5 Kids Later... I Need Help! - Miami, FL

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I am a wife & proud mother of 5, with an already...

I am a wife & proud mother of 5, with an already small frame & build even after all the babies. My stomach and breast are not sexy at all!! My goal is to feel comfortable in a t-shirt & not have to worry about tucking or sucking my stomach in. My breast don't look half bad in a decent bra but I still would like to have them lifted because without the bra, it's a real saggy situation.

Dragging my feet

Ok so it's been almost 2years & I haven't got my MMO yet???? I would like to blame it on the kids or my husband or even finances but the truth is I'm at an information overload!! On one hand I see all these amazing bodies & success photos and on the other I see horror stories ????I don't wanna become a tragedy, but I really am so very disgusted with my extra swishy stomach that I have to constantly remember to tuck & suck in. I'm so up in the air. I built up my courage 2 weeks ago as well as today & reached out to 2 different surgeons, in Miami, sent pics, picked a date, looked at flights & everything, but I haven't heard anything back. Is this a sign or am i being impatient, I thought these docs on here be on top of it & ready to slice dice & pump you up????

Jumping for joy!!

I have made a deposit $$$ and scheduled a date for my MOMMY MAKEOVER!! ?? next month I am out of here and into the hands of Dr. Ortega (hope I spelled that right)!! I have read enough reviews to know its not going to be a walk in the park however I am prepared for my pot of gold that will be at the end of the rainbow. ????


It's been a very long time since my last update, but after too many "let downs" to count I finally had my mommy makeover June 14, 2016!! So originally I planned on going to spectrum anastestics in Miami but due my iron being too low and then some unforeseen complications on their end I started yet again for my search to find the right seurgon for me, and I did just that when I met Dr. Loessin at CG Cosmetics in Miami.???? The staff and the doc treated me very nice and made me feel extremely comfortable, which is always great when you are literally placing your life in someone's hands. It's been only been 5 days but I seen drastic results! My stretch marks are gone and my breast are sitting UP on my chest instead of looking DOWN at my feet???? I am EXTREAMLY sore and have to walk like the humpback of Nostradame but I can bare it. I stopped taking my pain meds yesterday because the constipation I can not bare. I am scheduled to have follow up visit this Fri to remove my drains, so in the meantime, I will be home getting babied on by my husband and babies from my new favorite recliner in the family room lol????

Before 6/14/2016 After 6/27/2016

Before & Afters

Worth It!!

4 months post MMO/ want more work

Really happy with my results, however I have what I found out is called a dog ear. I really want to have that corrected as well as get more lipo on my sides to get more of an hour glass silhouette. Is it too soon or should I give it a little more time
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