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So after a good deal of weight loss with the...

So after a good deal of weight loss with the Lapband back in 2009 I could never figure out why I still didn't have the shape I wanted. I only recently realized it was more excess skin than fat. I stalked the hell out of this site and decided I could do a mommy makeover. Breast lift with a tummy tuck and some lipo is just what I needed.

I originally wanted to go to the DR because the results those girls were getting for those prices was crazy. But i got freaked out by the idea of going out of the country and I've decided on Vanity despite all the stories because of their good prices and surgeons.

So I was in contact with Yanleys as my surgical coordinator for about 3 days before she disappeared. Then Margret called me as my new coordinator and she's been great so far. I was quoted $7,000 for TT, BL, and back lipo with McAdoo. I wanted him because I heard he worked on girls with higher BMI's and although I dont even know what my BMI is because I haven't stepped on a scale in ages I wanted to be on the safe side and go with him.

Everything was looking up and I was hoping to get my procedure done in early June. Only thing I wanted to discuss before I put down a deposit was the back lipo. I had a consultation with a local plastic surgeon here in Tucson and he suggested a back lift instead of back lipo. I just wanted to see what McAdoo thought about that from my pictures. I sent an email. Didnt hear anything back till today when Margret called to inform me that McAdoo has decided not to do Tummy Tucks right now.

Wtf? McAdoo isn't doing tummy tucks?

Something about he's focusing on breasts and butts I guess?

So she wanted permission to show my pics to the other doctors and switch surgeons. I said yes of course but I'm kinda upset. I've been drooling over his work and now I can't even get him :(
I need to find a scale and see how much weight I'm going to have to lose.

I don't know which doc to go with now

Dr O

Dr O reviewed my photos and says I'm a good candidate for the procedure but recommends I lose 15 more lbs to get ideal results. I reached a plateau in my weight loss like a year ago which is why I decided now would be a good time to go with the surgery.
I kinda think its weird that they want patients to lose weight for surgery like this. I understand the risks when you weigh more but I've had 3 consultations in Tucson and Phoenix and none of them said I needed to lose weight for a mommy makeover.
plus if you lose weight just for the surgery wouldnt you gain it back afterwards when you go back to your normal diet? Id rather get the results I get when I'm eating and exercisingwith my normal diet.

But fine... if I have to lose the weight to get the surgery I'll do it. I need to buy a scale.
I haven't locked in a date yet but any recommendations to lose weight quickly since im trying to get surgery asap

Also I've been reading girls taking vitamin E for healing so I'll start that so as I set my date.

Any other recommendations? Help losing weight?

considering the DR again

Having problems putting down a deposit for vanity Dr O. Chase Bank was requiring authorization which is taking some time since I did it on the weekend.
This gave me more time to browse the doctors in the DR with their prices.
still terrified of going out of the country but those results look so damn good :( Now I want to get quotes from Almante, Baez, maybe Yily. Any other good DR docs that can do TT and good liposculpture on us thick girls? And breast lifts? I rarely see good reviews on breasts from there.

Dra Almonte

How are yal getting quotes from Lesley? I contacted her on whatapp and she read the message but hasn't responded. Does she only do quotes on certain days?

Talked to Almonte herself!

Got in contact with the lovely Dra Almonte. She's so sweet! I sent her my pics and she told me I needed a tt, lipo of flanks, full back, waist. She asked me when I was planning to come (August or September) and she gave me Leslies info to get me a quote. After that Leslie got back to me but with the wrong quote :( She added a bbl which I don't think I want and there was no mention of the breast lift. But honestly the more I look at pics of these girls the more I want an ass like that lol.
I'm going to text Leslie again tomorrow since today is Sunday. Dont want to bother her too much on the weekend.

So even though I dont have my date I've started taking SSS Tonic to up my hemoglobin. I mix it with apple juice bc I'm not a fan of the taste. Also taking Emergen-C for the vitamin C.

Lesley bless her soul

She got back to me! I know that girl is crazy busy but i hit her up like everyday for 4 days.
She sent me the standard email which I'll post for people wondering about the bmi, meds and hemo levels necessary:

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your images. Dr. Almonte has reviewed your request and suggests the following procedures:

Tummy Tuck + Liposculpture full back full abdomen flanks waist armpit area + BBL

It is very important that you check prior to planning your surgery the following : Hemoglobin levels and BMI.
The BMI limit is 35, it is very important that every patient is physically ready to have these procedures. The hemoglobin level must be minimum 12 to have any procedure performed and 13 and above to have full liposculpture.

Below I have detailed the costs for these procedures. When are you planning to come?


?10 days in Recovery house, meals, 24 hour nursing monitoring
(Recovery House available: My Home Patient care RH, The new life, Armonia, Tropical. Due to the high season the RH will be assigned depending on the availability of each one)
Transportation from airport/clinic/consultations
Preoperative Cardiovascular evaluation and blood tests, EKG, X-Ray
Post operation medications
1 Post op garment
1 night at the clinic
Free of charge consultation post op

Important: Patients with the following conditions will not be able to have sx:
- Low hemoglobin level below 12
- Recent abortion or surgeries procedures performed
- Patients with cancer history must have a Doctor clearance and must also have an evaluation by an Hematologist whom would give the authorization for the surgery to be perform.
- Patients with high blood preassure, diabetic, Thyroid must also be evaluated by a specialist in the field.

Medication that must be stopped before surgery:
- Aspirin
- Weight loss pills or any pill that contains Phendramine must be stopped at least 6 weeks prior to surgery.
- Diabetic patients must suspend Metformin a week prior to surgery and must consult your head Doctor to substitute with any other medication that does not contain this component.

Prior to your arrival we must prepare your body by taking Folic Acid, Iron and Vitamin C, it is very important we assure you are not anemic since that will enable us to proceed. It is best if you can have a CBC test to check on your Hemoglobin levels, it must be above 12 to have any procedure. The ideal level is 13 and above.

There is a security deposit of US$350.00 required to save your date this can be placed to Bank of America account number 381035586849 under Fatima Almonte or thru Western Union under Yeiro Mateo. This deposit must be done in dollars and is NON REFUNDABLE OR TRANSFERABLE, although it is good for a year in case you need to change your surgery date and your quote is valid for 6 month. The remaining balance is to be paid in US$ cash ONLY.

Surgery days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Dr. Almonte has a very strict rule of only 3 patients per day, and therefore it is very important that you save your date on time. I will need for you to arrive the day prior to prep for surgery. It is preferred that you arrive before 6:00 pm to have all of the evaluations and blood tests performed.

You must contact me 48 hours prior to your surgery to confirm flight arrival.

Please advise me of any medical conditions or special medication taking at the moment. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or doubts.

I look forward to having you here!

Have a blessed day!

So my date is secured for Sep 10th and I'm so pumped. I went to the doc yesterday so i now know my height and weight
5ft 5in and 201.9lbs so my bmi is 33.5 I plan to lose at least 15lbs before surgery to get down to like 185lbs. Especially since I've heard of girl mysteriously getting shorter in the DR lol

I had lab work done so I should know by next week what my hemo levels are

Does anyone else feel like that iron makes you stink? Like I can smell it on my skin. This stuff better be working lol

stuff I've been taking

Since I set my surgery date I've been taking SSS Tonic everyday, folic acid, Emergen-c vitamin c (this forces me to drink more water vs the pills). I also take chloroxygen chlorophyll which I've been using for the last two years. Its good stuff it helps me with digestion and helps me with my skin every month along with the other benefits.

Is there anything else I should be taking?


Just had blood work done yesterday thru request a test. Got the results today and my hemo is 13.8!!!! Super excited about that especially bc I havent been consistent with my ss tonic.

Closer to the date

My passport is here and now I just need my plane ticket. I know I have to be there a day earlier (sx on 17th, get there 16?)to get labs but all the flights dont arrive until 9p is that too late for labs? If I arrive the 15th where do I stay that night? Confused and waiting for help from lesley.

More stuff I'm taking

Ive been drinking new greens which is a green powder drink my mom so graciously provided. I don't even do a whole scoop bc its too expensive and would only last a month. I do about a half a scoop with 3/4 water and 1/4 organic Apple juice. It doesn't taste bad. I'm also taking a 1 a day multivitamin and spirulina tablets along with the stuff I posted before. Ive been really trying to watch what I eat and the new greens has been curbing my appetite.
I have some supplies already.
Mens v neck tees from walmart - 4
Loose cotton capris with stretchy waistband - 3
maxi skirt - 1
Long maxi dresses - 3
Undershirts for faja - 3
Arcina tablets from whole foods
miralax for the constipation
Percocet filled prescription
triple antibiotic cream
toiletries including wipes, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, small lotion

Things I know I need:
More Undershirts

I really don't think I'll need much while im there. I need to do more research if any of you can think of things to add let me know

Booked Flight!

So Im flying out on Sep 15 but wont be in the DR until the 16th. I'll get lab work done then SX on the 17th. I have a little over a month before surgery and I'm starting to get a little nervous. I want to fast forward to like Sep 30th when most of the pain should be over. Im nervous about everything now from landing in the DR to after surgery. Ill be flying back on the 26th I believe with a 9 HOUR LAYOVER at the Dallas-Ft Worth airport. At first I was pissed about that but then I realized I will need that time to walk around and just generally make sure I'm doing ok. So its not such a bad thing.

Im worried about where to put my money. I have heard stories of people getting robbed. Where are you guys putting your cash? How are you keeping it safe at the recovery house while youre getting surgery or the days following when you cant move so well? I know I want to put a lock on my suitcase but I feel like thats not enough...or am I trying to do too much?

I have pretty much all the clothes Ill need ready to go. I made things really simple. I bought a big back of like 8 mens v necks from walmart or like $10 and then all my loose comfy pants and a few dresses.

Also talked to Leslie about getting the breast lift instead of the BBL because thats what I originally wanted. She said I couldnt swap out a BBL for a breast lift but I could swap a BBL and Back lipo for a breast lift. But heres what I want: TT with full liposculpture (waist, flanks, full back, underarms) and a breast lift. She says that depends on your bloodwork and BMI.

In light of that Im hopping on a serious diet. Back when I was losing weight before I used meal replacements to jump start it, not the shakes but like were like these powdered soups that you just add water. I think its the same stuff people use before getting gastric bybass surgeries to shrink their livers? I remember dropping 20lbs with those in 2 weeks. Already got them coming and Ill take pics when they get here. I dont know how much Id have to lose to get the procedures I want but Im going to lose as much as possible and see what happens when I get there. The one thing I know I'm getting is a TT which will include lipo for the waist, flanks, underarms, thats probably the only sure thing at the moment.

I will get my blood checked again maybe the second week of August.
Date booked, Passport received, recovery house assigned, flight booked, vitamins ongoing
At about a month away is there anything I should have done that I dont have done??

I plan on posting before pics the week before surgery

Liquid diet

These are the meals I'm about to crack down on. Last time I did this I lost about 20lbs in 2 weeks. Ill be drinking these for breakfast and dinner. Lunch will most likely be fruit like usual and grilled chicken and veggies. I think I should start at the end of the week?


Coming soon

I fly out on Tuesday and SX on Thursday. My period decided to come today even though I was begging it to come sooner.
but I got a cb test last month while I was on my period and my hemo was 13.1 so that has me less worried but ill still be really strict with my iron intake.

I really want an arm lift but I think itll be r2. Based on what lesley has said I think r1 will be tt, Liposcultpure, bbl and r2 will be arm and breast lift. But if I can squeeze in a lift during r1 id be ecstatic.

I wish someone would have told me when I was younger that losing weight alone wouldnt bring my body back. Its so much work undoing the consequences of bad habits. I still have stretch marks so even if I was to end up with the body I want id still be covered up and insecure :(

4 days out pt 1

So I haven't updated bc lord recovery is a bitch. But I've kept notes about things to tell you guys on what's happened up until this point.

Once I landed in the DR on the 17th I was stuck on the plane bc the airport was "shut down" due to rain. I've never heard of that before in my life. But that flight there was by far the most enjoyable. The people were so nice and the guy I sat next to stole a handful of delta cookies for me.
The airport is tiny and they charge for the wifi so I had to wait before I could communicate with anyone. i had to wait 27 years for my luggage so be prepared to stand your whole life once you finally get thru the airport
Nepr picked me and another girl for dr leon up. The driving out here scarred the shit outta me there might as well not even be lines on the ground and stop signs are just suggestions that no one listens to. Even nepr was like "nah, we don't have rules". I was more afraid of getting in a car accident than surgery.

Met Tanya almontes assistant. She's so cute. The building ciecp is very pretty. Their offices are really nice. Got blood work done, peed in a cup, filed out paper work, got an xray done, saw the cardiologist. Hes such a sweet man. He took my blood pressure, listened to my heart, and did the ekg thing. There were a few power outages, no one batted an eye but I was thinking please don't let that happen while I'm on the table.

Everything happens very very fast once you get there and the process is pretty smooth.
Met lesley she's so gorgeous her picture doesn't do her justice. And shes an absolute sweetheart and really does so much.
Did some paperwork and actually found out I overpaid so I had a $200 credit that I guess I'll use towards my second stage garment. Took before pictures, Lesley is excited about my results which really put me at ease.

They put me in a room and i was kinda left alone for a few hours. Which gave me way too much time to think. Then almonte came in. She's so tiny and adorable. So sweet. I asked her if I would need a backlift in the future and she said maybe not if I helped her out by wearing my garment as tight as possible and doing tightening exercises once im healed. Im young so the skin can come back.
I hadn't eaten since 10:30 that morning and can't eat after 10:30 tonight so she said she'd send some food up. The guy that handles the check in came in my room with the menu and we were hunting for salads. All they had was a bunch of fried food and I had like less than an hour to eat after my cut off. So he drove to wendys and got me a salad which was really sweet of him.

People have been checking up on me all night telling me to get some sleep and not to worry. I must have worry written all over my face but im really not worried. I just wanna get it over with and go back home.

Pt 2

I'm doing this all on my phone so i had to break it up.

Took the blue pill as almonte was marking me up. Wheeled to the operating room. They put an iv in me and thats all I remember. I was a little bit awake as they moved me back to my bed.
Dozed in and out the rest of the day. bring a blanket or 2 you will need it. I was practically frozen when i came to. Almonte checked on me twice as well as a bunch of other nurses. They gave me soup and juice.
Didnt have a wifi signal in my room so I wasnt able to update my mom and she was calling almonte and lesley looking for me. I'm sure she was harassing them and threatening to buy a plane ticket. Soon as I was coherent that's the first thing they said "call your mom"

When it was time to check out and go to the recovery house 2 guys came in to wheel away. I got in the car which was a piece of shit btw lol the check engine light was on, the gas light was on, you could see thru the dashboard lol. But he tried his best to make it comfortable. There were lots of potholes and speedbumps and whenever I saw them coming I would tense up and he'd hold my hand and ask if I was ready lol. He was very helpful.

I stayed at MyHome which was really nice. Very clean. The stairs are a pain in the ass tho. The nurses are very sweet and helpful. I was given lots of drugs and they helped me keep track of them all. I needed shots to prevent clotting which they did for me. I had an antibotic, a gastric protector, iron/folic acid pill, another antibiotic, and a painkiller that I don't take anymore bc the percocet I brought is so much better. They provide 3 meals and fruit and juice throughout the day. I had a room to myself just bc the recovery house wasn't packed. So I kinda spread out and took up 2 beds. There were 4 other ladies here when I got here, its down to 3 now, soon to be 2. They have made this a much better experience and helped me out so much. They told me the importance of pooping. If you haven't pooped by day 2 post surgery, start taking drugs doing wait till day 4 like I did you will regret it. Those wonderful women gave me drugs for that too.
I had my 1st massage on Saturday, sx was thursday and i was attempting to cover myself She goes "shy mami?" Like I had to get over that asap bc they stripped me down to nothing but bandages. The massages fucking hurt so bad. Good lord. The woman that came was great she was laughing at me the whole time bc im a wuss. She pushed down on my stomach and I almost cried. She also washes you up which is so nice bc its nearly impossible on your own. And my back hurts so damn bad, that's where the majority of my pain is, its very inflammed. Lipo hurts more than anything else they could ever do to you. Saw my ass for the first time, it looks good but can't make a good call on it until more swelling goes down.

I don't know how girls are able to take all these pics during recovery. I just be focused on not falling over.

I cried Saturday night alone in my room for a least an hour. I was so tired but couldn't sleep bc I was too uncomfortable. My whole body hurt and I was so homesick. I was a wreck yall. I was regretting every choice I ever made that led to this point. I honestly wanted to go home so bad, like I don't have the words for how sad I was. I took a percocet at 330am which helped a little bit. A half hour after taking it a was able to move. The feeling is hard to describe. It feels like my bottom half was trying to slide down my body. It was heavy and painful. And the back pain oh my lord. My back already hurt from the lipo but add in the fact that I can't stand up straight makes it 10x worse.

I saw almonte Monday. She said I need to bend over more bc I am pulling at my incision and belly button. She gave me pills and cream to take 2x a day. My drain was seriously clogged and dear god when the unclog it it feels like this burning sensation all thru my lower back. She did it 3x and I was squeezing her arm so hard I think I hurt her. They changed my dressings and looked over everything. They agreed my back had such aggressive lipo that it will be inflamed for a while.

I should mention that the clinic is busy, obviously. But I mean it's always hella dudes in the lobby just chillin. Maybe they are waiting for someone? ? I don't know but they are always there lol.

I saw a man get beat by police in the middle of the street. The "cop" was hitting him with a batton then pretending to hit him so he was flinching. Also drove past immigration where there are Haitians lined up in the streets. Nepr said it wasn't as bad as the internet was saying. The DR is giving them amnesty and getting them work. But also nepr is dominican so of course he would say that... so im side eyeing him.

So these are just some things I've noticed so far. My phone won't let me upload pics so I'll have to do that when I get home.

This is getting better

So last night I stressed the importance of pooping. I'm going to stress it again. Duclex I think its called, helps you go. They are tiny 5mg pills. I don't care what anyone tells you, start out with one. I'm an idiot and i took more than that and spent the night/morning with terrible stomach pain and running to the bathroom. i was so scared i was going to end up dehydrated i downing water bottles while in the bathroom. I know that's gross yal but i was soo scared by how much fluid i was loosing and i could barely leave the bathroom so i just brought the water in there with me and begged for the best. All that moving took so much out of me I was exhausted by this morning.

I went to an appt with almonte and had my dressings changed and drain unclogged by Tanya. It still hurts, didn't get any better. I told Tanya "don't do it. Please Don't do it." She did it. I asked her why she was so mean to me. She claims she did it bc she loves me. They said I'm looking better but I feel like I'm behind everyone bc Almonte hadn't even talked about switching my garment to stage 2.

I no longer have the room to myself :( guess that means no more late night crys lol.

Had my 3 massage with Carmen. I was so happy to see her. She rubbed me down good and said I was doing better. .. most likely bc I wasn't crying and moaning like before. Im moving around better but that burning in my lower back is still terrible. Getting up after sitting for a long period, being in bed too long, or twisting when you try and throw your legs up is painful. Percocet has been my best friend so if you can get your hands on it, do it. It is the only thing giving me the tiny bit of sleep I've been getting.

I'm still draining a decent amount so we'll see what Almonte says on Friday when I see her. I leave Saturday so I hope that drain comes out. I hope Carmen plans to stay a while the rest of the week bc I wanna double up on my massages. Especially for my lower back. I want to get as many in as I can before I go.

Counting down till Saturday

I'll be 1 month post on saturday!

Ive been home for about 2 weeks now and wow recovery has been tough. I took my drain out on october 3 after I had been home for a week. I dont know how pulling the drain went for other people but it was pretty painful for me. It was a bad burning sensation across my lower back but I was draining more than less than 50 so I pulled that mug out, I was sooo tired of it.

Ive been healing well I think. My incision looks great, but i wish it was lower. I'm still swollen and I cant be out of my faja for more than a half hour before I feel like Im falling apart. My belly button looks good, I still keep it covered with gauze so the faja doesnt irritate it.

I've order another faja thats a size down with legs that go to the knee. I've been wearing my stage 2 since ive been home and I can kinda tell its not doing anything anymore as far as compression goes. I read or heard someone say "if youre comfortable in your faja, its not tight enough" so I took that to heart. So I ordered that along with a squeem from ebay and a lipo board. I have some swelling, maybe even fluid, in my lower abdomen and I think tighter compression will get rid of it for me.

I still get really stiff and sore at night. And Im pretty uncomfortable during the day. i cant wait to start feeling like myself again.

Out of the things I took with me to the DR I actually used:
Maxi dresses
Plain white tees (under faja)
Arinca cream
gas x
flip flops
foamy neck thing, usually used for the plane ride (I sat on it to protect the butt)
Percocet (yes yes yes)
I really didnt spend much time in my suitcase, I didnt even touch the snacks I brought. They fed us really good.

I have some loose skin on my side like under my arm, Almonte said some compression would help with that so finger crossed.

This update isnt very detailed I really just wanted to get the pictures up.

It's been a while

Everything has been going well. I'm not in any pain. I do have discomfort laying down simply bc of my hip to waist ratio. Like my hips and upper body touch the bed but my waist is just up in the air and shit. I put a pillow between it and the bed and that makes it much more comfortable. My scar is pretty dark. I've learned I scar badly. But ultimately I'm very happy with my tt results. My bbl I don't see too much of a change. Seems the same to me but I think the back liposuction just brought it out more on top, but the bottom is what I wanted to fill out. I really like my shape now but it's difficult to find clothes that I think I look good in. I own a ton of high waisted jeans... those don't look good on me anymore. Low waisted looks really good. And the camis that I love so much just keep rolling up my hips (as a bigger girl I was used to pulling the camis down so it controlled the tummy) they just roll up over my hips now. So I have to let the camis sit up at my natural waist which takes some getting used to when you've been covering yourself up your whole life.

I've already contacted lesley for a breast lift quote. She gave me a 4100 with implants quote. I don't want implants. I just want a nice lift and I thought they could transfer fat there for upper fullness. But after reading more stuff on it I'm thinking she's right, implants would give me the look I want. My issue with that is I want kids in the future, a whole handful of them and I want to breastfeed. I've read that you can breastfeed with implants but it's not a sure thing. That worries me. I'll have to talk to lesley more about it. I also want an arm lift. I haven't seen her work with arms before so that worries me. And some lower back liposuction and liposuction to my lower waist upper hips so I can have that smooth transition from hips to waist if that makes sense. Right now my upper hips seem bulky, she never gave me hips, that's my natural problem. But hopefully she can do all this is in one go since lipo doesn't involve cutting.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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