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I've wanted to have a tummy tuck for at least 10...

I've wanted to have a tummy tuck for at least 10 years...fear paralyzed me! My children are 8 years apart. I had my first Son at 22 he was 7lbs 14oz. Pretty much went back ok just a few stretch marks near the pubic hair line. I still had a killer body. I wore a bikini and had a tiny pouch that I could live with. My second Son I had at 29 & he was huge 10lbs 5oz. I noticed a fat roll and many many more stretch marks right away. This bothered me big time! I worked out daily, ate right, hired a trainer, tried every diet in history, paid $2300 for Zerona Lazor! They claim to be a non surgical alternative, what a crock...please DO NOT spend your hard earned money on this, it did nothing all except deduct $2300 from my checking account. After that I even injected myself with HCG and lost 12 lbs and kept it off but nothing worked for the ugly stretch marks and bulge! Thus bulge started to protrude more and more. I joined Pilates and started seeing results but not in the front belly area. I went to 4 consults I was scared to death I googled and fear just kept me from going thru with it. I really wanted a flat beautiful tummy soooo bad! I am now done having babies and it was important to me to finally do this surgery. I found Dr. Hochstein and he was the one! He spoke to me and understood what I wanted we agreed on expectations and results and I booked it. I had a few sleepless nights scared to death of many things that I signed up for. Scared of death that was #1 scared the incision would not be low enough to wear a bikini this was my #2 fear! And why because I googled and viewed some really awful photos. My last and final fear was pain how bad would it hurt OMG have I lost my mind booking this surgery? I feared horrible pain! so I shared my concerns with my surgeon at my 10 day pre op appt. Dr. Hochstein assured me that I would not die, that the incision would be as low as my pubic hair line and that I'd have a pain pump and would not feel terrible pain. I went home and trusted my surgeon so much & suddenly I was so excited and not afraid. I couldn't wait to do it. I filled my prescriptions and purchased all the vitamins and started doing everything I was told. The day of surgery my parents drove me. I checked in and put on a robe the surgeon marked me up and I went into the OR. I laid there excited and wondering what will I look like from this moment forward. The last thing I remembered was the anesthesiologist saying ok I'm going to start your first cocktail and I woke up in a wheel chair dressed in my pjs being put into my parents suv! The MA told me "everything went great! You're incision is very low and you're so tiny" Everything was on point,I didn't die,very low incision & the pain not bad at all! My family and friends could not believe how immediate you can see the results how I was not dying in pain and how mobile I was. Every hour I had to blow into a thing and every two hrs walk around the house. I was so dry and drinking tons of water I couldn't get enough! This also helped me keep moving because I had to keep using The bathroom! I slept in one of the 3 recliners in my sectional & used a walker. After 5 days the pain pump was removed. After 1 week 1 drain was removed and after two weeks and two day the other drain was ready to come out, this was also my first day back to work. I shared my story on face book with photos! A huge move but I figured I could not be the only woman with this problem. The response was overwhelming, lots of support and others sharing they want to do it as well. Helping others helped me as well ... this was a great move, I'm so glad I did it! I will up date soon and please feel free to ask me anything. Good luck to all xo

3 week update...feeling great!

4 weeks PO today!

Scar gel

This is what my PS recommends has anyone tried this?

5 week update

5 weeks have passed an I'm feeling really great! I'm starting to see my belly button looking real nice. All the black things fell off between week 4 and 5. I've de leopard seroma so I had some fluid syringed out of the incision site. It didn't hurt my surgeon assured me that area is numb and will stay numb for a while so not to worry. I'm still loving the results so far even though in swollen and have seroma.

5 week update typo!

*Developed not de leopard..darn auto correct! Lol

My incision scar progress

Here is the progress my incision scar using the skin medics scar revision gel.

Front view of my incision

My incision is very low it couldn't be lower its actually in the hair line..hope you can see this clear. I also have the scar revision gel on and this is about at 2 weeks

Rear view

Now I know I didn't pay for all this! Dr Hochstien did an awesome job sculpting my body he goes above and beyond! All I paid for was a tummy tuck my entire body is tinier and my butt even is a nicer shape! Amazed!

My seroma

Today I went To my PS for weekly stringing and I asked how much fluid my PS got out & was told 80 cc last week it was 100 cc wowwwwwwww that's quite a bit. The good new is that it is subsiding. Tomorrow will be 6 weeks. This seroma started for me at 3 weeks ,so this was my 3 rd time. It doesn't hurt just a nuisance. I trust my PS he is amazing. I guess sometimes this happens.

My seroma


6 weeks Post tummy tuck with muscle repair & lipo

Today is 6 weeks. I feel great! I am now wearing an XS compression garment which feels amazing and I love that its an XS! So worth it

6 week photo update

Feeling great ...starting to see some definition and I have my clearance to work out again yay!

3rd stage compression garment

This is an XS Marena comfort wear CG. I don't have to tell you ladies how happy I am to say this :) I bought a faja and I couldn't close it. They said to give it some time till my swelling goes down. It's amazing I will be even smaller than this.

Scar progress highly recommend

Skinmedica Scar Recovery Gel healed me so nicely or should I say faded my scar. I use it twice a day and let it dry really well before putting my panties over it. I highly recommend this product. Everyday I can wait to look at it in the morning when I take of my CG!

CICA-CARE silicone gel sheets?

I'm trying a small area of my incision out with what my pharmacist recommends highly. Anyone heard of these?

7 week update

Ok ladies this is what you can expect by week 7. I'm feeling great today with no swelling. Had a birthday celebration weekend with the girls at the Hard Rock Hotel & let me tell you!!!!! I felt great strutting my stuff over to the tiki bar for the birthday shots in nothing but my bikini No cover up in fact bye bye cover up! Lol I will say this at first I still felt like I had my old body with the wrinkly stretch marks and bulge. When we started taking pics I was like that's me? Wow I look photo shopped! Lol but it's not this is how I really look now. I guess it takes some time to get used to. Very happy & feeling good. I can pretty much do anything now. Still very tight when getting up out of a chair or laying down. Wed I go to my PS for hopefully my last needle aspiration for my seroma, I do still feel a tiny bit but much much less!

7 week update

My Seroma 7 week update

Ok so I went to my PS on my lunch hour today and had my 5 needle aspiration. Today my PS aspirated 60cc's so it's less than last time which was 80cc's and 100cc's the time before. Patients is everything! Of course I don't want to go thru this but I trust my surgeon very much. Today after the needle aspiration I raced home after work let out to see if I could fit into the XS FAJA that I purchased. Last week it couldn't close with the help of two of the surgical assistance at my surgeons office. Today I could just feel all that fluid come out and I knew it would close! So excited never taking this thing off. Because I did it myself. As you can see in the photo there's
4 settings so as you get smaller you can adjust it. Feels great.. It's a Maria E Fajas highly recommend.


Forgot the pic here you go!

Scar at 9 weeks

Scar progression front view

9 week update

Feeling great! I can do everything now seroma had come to an end yay! Posted a few pics of the scar progression, hope my post help you.

9 week official update!

Yesterday I celebrated 9 weeks since I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lip to the hips. I feel great and I'm back to doing pretty much everything if it feels like its pulling or hurting something I stop. My seroma has come to an end and now I think I will really start seeing more healing. Today was the flattest I've ever been in my life! I proudly posted a pic. I still don't believe that it's me! Love my results and my surgeon dr hochstein... who I thank every day for the work he did on me.

Biorcorneum scar cream! Day 5

Working great!

10 week update

I mowed the lawn today! It felt great. Going to start working out again. Happy healing to all xo

10 weeks jeans feel good again!

I wore jeans tonight to the movies and they felt much better than the few times I attempted it. so there is hope ladies...We heal! I'm also feeling my energy level is back watch out world!

10 plus weeks started to exercise again & it feels great!

11 weeks today

So my seroma isn't completely gone but only 10cc were aspirated this week. I feel great and I'm exercising daily. I'm feeling. Lots of twinges and tingles...could this be the numbness wearing off?

11 weeks fun In the sun

Got a cute belly button comment this weekend! lol

Fun in the sun

11 weeks

13 fabulous weeks!

Well I'm now 13 weeks po, I feel Great now really great! I still have Seroma & it's winding down. My last extraction was only 7ccs and I go back in 3 weeks. I do have that weird feeling like a numb belt wrapped around my lower tummy I hope that goes away. I'm trying my hardest to be patient. I also feel real tight and find with stretching and yoga it really aggravates the situation and I swell so much more than I've ever experienced so far so I think my body doesn't want to stretch right now. Listening to your body is so important. It kinda makes me wonder if I ever will be normal again. The swelling and seroma make my tummy really rock hard at times not all the time. The other day my friends daughter felt my tummy and said "are you having a baby?" Not what I was wanting to hear after all that I've been thru but she is 5 and must have felt that it was so hard. It was distended but not much just the normal swell hell that everyone talks about. The very next morning I was flat as ever! So unpredictable. Here is an update of what I'm not looking like in clothes. It's incredible to see myself looking so perfect these day and my clothes are starting to get loose! I'm down to 140ish I dont recommend weighing your self every day because it's extremely Inconsistent but reasonably within 1-5 lbs . I'm guessing the swelling andnseroma are why this is happening although I really want to see 130,s even if it's just 139..I'm 5'7 . Hope this helps you happy healing to everyone xo

13 week up date

I'm seeing a flatter tummy now! I'm able to sleep on my tummy now too wow did not see that coming last night I just rolled over as if I forgot I had a TT and it worked didn't feel very pulled and I comfortably fell asleep and wokebto my alarm !!! That's what i'm talking about :) feeling much more well rested now makes a huge difference. Not sure if anyone else was experiencing waking every hr but it was super annoying ..if so know that it goes away yay. Added some photos ..I'm seeing more definition I'm happy about that and I'm pretty tiny too. So under all the swell hell and Seroma I want you ladies to know that there is a beautifully sculpted body! Patience & Amen

More belly button close ups

14 weeks scar up close

15 weeks Halloween party

Everyone was so disappointed I didn't show my abs..that's funny! Well I do have the occasional swell hell you can see it in some of the pictures I just posted. I promised to post more next week of the incision.

Before and after photos

I took my before and after photos today. Seroma is gone so no needle yayyyy! They took my 3 month after photos & they do it again at 6 . I should see a significant different from 3-6 months. I'm still pretty swollen but the difference is incredible!

15 weeks

The scar is healing so nicely for such a short time .. Biocorneum

15 weeks today no regrets luv my new body!

Feeling great more flexible!

16 weeks

16 weeks

This is my 3 rd time out in a bikini. I use 70 plus block and the scar isn't getting dark. I Re apply every 15 -30 min. The sun is a huge no no so be careful.

16 weeks

19 week update

So im not going to my ps on a weekly or bi weekly basis anymore because my seroma has come to an end several weeks ago yay! So i ran out of the Biocorneum and i purchased some kelacote silicone gel at Walgreens for $30.00 and also purchased some scar away silicone scar sheets they are on me like glue! I cant wait to see the results i have a good feeling about this. Here's a picture of what they look like on. I have also noticed a tremendous difference in my abs.. Wayyyyy flatter still i have that tiny mound about the pubic area and lower tummy. Im contoured like a body builder this is wonderful! I have hip bones too ! I feel very good at this point i can move normal again and my tummy feels normal as well and is less numb which is a great thing! I sneezed today & no pain! Hope this update helps you happy healing

23 weeks...woot woot!

Hello everyone sorry i havent updated my profile in a few weeks, ive been so busy with the holidays. So im approaching the 6 month marker Jan 19. I feel excellent as far as flexibility and movement. My energy level is thru the roof.. Making up for lost time i suppose lol! I can actually work my abs now and the numbness is going away. Sometimes i do feel a deep pain right in the veyr low center part of my abs thats also the area thats still swollen so i guess the pain comes from healing alot of healing ia goinf on in that area. It seems to be much more isolated now. The upper center i see great contours as if ibwere a body builder LUV that definition. Dr Hochstein really knows how to sculpt a woman and he gave me the nicest belly button. It doesn't look artificial to me. I think that i lucked out! Drinking lots of water seems to help with the swelling. Ive ditched all compression garment at this stage. You think you will never get there but you do patients my dear.. Hope this review has helped you. I included a photo of my scar which is fading so soo nicely. Happy healing to all xo

6 month update before & after photos

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo of my hips on July 19th, its now 6 months and I'm very pleased with everything. Im feeling amazing & my body is back, im flexible and feeling great. There is nothing that I cant do now at this point. The numb feeling is subsiding yayy! The scar looks amazing & will update soon. If you're thinking of having a tummy tuck or have recently had this surgery you should let the 6 month point be a good goal for feeling normal again. Please feel free to ask me anything at all and happy healing :) xoxo

6 months before and after photos

6 month update

Feeling great!

7 months update

Feeling great started pilates again & my body feels so good. I can do everything my instructor dishes out on those transponders! Im in defintion mode eating clean and lean and pushing myself to the next lever of hotness! My scar is just dissapearing im so happy about that! I use sun screen 70 by nutragena every single day under my clothes to prevent darkening. I have a few spots of my insicion that you can't really see a scar and a few parts that are raised and red...guess it doesnt all heal and fade evenly but im confident it will look great in a year or two. The feeling is coming back and less numb which is the best!

Standing at 7 months

I see lots of definition from my pilates work outs. I go tue thur and sun so i to it. Working my abs now hurts like a mother! No pain No gain ladies!and Showing you a difference from my earlier post. Still getting used to comments from men I've never heard before like great abs and wow god really blessed you...haa haa really it was Dr Hochstein but thats our little secret!

8 month update

All I can say is that in time you will feel great again, like your old self. I've been working really hard to tone this body now that I feel I am able to work it hard. Im seeing great definition in my abs and love love love love love my surgeon every single day that i look at my body. I'm so thankful that I chose dr hochstein! I'm still swelling here and there its so unpredictable and sometimes it is extremely uncomfortable and causes back pain. I've learned to stay away from sushi because you always dip them into the soy sauce and I seriously looked like i was expecting afterwards. I think salt is just a killer for me for the time being and everyone is different. Drinking lots of water 100 oz daily and eating super clean like celery, apples, cucumbers, almonds Yogurt and oatmeal are my favorites. I juice with protein added and I'm taking DHEA, vit A, vit C, probiotic, iron, a mulit and a hair,skin and nail chewy vite. I feel so great! Sooo much energy that im as alive as I've ever felt in my entire life. I purchased a tred climber and use it every morning and night and also go to pilates. Im about to start Orange Therapy.. google it so interesting.. Hope I can keep up! These photos are from this weekend.

Post Tummy Tuck 2 years later

So fortunate to have found Dr. Hochstein. This is what I look like today after 2 years. I'm thrilled with the fact that I am not numb anymore and the scar is SOOO invisible. Hope my sharing helps you.

One more

Start with Pilates and yoga to loses the tightness of your abs. Eventually go hard ...Work out & lift EVERYDAY ... It will make your results look amazing!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Amazzzzzzzzzing! Truly an artist with such a great bed side manner. You always feel safe and in excellent hands! God bless Dr. Hochstein!

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