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Hey ladies! I have been thinking a lot about...

Hey ladies! I have been thinking a lot about getting this procedure done. I am a mommy of 3 my youngest being 2. After my friends got their surgery, I was in love with their results. I will be traveling to Miami from Houston, tx. Not quite sure who I am taking or where I should stay.
With that being said, my fiance fully sports me and is excited for me. I am 5"2 at 165 lbs. Yes, I know and don't worry I will lose at least 25 to 30 lbs before I get my procedure done. Which bringa me to my next topic. I am booked for March 11, 2015 (because I want to lose the weight and I should be done with school by then).
So, I inquired with many doctors before booking with cg cosmetis. My first, vanity. That's where my one of my friends got her tummy tuck and boobies done. Which by the way they did and amazing job. Well I contacted them, I never heard a response. Cg cosmetics contacted me right away. I was surprise how quickly they responded. My coordinator is Catherine ruiz, she is really nice and answered all my questions. She quoted me at $8500.00 for a lift, breast augmentation with silicone implants, and a tummy tuck with some liposuction to help define my waist. I was convinced and ofcourse fell comfortble andd put in my non refundable deposit of $1000.00 I am booked with Dr. Aryan Krua, which by the way I've read wonderful reviews. I accepted!
Mayline, contacted me later with my invoice. And instructions prior surgery. then I thought to myself, well my breast are already on the small size and previous doctors suggested that I didn't need a lift. I contacted Catherine, she said that was fine and she would remove it. My new quote was at $7500.00. By the way on the invoice she sent me the physicians name is under dr.frieman not dr. Aryan krua. I guess I'll ask her about that. I told her to send me my new invoice, and I still have not received it. It's OK though, I'll give her a few more days.
So here I am just waiting, I know it's still a long way to go, but I am super excited to feel comfortable in my own skin again.

Change of plans! Only getting a BA. FLIGHT BOOKED &PAID IN FULL

So i was thinking and i decided to get my BA first. This is because i want to make sure that i lose the weight before i get my tummy tuck. I already made the changes with Catherine and because if that i got a new doctor. Dr Frieman, i've heard great reviews about him. Anyways, My new date is set for 12/22/15. I already PAID EVERYTHING IN FULL and I am from Texas and already BOOKED MY FLIGHT!!!
I will be leaving the 20 at 6pm and arriving at 11pm. (because i have to be there a day before on the 21st ).

i will be staying at a recovery house with Keyla for 3 nights ( she was recommended by CG COSMETICS. ) Send me a few pictures of her place and it looked nice and clean. The other 2 nights i will be staying a a hotel to safe some money because she charges $130 a night (transportation,care, and breakfast included).

Well i still have about 3 1/2 months to go. In the mean time i hope to lose a least 20 lbs.

I will post before pictures soon.

30 days to go!!!!!

Almost there!!!

My Before pics

Okay, so here are my before pics. Close your eyes???? lol. I am still not sure how big I want them, but I know that I want them big. ???????? I've always had small boobs and if I will be paying for this procedure I want to make sure I get them the right size. I only have about 15 days left!!! I will be getting my labs done next week. Yayyy! This seems so surreal!!! My husband is excited too! I don't even know what j should be packing for this trip???

Frustrated >:/

It is about 14 days before my scheduled BA and I am having such a hard time getting a hold of Catherine, my coordinator. I need to get my labs done and I have so many question for her. I have not heard anything from her in the 2 weeks I've been trying to contact her. I've tried contacting her supervisor, but I've had no response from her either. I am getting very upset because she seems to be avoiding my calls and emails. The receptionest tells me that catherine is busy with patients all day. Uhmmm I really don't care, you have other jobs too!!! I really don't know what to do anymore. Arghhhh!!!!

This cannot be....

It appears that I am beginning to get a really bad cough!!!! I hope it goes away, I have 9 days left!! I cannot afford to get sick now. Darn it !!!!!!

So sad...They reschedule my surgery....

I gave them a call and told them that I still had a cough and they told me that they need to reschedule my date. I am so sad :( I know it is for my own safety and I certainly do not want any complications. So Catherine rescheduled it for the 18th. So now I have to wait another week. My boss is leaving out of town the 17th and I think I am going to tell Catherine to push it back another week. Man this sucks. Last time I was sick it was about 3 years ago!

Rescheduled for 3/14/2016 :l/ changed Doctors.

So I finally got in touch with Catherine and we settle on the 14th. That should be plenty of time for me to recover from this cough. Yay!!! I am happy I don't have to wait, they changed my doctor to Dr. Scott Loessin?? Have any of you heard about him? I cannot find any reviews on him.

Off to the airport...

Hey ladies, I am off to the airport. I have to drive about 3 hours to the airport. My flight is at 6:00 but I have to be there earlier. My husband is driving me there. I am feeling very emotional because I've never been away from my kids for this long. I know it's just a few days, but I've been in the car 10 min and I feel like I've been away from them for days. Well tomorrow is my preop appointment and my surgery is scheduled for Monday. I am excited , but very nervous at the same time.

At the recovery house...

So I made it to the recovery house! I was going to stay with Kayla's recovery house, but because my date changed she was booked. She recommend me to her aunt which she is amazing! She's an older lady, but she is such a sweetie. She has made me feel so comfortable and she is an amazing cook! She has me eating and making sure I am doing great. Last night she even took out for a tour around her neighborhood. Which is so beautiful. She is in downtown Miami, so everything is near by. Her daughter is amazing too. Right know I am in the room Just waiting for tomorrow!! I am so excited. I took some pictures of the room and bathroom. She keeps everything so clean.

I made it... 650cc

Ok ladies I made it thru and I am in the recovering home. My surgery was scheduled at 1pm. I arrived at 10. They called me in 20 min after and They took pictures of me and had me sign a lot of paperwork. Then they moved me up to the 3rd floor. Waited for about another 20 mins and they call me in. Everyone was really nice the nurses when very kind and gentle. I took a pregnancy test and they send me to a little room that has a bed. The nurse put in my IV and 40 mins after DR. Scott Loessin came in and marked me up and ask how many cc I was getting. I asked for 650cc under the muscle. He said that was as much as he could out in, I was fine with it. I didn't want them any larger. Lol My incision was made underneath my boob. He asked if I had any questions and I said no and then he left. Dr. Loessin is such a kind man with a good beside manner. I was waiting again for mother 20 min and then the anesthesiologist walking in, she was amazing a really great attidude and fun personality. She said she would take care of me and walked me to the OR by the hand. In the OR they had me lay down strapped me down and put a really warm yellow blanket. She asked me if I felt anything and I don't even remember giving her a response. I was Out.

Waking up... When I woke up I was all confused and in little pain. They helped me get dressed and a I was picked up and taken to my recovery home. I do feel a lol of pressure on my chest, but once I toke my pain and muscle relaxers I felt much better. I am not in pain right now. Xiomara my nurse has been taken really good care of she made my a yummy soup and gave me some fruit and lots to drink. Tomorrow I have my post op appointment and I will be able to see what these babies look like.

650cc, 3 Kids , 24 Yr Old, , Dr. Scott Loessin, Cg Cosmetics

I hase to write another review because originally I was going to do a mommy makeover, but I decided to hold of on that and get 1 thing at a time.

I've always wanted bigger breast and was always self conscious about my tiny boobs. I was barley a B cup. So after really looking into to I decided now was the time. I have 3 kids which if all breastfeed and, well they've left me deflated.

Here I am 1 day post op and I am loving my results so far.

1 day post-op

Today I went to my post op appointment and everything went smooth. I got to the first look at my boobies! And I love them. The feel really hard. As expected. For pain I am only taking Tylenol. It not painful at all just uncomfortable. I can actually raise my hands up and tie my hair in a pony tail. Once in a while I feel a sharp pain on my left bottom boob. But it's not bad at all.

1 week post op

Hey ladies! I made to one week!

I am back at work and I feel really good. I am off my meds and I am starting to feel like myself again. My husband has been really helpful with the chores around the house and helping me with the kids.
My boobs feel like they are starting to soften, but they are still tight and high up. Hopefully within the next week they drop and soften a little. I know it takes weeks and I have to be patient. I am keeping my boobs moist to help avoid any stretch marks and I use the compression strap for most of the day. I remove it when I sleep because it gets really itchy and uncomfortable. For the first days I was sleeping on the recliner, but now I am sleeping on my bed with a mountain of pillows, lol I feel like I have every pillow in my house on my bed. It's just more comfy than the recliner and I can't sleep if I am not next to my husband. I can't of miss sleeping on his chest. I hate sleeping up right. Other than that I am feeling great and excited to see my final results!

2 week update

This week I am feeling great! My breast are getting softer, but are still hard. I am no longer in pain. I still have some bruses and my steri-strips still have not fallen off, they told me just to let them fall off on their own. They are still glued on there securely so I haven't seen my scar yet. I am wearing a lot of sweaters because I am not comfortable with just having them out in a t shirt just yet. I gues I just don't want people starting and asking me questions. I know they will, but I don't have the energy right now. It's always cold in my office anyways. Lol
I have to say, I am surprised that my breast don't look too big. I was worried that they were going to look too big. But I love my size so far. I tried on one of my old bras and boy are they little. It only cover up to my nipple! The rest was just popping out. My nipple is still numb, I can feel it just a little bit.

3 weeks and feeling great!!!!

Here I am at the 3 week mark. I've got to say I am feeling great!!! I dia ally had the courage to were a tight shirt and wow I am in love lol. I thinks I am Getty boob greed... I know know not good. Lol but I kinda wish I could have gone just a little bit bigger. Many people tell me they look just right for my size and trust me I feel the same way. It just these really weird moments when I. Say I wish I've gone bigger. I hope it goes away. Lol

I am sleeping great on my back and side. My boobs a still some what hard but not as much as before. They are getting squisher every day. I massage them at least once a day. I don't want to over do it. My cleavage line keeps getting better and better by the week. I love that I no longer have to worry about a bra. No more pain, just fabulosity!!!!

It's been almost 11 weeks since

I had my BA. I feel great and I am loving my new boobs! They are so soft and suprisenly I though they were going to be bigger because I got 650cc. I guess it just depends on how much breast tissue you had to begin with. As you can see in my pictures they dropped and I am so ready for the summer! I still have not measured myself because if been so busy and haven't had time. I am also in the process of looking into getting my tummy tuck and BBL, This time I am doing closer to home. I guess I'll update as it develops. I am super happy with my results!

It's been 4 months!! Aghhh!!!

It's been 4 months since my BA. I am loving my results. Honestly the best deduction I've made. I have absolutely no regrets. I finally got measured a few weeks ago. I was super nervous. I guess because I was scared that my boobs weren't going to be big enough. Silly me. So, I measured at 36DD! YES!!! Exactly what I asked for. I have to say though for the first 3 months my boobs felt small for 650cc. I guess now that they've had time to settle they look bigger. Thank goodness! I never thought I would have such beautiful full breast.
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