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I've been following this site for a weeks now and...

I've been following this site for a weeks now and I'm so excited to post my journey and become a part of this amazing supportive community. I'm 28 and a momma of two, ages 5 & 8. During my first pregnancy, I gained 70lbs and developed stretch marks and have been super self conscious about them ever since. I've wanted a tummy tuck for a few years now and it's finally time to make this a reality. I had a BA 10 years ago but with 2 pregnancies my once large perky boobies have fallen and it's time for a replacement along with a BL (I also want a BBL and will be getting the procedure done in 2017). I will be traveling to Miami to have my MMO by Dr. Salama on October 10th. In addition to a TT and BL I will also be getting lipo on my flanks and abdominal wall tightening. I haven't wore a 2 piece swimsuit in 8 years and cannot wait to be on the flat side ????
Please feel free to share any recovery/supply/support tips!!

Before pic added

After photo

So happy to see my 'new' body! Although I'm very swollen, I can see the hour glass shape I've always wanted!

Day 5

Day 5 - I'm feeling better and walking straighter everyday. Up until today, I haven't had a BM (bowel movement), even though I'm a super compliant patient and stayed on top of drinking lots of water (I've went through 2 24 packs of bottled water) and taking my stool softener, so Dr. Salama suggested I take an suppository. I was in the worst pain in my life passing the BM and even almost blacked out a few times. The constipation is REAL!!! My advise to anyone who hasn't had a BM by day 3, please take a suppository. I feel more swollen today and my bruising is getting worse (I bruise easily) but I've moved from taking my pain meds every 4-5 hours to every 6 hours so I am feeling better pain wise. I started putting an ice pack on my bruises and using arnica montana gel and it's seeming to help.
I have my final follow-up appointment Monday to get my compression garment and hopefully get my tubes removed.

Day 5

Updated to add picture of my bruising
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