32 Yr. Needing a Mommy Makeover W/ Lift After 2 Kids - Miami, FL

I scheduled my surgery for 9/01. After years of...

I scheduled my surgery for 9/01. After years of debate, research and doubt I finally found an office that I'm comfortable with. I'm doing my surgery with Dr. Salama in Miami, FL.
His office was referred by one of his patients after talking to her and seeing her results I decided to contact his office I submitted my photographs online and received a quick response.
I spoke to Cynthia and let me tell you we were on the phone for about 45 minutes talking about the procedure expectations how I decided to go with his office and many other things. We discussed my procedure with Dr. Salama, I am getting a tummy tuck a breast lift and breast on the augmentation with silicone implants. He is also doing lipo suction on the flanks in order to get the body image I want.

I have also contacted other offices however I did not get the same treatment that I received with Dr. Salama office. When office call me two days after initial contact and began to drop their price. I did not feel comfortable with that even if the price was too good to be true. I want a board-certified plastic surgeon that stands by his work and is good at what he does. I'm thankful and grateful that I met a person that showed me the results, I understand that everybody's different and everybody Will be different and recovery differently and have different results however I am confident that Dr. Salama will be able to give me the image I am looking for. I'm super excited for this it's been awhile of hard work to find someone that will be able to give me what I need I can tell you that this prices is completely reasonable considering that I have seen PS in TX and NC.
I was told my Cynthia, that I needed to stop my vitapack by GNC 30 days prior to surgery however I decided to stop yesterday.
Tomorrow I will be getting a physical and schedule blood work. Can you tell I'm super excited ?!? I am. It's time to give myself a little love, treat myself to having a body I have been working so hard but unable to get because of the loose skin (result of pregnancy)
Any advice on what to wear during the first few days after surgery?
Count down begins.


My PCP called today and said my blood work is good to go. Asked to eat a bit more iron since I am just below the requirement but can because of my menstrual cycle. So I have to eat an iron rich meal during During my cycle.
Other than that I am obsessed with looking for wish pictures. So far I'm liking Katy perry's look. Not sure if it will be too much for my frame but hey that's why they are called wish pics, right?

Tummy tuck jitters!

Hope you ladies are doing well and for those who have had their surgery hope you gals are healing well.
I have been going through what to do to prepare before and after surgery and for some reason I feel like I have nothing ready and what am I going to do after. Maybe it's the fear that I'm heading out there in a few weeks.
Anyone ever experience jitters. ???
So I added a picture with my gym clothes. Wish I look like this naked but I don't lol. Maybe after my surgery with. Dr. Moises Salama I will look 100x better.

9days post-op

Well, I had my mommy makeover. Let me say that I did not expect this to this difficult , but I am glad that I decided to stay at keyla's recovery house.
Surgery went well, I went in at 7 AM, was marked and we spoke about a few things, expectations and being realistic, which I was completely fine with.

17 days post

Sorry ladies I have been trying to update but just haven't.
First off I want to say that Dr. Salama has been amazing, his staff have been just wonderful. Since I got home from Florida, I must of emailed Nomie about 10 times and she has emailed me right away. I find that email is best to reach them when they are super busy.
As for my recovery, everything seems to be going well. Today I had to contact Dr. Salama ( on a Saturday, yes a weekend) regarding a concern I had. So I had a breast lift with augmentation. As he explained it's very common to see what is a hole/opening on the breast lift area, if I did I should call and he will RX medication. So today 17days post-op I saw the hole and panic. I sent him a txt and guess what ladies he called, first said everything looks normal and calm down and continue to explain and give me instructions on how he wanted me to treat the area then asked me to txt him a phone number of a pharmacy I use and my date of birth. He called in an ointment and did what he asked. Should heal from the inside out.
Let me say that having that care is amazing. I almost went to urgent care, I panic, cried just a little, wanted to puke, though it was infected even if there was no burning sensation or pus. Being an out of state patient, during a weekend and having this amazing surgeon call me is just wonderful.
Ok so besides that, I'm happy with my look right now, even with all the swelling. I can see the progress and the potential of the final result. I'm excited to see it but have to patiently wait.
I am driving myself crazy not being able to clean and do much but I'm not crazy to think i can everything. So I'm going to sit back and let everyone else take over the show for awhile. I'll be adding picture soon!

Research and Be Careful

A few months ago I contacted vanity cosmetics for a quote, I was looking to get a mommy makeover. After I have sent my pictures for the online consult, I received a call. They quoted me 7500 for a lift, augmentation, tummy tuck and lipo. I was shocked! All that work for that price? So I talk to my husband about it and he was happy it was not going to cost that much but we wanted someone that is board certified. The following day I called and asked if the Dr. was board certified she said yes. I looked up Dr. Camille Chavez and didn't find anything on the website. I couldn't find reviews on her work,l and her website did not have quality photos to view her work. I only saw a few pictures that were available. I called the following week and asked the same question asked if I can get more information to look her up and they said sure we can get it for you. That information never came. Red flag number 1. So I decided to look somewhere else. They called me a few days later and they drop their price by 1000 dollars. To me that was another red flag. Again a few days later drop the price, I asked if I can get a copy or something that proves she's board certified and then they said oh yeah I think she is. How is it that they aren't sure, I think!!!!, seriously!

After that I just did not want to risk my health, my life with this facility. They were dropping pricing and calling me for "business" I get it, it's cosmetic surgery but I will not put myself at risk for it. So ladies be very careful a business that does this isn't good. Not only that but in the month of September I come to find out that a patient passed away in the hands of this Doctor.

33 days post-op

Wow it has been 33 days since I had my mommy make over. So far I'm healing well, I have experienced skin separation however I'm healing well from It. Should be a few more weeks. I can't say enough how happy i am with my results even if I'm only a month out. See pictures

Going into my six week post-op

I feel great, I'm love my results but I don't know why I keep thinking, "well if I get liposuction here, I can get a smaller waist" or "In a few months I can get lipo on my abdomen" even if I know I'm still recovering and still swollen. I've read somewhere that this happens. You get plastic surgery happy and want to "correct every single little part of your body". Even if I told myself I would never want to go through cosmetic surgery again, I keep thinking maybe I should. We will see.
Ok so down to business I feel great my wound under my breast is healing well and it's closing! Soon I will be able to wear a bra. I actually stop wearing a bra because of my wound. The surgical bra would dig in and irritate the wound.
Swelling is going down, my garment is helping. Specially at night. I wake up super flat and I'm loving it. My scars on tt area are flat thanks to the silicone treatment. I do rub them with my scar in a circular motion.
My breast lift scars are flat too. But I noticed they are kind of hard. So I will start massaging them. Belly button is doing well, hard but I'm sensitive in that area and do not want to hurt myself. So I try to gently massage for as long as I can. Which it isn't that long. I don't see a huge difference from last week on my boobs. I hope these implants are dropping! I want the fluff on the bottom of my breast but hey I'm only going into my 6 week post op.

Before mommy makeover pic.

So after running around in my head about posting this before pic. I decided to go for it.

Officially week 6

So I feel awesome. I'm confident. I feel sexy and then I get another hole(most likely a suture being spit out) right below my areola. I had the silicone strips and when I pulled some yucky stuff came out. Like I popped a zit. But with out any force. It came out as I peeled the strip. I squeeze to clean it out until blood came out. So I cleaned it with soap water then saline. After that I put antibiotic ointment with a gauze. Dr. Salama is confident that it's a suture.
I was kinda scare and worried. I'm officially six weeks and this shouldn't happen. But having access to my Dr. Is comforting he always answers my messages and calls me. I couldn't ask for more. Specially being in a different state. I'm planning on going to see him before my 2 month post op.
Scars are nice and flat so I'm massaging to break up the scar tissue.
So crazy I couldn't find a marble at the store so I did the crazy thing. (For my belly button). My kids have tones of lego so I went through them. I found the perfect size of round. Yes I did. Crazy right. Well I cleaned it well and placed it in my belly button taped it and a few hours later i had to check on it. Wow. It was nice and round and the perfect depth. It worked and I laughed at the fact I used a lego to shape my bb. I tell my kids to never put legos in up their nose or in their mouth and what do I do? Stick in right into my bb. ????????????????

So another thing. I washed my garment late night waited for it to dry but fell asleep. In the morning I woke up thinking I was going to be swollen but I wasn't thankfully! I got up and put it on right away though. It's key to have the garment. But I think Tu swelling is going away ???? happy dance!
So far I'm still loving my new body and getting use to the new shopping mentality where I don't have to buy big shirts to hide my belly! I can wear a tight shirt !!!!

New hole upper breast feeling down and worried

So I have a hole in my breast near the areola and I can't help to feel down and worried about it.. been about 5 days now and it hasn't gotten big so hopefully its on its way to heal.
My implants haven't dropped as much as I like but I have to keep in mind that I'm going into my 7 week post op.
Here's updated pics let me know what you ladies think are they dropping? Fluff?

First day working out

So today I went back to the gym. I was able to run 1/2 a mile in 6.5 minutes at a speed of 5mph. I felt free but tired for sure after 2 1/2 months of no real workout I think it was a good day
I tried to do a plank well that wasn't happening. So I modified it and that wasn't going to happen so I tried some other way and it help I didn't do much of a core workout since I was listening to my body. I wasn't going to push it
However I was able to do squats. No weights. I did feel unbalanced but once I got the rhythm down I was happy.
KEY is to Listen to your body!
Even with out working out I've lost so many inches around my waist and I'm loving it.!

Are those new jeans?

No they are not new jean they have been in my closet for about 4 years now lol my husband asked if I had new jeans but nope I actually fit in my size 4 jeans! No extra skin jumping out of my jeans. No tucking the skin in my underwear I'm really really happy more that words can explain. The best decision to go to Dr. Salama

Dr. Salama bringing sexy back

Because going to Dr. Salama has been the best decision I have ever made. He's giving me my confidence back.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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