27 Years Old and Need This Double Chin Gone - Miami, FL

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I was injected with Kybella on Thursday, 8/13/15,...

I was injected with Kybella on Thursday, 8/13/15, in the afternoon. I decided not to get numbed up with lidocaine/epinephrine because I hate the numb feeling and I had dinner plans later that night. The injections weren't painful at all but the product actually gives you a burning sensation. I went to dinner that night and my chin/neck was gradually getting more and more swollen. I did not ice. When I woke up the next morning I was definitely not expecting the swelling to be that bad. Sure, I was forewarned that it would be bullfrog-like, but wow was it bad. I literally started crying. I am not new to cosmetics I've had swelling from fillers before, had plastic surgery, etc. THE SWELLING IS BAD! I iced during lunch and compressed as much as I could and I feel it helped some. It is Saturday morning and I'm currently icing. The area still feels tender and hard in the injection site. I do have bruising, but nothing major. It's the swelling that's horrible. I feel the swelling is worse in the morning. I'll keep everyone posted.

Sunday, 3 days after

I'm still swollen. Doesn't look any better to me, but my chin doesn't wobble as much. Still bruised, bought some arnica today. Let's see how it goes. I hate this swelling, makes me self-conscious.

August 24th, 11 days after injection

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't responded in many days, I had unexpected surgery last week. The swelling very minimal, still not at baseline in my opinion. Hopefully I start seeing improvements soon!
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