A Couple of Weeks BEFORE my Tummy Tuck Op - Miami, FL

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Hi Im kinda new to this. I hope my journey will...

Hi Im kinda new to this. I hope my journey will be helpful to others in the future. I will be going to Miami to get my tummy tuck nov 11 2013 . I am scared and nervous but I will admit that I am excited! I am 22 years old. I only have one child. I had a C-section 4 years ago. I'm not sure when I developed a hernia but I have a hernia that makes me look like I'm 4-5 months pregnant. it is soooo embarrsing. My plastic surgeon will be dr. moises salama he has really good pics and reviews and a very helpful and patient staff. my fingers are crossed.

5 Days Pre-Op feeling anxious cant wait 4 a new body- a new ME!

Im taking this time now to make runs handling any extra business I need to handle before I leave town. Counting the days now....... 5 more days and I will be under the knife. I keep on looking in the mirror and sucking my stomach in to at least give me a idea of how my turn out will be. I feel so loved on this site! I will keep all of u posted with every step that I make.


3 days until my TT. Hopefully a new me is waiting on the other side of those 3 days. I have been cleared to get the TT sense everything was good with my blood work. Got the medications filled now all I have to do is prepare myself mentally.

The new me cant wait to come out!

New body here I come. I cant wait to have a flat stomach, I cant wait to wear crop tops in the winter time. Im 22 I should be built like a brick house. I already have a booty I just need the stomach to be looking tight and right. Its just awesome to know that in a couple of days no one will ask me how far along am I? Its embarring and I have gotten sick and tired of it.


Hi to all my tummy tuck sisters. I apologize for my late review. Im just now feeling kinda like my old self. I had my TT nov11th. by Dr.salama. He is a very nice Dr. and very good looking in person. His staff was very helpful. my surgery it self lasted 3 and a half hrs. When I woke up I was very sore. Ladies its very important to stay on your pain meds,that will help you a lot.


I am so swollen cant wait until it goes down. but other than that I am doing good. starting to walk straight now. I pray that my drains come out this wed (its not really draining a lot anymore).

Transportation and home care tips if you are choosing to have your surgery with Elite plastic surgery

As we all know everyone want to spend top notch dollar for top notch service. I was of course looking for the best transportation service and home care while I was recovering from surgery in Miami. Well of course Im more than happy to let you know that I found what I was looking for with more than a reasonable price and the best service you can ask for!!!!: Ms.Martine * Miller Healthcare: seven-8-six 6-6-three nine-7-9-zero. Transportation and a nurse for you within your budget.

Going Home with drains still In

Going home with the drain in but I was told the proper way to take them out when its time to. Im so thankful for Dr.Salama he is the best. Glad of my turn out so far and I am waiting for more results. Will be back in Chicago in the morning!

Still Have drains in and still swollen but the days get easier and easier

I really cant wait until I fully recover from surgery but I am taking it one day at a time.


BEEN REALLY BUSY with work and all however I am healing nice. still losing weight (A great thing). still sore but I can for sure manage.

Still swollen but starting to work out

trying to get ready for the summer, I am still swollen but still wearing compression garment and starting to work out (sit ups).

Still swollen and compression garment is scarring me a bit but all that will soon go away

Still swollen and compression garment is scarring me a bit but all that will soon go away


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