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I've been wanting to get a BA for years now, and...

I've been wanting to get a BA for years now, and I've finally decided to do it. I'm currently a 32B/34A 5'3 and weight around 115. I've lost around 12 lbs so they shrunk and now they're even smaller. I'm scheduled for August 14 and I'm so confused about what size to get, my doctor told me to go with 325CC but I don't want to go too small or too big, I just want them to look natural, I'm debating between 325cc and 350cc. Help anyone?

Before pics

Getting nervous

So I just scheduled my appointment for my pre op tests, luckily my primary doctor will be doing it so my insurance will cover that. I'm starting to get nervous, it's less than a month a way. I'm wondering if I can just buy my bras at Walmart rather than using the ones from the clinic? I've found a few at Walmart and I want to buy them but I want to be sure that I can use them before I do so. Also, I'm really worried about gaining weight after the surgery, I go to the gym about 5 days a week and I know I won't be able to go to back for a while. Have any of you gained a lot of weight post op? I managed to loose 10 lbs and I'm so scared to gain them back, I'm going to try and loose some extra weight before the surgery. I'm very self concious about my body, specially my weight. I'm hoping that getting boobies will help me feel better about myself. So excited and nervous at the same time.

325 CC HP. Can't wait!

Okay I finally decided my size, I'm going with 325ccs mentor HP under the muscle. I can't wait and I just hope they come out perfect. Have any of you suffered from stretch marks? If so did you use any lotion?

3 days!!

So I'm 3 days away and I'm so anxious, I've been eating a lot must be the nerves. I have all my stuff ready, got my meds, some pillows, my bras and I also started taking arnica for the swelling. I can't wait till Thursday! The only thing that has me bummed out is that my surgery won't be until around 2pm and I won't be able to eat till then. I don't know how I'm going to make without any food.. Ugh. I never posted a before picture so here's one.

All done!

Had surgery at 9:45 this morning. It hurts but it's tolerable. I deff can't move and don't want to move so I'll be laying all day. As so as I woke up from surgery I was in soo much pain I asked for medicine and that worked, I also asked for pizza guess I was really hungry. lol here's my first pic

Beauty is pain

It's 4am just took my meds but can't go back to sleep , I feel so uncomfortable, going to the bathroom is a nightmare cause I feel all the pressure. I can't wait for this soreness to go away, but so far I think they look good, I like my size they look natural, just how I wanted them I didn't want that "fake" look. I also started taking arnica a few days before surgery I think it helped cause I'm not very swollen. One thing my stomach is huge and hard. Ugh also my dog is acting super protecting towards me he wouldn't let my mom or bf near me he would start barking at them, at one point he jumped on the couch where I was laying, I was freaking out cause I thought he would jump on my boobs, luckily he didn't.

Feeling great post op day 4

I feel way better today, I can move my arms and walk more. I was able to shower too. I also stopped taking the pain killers yesterday and switched to aleve. Boobs seemed to be less swollen, I've using arnica and applying Ice as much as possible. The only thing bothering me is my back, but that's from laying down for so long. I'm wearing a waist trimmer today to help with the back pain, it gives me support and also helps with the belly I have from all the meds.

10 days post op

I feel way better, I'm back to work, still a little sore and tender but nothing major. I've been getting massages done and it's has helped so much. They've dropped a lot and they don't feel as tight anymore.

Happy with results

It's been a little over a month. I'm pretty happy with my results they look very natural. I'm back at the gym, and I'm finally wearing normal bras. Im a 34C-32D depending on the bra. But the bra I usually wear is a 32D and it's wireless. I'm also using scarfade for my scars so I hope it works cause I want them gone.

One month post op!

I'm very happy with my results they look very natural, my right boob is still a little higher so I've been massaging a lot. I'm also wearing a wireless bra now. I'm a 32D and sometimes 34C depending on the bra. I've been using scarfade for my scars so I'm hoping they'll go away soon.
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