36 Yrs Old, Kids, and Let Myself Go, Mommy Makeover Time - Miami, FL

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Mommy in need of a makeover. My youngest is 2 and...

Mommy in need of a makeover. My youngest is 2 and I've looked the same for the last 5 years. I need a change. Mommy makeover includes tummy tuck, breast lift with implants, which by the way I have had a lift with implants in 2007. I will also be getting arm lipo. Hoping for a 36C or 36D, I am now 40DD and size 12

Surgery done ????

Met with the dr on Monday and she is very thorough explaining what she does and what you should get. She basically tells you what you need for your body type. I wanted high profile and small nipples with a size small D. Not sure what I got yet but she told me between a large c and small D. Anyways, she was very sweet and she lets you ask all the questions you want and listens.
After that, I had an annoying day bc they sent me to 3 different places, one for ultrasound, one for bloodwork, one for medical clearance which required ekg and they could have did that at the clinic. So make sure you guys get an ultrasound of your boobs, here is $90. If you have insurance get X-rays of your lungs, ekg, and a clearance letter for surgery. I weighed 175 when I went in for surgery. The medicine is about $65 for pain and antibiotics.

Now surgery day, Tuesday, went in for pictures and talked to the dr for 10 minutes bc she is super sweet. While she put all the lines on me. Talked to anesthesiologist for 5 mins then went to survey. The pain is crazy! I had silicone implants with a lift
And a tummy tuck, she also did some lipo on the top part of my tummy, which hurts the most. I have drains and they stay for 2 weeks. One out in a week, the second in 2 weeks. You must walk a lot and drink and force yourself to eat. The drains hurt a lot too!

You will need arnica gel, arnica pills, 3 panel binder which they sell for $80! Then you will need a faja. Faja is after the drains come out.

Surgery date was June 7,2016

Mommy makeover. I didn't get the lipo on my arms or legs, it was too much surgery. I paid $6800 for a tummy tuck, silicone implants and a lift. I went in for saline implants but decided to change bc I already had saline and they had a lot of ripples. She also said they are heavier and lose volume after a few years

Day 2

I feel much better today. Getting up and down much easier. I took a shower and feel better. My back has been hurting the most so I got a lipo pad and put under the abdominal binder and feels better. I can't say how much the arnica pills are helping!

3 days after surgey

Went out to eat, walked to the resturaunt. Now driving around miami. Better than sitting in the bed.

Just got home!

I made it home today, drove with my husband and 2 yr old back to Houston. 20 hours in a car was horrible! But I'm so glad to be home. I feel like I can move easier here. I still have 1 drain and I barely have any fluid draining at all. Not sure if this is good or not! I do have a lot of fluid in my pelvic area, the dr told me it was due to gravity bc me sitting up that's where the fluid is going. It actually hurts a lot, the nurse pulled my abdominal binder lower onto my pelvic area and helped some but still is painful.

1 week and 4 days post op

Took pics today for the dr, still have 1 drain and super swollen. My boobs don't look even and one has an odd shape. I'm starting to feel sad about my body.

Updated pics. 3 weeks

I'm healing good I guess. My stitching on my tummy is pretty thick and hope my skin lays down good. The lines for the breast are mostly smooth. Sweeping went down a little more and in my pubic area as well which now doesn't hurt anymore. I do a lot of laying with my butt and legs elevated when I sleep. I have to buy a new binder bc mine is being wrapped too far around and is causing major creasing and pain on my back.

More pics

More pics at 3 weeks post op

Right breast

3 weeks post op

Left breast and belly button, sorry they are upside down

Before and after pics

3 weeks post op

6 weeks

Still swollen. Wondering when it will go down :-(

6 weeks

More pics

8 weeks

I am not happy with the swelling! I just feel it's not going to go down anymore. I also have hard spots that formed in the pelvic area right where my incision is. It is hard and when I use the massager it ripples but then later hardens back to one spot.


This feels like the top of the stitching inside. Getting bigger as I wear the ab board more. I look funny!

Ab board

8 weeks post op

I see myself in the mirror or walking passed a glass window or elevator and I'm like wow I look good and feel skinny. When I come home I feel bloated and then when I shower I just swell up again. This process sucks for sure! I need a smaller faja bc it's not tight enough.

8 weeks post op

Healing good. See pics

10 weeks photos

I feel amazing looking in the mirror! I'm still swollen at top

3 months post op

Still swollen. Gained weight but it went to my tummy! Too much eating out

3 months post op

3 months 2 weeks

Bad eating is not good if you have weight issues! I can no longer suck in my tummy so I had to eat better!

Supplies and other stuff needed for surgery

Ladies, shop around online, you can find coupons for Arnica gel and arnica tablets! They are well worth it! Also the clinic will give you a prescription for heavy pain meds and you can take both arnica and pain meds at the same time! Go to arnica.com for coupons, gel is for bruising and tablets are for inside pain and bruising! They work trust me. Bio oil for scars and is cheaper on amazon and same for fajas and abdominal binder! I also take vitamin E and iron, 2 months prior to surgery and 6 months after! You will need 2 fajas, one for immediately after surgery and a smaller size for after bc you will be a lot smaller after a tummy tuck! I also got a hand massager bc I could not afford another $260 in massages and I definitely didn't want anyone touching me after surgery!

4.5 months

Almost 6 months

I will be 6 months in 3 days. I needed more lipo on my upper abdomen and pelvic. I have received that from another dr along with full lipo of the back. My lines are officially too high but I still like my results a lot. Here is a pic after my other surgery. By the way my boobs still look great!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have interacted with Mercedes and she is super nice. Paid deposit.

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