Soon to Be Divorced Mother of Two. I Just Want to Enjoy my Body Again. For Me!

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Well I want a tummy tuck, bbl and Lipo. I am...

Well I want a tummy tuck, bbl and Lipo. I am researching every free chance that I get. It is so hard Bc as soon as you fall in love with one doctor, something negative pops up. I was looking at DR and Columbia doctors but I'm so scared of the what ifs afterwards. I want people to be held responsible if it's there fault you know. It's a risky thing but they do great work in and out of the country. The price difference is Bananas. Uhhh. Decisions like these are so hard. Help me.

Surgery is definitely happening. Unsure of the damn procedures tho ????

I am still having the surgery but, I may now only do the Lipo and BBL first. Depending on the severity of the pain that may be it lol. I am just thinking that I want to be able to lay down. If I do the tummy tuck as well, I'm A@@ out. At least I'll be able to sleep on my stomach you know. Ladies that have had it all some please help me out. What you think.

Recovery Houses in Miami. Helllllppp

To my Spectrum Dolls why recovery houses a did you stay at or are planning to stay at? I was looking at loveshows RH and Dolls! Any advice or reviews will be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to cover all bases early. Akaaaaaayyy!

A lil Humor lmaoooo

I wish a dr would do me like this bih. Lmaoooooooooooooo

Recovery houses in Miami

Has anyone stayed at Love shows recovery home? It looks like they are good and caring

Recovery Houses

Please help. I am looking into recovery houses for 3/16-3/22. This is a real struggle bc you don't want to be mistreated. Please help me ASAP. I'm going Crazy

14 more days

I can't even wait. I'm so excited. I haven't really bought anything but the foam and the am board. I saw people purchasing so many things before. I didn't get a long list from Seduction on what to buy so I'm winging it. I just know that I am excited.


My pressure went up and I'm. Ow on medicine just to be safe. My dr said I'll be fine but he wants Me to take it for now. I am stressed. I leave in 13 days.

Let's Gooooo.

Flight is at 530am. Miami here I come for my pre op. I will be a McAdoo doll. I'll be staying at loveshows recovery home. I will give y'all play by plays to let you know my journey. Pray for me dolls
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

So far I am just waiting on a price from the spectrum rep

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