gone so it will not be more apparent. I had a completely flat chest in this area before so I am guessing that is why I can feel it, it was just skin and bone before!
I feel like I am so careful about then still. Like I am protective of them in a weird way, has anyone else felt like this?
I want to post a video and pictures of bras, I have to get on that. Hope everyone is doing great :)

Time is flying by! Boobies are great!

Wanted to post a couple of bra pictures! Hope everyone is doing well.
I am now sleeping in any position, sometimes it still feels weird to sleep on tummy, but I am slowly getting used to it. :)
I did wear a underwire all day and it felt amazing to take it off when I got home! It's nice to let the boobies breath! Also, i noticed one breast was a tiny bit altered in the shape, I think the bra was pushing on one section too much. I'm going to continue to bring a sports bra with me if I'm out all day and night.

New pictures 3 months post op

Hi ladies!
Feeling great, boobies are getting softer and softer. I got sized and realized a D was too small because the wire wasn't completely wrapping around my breasts, it was sorting of sitting on top and digging into my boobie where it shouldn't have been. So I'm fitting perfectly into a 34DD and it does seem so huge and when I look at my bra I feel like my boobs won't fill up the cup but they do! Happy about the size, I can still hide the boobs anytime I want so it's not a issue. I don't feel "top-heavy" at all. I feel like they are a great fit!!
I had a bad skin reaction to the bio scar cream I bought from the office. My skin around my areola got really crusty. I emailed the office and I haven't used the cream since then. I also have dermatix ultra, I'm going to wait a couple weeks and try that one out. The scars are getting better visibly but I have noticed when I touch them I can feel scar tissue underneath so I massage it when I shower so hopefully it goes away.
Having a bit more pain occasionally in the right breast. All is going good and I can't wait to get to 6months and 1year to see how they are looking!! Hopeing things continue to go well!

Pictures of me dressed ;)

Feeling great!!

First time I've gotten in a swimsuit with the new boobies!!!
Everything's been going great, I hardly ever get any pain anymore. They are dropping and getting squishier as time goes by. Hope everyone is doing well

On the start of my 5 months post op

Hi ladies! Everything has been great, wanted to add some more photos and also add photos of how they are looking when I lay down.

6 months post op

Hi ladies! I wanted to update since I have to take pictures for my surgeon for my 6 months post op. Things are going great, it's bathing suit season and I am having so much fun :) hehe :) the boobs feel great I'm in not pain at all. They feel squishy and perky and great. They don't hurt when I work out, allthough I did a class that had some push-ups incorporated in the workout and that did not feel great so I stopped (I'm not supposed to work out my chest) I still wear a sports bra to bed since it's pretty comfy but I think since it's getting warmer I'll maybe get a couple cute nighties and wear those without the sports bra for a change :) I am feeling great and have so much confidence now. I feel that my confidence came through in more ways that just being super comfortable with my body, I feel that in work and school I am way more confident too.
Also, back to the physical aspect I absolutely love hiding them! That sounds so strange but you know when you see a girl and she is clearly well endowed but not showing them off? I think that is so so sexy and I do that sometimes and I love it!
Also I met up with my good friend who came with me to miami a couple weeks ago and showed her my new boobs and she was so amazed and we compared boobs ( she has naturally huge boobs that are suprizingly perky, I know she's a freak ;) ) and they felt very similar.
Here are some new pictures, they don't look too different from my 5 month post op but I wanted to put them up anyways. :) take care

A more recent bikini photo

Hi wanted to add another pic, I feel like the clothed/swimsuit ones are great for reference. :)

8 months post op!!

Hello loves! I feel like it has been a while since I posted. Everything has been great, the boobies are feeling wonderful. I sleep in all positions and am able to work out normally (no chest). I am loving they way they are dropping and the scars are starting to fade.

One thing I did notice is that I definitely have a little bit of nerve damage on my right breast. When I run my finger down the middle of my cleavage I feel a tingly sensation on the middle of my right breast. Also that nipple is a little numb to the touch. This isn't the biggest deal but I would like to note that it is there.
Other than that there isn't much to report! I haven't posted bare photos in a few months so I'll post some now!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hochstein and his staff are amazing and I am more than happy with my results. Seeing reviews on realself and his before and afters on his website are what made me chose him as my surgeon. He consistently makes beautiful, natural looking breasts and that is the look that I wanted. After having a phone consultation using my photos and my wish pic photos he informed me of the size range he would recommend to get me the look I want as well as how the procedure was going to go. I decided to travel across the country to have my BA done by him. His amazing staff made this experience possible for me, answering every question months prior to the surgery and continue to answer my questions as check up on me after the surgery. Amanda and Jennifer are the two women that I worked with and they are amazing. Most of the women in his office have had their boobs done so they can relate to the experience that you are going through. My breasts look amazing, I feel great, and am so comfortable in my own skin! I highly recommend this doctor to anyone interested in a breast augmentation/breast implants.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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