BBL W/fat Transfer to Hips and Buttocks. (Requesting Aggressive Lipo) - Miami, FL

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To give me some time to accumulate money to pay...

To give me some time to accumulate money to pay for this reconstruction and lose weight, I wanted to do the surgery in November 2015. With PTO's and Holidays for the month of November, I should have a full month to recover before I go back to work. In reference to weightloss, I wanted to go down to 165lbs before surgery. Based on my pics below, do you think that's too much or too little to lose for what I am trying to aim for? Keep in mind that I am 5'7, 212lbs, bust 44, waist 38 in a half, hips 46. Oh yea...let me know if my wish pic is ideal or not (realistically speaking)?

24 Years Old, No Kids, College Graduate, Disfigured Body...Bbl is Much Needed ASAP!

Growing up, I always had an issue with my mid section. It's severity worsens as I get older. I am very good at disguising my body image without using any girdles, but it gets very frustrating when I have to constantly come up with ideas to make my bad body look decent to the public eye. I workout, but it seems as though my mid section is the comfort zone for fat to live in. I am tired of hearing negative remarks about my body image from friends and family, so I've decided to proceed with this procedure. I've done research and decided to be reconstructed by Dr. M. Salama. I'll be setting up an appointment very soon to review my expectations. This journey will be very tough for me since I will be going through it alone. I'll attached pictures below, Please advise if what I'm looking to get is realistic.

Enough is Enough...

I am 100% positive that I'm getting the operation done. Getting a quote next weekend.

Draw on Yourself

When boredom strikes, you edit your pre op pictures lol.

T.O.M and Recovery House

RS Dolls I need your advice. What happens if your menstrual cycle comes on week of, day of or day before of scheduled surgery?

Recovery House: So I am funding and going through this process alone so it would be wise to get the recovery house. Here's the problem, I can't afford it and I'm 15-30 minutes away. I can recover at my place but the post op massages will be an issue since I have to physically go back to the location several for routine massages. What should I do

Putting in Work!!!

So I have my consultation next week Wednesday. I'm so excited lol even more because it's face to face. Accurate solutions from face to face observations.

Wish Pics in Different Views

Too Aggressive with the Booty....

So you get a BBL and you're in recovery mode. You're trying to heal but your man wont leave your butt alone (caressing, smacking, pinching). What do you do? (Be advised that you are trying to get the best results as possible) How long would you wait until you allow your significant other to get a "treat"?

2 Hour Wait for a 10 Minute Consultation...WTF!!!

So I had my consultation today and it was a total BUST!!!Lol. I don't know what was funnier, the wait time or how quick the consultation was. Mind you, I had an appointment. The customer service there almost made me walk out. I was better off sending pictures if I had to go through all of this. Whoever is going in person with an appointment should get there 1hr 30-2 hours early as they don't go by appointments. First come first serve. Ultimately, I knew that I had to lose weight for the sx with knowing that the max of fat that could be removed is 5 liter. Well apparently it varies by state. Salama is in Florida which means the max is 4 lol. Salama said I have to lose 20lbs even though I'm 212lbs. He said I didn't look like it but with this new info of 4 liter I will be losing more. At 192 I will still look wide so I will be going down to 175-180 ( no stomach whatsoever). I almost fainted when he said a total of 10 incisions with two drainage. I'm also happy that Salama said he could achieve the shape I wanted based on my wish pics and also stated that I did a good job with finding a similar body structure. Oh yea...I hope you guys like fall/winter surgeries because Salama is booked all the way through August 2015.

pro: locked in fee , got my preferred scheduled date, sx physician Salama

con: customer service, time management, no free parking, they do not validate!!!, the max amount of fat that can be lipo in Florida is 4 liters as opposed to 5 liters in other states, short consultation, no free wifi, phone service signal sucks, no weight scale/measuring tape for current check, physical consultations is only on Wednesdays.


So I may not have all the money to get the surgery...where can I apply to get financed?

Special Request

I am looking to switch dates with anyone who is scheduled for a BBQ with Salama for November of this year. Due to financial issues, I won't be able to do it on my desired date of November 6. I am looking to switch to November 20. Please let me know if you are willing to switch. Thanks.

Urgent Request

I am looking to switch dates with anyone who is scheduled for a BBL with Salama for November of this year. Due to financial issues, I won't be able to do it on my desired date of November 6. I am looking to switch to November 20. Please let me know if you are willing to switch. Thanks.


I am not a happy camper. I am soooo close to sx date and it seems like my views on this establishment is becoming more negative. Almost didnt go through with sx because front desk girl prevented me from signing sx paper work since i was a local. I get cleared from blood work and get my documents and noticed that the date and time shown was wrong days later. I reached out to them and theyre saying i have a different time when i specifically requested a certain time which was approved. I asked for the reasoning in change and they gave me and understable reason but like really if i never reached out they wouldve never contacted to let me know that they switched my time/date.

Revision: Uneven hips and flat spots

My recovery was fairly quick. The first day I was walking as if nothing happened. Second day was tough as I became stiff and the days after was like day 1. I don't like to knit pick but this ish right here I dont like...uneven hips!!! My entire experience was all negative. I was told i was 2 lbs away from not being performed on, they kept changing my surgery time, I gained alot of weight (10lbs) from the stress they were giving me. My CG decided to back out on me 2 days prior sx. I had an appointment for a post up and waited 2 hours to be seen for a 5 minute check. That's 2 hours not sitting or laying down. I don't know but I feel like if you're a local you get treated differently. I am 2 weeks post up and have fat left in the mid section hopefully exercise will take care of that but the hips I'm pretty sure it wont correct itself and I'm hearing you have to wait 6 months for revision. I wanted a heart shape and got a wide apple.

Touch up vs. Round 2

4 weeks post op...i dont know what to say. I havent post any pics up because i dont like how i look naked. Im trying to be positive. After surgery went from 224 to 240. I am currently 230 with the assist of the gym of course. Its hard working out because you dont want to lose the fat in your ass but to attempt the silhouette look that i wanted I have to workout. The pic on the right has a silhouette and the middle does not. Thats because im wearing a tight corset. Thought my hips would smooth out but one is bigger than the other. I lost a lot of fat. I have minimal projection and butt is wide. Its not full and apparently i developed a keloid or hypertropic scar in the middle of my ass where the drainage was and my back. I really dont want to go through this again but apparently have just speechless.

When the booty has a mind of its own

I most definitely need a revision. Booty is massive. My booty fluffed and feathered out lol. Looks like all my fat cells remained. Pic on the left is a month after surgery pic on the right is my current. I definitely want Lipo to get that desired silhouette but after pregnancy.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My experience was very different than most.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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