3 weeks Post Op - Miami, FL

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I have never thought I be in this position where I...

I have never thought I be in this position where I would need surgery to get back to my pre-baby body. I have only had a consultation with Dr. Salama and from all his reviews I refuse to consult with anyone else. Once my mind is set I don't like to see other options. I am confirming my date with Cynthia in the office for August. I wanted it sooner but he is booked. I will keep everyone updated with this journey since I know a lot of girls come on here reading reviews, because Iv'e been hooked. I will be getting a full tummy tuck with lipo to my flanks & breast augmentation.

Deposit Paid

OMG ; i just paid my deposit and my date is scheduled for August 19th unless someone cancels there July appointment than I hopefully can get a sooner date. It hasn't hit me yet , so i don't think Im nervous ; but as time goes on I am sure I will be. Has anyone financed there surgery ?

Ughhh ; the wait !

I can't wait to get this over with. Every day is like the day just drags and August is so far away ; I'm really hoping that someone just switches their date last minute ; even thinking about a May date. Might talk to my husband to see what he thinks about trying to look for a date in May. Ladies ; is their a list of things I should bring with me. I do not know what to expect.

Vacation Time

I put in my request for my two weeks off and my boss looked at me like I was crazy. I told him it was personal. What do you ladies tell your bosses when you request the time because I know you can't take medical leave.

Vacation Approved

I am excited that my boss approved my two weeks. I will be out of work from August 18th - Sept 1st giving me plenty of time to heal. Now if August would get here it would be awesome LMAO

Change of Date

I am still looking for a sooner date in August or July. If anyone is looking to change date please let me know. I have decided to bring my kids along with me for this trip. I wouldn't feel right if I left them behind ; just worried. They will enjoy vacation with family while I get through this process.

Approved for Care Credit

So thankful that I could get some help paying for the surgery. I have money saved but you never know what bumps you might run into from here to August. Now for someone to cancel in July !!! Want to enjoy the summer with my new bod !!!!

Salama Office

So, I was reading a review about the office employees in Salama office and I have to totally disagree. I have had nothing but a great experience and prompt response from each and every individual I have spoken to from Nancy to Cynthia. I just thought I let the new comers know each and every detail of my experience.

Moderate or High Profile

I am unsure of which to get, ladies any input.

Where to stay & What to bring !!

I am losing my mind. I am staying by the office for 4 days and coming up towards my mothers for the remainder of the trip. Is there a list of things i need to bring. Any help would be appreciated ladies. Thank you !!!

Flight & Hotel Booked

I don't get much feed on this but I want to continue to update so some future ladies know the process. I know that I check back daily just to see what other women post. I have booked my flight for the 18th & that my pre-op date as well. My surgery is the 19th. I will be staying at the Sleep Inn & Suites in Dania, FL which is approx 15 min from Salama office so this is a good distance. It was $55 a night & i think thats a great price for my expense. Time to schedule my clearance appointment and wait for my package in the mail.

1 more month

I decided to add a photo for whoever is following. it was hard to do so but anyways were all here for the same reason. Just a nip and tuck to get our prebaby body back. I weigh 159 and im trying to get down to 150 before surgery.

All Set To Go

My hotel has been booked ; my rental car is booked through Alamo ( they have good prices ) and my flight is all ready to go. Going to pay my balance today and than I will be already. My pre-op is the 18th & surgery the 19th. Wonder which ladies I will be running into. I wish you all the best.

Nervous Wreck

So for the past few days I just can't sleep and I am very strict on what I eat. My husband stays on top of me and tells me that all is going to be fine. I honestly don't know how I would have made it this far without him. Traveling without my children for 2 weeks is going to be hard as well. It's a long journey, so I am preparing myself the best I can.

wow 20 more days

I can't believe how time has flown. I have not even gotten anything I may need. I have so much to do and have been so busy with work and my children. I went for my pre-op doctor said everything looks good but have to wait for my blood work to come back with my test results. He pointed how on top Dr. Salama was with the labs he requested and that he had a few patients that had surgery before and their doctors didn't request as much as he did.

I don't know what to pack honestly.

Labs are GOOD

all my labs came back good. No turning back from here. Paid off the entire surgery. Time. relax and prepare myself. Very excited.

No turning back

My labs were approved by the doctor & my final payment was made today. I am 2 weeks away from surgery. I can't believe its came so fast.

Preop Pictures

This site has helped me so much and ive met some amazing women on here. Especially my girl whose going for her appt today & surgery tomorrow. Ladies one thing I tell everyone knock all the negative people out your life especially in a moment like this. Just keep your mind clear that everything will go well. I want to update as much as I can because I know there are other women who look for updates like mine, because I was one of them. I have 11 days before I fly out and I have not bought or packed one thing. I will Sunday. I havent filled my meds yet because I am waiting for my prescription card from my insurance and they are totally pissing me off. I hope I dont have to come out of pocket for it and if I do they better reiemburse me. Next few days I am going to watch what I eat because I have been eating like a pig LMAO. I have updated some pics so you can see my shape. I cant wait to feel young again. Ladies if you have any questions send me a PM.

nervous wreck

any idea how to relax. with one more week im effin nervous. I just wanna wake up and it be over thats all. ughhhhhhhh

9 MORE DAYS !!!!!!

I have started gathering my supplies and I am sure I need lots more. I am very excited & nervous but before you know it ill be on the other side happy :) Promise to update as much as I can because I know some women spend countless hours on here reading reviews and I want mine to be the one that helps you through it all. Some women give great lengthily reviews & some shouldn't even make one with there dullness half ass information review. LMFAO sorry just had to vent.

wish pics & supplies 7 DAYS COUNTDOWN

I used another member picture because her body is off the hook. I just want my tummy flat like hers & my boobs maybe a tad bit smaller but who knows bigger is better.

So i went to fill my prescriptions and almost knocked out the pharmacist. She gave me such a hard time because the prescription were on paper and they never seen that before and that the doctor was in Miami. I'm like lord be with me. They had to call the doctor and confirm they were real. Than she wouldn't fill my percocet prescription because it was more than 30 days old. I don't know what else could've went wrong but she pissed me off.

I got most of my supplies. BTW walmart is much cheaper than CVS & Rite Aid or any other place. Here is my list
1. 4x4 Gauze
2. 2x2 Gauze
3. Arnica Gel
4. Neosporin
5. 3M Transpore Tape
6. Gloves
7. Anitbacterial Soap

I still need to go get myself a robe , neck pillow, some comfy socks, some ugly underwear LMFAO. Anything else I should bring.

Massages !!

Ladies can you help me. I want to schedule my massages for when I return home and I am curious on how many massages did you need. I have a lady who does packages of 5 or 10 but i don't want to spend an extra 500 just on massages.

Going to give realself a rest.

I think im going to clear my mind until after surgery. Promise to update when Im on the other side. Just getting tired of reading some effed up reviews when surgery is only 5 days away. Keep me in your prayers.

thank god

I just want to say thank you god to some of the wonderful woman on this site. Especially my doll M. I am so glad all went well and please keep your head high because this journey we go through is a long recovery. I couldn't do it without you all. From texting, to emailing to my inbox you are all wonderful. xoxox

Preop pics

what I look like now will post an after on friday.

running around

I haven't even packed yet, that's how bad I am. Need to go pick up my prescriptions and than some extra things. I excited. I know everything will be fine ????:) Just sucks to leave my kids. That's the hardest part.

wish pic

another wish pic, think im being realistic. want to be a full C with a flat tummy

so much harder having children

I cried this morning & my heart still hurts that I had to leave my children behind for 2 entire weeks. I never go a day without being by there side and saying bye to them killed me. My goodness, i'm so torn right now. I'm at the airport, ill update after I see Salama tonight.

Tommorrow 7 a.m.

So today was a big sigh of relief. I went in and met the ladies, signed my life away. Spoke with Naomi and than when over to the surgery center and met Dr. Salama. Yes things were quick but honestly he explained what he needed to. He measured my breast & said the moderate plus would be best because I have a small measure. If he did high profile for my circum. he would have to fill them up too 500 and I didn't want that big. They will be filled up to about 375 - 400 cc and one slightly more because its smaller. I am first surgery tommorrow at 7 am so keep me in your prayers. xoxo

7 am

Im here and things got real. Happy to have my fiance here and all you wonderful ladies. Keep me in your prayers. xoxo will promise to update even if its to say ive made it. xoxoxo

im ok

just pain but im fine need rest xoxo


I got there at 7 am. Went back to change and straight to Salama office. He marked me up we spoke a bit and in came Alex. Answered his questions and to the room we went. Next thing u know I was counting sheep. I don't remember anything woke up in recovery asking for my husband. This binder and these drains suck. My boobs look fantastic and I cant see anything else. I believe he filled 1 up to 400cc and the other slightly more cause it was smaller. I dont have identical breast but its okay, I have boobs now. My husband has me walking frequently and is helping me on and off the bed which sucks big time. He is also feeding me and keeping me hydrated. Im due for my medicine soon and im aking them every 4 hours. Pain on a scale is about 4. Its more uncomfortable than it is painful. Thank you to all the ladies who prayed for me and kept me in their prayers I appreciate it.

what a day

Yesterday was a very long day. I was in and out of sleep all day. I was cleared too take a shower and my mom helped me. It was tuff. Today is better this binder is hell. So damn tight & these drains suck. Im doing the 24 hour test on the drains today.


the girls

3 days PO

Hey ladies. So whoever said this was a piece of cake my ass. Today is better than yesterday for sure but I cant wait to be 100% I swear I will jump up and down like a crazy women from pure happiness. My mom helped me shower which felt amazing & my husband washed my hair. I haven't been taking much of my pain medication because I'm not in lots of pain. I still havent used the bathroom. Still draining alot but I pray its as little as it needs to be so they can be removed on my next visit. Sleeping is okay now. Made myself comfortable on the couch. I have so much gas. I wear this binder around the clock & don't know what my tummy looks like and dont want to be depressed because it looks funny. I cried yesterday because I miss my kids and was just depressed wished I never did any of this. My husband loved me before but I was so self conscious.

finally a bowel movement

I know u ladies know how big of a relief this is but my goodness I never sat on a toilet for this long in my life. I didn't do anything besides take the pills for constipation and ate more solid foods. I literally just bought prune juice and haven't even tried it.

what is sleep

I hate that I cant get comfortable no matter how much I try. I feel like a zombie right now. I am so tired but cant find a comfortable spot. My husband left so I struggle on and off this couch. I have been off my pain meds for 2 days. Feel like taking a muscle relaxer just so I could sleep but I don't want to. Everyday this gets easier but today sucks. Done with the rant. Ladies this journey is a long one

6 days PO

6 days PO

If there is any advice that I could give you ladies that would be the best advice ever, it is to make sure that you have someone at hand and feet for 5 days max. At least that's what I needed. Today is 6 days and I feel good. I stopped taking my pain killers on day 4. I am almost standing straight but not fully. The binder still sucks and I can not wait to take it off and get into my faja. I see the doctor on Thursday and I feel as all is going well. I am not draining that much. I wanna say less than 25ML on both sides so hopefully that is good enough so I don't have to fly home with them on. I fly out on Saturday and I honestly can not wait to get back to my kids even though they drive me absolutely crazy, I miss them so much. I want to be as normal as possible before I get back to work on the 2nd. I don't mind taking a sick day if needed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

cant wait

I cant wait to get these drains out. I have an appt tommorrow and im so excited. I may think of getting a revision to remove the stretch marks but right now I am thrilled with my body. I never thought I could look like this. No time in the gym would've gotten me these results. The journey has been a hard one but no complications so I'm blessed. I took a shower standing today and it felt good. Going to go out to get a pedi because lord knows I need one. Just impossible to hide these drains lol. Will update tommorrow after my appt.

Fly home Saturday

Went to my last appointment & got my drains removed. My faja is super tight and I cant breathe. I hate it already and rather wear the binder. Everything else looks good ladies.

8 days PO

2 weeks

I had my first massage & it felt soooo good. I felt brand new. I didnt realize how swollen I was till I arrived. She explained so much to me. Taught me how to get up and off the bed with out using my stomach muscles. I started massaging my breast as well. Felt pretty good lol Tommorrow I am going to post an update on my entire experience with the doctor and his office.

after shower & massage

Review on Doctor & Staff

Here is my honest review on my experience. I seen Salama (2) times. I seen him the day before surgery and the day of surgery. That is all, I never seen him again. When we met he was straight to the point and asked what it is I wanted and made his own suggestions, in which as you can see where great suggestions. He is professional and well mannered. I am happy with my results and he is good at doing what he does. I weighed 162 before surgery and now I am at 155.

The day of surgery I met the nurse who is really nice and than I changed and Salama marked me up. The anesthesiologist came in asked me questions and had me walk with him to the surgery room. I laid down and he started telling me what was going to happen. The last thing I remember is seeing 1 woman and 4 men which 1 was Salama and the other the anesthesiologist. I don't know who the other 2 are but I do know he has partners. I think 1 was his brother. I woke up on a hospital bed wrapped up asking for my husband. She called him and idk how long later they wheeled me down to the car.

After surgery my husband took the best care of me as he could. My hotel stay was okay but I wouldn't stay there again. I seen Naomi the day after surgery and she took off the bandages and said everything was looking good. My husband walked to the office to get me a wheel chair and he ever walked to bring it back. I was taken right in when I arrived which was relief because I just wanted to go back to the hotel. I didn't see Naomi again until the 28th and I had my drains removed and was put into a faja that was too big. I honestly feel like someone had tried that one on before and it wasn't even new. So when I got home I washed it and guess what it fit perfectly fine. So i don't know if i was given a new one or used one but whatever. She told me how to massage my breast & said I was good to fly home. After those encounters I never spoke to any of them again. So i can't say their staff went beyond any other staff to accommodate me in any way. I feel like google and the beautiful ladies on this site have been there more than any assistant.

I never had to wait for more than a couple minutes to see Naomi. In which she is truly a sweetheart. I can't voice my opinion on anyone else because I didn't really meet them. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

side by side

Faja Pic at 3 weeks PO

question !!!!!

when can we starting being intimate again my goodness if I have to wait any longer I might di.e

thought I share another pic

1 month & a week

So I feel good overall. I weigh 152 and I eat alot lmfao. I need to start toning. I can sleep on my side and it feels good. Here are some more pics.

1 month & 2 weeks (I think)

all is well. I have a cold and it still hurts to sneeze so imagine the pain. other than that love my results.

When can I work out because I am gaining weight ><

I need to get my ass in the gym and drop weight. I attached some pics.

2 months

It's been a while ; things are healing well. Not 100% but better than yesterday. I had my garment resized and my waist is a 32.
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