Liposuction on Front & Back Abdomen Dominican Republic

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Hi, I'm looking to do liposuction at vanity...

Hi, I'm looking to do liposuction at vanity comestic on front abdomen & back. I'm indecisive between Dr.Hasan & Dr.Fisher. I plan to go sometime around December & January. If any one has any suggestions I'm willing to hear. From the looks of it Dr.Hasan specializes in BBL. I'm not looking to do bbl just liposuction.

Consultation ....

I requested a quote from Dr.Hasan & Dr.Fisher but today is Sunday. Tomorrow is Labor Day. So I'll be probably getting a answer by Tuesday. Still doing my research ... Any suggestions will help

More Wish Pics ...

Haven't really seen much pictures with just liposuction for Dr.Fisher & Dr.Hasan. Everyone has lipo & bbl ... Is the package cheaper? Need help. Still haven't heard from Vanity Cosmetics but today is Labor Day :-( Patiently waiting


To my surprise someone is in the office today . I spoke with Lia S she walked me through it & advised she would be my coordinator. I was instructed to start my iron pills & LOSE WEIGHT !!! :-( .... I asked for an appointment for early January 2015 I just need to make a deposit. I'm really excited & motivated to drop this weight. All I want is lipo no bbl.. My journey continues ... I plan to post before pics once I drop some of this weight so I dont mislead you guys on the work I plan to have done

New Coordinator

Lia is no longer my coordinator. My new coordinator is now Denise! I felt like Lia was just rushing me to give a deposit without even having information I needed. I wanted to know how long fisher keeps the drains in? How long is the recovery time? Also, with the hoilday season approaching I wanted to know when he would be out of the office. Denise was able to answer all these questions for me without making me feel like I was being rushed to make a deposit. Future Fisher doll just working on improving my hemoglobin and dropping some weight.

One coordinator to the next

Denise was such a great coordinator to have unfortunately she now no longer works there! How frustrating my new coordinator name is Stefany Amaro. She informed me the price that Denise gave me would not be certain with tax season approaching & that the prices are constantly changing !!! Whatever! Just focusing on dropping this weight. I've started taking my iron pills my hemoglobin is currently 13..1 I don't know how much higher they need !! My journey continues . . .


Hey My RS Dolls, I finally stopped dragging and made my deposit today. Due to some of the bad reviews I was getting on realself I asked if I could just make me deposit to secure my price and receive a date. ACCESS GRANTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is s bittersweet moment for me. Excited about being a soon to be fisher doll but stressed about this 40lbs I need to lose with the hoilday season approaching and all. My journey continues ....


I've decided to request a refund and go with Dr. Yily in Dominican republic. I don't think Fisher will give me the aggressive lipo I need
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