Just Paid the Deposit for my Tummy Tuck. Miami, FL

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After lots of time looking for a surgeon, i'm...

after lots of time looking for a surgeon, i'm going w/ dr stephanie stover at imagenes and the goal is to get my tummy tuck and rhinoplasty done by september. i'm getting them at the same time and yanet gave me a great price so i paid the deposit ($350) last week. i'm really excited and can't wait to be in miami again!!

location changed

i just spoke to yanet about fully paying off the surgery so i could schedule it and it won't be at imagenes, she said it's at image cosmetic surgery. i haven't scheduled it yet but it should be done within 3 months.

not sure what to do after bad experience on the phone

so this morning i called image cosmetic cause i wanted to pay off my surgery in full. i spoke to someone there named samantha and she was incredibly rude. she asked to repeat my name multiple times (she could have just asked me to spell it) and then accused me of yelling (i don't yell) saying that's why she couldn't hear. i asked to have yanet call me back and she said "no problem" and hung up without even verifying she had the correct number. i called back and asked to speak to a supervisor and she said i was "overreacting". i need to get it paid off so i can schedule the surgery and i was trying to speak to yanet before i had to get to work this morning. i am still waiting for her to call me back. i don't know what to do because my deposit in non-refundable and i don't wanna to get anything done at a place that treats their customers like this. i guess we'll see what yanet says when i hear from her.

staff is denying my version of the phone call

I called again and spoke with someone there named Luz and she basically said I'm lying about the phone call. said she was right next to Samantha when it happened and all calls are recorded. I don't wanna get anything done at a place like this. She said she'd call me tomorrow about payment. Idk what to do.

Don't make the same mistake I did

i feel like I'm trapped into paying in full since I paid the deposit. Be careful and don't do what I did. Really get a feel for a place and try to interact with their staff before you pay anything. Also try to record phone calls lol iPhone has useful app for recording calls. Then clinics can't dispute their bad customer service.

i am already sick of this place

i was told yesterday they couldn't process payment with my card because i hadn't told my bank to release the daily limit. so called me bank but i haven't heard back from the clinic, so it's just another delay in me getting this whole thing over with. i'm getting more worried about going here, but i don't have a choice.

finally scheduled

emailed yanet and it's on august 18th; i really hope this place doesn't kill me in surgery.

what a nightmare

i've been emailing them asking how far ahead i need to arrive in seattle to see the doctor before surgery. some doctors will do the surgery the first time you see them, some won't, in my experience and i need to know how dr stover does it so i can book the plane ticket. a picture of the nearly incoherent email i received as a response is posted below. i had to call this morning to ask. they told me i see dr stover 1 day before surgery, so i'll get there on monday aug 17th and then get surgery tues aug 18th. their employee, luz, told me it didn't say on the receipt that i'd be getting a rhinoplasty when she looked it up and i freaked. she's supposed to be sending me a new receipt tomorrow but i'll probably have to call again and waste even more of my time before i finally get one. why are they so disorganized? i'm really annoyed.

sorry for all the typos

i hope people can make sense of my updates lol, i'm usually in a hurry lately and i've been really stressed.... realself needs to a add a way to edit them.

the truth will come out

i refuse to be called a liar by a business i'm turning my money over to. i reported them to the better business bureau and will post the response.

having trouble getting the lab order

spoke to luz this morning, she berated me for sounding angry, but if i did it was b/c it took 3 calls to get ahold of her- the first time i was hung up on, the 2nd time i got a voicemail. by the 3rd time i was pissed and she said i need to be patient cause theyre moving (location). they were supposed to fax the order for my blood draw to my drs office, who say they havent gotten it yet. i spoke to luz again a few mins ago, she says she'll send it again. i'll check back with my dr in a minute but it's frustrating. every other clinic has just emailed me the papers, idk why they wont.

dr suggested a tdap shot

i went to my drs office to get the blood draw for surgery and they suggested a tdap shot, which i also got. apparently its suitable presurgery to prevent illness so im less worried now that i got it.

having trouble getting my labs to the clinic

spoke to yanet this morning and she says they havent gotten my lab results, which i did the blood draw for on 7/27. i am worried because they need them by tomorrow. my drs office isnt faxing them properly or something. i just got a copy in the mail, now i need to find a way to fax it.... and make sure it gets there. stressful, stressful. on a higher note i got the hotel booked and im staying at extended stay america, they got good rates on the website. no matter what happens i am determined to enjoy my time in miami. cant wait to be there next week!!

1 day till i fly out!!

off to miami tomorrow!! so nervous but excited. u cant get tamarind balls like they have at publix here in seattle, theres no publix, and i luv those tamarind balls. if i live thru the surgery ill b happy, i can always get revisions if it doesnt come out right.

I'm alive

rhinoplasty doesn't hurt but the tt does. so glad it's over.

Pain diminished

There is almost no pain with a rhino until u use nasal spray then u can feel the cuts getting wet but that's it. My tt incision goes to my back, looks like I was almost cut in half and u can barely move till the muscle soreness goes away which it just did. The 1st 2 days are a nightmare, even with lots of arnica and hydrocodone. The only thing worse were my csections.

Extra lift

noticing an added lift in my vaginal area, my pubic mound is higher and smoother than it was before, my mans gonna love it, most of the pain is around the drain holes by now and I put paper tape on my splint so it stays on, I see the dr in 2 days

So much pain

I went to the ER yesterday and got checked for blood clots, came back clear, trying to wean myself off pain meds, God it hurts

2nd drain out, healing nicely

had to find a dr here to take out the 2nd drain, my PCP wouldnt do it, said it has to be a plastic surgeon, costed me another $200. drain removal hurts btw so u should take pain meds right before. incision is healing up nice, cant wait to get laser treatments on it to help it fade.

waiting for results

happy with my nose and expecting it to look even better in a few months, tt incision is healing well, i think it helps to use neosporin. cant wait to start scar treatments.

possible infection

i think the drain hole on my right side is infected, it's painful and oozy. ive been waiting for it clear up but its not so im seeing a dr later. my left side looks normal, and i have to wonder if its because the nurse who removed my right drain at imagenes didnt use gloves. i noticed they dont seem to use gloves there- the nurses or the anesthesiologist, but i figured they know what theyre doing so i didnt say anything. gloves were used to remove the left drain and i dont think it's infected. hmm.

scar treatments

my scar goes all the way to my back and the stitches are finally gone. had to wait till it was fully healed, but now im using this scar gel, pictured. will keep you posted on its effectiveness and i plan to get laser treatments.

resulting fat distribution

fat no longer goes to my abs, but everywhere else. when I gain weight it goes to my upper arms and legs, so I look weird w a flat stomach and fat arms and legs. im not complaining tho, I kno I need to lose weight.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

No complaints about the dr but they're so busy ull b waiting in a packed lobby

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