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Currently preparing a full tummy tuck, lipo of the...

Currently preparing a full tummy tuck, lipo of the flanks & breast lift w/ implant exchange on Feb. 21st, 2017. I'm on a journey to achieve my ultimate dream body by working hard and a little help from a scalpel & a pair of skilled hands! Until recently, my mind was made up to have my surgery abroad by Dr. Duran in the Dominican. No American Doctor seemed to be able to achieve what she could in terms of a perfect Barbie hourglass figure. It was also extremely appealing to be able to have ALL desired procedures done at once. Then, by chance alone, I stumbled upon a review for Dr. Salama. This particular patient had results that met my expectations exactly! He was the ONLY American Doctor I had found that was able to achieve the same look that is signature in the Dominican, Colombia, Brazil, etc. I immediately contacted his team via RS. I heard back from
Cynthia within 24 hours. I can not express how helpful and wonderful Cynthia has been. She was patient with me and has spent many lengthy conversations with me. She explained to me Dr. Salama's esthetic and why it's not safe to do all of my desired procedures at once. After many conversations with Cynthia and my family, I made the decision to place a deposit and set a surgery date with De. Salama. There is so much relief in knowing that I have found a surgeon I trust esthetically in the states. Surgery is always a risk, but I have significantly reduced that risk by deciding to go with Dr. Salama. For the next 5 months, I'll be doing my part to ensure I absolutely maximize my results of the mommy makeover with a ketogenic diet & aggressive gym sessions. I'm down over 70 lbs from my highest and intend to be down another 30-40 lbs before surgery. I look forward to documenting my plastics journey here and hopefully con wrong with other women on the same journey! Xoxo

Traveling Alone?

Has anyone else traveled and recovered alone? I don't have to but I kind of want to. I don't want to have to ask anyone else to give up 10 days of work & life to watch me sleep off recovery! My husband can't stay the entire time due to his business but wanted to be there the first few days. But I'm wondering if that's even necessary?? I'll be staying in a Recovery House so there's not much I need from him other than moral support. If I can swing this alone, I think I'd like to. I think it would be kind of empowering! Thoughts?

Flight & RH Booked!

Flying JetBlue & recovering at Dolls Recovery Getaway! 107 days seems like forever away but I just know it's going to FLY!

Dream Boobs!

I've added photos of what I'm hoping for post BL/BA. I am NOT looking for a "natural" look. I love the VERY round, very full, very perky look. I'd like to see the roundness at the top of my implant, even without a bra on. See my wish pics for examples. I'm hoping Salama can deliver this look for me... it looks like most of his patients breasts end up settling lower than I'd like.

Belly Button Anxiety

All the years that I've been researching and waiting on a tummy tuck, I've had one main concern. It's not the giant hip to hip scar or the long recovery. It's the belly button! I feel it's the one tell-take sign of a tummy tuck. I've seen some BAD ones! Some look very "fake", some look very shallow, some are even crooked & off center! Some look like coin slots. I'm terrified of ending up with a fake-looking & ugly belly button :(

Current Photo

Down a good 25 lbs from first photo posted! Hoping to loose another 10-15 before I head to Miami! But I'll take even 5. Lol. Really struggling with boob decisions. I can't decide whether I want to keep my current size or go down! I'm thinking down but then by how much?! My head is spinning!


Is this really happening? I've spent years dreaming of it, months planning it, yet I still feel somehow unprepared. I'm ready but I just can't visualize it! Regardless, here I sit waiting for my husband to finish packing 2 hours before our flight. I've been packed for a week! I'll update once I arrive at the recovery house (granted we don't miss our flight due to my husband's procrastination) and have had my pre-op. Hoping for a safe and smooth flight :)

Surgery in 8 hours

Here are my final "before" photos! Goodbye saggy boobs and wrinkly belly forever...
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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