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Hey there! Ever since I had my first child I've...

Hey there! Ever since I had my first child I've always wanted to have my tummy tuck done because of the amount of stretch marks I had....then I had a second child 10 years later and here I am now with a date set for this makeover. I do cross fit 5-6 times a week and plan on losing another 25 lbs before my surgery date to maximize my results. No matter how much I exercise and eat clean my stomach will never be firm and tight. I've also had a BA (saline) previously so I'm having them redone but silicone this time with a full lift. In reading many reviews on here at some ease knowing I'm not alone nor am I'm the only one that is scared, extremely nervous yet excite for this change in less than 4 months away.....Let the countdown begin!

Countdown begins

As of this Monday, I will be 60 days away from my procedure. It's finally sinking in and of course I'm extremely nervous, scared yet anxious and happy all at the same time. Trying to mentally prepare myself for the pain I'll be in. After seeing a lot of these reviews here I can only imagine the recovery process.
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