Crazy Excited for Boobies!!!! - Miami, FL

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Hello all of you beautiful Ladies!.....I am...

Hello all of you beautiful Ladies!.....I am literally going crazy for Che Che's!...My surgery date can't come fast enough! I honestly can't believe that I am sitting here writing this because 10 years ago I was in my early 20's and could not stand the thought of "fake" breast...or anything foreign in my body. I used to tell myself that there would never ever be any way that I would ever ever evvvvveeeerrrrr get a breast augmentation. So it's quite interesting to me and funny that now...after 10 years, married and 2 kids later that I am sitting here actually writing this.I am actually relieved that I am making this decision now and not 10 years earlier. In my early 20's I know I would have rushed into it without thinking and more than likely would have regrets in regards to the doctor I chose or type of implant,ect. I am at an age now and time in my life where I know this is something I definitely want and am ready for. So That's why I am so excited!!!!... At first my husband was totally against this and kept telling me no....but after months of me pestering him and hinting that it was all I wanted for my Birthday....he surprised me on my Birthday by giving in and telling me that I can get the procedure done!....I almost DIED!....I would have never thought in a million years that he would have said YES!.... so I am beyond ecstatic and over the moon. So journey begins...... I am 5'11 and weigh 127lbs, I used to do runway so basically I have a models body....and model but now that ship has sailed and I am a mommy to a beautiful 5 years old and a 1 and 1/2 year old...I breast fed the both of them and now my titties are drained, not perky anymore and very sad i am ready to have the womanly breast I have always wanted since my teenage years! I went on 2 consultations with 2 different doctors. Both doc's were awesome but only one of them had EVERYTHING I was looking for...Dr.Jason Altman in Miami....his reviews all over the internet has me excited and without any doubt in my mind that he is the one whom I want to perform my surgery. When I met him in person...everything he said and did matched his awesome reviews so I am very comfortable and feel I made the right decision about the doctor. I will be scheduling my surgery for April the 2nd 2015. Dr. Altman suggested since I have such a narrow frame of 13.1 that I should do high profile mentor silicone. I tried on 2 different was 500cc and the other was 550 cc....he said it's not much of a difference but after reading all the reviews on here.. alot of women are saying that you lose about 50cc's when you go under the muscle which is what I am I love the way the 500 cc's I may just go ahead and do the 550cc's. I will post pics so that all you beautiful Gal's can give me your point of view on the sizers I tried:) Talk to you all soon!!!!!!

Why does April 2nd 2015 seem so far away!

All I can do is just sit here and count down the days till my BA...I am LOSING my mind!!!!!...GRRRRR...oh well....might as well post some wish pics...and wish away that today was the dayyyyyyy.

My New Heels to compliment my new Twins! LOL

I am an absolute avid shoe lover! So I had to post a pic of these beauties I just bought....and I absolutely can't wait to rock them with my new che che's!....ahhhh the agony of waiting it KILLING Me! Titties and heels just match I think...both are a girls best friend! any other shoe lover's out there?

Post Op Recovery list> what's yours???

Hey I have been looking up post op recovery list and while a lot of people have a lot of the same things...there are people who also have different things on their list than the norm. What in your experience are the items that helped you the most during your post op recovery....Please leave me a comment with those would be very appreciated as I plan to build my list by taking a little from everyone else's list, will make it much easier for me!...Also...what is the best scar cream or ointment to use for peri areolar incision...?.....Thanks so much!

PUSH UP BRA's IN ALLLLLLL my clothed pics

So I decided to add pics of me with clothes on to show just how sad my breast really are. I have push up bra's on in allllll of the really doesn't give me much more to work with. It just shows how flat chested I really am!!! I remember back in junior high and high school I was always made fun of because of my flat chest. All my classmates were blooming with nice breast...yet I stayed flatter than a board. it was so embarrassing...even my sisters and my mom all have big breast. I felt like I looked like a I was super skinny on top of yeah...they basically had a field day with me! So this is going to feel amazing to finally feel like a woman for once. I should have developed my breast at puberty...but obviously that didn't happen. So to all you beautiful ladies that are in the same boat that I am...that never developed...and got made fun of because of what is best for you and make all of the people that ever put you their words once the boobie bombshell is born!...HAHA....I'm so amped and sooooo ready! 1 month and 1 week away!


So Yesterday it just got REAL for me!...I call up my PS office and put some more money down on my as of now I am paid up over half my I do'nt have that much more till it is paid in full!!! YAYAYYYY...also I scheduled my pre-op and blood work for the 1st of April....anddddd my scheduled surgery day is April the 7th!!!!! which is actually the first day I had met my it is really funny my surgery day is scheduled for anywho...just wanted to update you ladies....I'm just super excited and can't believe everything is happening....this is crazy! Now the real countdown begins!

OMG! JUST 2 weeks away!!!!!!!!

I can't believe I am this close to joining the "I finally have twins" club!....this is so surreal it's crazy!!! This is the last 2 weeks and everyday I'm trying to keep myself occupied so that the time fly's by quicker!....I honestly wish it was today! I already started making my post op list and looking up where to order all my supplies, bra's, scar gel, laxatives, ect. I am also soooo very nervous and hope I am making the right decision on size...I pray the 550 cc's compliment me and don't over power my small frame. I want to look good not working out like crazy since I won't be able to for awhile after. I don't want to do ANYTHING to damage my new girls.....whew! still can't believe I'm writing this!!!!

Pre op appt was on wednesday!

So this past wednesday I had my preop appt!...I'm all paid up, got all my meds called in and bought my scar gel from my ps office. I have been so busy since then which is why I haven't posted till now. I also interviewed and hired a sitter for my 1&1/2 year old an my 5 year old, which is a big relief! I dont have anyone out here in Florida as Im not from here it was one of my biggest fears to not be able to find someone I felt I could trust with my kids while I recover. Anyways...I still have so much to do! 3 days left and I feel like its just not enough time to get everything done! But...I will make it work...anything for my new girls! So I know I have been saying 550cc's...but I told my ps to still try the 500 and the 550 cc's, & which ever one compliments me the most and looks perfect on my frame...then to go with that one. I dont want to look too big or too small...just perfect...or as close to perfection as possible. He knows the look I'm going for and I trust he will make the right descision for me. I told him.."my breast are in your hands" now I just have to spring clean the house top to bottom, do all the laundry, pick up my meds and go shopping for a zip up top to wear home...I went to a few stores but none of them had what I was looking for. I still want to be cute and comforta le after surgery...especially with my new tata's! So now my 3 day count down begins....I am terrified yet excited and more relieved I put my trust into my ps. I was driving myself crazy going back and forth on size! Anyways...I can't wait to post pics!!!!!!!!

I'm here!!!!!!!

I'm here ladies!!!!.I cant believe starts in 15 minutes!...Toooo husband prayed with me before hand so I hope all goes well! See you all on the other side!!!!!

I made it to the other side! hello boobies!!!

So my surgery was this past Tuesday but I'm now just getting around to updating my for the delay ladies! breast hurt alot and I feel very I used to get when I was breast feeding. I cant take my pain medication till 2 hours in between my other sometimes I just have to deal with the pain full fledge. Other than that...I love having boobies finally! is simply a dream come true!...My ps put in the 550's I wanted and I feel they are the perfect size for my frame. They actually look smaller than I thought they would..but I still love the size...I told my doc...I didnt want it to look too big or too small...just perfect. My breast look a bit funky right now..I have some franken boob going on it looks like...and the strips over my incision's are pulling down my nipples and making them look weird...but at least it is only temporary. I can't wait to see what they look like after they drop and fluff!...the wait is going to kill me because I can be very impatient doc told me I have to wear a thong bra under this black compression bra so that it will help me heal faster and keep me from developing uniboob. It's really swollen in my clevage area...but he said I will be fine. So what he put in me was 550cc's on both sides...smooth round high projection. Sleeping sitting up is a little hard but Im getting used to it. Any advice for me...I.would love to hear it;)

Freaking Out!

Sorry ladies that it has taken me ainute to update but this past saturday which was my 5 days post op...I was FREAKING OUT! I woke up...i was in alot of pain and my breast were very swollen especially where my clevage was supposed to be..and there was alot of yellow type bruising on my skin where the swelling was. I SERIOUSLY thought with the way they looked and felt that it was the beggining of symmastia or uniboob. I wanted to die!....I was thinking to myself...please oh please don't let have got this done only to have the worst happen. My what if thoughts were starting to drive me crazy so I grabbed my phone and I texted my ps and said WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BOOBS!..DO I HAVE SYMMASTIA !!!????...and I attached photos...and yes I have his direct cell of the things I really love about my ps. So anyways...he text me back and he was so calm cool and confident like he always is...and he explained to me that the swelling was normal but more than he likes on me. So he quickly called me in a prescription to bring the swelling down and had his surgical assistant come by my house the next day, on a SUNDAY mind bring me a bra that is specially made to press down the clevage area. Now I dont know about you but that is 6 star service. My ps went above and beyond to make sure I was taking care of and his confidence calmed me down. So I told him I trust him that this is just a bump in the road and it will all go down and eventually I will fall in love with my breast....I obviously picked my ps for a reason...I did my research before I picked him...but wait theres is my one week update;)

Tape Removed! One week post op!

Let me just start off by saying my PS Jason Altman is freaking amazing!... not only was he right about everything he reassured me of this past weekend when I had my freak out session but he also gave me breast with you can barely see scars! Ok!...when he took off my tape I was holding my breath...I was terrified I was going to have badly noticeable scars...but once again...Mr.Altman proved me wrong. I HAD TO DOUBLE TAKE LOOKING IN THE MIRROR....I could barely see them...they blend in so well....I was in shock and disbelief...simply amazed! I AM THRILLED that my nipple inscisions came out so good. And I just started today putting on the scar gel bio corrneom.( if thats how you spell it), so I know by the time they are done healing...they won't be noticiable..if even at all! my swelling has gone down alot plus they have dropped more and I can now say that I am falling so in love with my breast and it has only been a week! I am so looking forward to how they will turn out in the next 3 months. The first day after surgery...I was so dissappointed...and now 7 days later my feelings have done a complete turn now I think I am going to stop being so impatient and just sitt back, relax and enjoy all of the beautiful changes yet to come!
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