44 y/o Mommy Makeover Drain-less TT, lipo, with muscle repair and BL (with existing implants) - Miami, FL 5.8 170lbs 1 kid

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Finally gave the payment today. I am scheduled for...

Finally gave the payment today. I am scheduled for a BL and TT with Dr Max Polo for June 15, 2017. Was very impressed with his professionalism and that's why I picked him. His staff is equally impressive. A bit nervous but I am sure that it will be eased when I finally get in OR with the Dr. Wish me luck!


Omg... in 4 days I'll be under the knife. Excited...

Ive even lost 7 pounds pre-op

Preop pic

Tomorrow's the day! 6/15/17

I can't wait to get this belly back to what it use to be.

Today's the day!

Well a bit nervous but excited to get going. New me here I come!

DOS back home - Day 1

Well I woke up cracking jokes but when I had to move to the recliner in the recovery room it was not funny. However it wasn't painful either. In recovery, it gave me a chance to get use to the seriously tight binder.
When I got home from my 5 min. ride, yes only 5 min..(yeah) I was happy to see my lift chair (unlike the one in the drs office:( booo to lift). For those planning at TT highly recommend it (for me it's really mandatory). Anyways, as or the lipo and BL don't even notice the pain, only discomfort with a little burning sensation in the nipple area. Btw I have a pain pump, no drains TT, and pain, nausea, and muscle medication. Taken only pain for now. Ohhhh and walked 4 times (once every hour when I got before I went to bed)

Day 2

I set my alarm to every 4 hours to take my pain meds. Slept good until about 12:30am then stayed up until about 2am when it was time to take my meds. I have a foley so I don't need to get up to use the restroom but that comes out at today's dr visit. Pain pump has a leak but I reported it yesterday via phone and they will replace it today as well. Pray for a nice smooth ride to and from the dr's office

Day 2 continuation

My early with Dr appt went really well. Got a bit dizzy with looking at my scars but Dr Polo was great and laid me down on a electric recliner. Took my mom with me to he appt and she loved his bedside manners..
I am vey pleased I far with what I saw today.

Pic of breast lift (top side) and covered

I like what I am seeing from this angle. (BL with existing implants)

Day 3

Slept well but was dizzy this morning. Laid back on the recliner and felt better. I have a sharp stabbing like pain just left of my top side of my vagina. Best way I can describe it is like a stitch is getting caught up with my binder ( but remember I have glue no stitches outside of me) but other than that just discomfort and stiffness. I was instructed to walk ever two hours. Also I was told at yesterday visit I can shower too. If I do I will post pic.. sorry to boobs just tummy pics.

Day 3- continuation

Ok I hope I don't regret this but I was taken 2 pain pills ever 4 hours. At 10am this morning took only 1 pain pill. Now it's 3pm and it's time for my pain medication but decided to start taking 2 Tylenol every 6hours. I've not have a BM yet so I will be taking another otc laxative tonight as prescribed. I hope to have one soon though I have had gas (tmi I know) I have been walking every two hours as directed. Helps with the stiffness. The only discomfort is a burning sensitive on my breast and TT. Tolerable

3 day - Con't evening

I changed my dressing so here is a sneak peek of my TT. The tape in the middle right below my bra is holding the pain pump tubes.

Day 4 (3 if you don't count dos)

Well slept pretty good not great though. Anyways, mom helped me bathe today. Highly recommend a shower chair though I used the raised toilet sit without the bucket and it worked great. I haven't mentioned swelling though I have had it but today must be what ppl are calling "swell hell". I look bigger than when I started but no worries here. Dr. Polo is the best of the best and I know my results are going to be amazing. Even excited for my Tuesday Drs visit.

Day 5 - really really early morning 2am to be exact!

The ending of day 4 went well ( or 3 if you don't count day of surgery) Finally had a few BM throughout the day. Stopped taking pain meds on day 3 and stuck to only Tylenol and I thankfully didn't regret it. Looking forward to another day closer to a healthier me. I plan to shower again today. Hope to post more pics later today. If not definitely tomorrow since I have my second post op appointment.

Day 5 -continuation

Fell back to sleep at about 4am and woke up at 9am. Fell back to sleep again woke up at 1pm. I guess whatever the body ask for I will do. REST REST REST..

Day 5 continuation

After waking up from my nap my mom helped me shower. (FYI- help means drying me off and placing my sit in the shower; I can soap myself)

6 day (counting DOS)

My drs appt went well. The pain pump and tape was removed. Also compression socks off. Had a bit of liquid that was removed in the drs office. Neither the removal of the pain pump or liquid hurt. I have a blister left side under my incision but it's normal for a TT. BL and BB looking great.

Btw I am not a needle person (especially when it's going into me! Lol ) So on two occasions I felt as though I was about to faint but Dr Polo bedside manners are incredible and he immediately lays me down and comforts me.

1 week tomorrow

Feeling good. Moving around a lot more but not yet standing up straight yet (maybe at 90%). Still taking Tylenol every 6 hours.

Day 6

Sneak peek at my incision. I think both my figure and incision is looking fantastic. Lines are from my binder. One of the few lucky ones with no stretch marks on my belly but I do have on my hips and breast.

My back on the other hand is sooooo swollen (no work done) just as a result of the surgery.

Still happy, can't wait for time to past to see the final result.

6 day cont

I got the ok from the dr on day 5 to use spanx or faya. I finally was able to squeeze into one today; all by myself. It has a hole at the bottom so that I can use the restroom. Feels so much better and less scratchy. The velcro on the binder can be vicious. Lol

1 week - HEY!

Feeling better everyday. Focus on the positive and remember every day that pasts is a day closer to recovery.

1 week pic's

Added pic

1wk, 1day - No real change

Just added some pics. No real change. Healing in progress! :)

1wk, 1day - afterthought

I had to take Tylenol late last night after not taking it all day. Had discomfort and could not sleep. Also this morning I am walking up a bit straighter. Weird how one day can make a difference. Adding one more pic of me standing up today.

Day 9

First outing today. Let's see how it goes.

Day 9 continuation

Exhausted from my outing. But it went well. Nap time

Day 10

Feeling fantastic! Still swollen which is to be expected but happy with the look of my breast and TT.

10 continuation

Ok drove literally round the corner and was exhausted. I fell asleep for about 3 hours after that. I had my first two spontaneous sneeze's today and oh boy!!! I feel sorry for those that it happened to earlier in their recovery. The sharp pain is horrifying. I felt as though I undone all my stitches from my muscle repair.
Note: Sneezing: All of the other times I was able to pinch my nose and stop the sensation.
As for coughing, when I had the sensation i would continuously "clear my throat" and it helped me with not having a full on coughing episode. It worked for me.

12 days - 3rd drs visit today

The visit went very well. Dr said my healing is advanced, as if i was 3 weeks out. Bb stitches came out today. No more gauze, just continue with spandex and support bra.
Oh and was cleared to walk on the treadmill.
Go back in 3 weeks for my 4th check up.
No regrets!!! ;)

12 day pic

2 weeks

Same old thing... healing everyday!

15 days Postop

Sharing some photos. Standing up pretty straight but I find myself still hunching over at the end of the day. Lower back still swollen but over all feeling great at 2 weeks and a day out.

Day 20

My 1st day back to work yesterday (on day 19th). Back pain and swollen. When I got home I was exhausted. Tylenol help me very little today. No real pain but high discomfort.

1 month pic

Feeling great. Went to a spinning class today. Nothing crazy - went at my own pace. (w/o clearance from my Dr - NOT telling anyone to do what i did)
Anyways, excited to see the Dr this upcoming Tuesday. I am hoping to be officailly cleared to workout.
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