3 Kids and Grandma of Twins Needed Better Body Contour. Miami, FL

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Had a belly that was round and bulging, a tire...

Had a belly that was round and bulging, a tire waist with flanks in back. Just wanted to look like i use to before last child. So i went for tt and Lipo ask about lift was convince i would get beautiful result and i decide day before surgery to go for it. Everything went really smooth on surgery day.

16 days post

Standing a little straighter. Went upstairs. Put on high waist spanx and then put binder over i took update pics. Left breast at T incesion still hurt will go see my ps on monday for concern. Scar for tummy tuck looking good so far. Still have in drain but mostly just clear fluid coming out. Still really bulge at pubic middle can feel fluid if press on will also talk to ps about that on monday.

13days post

It feels better each day

drain still in .

Well its 16 day post and i still got these drains because its still not under 25cc in 24 hrs. Huh! But i rather have it in then get it out early and end up going to get fluids ???? out. I am still swollen but love my scar so far and belly button. Still not crazy about breast so those i am giving time to set and heal. Saw my ps monday 3 days ago and he say everything looks ????. His staff is really nice help me get back dress and all. So hopefully by coming monday my drains are ready to go . Oh and why i still cant stand straight? But i see on hete that it too can take some time even up to 6 wks. Guess this tt you have to have lots of patience and dont rush your body let ut heals at it's own pace.

Drain out

Drain came out yesterday. Still walking bent. Any advice on that?

seroma hell

Got my drains taken out friday was less than 25 thurday and nothing was coming out friday so they remove it. Well guess it must have been block inside because i realise monday my belly was swollen and very tight . i call office send pics they call back later in day that the doctor comfirm its seroma to come get it drain wednesday which is today. This has been the worst since i did my surgery like worst . So i have an appointment this afternoon will update on how it went untill then i am terribly miserable. Got to wear my garment plus binder to subside some of the feeling like my belly about to burst.

seroma hell

swollen to this date

Still with my swell struggle

Doctor is a world reknown plastic surgeon, have done work on high profile people. Have done work on friends of mine who turn out beautiful so maybe its because only 10 days i am not happy with breast. But from reviews on here i see the first 2 months of a breast lift could freak you out.My tt is looking good so far still got drains in. He is very professional , surgery staff is awesome. You might bumb head with office staff but all his results i know of comes out pretty on point. I have full trust in his work period.

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