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So i have been lacking off some but i am back i...

So i have been lacking off some but i am back i have decided to go with Dr Alvarez my first choice was dr Fisher didnt like some of the comments then changed to dr Salama the pricing didnt feel right but thd coordinator was upon helpful and just a sweetie. So based on the pricing being perfect and no bad comments found i came across Dr sergio alvarez although theres not much info on him the one that is are great comments i just hope the results are great too. Staying in Miami for 10 days traveling with my husband is it normal to have second doubts this late in the process i would had thought i would be so happy that i was finatly doing me but in a way i feel anxious and worried???

So ive been on here for quite some time after a...

So ive been on here for quite some time after a total epic failure with my first BBL performed by a Dr very well-known in Culver city i am now going to have a mommy makeover in mexico with dr rafael arenas ive heard nothing but good things about him and his staff. I have checked almost daily for new reviews. So i am just in alot of need of any advice as far as to what to expect and any tips on a faster less painful recovery will be hightly appreciated. Ladies anyone which as had all the procedures at once any tips please

28 Years Old Mommy Make over

So today is the day we fly out to mexico first time meeting with dr
rafael arenas tommorrow so ecxited nervous anxious and hopefully i like
what he has to say. So far liz his assistant has been such a sweet heart
from the beginning to the end. I love the fact they have not requested
any money to be paid up front so theres no pressure if i dont like the
dr i can hopefully just walk out. I am sure i am forgetting something
but not sure.

everything went well thank GOD

Everything went way behind what i expected Dr Arenas is extremely a professionalism at everything very polite sincere and my honest. I decided to go with breast lift augmentation 360 lipo and BBL and he also offered to give me lipo in the double chin for FREE and arms. Still don't know my results but i trust he delivered the bests i even have a RN sleeping right next to my bed.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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