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I've been following this site for a weeks now and...

I've been following this site for a weeks now and I'm so excited to post my journey and become a part of this amazing supportive community. I'm 28 and a momma of two, ages 5 & 8. During my first pregnancy, I gained 70lbs and developed stretch marks and have been super self conscious about them ever since. I've wanted a tummy tuck for a few years now and it's finally time to make this a reality. I had a BA 10 years ago but with 2 pregnancies my once large perky boobies have fallen and it's time for a replacement along with a BL (I also want a BBL and will be getting the procedure done in 2017). I will be traveling to Miami to have my MMO by Dr. Salama on October 10th. In addition to a TT and BL I will also be getting lipo on my flanks and abdominal wall tightening. I haven't wore a 2 piece swimsuit in 8 years and cannot wait to be on the flat side ????
Please feel free to share any recovery/supply/support tips!!

Before pic added

After photo

So happy to see my 'new' body! Although I'm very swollen, I can see the hour glass shape I've always wanted!

Day 5

Day 5 - I'm feeling better and walking straighter everyday. Up until today, I haven't had a BM (bowel movement), even though I'm a super compliant patient and stayed on top of drinking lots of water (I've went through 2 24 packs of bottled water) and taking my stool softener, so Dr. Salama suggested I take an suppository. I was in the worst pain in my life passing the BM and even almost blacked out a few times. The constipation is REAL!!! My advise to anyone who hasn't had a BM by day 3, please take a suppository. I feel more swollen today and my bruising is getting worse (I bruise easily) but I've moved from taking my pain meds every 4-5 hours to every 6 hours so I am feeling better pain wise. I started putting an ice pack on my bruises and using arnica montana gel and it's seeming to help.
I have my final follow-up appointment Monday to get my compression garment and hopefully get my tubes removed.

Day 5

Updated to add picture of my bruising

2 1/2 weeks post op update

This week has been pretty tough. I went back to work on Monday after taking 2 weeks off. I'm in Pharma sales so my job requires me to be on my feet and in and out of my car all day. I'm still walking pretty hunched over and his combined with sitting in a car has my back jacked up. However, I'm LOVING my results this far and would totally do it over. Salama gave me a tiny waist I haven't seen in YEARS and and hour glass shape I've never had even though I was super tiny before I had kids. I still have some stretch marks but they are hidden with underwear or a swimsuit. I would recommend Salama a million times over. Sadly, no one from his office has contacted me to see how I'm doing which is disappointing to say the least; especially since most of his patients come from out of town.

My bruising has practically gone away and arnica gel REALLY helped me with that. I did have to cut down to using it only once daily because it gave me a super intense tingling sensation and at times made me itchy and very uncomfortable.

I am wearing my lipo foam and compression garment (CG) all day except when I shower of course. I found that it easiest to put on if I put tank top, (this protects your skin from lipo foam 'burn', which I've experienced when I didn't were a tank), lipo foam under a pair of spanx (to me this is so much easier than trying to stuff the lipo foam into he CG bc the CG will be TIGHT), then the CG. It takes a few minutes to put on. I also just receive a new CG and love it so much better than the one Salama gave me. It's MariaE brand faja. I'll post a pic of me wearing it. It was sooooo tough to put on the first time but I expected this after reading some of the reviews. It also does run small.

I removed my steri strip tape today and noticed a small yellow slimey looking spot on my TT incision line so I put some neosporin on it and covered with a band aid. It if doesn't get better after a few days I'll let Salama know. I also put 3m tape over the rest of my incision to flatten out the scar which to my surprise looked great! It's already thin and healing nicely despite that one spot. I'll include some pictures I took this morning while I still had the steri strip tape on.

New faja

Not sure why RS is showing these sideways.

Removal of skin staplers :/

So I noticed something white coming from a spot on my TT incision site. I immediately texted Dr. Salama and he told me it was a skin stapler and remove it with a pair of tweezers. Boy did it take some time to wiggle it out. It definitely didn't help that I'm extremely squimish to stuff like that so needless to say I was pretty nauseous getting it out. A few days later I noticed another one was surfacing so I pulled it out as well. I also had a few splitting sutures (looked like clear fishing wire) coming from my belly button and under breast. I took the advice from Texasmade and Nomie (nurse from Dr.S office) and removed those this morning by pulling on the suture with tweezers and clipping under 1 side of the knot (I used finger nail clippers because I'm not that skilled to trust myself with a knife ;)
It was actually pretty easy to do. I suggest doing this sooner than later if you notice the sutures as your skin will not heal with splitting sutures coming out.

3 month update

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I wanted to give a brief 3 month update. Also, from here on out, I will try my best to do monthly updates.

I am down about 10 lbs from my surgery date 10/10/16. Overall, I'm satisfied with Dr. Salama's work however, I am very dissatisfied in the fact that his staff didn't follow up and check on me at all, especially being an out of town patient. Also, I feel like the placement of my nipples make my boobs look saggy (even though they aren't). I'm waiting for 6 mos post op to see if I will need a revision.
My lollipop incision scar looks amazing! You can barely notice it after 3 months but the incision under my breast is still really pink and large.
My TT incision hasn't faded much even after using both Dr. S scar cream and Skinmedica scar gel and it's still a little sore especially around my hips.
I've been working out since 8 weeks post op but am still not able to do any ab exercises and feels extremely uncomfortable when I try to.
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