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Hi! I am 22 and planning on getting a breast...

Hi! I am 22 and planning on getting a breast augmentation. I have always wanted one and finally saved enough money. Right now I am a 34b and I want to go to a 34d. I am planning on traveling from Virginia to Miami for it. If anyone has any advice or has experience traveling to have the procedure done I would really appreciate it!

I am having my breast augmentation in September. I...

I am having my breast augmentation in September. I am really big into working out and I was wondering how long it takes to get back to your normal gym routine. Also I was worried about if lifting weights and doing chest workouts would make the implants shift. If anyone has any experience with this I would really appreciate it!

It's finally happening!!

Hi everyone! So excited that after months of planning and saving I am finally starting the process to getting my boobs! I will be flying to Miami to get them done with dr hochstein. I have been in contact with his office all week and will have a phone consultation next week and hopefully put my deposit down for my surgery date! I am hoping to get them done the second week of November if he's available. I have been looking at flights and hotels and have good some really good deals so I'm ready to get my date set so i can book it! So excited but starting to get nervous now that it's really happening! I will post pictures once I get done with my consultation!

Had my consultation!

Hi everyone! I finally had my consultation yesterday with dr h. I am putting my deposit down today to reserve my surgery date. I am thinking November 14 if it's still available. I added my before picture and a few of my wish pictures on here. After talking with him we are thinking between 400-450 ccs. I'm so excited but starting to get nervous! Hopefully I can get my date today and book my flight! :)

Got my surgery date!

It's official!! I will be flying down November 13 for my pre op and my surgery will be the next day! If anyone has any advice on things I will need or want to bring with me for my trip I'd really appreciate it! I want to make sure I'm prepared since I won't be at home for my recovery.

Scared about not telling my family!

Forgot to put my stats up! I'm 23 years old, really tall 5'10 and around 145 pounds. Right now I'm a small B and want to end up with a big C maybe small D. I haven't told my family I'm getting them done because they are really against it and think its a waste of money and that I am harming my body. I'm really close with them so it's been hard keeping it a secret but I don't want to deal with the negativity and lectures. I was trying to decide if they will be more angry if I tell them upfront or if they find out I went and had surgery without telling them. I live 4 hours away from them so I think I'll be able to hide it. I wear the really padded bras from Victoria secret right now so I think in clothes it will look around the same. The only thing I'm worried about is if I'm ever in a bathing suit around them but by that time it will be over and done with so there's not much they can say by that time. I just wished they understood that I'm doing this to make me happy and feel better about myself. I'm really hoping this wont ruin our relationship.

Time to start preparing! Got my supplements!

Hi everyone! I'm almost a month away now, so exciting! My PS sent me a list a supplements to take and instructions leading up to my surgery. I started taking a multivitamin and got some for after surgery as well that he said will help my healing. I also bought some coco butter lotion for stretch marks. I started putting it on twice a day to hopefully help my skin stretch once I put these big knockers in my itty bitty titties haha. I know there's not much you can do to prevent them but I'm hoping this will at least help a little! I also went ahead and bought the scar cream my PS suggested. Other than that I have just been obsessing in boobie land. I swear I spend all day looking at pictures to add to my wish pics. My boyfriend and I sit on the couch at night and he's looking at new trucks to buy and I'm looking at boobs haha. I wish November would hurry up and get here! Hope everyone is well, thanks for all the sweet comments and advice y'all have been so helpful! :)

Scared to tell my family!

Hi everyone! So I still have not told my family that I am getting my boobs done next month. We are going on a family vacation in two weeks and I am thinking of telling them then because it is the last time I'll see them before my surgery. I'm really scared about how they are going to react but I feel wrong going into surgery without them knowing. I know they think I don't need it, it's dangerous, and a waste of money. I think I'm going to tell my sister first since we are very close and try to get her to help with telling my mom together. Anyone have any advice on what to say? They don't have to agree with it but I would really like their support and I'm just oping they won't be too mad at me.

Family won't talk to me now :(

Finally got the courage to talk to my family about my upcoming surgery and it did not go well. My sister and I are extremely close so I decided to tell her first. I have brought it up in the past and she would always laugh and tell me I don't need them but never gave me a hard time about it. Well I told her I am planning on doing it soon and she flipped out on me. She said I'm irresponsible and being selfish and vain. She said if I have all this money saved up I should be using it toward the family and not something superficial. She said it is a terrible idea and I will look ridiculous when I'm 80 and now won't even talk to me. I am so hurt and upset. This is suppose to be an exciting time and now I'm just bummed out. I don't even plan on telling my mom anymore (I'm sure my sister already has). I just don't want to hear any more negativity so I think it's best not to bring it up anymore. Wish things didn't have to be like this but I hope it will get better.

Thanks everyone for the support!

Thanks everyone for being so supportive! You all have made me feel so much better, I'm so glad I found this site! My sister is talking to me again. She hasnt brought up me getting boobs since our fight. She doesn't realize that I already have a date set and have already paid for them but I'm not going to bring it up any more. I'm just going to leave it alone and be excited with my friends and boyfriend who are happy for me. Can't believe I'm just about a month away! I'll be getting all by pre-op labs done next week then it's just a waiting game! :)

3 weeks away need advice!!

Hi everyone!! So I'm officially 3 weeks away now and starting to over think everything! I got all my blood work and pre op tests done yesterday so now I just have to wait for November to get here! I'm getting them done on a Thursday and will fly back home that Saturday and then I'm suppose to head back to work that Monday. Please tell me, am I out of my mind for thinking I can go back that soon?! I have a desk job so I'll really just be sitting in my chair and typing for the most part. I also have an interview next Thursday for a job I'm really excited about so if I get that then I can take a little more time off work before I start there so fingers crossed!! I also can not make up my mind about sizes. I know I definitely want to be a full C and would still be happy with a small D. My dr hasn't seen me in person yet but from my pictures he is saying 450-490. I've been looking at a ton of profiles on here and I feel like almost everyone with that size is a DD after the drop and fluff. I was thinking it may be better for me to get between 375-400. I just really want once the drop to still have a shape and kind of the "fake" look. A lot of pictures I've found, I love how the girls look 1month post op and then 3 months later the top gets flat and they hang a lot more. Or maybe that's just normal with all implants? I don't want them to look like two big balls on my chest but I do like the faker look vs the natural. Any suggestions?

Random question!

I'm getting the periaereolar incision and I know you get some numbness during the healing process but do your nipples ever get hard again and contract like when you're cold or will they just stay normal? It's hard to tell from looking at pictures. I'm also worried that they are going to stretch and look huge after. Has anyone noticed that theirs got bigger? I know it's not a huge deal because no one will really see your nipples but I do like mine being on the small side and hope they stay that way.

Last bikini pictures!

Just got back from my family vacation at the beach. Thought I'd post my last time these boobies will look like this in my bathing suits! 2 more weeks left!! :) Cant believe it, starting to get so scared/excited! I bought a neck pillow, ice packs, a husband pillow, and snacks for the hotel. Anything I'm forgetting?!

Wish pictures

So only 12 days away now! Ahhh so close!yrying to concentrate on shape instead of size. Here are a few more wish pictures!

Shopping all done!

Just got all my shopping done for my trip! :) I got a husband pillow, neck pillow, fiber bars, smooth move tea,snacks for the hotel to take my pills with, straws, ice pack, make up wipes, and a pill calendar container. Here's two more wish pictures..I just can't stop haha 10 more days!!

Need help!

Ok so as you all know I still haven't told my family yet. I tried to tell my sister that one time and it went horrible and she stopped talking to me for a few weeks. I'm feeling really guilty going into surgery next week and it being a secret. I've read a lot of reviews about this and most of them turned out well and their family was supportive but I can tell you for a fact my family will not take it well at all. My family is very dramatic and blows things out of proportion easily. The last thing I want is to go into surgery with them being negative and mad at me. My boyfriend and all my friends are telling me I absolutely have to tell them. I feel like I'm in a lose lose situation. I really want them to know but I'm so nervous already and I can't handle family issues on top of that. Do you think it's wrong not to tell them? Is it better to be honest and have my family not talk to me or should I just wait until I'm recovered and in a positive place to talk to them?

Leave tomorrow!!

Ahhh can't believe it's here already! I leave tomorrow after work. I've been a complete nut case. I keeping getting really excited then super nervous and think what the heck am I doing?! But I keep reminding myself how long I have wanted this and how happy I will be after :) I'm just praying for an easy recovery and amazing results! I'm excited to finally meet my doctor in person. I think it will all become real once I get to my pre op on Wednesday. I'm sure I will feel so much better after talking with him. Hope everyone is doing great and good luck to all the upcoming surgeries!! :)

Pre op tomorrow!!

Hey!! So I had my per op today. Dr H's office is AMAZING! Everyone there is so nice. I have read that some patients say he isn't very personable but I thought he was very nice and seemed so excited for me :) I went back in an exam room and they took my pictures. then dr h came in and measured me and gave me an idea of where to start thinking for sizes. He then left me with my boyfriend to try on implants. The sizes he picked out for me to try were 371,397, and 421. I really liked the 371 and 397 and it was really hard to tell a difference. Since I'm going under the muscle I'll need to add about 50 ccs to what I pick. Dr H came back and told me its completely my decision and he wasn't going help me decide between the two since I'm the one that has to live with them. At first I told him 397 so he said that means that he will put 450 in me. I got home from my appt and have been obsessing if that's too big. I looked at probably a billion pictures of 450 and ended up calling them and switching it to 421. They were laughing and said it happens all the time and the nurses will sit down with me tomorrow morning and finalize my size. I go in for surgery tomorrow morning at 930! Eeeek so excited!! I'm actually not nervous at all anymore! Meeting him made me feel a million times better and I am so comfortable. Thanks for all of the support! I'll see you guys on the other side tomorrow!! :)

Headed to surgery!

Thanks everyone for thinking of me! You all are so sweet! I am getting ready to leave now since it have a ton of paperwork. They said I should be in surgery at 1015. Feeling good just nervous snd so thirsty since I can't have anything haha but I feel really confident that I'm going with the 421 and I hope they look amazing! I'll update as soon as I get back to my hotel and try to post a picture! Good luck to everyone else today and happy recovering to all the new boobies! :)

I have boobies!

Hi! Everything went great today. Ended up with 421 in my left and 457 in my right. Woke up in horrible pain but they gave me some pain reliever in my iv and made me feel so much better. Still feeling good just really dopped up and just tight and sore but nothing I can't handle. I'll write about the whole thing tomorrow when I'm not so out of it. Loving them so far! :)

Love the new boobies!

Hey everyone! I'm actually feeling great! Now I know why they call him the boob god, I've had almost no pain just sore and some pressure but its totally tolerably and they look great so far :)

So yesterday was surgery and I got there at 930. I had some paperwork then they took me back and had me change into a paper gown and hair net. They gave me a robe to wear and I also brought fuzzy sock with me which were a great idea because the building is freezing! Next they had me take a pregnancy test and then went over my meds with me. The nurse was so nice and helped take my mind off of being nervous. She put the iv in me and then took me to an exam room. Dr h then came in and marked me up and made sure I didn't have more questions. I then sat in the room watching the housewives of Miami on tv while they prepped the OR haha it was funny seeing him and his wife on tv while I was there in person with him. Next they came and got me and I met the anesthesiologist who was so nice and funny. He made sure I hadn't eaten or drank anything and asked about my alleregies again (I'm allergic to penicillin) so they had to switch some things up. They told me I'd be feeling weird then I was passed out. They waned me that the stuff they use to wake you up either makes you laugh or cry and of course I was a cryer. I was in so much pain and when I came to I dint even know what I was crying about haha but they were so nice and said almost everyone does that. They gav me more pain meds in my iv which saved my life. Then they put me in a wheelchair and took me to our car. Once I got to the hotl I was ok and my boyfriend has been amazing! He helps open door and drinks and sets the alarm for my pills. He has to help me get out of bed during the night because I get really stiff and sore. Every time I take my pain pills I try to get up and walk around to loosen up which helps a ton! I'm able to do a lot more on my own than I expected. I can go to the bathroom by myself but I need help taking my pants on and off.

Went to my post op today and got my bandages off which felt amazing!! Dr h Sid everything looks great and showed me my massages. I got fitted for a bra and now just hanging out in my hotel. I feel so fortunate to have such an easy recovery. I'm getting ready to take my first shower and then I'll post some pics! There have also been a few items that have been lifesavers during my recovery which I'll make a list of when I post my pics! Thanks for all the sweet posts! :)

Pictures and things that are helpful!

Here are some pictures! Please excuse my bloat! They look way bigger in person than on here for some reason. The bra they gave me is a 38 D right now with the swelling. Here's also a list of things that have been so helpful during recovery so far:

1.Bendy straws are a must! It's really hard to sit up after sleeping so these are great for taking pills during the night.
2.A neck pillow! I am a side sleeper and have never been able to sleep on my back but I prop up four pillows and then put my neck pillow around me and I have had no problem sleeping. Also, the hotel has one of those long round decorative pillows and I've been putting that under my knees to take the pressure off my back.
3.Fiber bars and smooth move tea. I used these the day of my surgery when I got home m and went to the bathroom the very next morning.
4.Definitely wear clothes that are easy to get in and out of.
5.Make up wipes were nice when you can't shower and your face gets oily.
And just keep track of your meds! I've been doing it every 4 hours and tried to switch it to 6 to see if I could and bad idea haha ouch!

The boobies are already changing shape and size so much! I'll post pictures really often because I know that helped me a lot preparing for surgery! If you have any questions let me know! :)

Back home!

Hi! Just got back home to va from Miami. Flying was a piece of cake! Made sure to take my pain meds before hand and slept through most of it. Had to switch flights in Atlanta and it actually felt good getting to walk around some. I have no pain anymore just some soreness. I feel fantastic! My boobs keep gurgling and bubbling when I move my arms to reach things it's really weird feeling haha. Started massages last night and those are a little uncomfortable but I'm just ready for them to start dropping and fluffing! My boyfriend loves them, he keeps taking pictures of them and I keep catching him staring at them and smiling haha too funny! I'll get done better pics when I get settled at home again!

Day 3 pictures!

They are already changing so much! I love them! Still have no pain just sore every now and then and started to add more time between my pain killers. Might tighten my bra strap a little more today to push them more together. So far so good! I go back to work tomorrow so I hope I'll be ok to do that!

Drove for the first time and itchy today!!

I was suppose to go back to work today but I ended up waiting until tomorrow to go back just to get one more day of rest. I didn't want to push it and my boss texted me and said to take all the time I needed. I went ahead and tried to drive a little today to make sure I'll be ok. It wasn't too bad it was just uncomfortable turning the wheel and turning my body to look behind me when reversing. I think I'll be ok though! I'm also going to try to completely stop my pain killers tomorrow. I've phased them out so far to every 6-8 hours instead of every 4-6. I still feel great but today my boobs have been very itchy!! I do not know if its from the Percocet or from the skin stretching. I've been putting palmers stretch mark cream on twice a day to help prevent stretch marks appearing. If anyone has any other advice I'd appreciate it! My girl friends have been coming over the past few days and are all loving my new additions. I think just about all of them are saying the want to get consultations now haha so funny! Hope everyone s doing great! I'll post a day 5 picture tomorrow :)

Having a hard time

Hey guys, lately I've been really down in the dumps. Not about my boobs I absolutely LOVE them. I think it might be a side effect from stopping the pain pills. I broke down today because I am so bloated I feel 6 months pregnant! I was getting ready for work today and tried on 4 different pants and couldn't button or zip any of them :( i ended up having to wake my boyfriend up to help squeeze into them to get them to about embarrassing! I have no idea why I am this huge still. I'm not constipated so I don't know what's causing it. I hope I get in better spirits soon I hate being so emotional haha.

On a happier note i am in love with my boobs they look amazing. My girl friends keep saying how pretty they are and that I picked the perfect size which makes me so happy! I was going to wait until Thursday to post a pic since that will be my one week mark unless anyone wants some sooner. I have no pain just get sore especially now that I'm back to work. Tylenol has been a huge help. I ice at night if they hurt but they are getting way softer and easier to move my arms. Hope everyone is doing great and good luck to the girls that are almost there!!

1 week post op pics!

Here are my 7 day post op pics! Love them so far!!

Post op questions

Hi! Just a few questions for those of you that ate further along than me. How long did it take for you to not have morning boob anymore? And when can I sleep on my side again without pain? My back is killing me from sleeping like that every night. They are a lot more sore this week and kind of feel like two huge bruised balls haha any suggestions to help for this? I've ALS fond that I'm tired all the time. I've stopped pain medication so it's not that. My boyfriend took me to dinner and a movie and I slept through the whole thing haha I felt so bad but I guess that's just my body needing rest to heal. Still love them and they are getting softer!

Almost two weeks!

I can't believe I'll be 2 weeks post op tomorrow!! Time has flown by. I absolutely love them. The size and shape were just what I was looking for. I have no pain anymore and yesterday was the first day I didn't have morning boob anymore thank god! I almost feel completely normal again. Sleeping is getting much easier but I still stay on my back because they are uncomfortable on my side. My nipples have gotten really sensitive lately. I'm assuming that's from my nerves and incision healing. They just have a slight burning sensation. They also stated getting hard again when I get cold which I wasn't sure would ever happen with the areola incision. I still have no feeling in them when I touch them. I try to look away and tell my bf to touch one of them to see if I can feel it and I still can't. But I'm sure that takes a while. I have to send my post op pics to my dr tomorrow so I'll post them here. Happy thanksgiving everyone!!

2 week post pics

Hey ladies! Had to send my dr my 2 week post pictures so here they are! I got measured at Victoria secret yesterday and they said I'm a 34 D yay!! I love them! Hope everyone is doing great!

Ok mini freak out!

So originally my left boob was a tad bigger than my right so my dr said he was putting 421 in my left which is my bigger one and 457 in my right to even them out. When he marked me for surgery he wrote those numbers on my chest. Well I just looked at my ID card they gave me and it says my left is 457 and my right is 421! Do you think they put the wrong ones in me?! Or maybe the nurse got confused looking at me and wrote was was her right instead of mine? My left boob is still bigger so I'm really worried now. I was going to ask the office about it but I don't think they would own up to it if it was a mistake. What do you guys think?

update from my dr

I emailed the office and they are so great at getting right back to you. I sent her a picture of my ID cardband she said she talked to my Dr and he looked my pictures and said I look great and I definitely have the right sizes in me. They were very apologetic for the mistake and said it won't affect my warranty.

I'm feeling great healing wise. I can sleep on my side now for most of the night without pain. I still feel sore but it's not too bad. My skin lately has felt like a really bad sunburn. I assume its just from my skin still stretching. I've been putting palmers coco butter stretch mark cream on in the morning and night and that helps. They are getting so much more squishy and I love it! My left is bigger and softer right now. Not sure if that has anything to do ith me being right handed and using that side more.

The dr office said I'm doing great ad that they drop and heal at different rates so its normal to not be even right now. She said I can start wearing any bra I want at 6 weeks post nd I can start my light cardio in the gym at 3 weeks post. I still love the size and I'm sure ill love it more once this budda belly goes away from the bloat nd holiday food haha


I'm starting to get worried about this dropping and fluffing deal. I LOVE my shape and size right now and really don't want it to change :\ I've always liked a little but if the rounder look vs the natural and I'm scared that when they drop they will look hangy and far apart. Guess I have no control over it though and just need to hope for the best!

I'm 3 weeks post tomorrow so I will write an update and add pictures tonight! :)

3 weeks and lots of pics!

Hi everyone! I cannot believe I have reached three weeks already but I couldn't be happier! I almost feel completely back to normal but there has been lots of changes! My boobs don't hurt anymore but the muscle still feels sore. I have feeling everywhere except for my nipples still. This whole week my nipples have become SO sensitive. By the end of the day they start stinging kind of like a sun burn and even my sports bra touching it is uncomfortable. I try to ice them when that happens and it helps. I'm wondering if that's from my nerves healing? They are getting more squishy each day, the left is way softer than my right still. I was brushing my teeth last night topless and they were jiggling the whole time, I got so excited haha. My left is rounder on top but softer and fuller and my nipple is higher, my right is a little harder, lower nipple but no swelling on the top at all.

I do my massages in the morning and night before bed. Last night was the first night I slept on my side the whole night without pain. I still have to wear sports bras for three more weeks but I on black Friday I couldn't hold myself back from bra shopping so those are the ones in my pictures.

I'm going to attempt to start back in the gym this weekend with light cardio and see how it goes. I've been using stretch mark cream twice a day and so far so good! The steri strips are still on tight on my nipples and should fall off between 4-6 weeks. I'm SO curious what my incision looks like!

Any suggestions on scar cream?
My left boob has a little bit of a straight line slant on the inner crease. Not sure if you can see it in the pictures but I've seen it on a few girls and I guess it has to do with the pocket. Do you think it will work itself out?
Any of you gym girls have advice on getting back into my workouts? How long until you were able to squat using the squat rack?

Thanks for all of your help and support!!

1 Month Post!

Hi Ladies! Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. Things have been busy with the holiday and work! I've finally reached 1 month post yay!! I feel great. I started going to the gym but I can still only do light cardio until 6 weeks post. I have been putting the treadmill on high incline and just fast walking for now. It feels so good to get some sort of excerise again. The boobs feel great, I'm so use to them now and don't even notice they are there anymore. The only time I get uncomfortable is laying on my side at certain angles it pushes my implant in and just feels sore and weird. I still like to sleep in my surgical bra most nights because it's comfy and gives me the most support.

My steri strips are still on and pretty tight. They said they will fall off within 4-6 weeks post op and I'm almost at 5 so hopefully they will fall off soon. I'm so antsy to see what my incisions look like but they told me to let them fall off on their own. The edges are just barely starting to pull up so I'm hoping maybe next week! I order Dermatrix Ultra scar cream which is what they recommened and I've seen some girls on here use.

I'm still wearing sports bras and have to for another 2 weeks. I absolutely LOVE my boobs and couldn't be happier. They are the perfect size and shape. They are still kind of hard when you touch them. I do massages everyday and the implants moves really easy when I push on them but the tissue hasn't soften yet. Not sure how long it takes to get squishy. I have to send my doctor my 1 month post op pics tomorrow so I'll let you all know what he says!

Here is a quick picture. I'll add a bunch tomorrow promise!

Question for you boobie pros!


So I sent my doctor my 1 month post op pics today. They said I look great!! He told me I can go ahead and remove my steri strips. Ahhh I'm so nervous! I'm scared to see what my incisions look like and I hope it doesn't hurt because my strips are still on very tight. My question is about scar cream. They told me I should buy bio corenum from them because it's the very best. She said its $80 for 20g which will last me a month and a half or $130 for 50g and that will last me 3-4 months. I have to use scar cream for 6 months so I'm trying to figure out if I should suck it up and pay for it or if there is anything cheaper that is just as good. I would love to hear from you all, especially anyone who had the nipple incision on what worked for you!


Almost 2 months!

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been so bad at updating! I've been so busy I keep forgetting to post. Here are a few pics I took real quick! I'll update on the boobs tomorrow and get pictures of my scars for ya!
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