28 Y/O Scheduled for Lipo with Dr. Alvarez

Hello! I wanted to intro myself as I embark on...

Hello! I wanted to intro myself as I embark on this journey; I am a 28-year old career woman, no kids, no plans to have any. I have lost about 40lbs since June 2016 and I am realizing my lower belly ain't going down :( so I did lots of research and decided to go for lipo with Dr. Sergio Alvarez. I put my deposit down and am scheduled for March 22nd. I have LOT of fears - the cost, recovery time, etc. but my biggest worry is that it seems dr's are pushing tummy tucks on people and lipo results aren't that good. I do NOT want a TT - the recovery time is horrible, I hate that scar and if I ever DO want to have children, that would be a huge waste of money. I am currently around 230lbs and I would like to be 190lbs by my surgery, so 40 more lbs to go!

I've been hearing a LOT about switching my doctors

I'm on IG and the community is very supportive, but I've had a few dolls come in my DM, telling me to switch from Alvarez. When I ask for similar results to what I've seen from other dolls (ones I follow) they can't show them to me. I don't care about big asses, my ass is big enough for me and my lifestyle, I just want someone who can suck this GUT out. Ugh, frustrated and confused

Booked my flights, RH and my Post-Op Massages

I am staying at Curvy Angels (think I have that already) and just today booked CurvybyOlivia in Brooklyn for 10 advanced post-op sessions when I return in March. ALSO booked my flights!

It's all coming together, just 74 days.

I gained 4 lbs over the holidays, but I am back on phentermine and low carb and have already lost 2 of those. My goal is to be at 220 or below by January 31.

I'm in hustle, save and lose weight mode!
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