The Life and Death of the Mummy Tummy... RIP! I'm 36 with 5 Kids Ranging from 2-20 - Miami, FL

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Allow me to introduce myself, my name Brooke and...

Allow me to introduce myself, my name Brooke and I'm 36 with 5 kids. I have a 2 yr old daughter, 3 yr old twin boys, a 13 yr old son and a 20 yr old daughter. Clearly I had my daughter young, so never got a chance to enjoy my body. I literally went from being a kid to a mom with a mommy tummy. Not until my last child did my stomach actually get big, even with my twins my stomach still did not get huge. However I've always had excess skin every since my first pregnancy and that alone definitely took a toll on myself confidence. Now that I have an excess stomach " courtesy of my last pregnancy", something has got to give. THE TUMMY MUST GO! I've never even bought lingerie, EVER!
So far I'm scheduled for September 12th, my plan is to lose about 20-25 lbs. My current weight is 190, I'm 5"8 my BMI I think is 28 or 29. My goal weight is 165, but I'll take 170, lol! Nancy is my coordinator, she's super cool and reliable. Word on the streets Dr. Salama is the man, so hopefully he'll live up to my expectations and I can finally buy some lingerie????

A look at the mummy tummy...

So hear are some pics of my twin that's growing out of my stomach, that I plan on having remove. It tends to look better in the morning, lol. I will be getting implants, no lift, there's not much to lift. I don't know what size implants to get.

The struggle is so real...

I've been working out and dieting consistently and after only three weeks, I've lost! Drumroll.... 3lbs! Haaaaaa, I don't lose or gain easily, I have a lot of muscle mass except for in the hip and abdominal area. I've always worked out, just trying to do a little more, to meet Dr. Salama halfway. Oh and so the rest of my body matches this new stomach I'll have. Lol, I want to at least be 30lbs lighter or a size 8, but I'll take a 10, lol. Right now I'm a size 12.

Date pushed back! Ugh... November 15th

I recently received an email from my oncologist stating that I wasn't in the clear just yet. My last mammogram was in March and prior to that September 2015, they both came back abnormal, but I was told my results were nothing to worry about. No biopsy was performed, however I did take a brca1/2 due to my family history which came back negative. So why wouldn't I think I'm okay for a MMO?! Ugh, I thought I had fibrocystic breast which is okay for any breast augmentation, but apparently I totally missed the second page of my results which states a second finding that was diagnosed BI-Rad 3 which stand for lets just scare the shit out of you and make you reschedule your MMO for something that has a 2% chance of being malignant. My original MMO date was schedule for September 12th and my mammo was schedule for September 8th, my new date is now November 15th for my MMO. I know it doesn't sound like it, but I'm grateful, I rather have my date pushed back and be alive and healthy. Hopefully my results will fall in the 98% and for you ladies out there, plz get the boobies checked first, this could've been worse.

2 months 2 go!

Now that I have 2 and half months to go, I guess I can start counting down again. I can't wait to get nip and tuck so my daughter can stop poking at my damn stomach. Lol

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