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I am 40 yrs old with 5 kids ranging in ages of...

I am 40 yrs old with 5 kids ranging in ages of 22yr,12 yrs, twins that are 6 yrs, and a 3 yr old - all girls. I'm done having kids and looking for a improved me. I live in MI but I plan to go to Miami for my surgery. I received a quote of 4500 for a tummy tuck. An additional 2,500 if I include the recovery package of room & transport. The dr also say I have to stay 2 weeks which is disappointing to be away from my kids so long. Another criteria is to loose 20 pds, in addition to the 12 pds I have already loss.

I am conflicted if I should take my husband then find a cheaper hotel & rent a car OR go alone and do the recovery house so he can stay with the kids. Any suggestions RS?

Making Progress towards goal of loosing 20 pds

Well I went to my primary care dr yesterday and he confirmed I loss 12 pds in the last 30 days. Then I got on the scale this morning to find I was 2 more pds down. 1

Jesus take the wheel lol. Day one of Px903. I go to the gym daily but I want to firm up & build my endurance + speed up my wieght loss. I did it before for a couple weeks then stopped. Now I making a commitment to stick to it until my surgery. Starting is always the hard part for me lol.


I hate pics but I want to be proud of my upcoming here goes.

In the hospital!

Yesterday after work,around 5:30 p.m. I went to ER bcuz I was having chest pains & shortness of breath. They did blood work,chest xray, and CT. The CT scan was scary scary, the tech walked me thru it. I was like what if I scream, he said U wouldnt be the 1st ,now stop giving me a hard time. Anywho it lasted 3 mins, quick but ackward bcuz U feel like ur peeing on urself. All my test came back good THEN the dr say but Im keeping U overnight for observation. Wth?! Now Im mad bcuz I havent ate since like 1pm, and I start to cry bcuz I didnt want to stay. The wait time was ridiculous...but while Im waiting thinking the hospital is nice, but that CT scan spooked me! So do I have the courage to have a tt here in the U.S or DR is the question. I received a couple quotes from DR& was feeling tempted, hubby said he would go for sure if I went to DR. My head hurt with all these decisions. I keep forgetting to ask about my hmgb. The 2nd dr said she thinks its a muscle thing but I have to see a cardiologist today before I can go home.

This morning I call my kids the twins 6 yrs and the 12 yr old to let them kno I was ok so they can go to school in good spirits. Baby B lol, is just caring and sensitive and she just cried and cried. Baby A was crying but was able to talk, she said she would never stop loving me, she gone take care of me when Im old, and she miss me last night,awe!!! Then Im feeling like crap, and wanted to cry too. Which lead me to thinking will I have the courage to leave my kids for 2 weeks? If I do it here in MI it would be a slow recovery bcuz of my 3 yr + twins. Idk?!

Change of plans. Its official going to DR for tt.

I had been researching dr in the DR. Received a few quotes. First I was thinking Robles. I like how Laura answered fast and sent packet regarding do and don't etc. Plus, if U place a $500 deposit you get $200 taken off surgery. I was 1st quoted 4500 then few days later $5200 + instructions to loose 40 pounds. It took Laura a few days to reply. By that time I had been engaging with Lesley Dr. Almonte assistant.

I picked Dr Almonte because she has great reviews, only does 3 surgeries a day, and speaks English. Lesley & I talk thru viper and she speaks great English, I was pleasantly surprised.

Deposit sent & date confirmed for June 16, 2014. Pray for me.

31 days to surgery

Well today I picked up in store the portable safe I ordered online. It got me to thinking 31 days to surgery. I am pretty much packed. Only thing left to do is buy ticket, waiting til I get my passport just in case I have to push my date back due to delays with passport. I ordered it 6 wks to the date of departure, so I am hoping it comes soon.

Can Ensure be packed in Carry-On bag?

I seen some new ensure that has 24g of protein. My only fear is if its in checked luggage it may get damage or bust. With TSA liquid rules... can Ensure go in carry on bag??

Anxiously Waiting on Passport SX June 16

I called about my passport yesterday. It will be 3 wks Tuesday. They suggested expediting it for additional $75. Im going to wait it out a lil longer and hope for better results than with airline tix. I waited to buy it now it went up $100,smdh. Sx date June 16, less than a month away. I'm glad I got my tix bcuz that was worrying me too.

Word to the wise don't procastinate like I did. Its too much undue stress.

Last item on my to do list

Its beginning to feel real. Less than 3 weeks to go. Everything is packed. Anxiously waiting on my passport. Checked online... its estimated to be here June 3rd, leaving out June 15th. I hope its early so I don't have to pay extra $75 for expedite services.

Iron Supplements

Well I read the other day on a RS profile that they took Chlorophyll & Floradix Iron 4 a couple weeks and it worked for them. I have a hard time with absorption so Im adding this too my regime. 16 more days before SX.

Additional expenses

$$$$ are starting to add up. However its still less than I would pay in the states. Bcuz if I stayed in the states I still would have been traveling to Miami: hotel,flight, and supplies etc.

Passport & $430 in mail today

In the words of my mama "well look at God and all he does"lol. My passport came today YAY! My job reimburst monthly gas used. So my gas mileage came $430 for the month of May... i wasnt planning on having it until I came back from Sx. Today is a great day.

15 day to Sx

Woot woot.... in 2 weeks God willing I will be in the Dominican Republic. I love my kids, but some me time is much needed.

Words of encouragement.

Encouraging words for me and others that may need it.

11 more days to DR

Today has been stressful at work and home. SIGH. I read this today and felt a lil better.

7 days left.

Well I just washed and cooking my last batch of collard greens to last me the remainder of the week. Its been eventful morning the 3 younger kids won goldfishes at there school carnival Friday and all 3 died today,big sigh. Lots of tears,loud crying, and questions about death. The last thing I want to talk about in depth is death... but I did. Part of living is dying. However, I hope to live another 40 years, now I am praying God says the same. Positive energy into the universe.

5 more days to take off

At the salon getting my gray hair dyed.(ikr...gray at 40?! Smh) When U look good,U feel good. Lol

Less than 2 days left before Take Off

Last day at work today, tomorrow family day then leaving for the airport 4a.m Sunday morning. RS say bunches bunches of prayers for safe sx & recovery.

Made it safe to DR

At the RH, about to shower, then off to CECIP for labs when the other 2 ladies flights come in.

Surgery Day,

Just met Dr. ALMONTE. She is pretty & nice. In April my hemo was 10.8 today 12.1 so overall Im happy. All my tests were done last night, but the dr is going to do an additional test, hemo not high enough for back lipo unless this extra test is good. Praying for a safe recovery.

Thanking God,and Thanking God some more!Made it to the flat side.

Well I had sx yesterday arounf 330, recovery 2 hours. Then in my room in bed from 7pm until 11 am today. Too long for me. No pain lil discomfort. I love Dr. ALMONTE and her staff there awesome!

hemo 12.5

After doing a manual count hemo was 12.5 so no back lipo. She went pretty aggressive on the side & stomach and I got my butt filled in, no drain for buttocks, lil discomfort.

Day 8 Post Op

Went to Dr Almonte office today to get STAGE 2 garment. Whooo hooo that was a job, it took 2 ppl to get me in it. Im draining 25cc so hopefully I will get my drains out in 2 day. I go home in 2 short days, YAY. (She suggssted wearing cp couple days b4 getting on plane)

RH stay Virginias

I like it, there was a group of awesome ladies staying that made it easier. We laughed,joked, and it made the process easier in terms of recovery. My room had 2 beds and a private bathroom UPstairs, sigh. I complained Bout them stairs til day 10, then suddenly it wasn't a problem lol. Looking back I am now thankful for the stairs it helped me stay active. I was up at least 3 times a day bcuz U have to go downstairs for meals & for water bottle. The staff will do whatever U ask however U will have to get out of bed to ask bcuz the doors upstairs are closed due to AC on. When I first arrived I was bent over the bathroom sink Yulissa ask " U need help pee peeing, my pride made me say no"... Then I peed on myself, embarrassing! Yulissa was sweet and kind, always treated me with dignity & respect. That was my girl lol. Yulissa & Virginia both speak good English. The cook Joanna is hard working, work long hrs and she has kids. She cooked all meals fresh daily, and the juices were freshly made. I liked the food overall, personally not into traditional Dominican dishes but that's not there fault... But Joanna made changes whenever I asked. They asked us what we wanted often times which also made it more enjoyable to eat your fav dishes. Day 3 or 4 the girls ordered Papa John.... I was sick with heart burn all night, NO more pizza for me.

The things I did like about Virginias were things out of there control like in the DR power goes out daily to conserve energy. Virginias has a generator so I could watch tv, but no AC, and heat travel so that was no fun to be in the room. I could go downstairs but Joanna cook from morning to night so it's HOT down there. Second, was no hot water. When I arrived in DR Neper said you going to RH to shower & relax, wth? I'm trying to get my labs done, but later I found out they're full (CECIP nurses really annoyed me, but I don't think they meant harm. Culturally, hospitality is different than the US). So... They all encouraging me to shower then eat. Butt naked in the shower and NO hot water wth?! So during my stay I never really mastered how to do a bird bath with no hot water,ijs. Lol

Overall, it was worth what I paid and more. If I go back for a round 2 I would def go to Virginias bcuz it was clean, staff is nice and caring, and above all I felt SAFE.

Day 17

Swell hell is real, sigh. I went back to work on Day 14, and it wasn't too bad. Stage 2 faja is giving me the blues. I was wearing it 24 hrs, then I was feeling depressed. So I went to Kohl and bought a firm tummy control thingy to sleep in,now I sleep better but I notice a lil bulge at the bottom of stomach where its not enough compression as stage 2 faja. Recovery is slow, just trying to take it one day at a time.

Throw back Thursday

I was looking back at old pics from 2013 & 2012. I always loves me! I look back and is so tickled at myself. The bikini one was a before pic when I started Insanity. The booty pic was for hubby, way back when. Anyhoo, thought I would post as a before of my belly & bootay.

Day 33.. my 1st outing without garment.

Hubby & I on our way to see T.I & KMichelle concert. I first had on my new garment vedette #111 but its so uncomfortable, feel like day one again lol. I shoulda took a pic with the cp on. My daughter said "ma U look like a video vixen" that cp had me but I wanna be comfortable & enjoy myself.

DAY 35

First day work with Vedette #111. It was a long 8 hours... lol. I felt like I was at day 1 of recovery. I couldn't wait to get home to get in my old Stage 2, which is interesting bcuz I use to hate that thing too, no its no problem.

August 31... Day 76 (post op I think)

8/31 was my bday, wanted to party without a garment... boy did I pay for it this morning when I woke up lol. My sides where I had lipo was so swollen all the way up n my armpits. It was worth it, I had a ball. I havent did any exercise since sx, starting tomorrow.

bday...Day 76 PO.

Day 85 Post Op

Hello ladies! Well I started going back 2 the gym Sunday, and I feel pretty good. I still wake up swollen depending on what I eat... still some lumpiness on my sides from the lipo. When I look n the mirror I see area of improvement, but when I look at b4 pics, I am very thankful...especially since I've had no complications. No regrets. Here are some pics from today after the gym. I workout in my cp, core super week.

day 85 PO

4 mos PO today

I am feeling better, core getting stronger. Waist is currently 33 inches. Just coming from the gym. I try for 6 days a week, 2-3 miles of treadmill & elipitcal.

4 months PO

Forgot a pic

2 yrs later

Hello ladies!
It been a minute lol. Well, I couldn't be happier with my results. I would go to the DR again for lipo. The best advise I would give is be informed,take ur time,do ur research,ask questions. I looked for a dr for almost 6 months before I decided. Don't be scared, the US is not the only place to find reputable dr. My dr trained in the US.

Almost 3 laters(as of June 2017)

It's been almost 3 years and I am now considering a round 2 for liposuction to my back, and love handles. I have no regrets with going to Dr Almonte in DR. I would do it again, waiting on a quote now. Yily, and Robles both sent quotes. But, I really want to go back to Almonte, English speaking is important to me..I can't be in pain and struggling for the basic info to be understood between us both. I also, considered going to Miami since relatives be sO fearful for me. But... the pain ppl in the states say they experience with lil results scare me, plus its sO commercialized not even done in a hospital most times in Florida and dr often time don't have malpractice insurance from what I been reading. So.. yea I'll be going to the DR. I will start a new review once I confirm a price and date. B blessed on ur journey ??
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Almoner is amazing! She is smart, sweet as pie, and more than effective. On each visit she welcomed me with a warm genuine smile and hug, and she spent time to answer my questions before and after sx. Sx day she marked me up, gave me the blue pill, and said U will be in sx fast less than 15 mins, and I was (I always felt in the loop with her, now that hospital...language is def a barrier). Morning after sx I had a concern with the nurses at CECIP, I told the resident dr that morning when he did rounds and Dr Almonte assistant followed up with me, problem solved. I made extra visits other than the routine ones for questions and concerns I had, and they all were accommodating . Raquel would ask what time frame I wanted to come and the driver(Neper) would come pick me up. I had a great stay in the Dominican Republic due to Dr. Almonte and her awesome staff!

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