28 Y/O Scheduled for Lipo with Dr. Alvarez at Mia

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Hello! I wanted to intro myself as I embark on...

Hello! I wanted to intro myself as I embark on this journey; I am a 28-year old career woman, no kids, no plans to have any. I have lost about 40lbs since June 2016 and I am realizing my lower belly ain't going down :( so I did lots of research and decided to go for lipo with Dr. Sergio Alvarez. I put my deposit down and am scheduled for March 22nd. I have LOT of fears - the cost, recovery time, etc. but my biggest worry is that it seems dr's are pushing tummy tucks on people and lipo results aren't that good. I do NOT want a TT - the recovery time is horrible, I hate that scar and if I ever DO want to have children, that would be a huge waste of money. I am currently around 230lbs and I would like to be 190lbs by my surgery, so 40 more lbs to go!

I've been hearing a LOT about switching my doctors

I'm on IG and the community is very supportive, but I've had a few dolls come in my DM, telling me to switch from Alvarez. When I ask for similar results to what I've seen from other dolls (ones I follow) they can't show them to me. I don't care about big asses, my ass is big enough for me and my lifestyle, I just want someone who can suck this GUT out. Ugh, frustrated and confused

Booked my flights, RH and my Post-Op Massages

I am staying at Curvy Angels (think I have that already) and just today booked CurvybyOlivia in Brooklyn for 10 advanced post-op sessions when I return in March. ALSO booked my flights!

It's all coming together, just 74 days.

I gained 4 lbs over the holidays, but I am back on phentermine and low carb and have already lost 2 of those. My goal is to be at 220 or below by January 31.

I'm in hustle, save and lose weight mode!

Just ugh...hope Dr. A can do something with this

I've barely lost any weight...I'm at 221 and would like to be 215-217 by the end of the month. I went on a sugar/junk bender last weekend :( but I've been good since then! I'm still working out and trying to get my tummy as flat as possible before March 22nd

Leaving Imagenes BEHIND

Well, I have decided NOT to move forward with Imagenes...they were doing some f*ck$hit with my coordinator and cell saver and such (charging people different prices, etc.) and so I just submitted everything for Mia Aesthetics, it's still with Dr. Alvarez (who I have heard nothing but amazing things about) but he's the medical director there and I feel much better PLUS they have a special where I would save a few bucks, so why not???

Crossing my fingers they take me on as a patient and I can get a date in late March/VERY early April

I'm a Mia girl now...

Sorry, should've updated you all...I was officially switched to Mia last week. My new coordinator's name is Yasunay and honestly, Mia is already leaps and bounds ahead of Imagenes (and many other places I consulted with). They allowed me to deposit through an online payment portal, and then I was able to e-sign my papers online (which I loved, I'm a stickler for updated technology). The office manager followed up with me twice to make sure I was getting taken care of and honestly, the whole thing was great. I'm 40 days out and weighing in at around 218lbs...I'm gunning for 199 though! I'm honestly so nervous my big tummy will be too much for Alvarez to do anything about, but I've made my decision, paid my money and I'm gonna keep going down this path.

Hemo won't go up - praying Dr. Alvarez will operate on me W/ cell saver

Well, I was given the verdict that thanks to my mother, I inherited the Beta Thallasemia Minor trait. It's basically when your hemoglobin molecules are too small and so when tested, you have low hemo. There's literally NOTHING you can do to raise your hemo and you will always be slightly anemic. I will always hover around 10.6-MAYBE 11 in my hemo. My iron levels are normal, I'm physically healthy and well, BUT I'll always be this way.

Having said that, I know Dr. Alvarez is one of the few surgeons in the US (including Dr. Fisher) who operates with the cell saver, and he has the ability to take low hemo patients.

Both my PCP and my hematologist are willing to give medical clearance, so I am going to speak with the coordinators today to see if he will move forward with the procedure. If not, I believe Dr. Fisher is my only other option and I have to start the process all over.

Am I upset? Yes. But shit happens and I have to keep on keeping on.
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