Oral Chin Implant W/liposuction & Rhinoplasty (UPDATE: chin implant needs rivision).

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2/23- Hello all! I've been so self-conscious about...

Hello all! I've been so self-conscious about my profile, so I didn't think I wanted to share my pictures and experience, BUT I found so many of the reviews on this site so helpful.... so here I am returning the favor. Hopefully, my experience will help some of you who have been wanting this surgery for years (LIKE ME!).

I am having a small chin implant along with liposuction done on March 12th. My story of my unhappiness with my chin/jaw started in high school. I never even realized I had a receded chin and no definition of my jawline until some mean girl in school decided to tell me about it...."you're pretty, but you have the ugliest profile." (Kids can be so cruel!) When I was told that, at first, I didn't even understand what she meant until I went home and looked in the mirror. That started the 10-year process that led me to this very point. I cannot even express to you how much I hate my profile... I avoid pictures from that view... I never wear my hair up because it draws attention to it... it just makes me very unhappy. This surgery really is 10-years overdue!

I've been on this site since 2013, like most of you, creeping around and being amazed with this community's willingness to be so open and vulnerable to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. I feel like I've read literally every review on this site pertaining to the surgery I want. After countless hours, I decided it was time to pick a plastic surgeon. I decided on Dr. Jose Perez-Gurri in Miami, Florida.

The consultation-
From the moment I called Dr. Perez-Gurri's office (Imagos Institute of Plastic Surgery) I have been treated with first-class kindness and service. The woman I dealt with before my pre-op was Kathy (the office manager). SHE IS THE BEST! I could rave on and on about her willingness to go above and beyond to assist me. I've never had to wait to talk to her or get a question answered. I hope each of you have someone like Kathy at your plastic surgery office because she makes this process even better. After I talked with Kathy extensively I gave her my $500 deposit to hold the date for this surgery which was one of the most important parts because I am back in college and this needed to be done during spring break. After that I scheduled my pre-op appointment.

I drove to Miami for my appointment and to meet the doctor last Thursday (2/19). On the way there, I even got a call from the office informing me that their personal elevator was receiving maintenance work and to use the main elevator with specific instructions on where it was. I thought that was really great that they cared that much about their patients to not inconvenience them in the slight bit.

When I got to the building for my appointment I was immediately taken back to a room. After like 2-3 minutes he was in the room sitting next to me and explaining every aspect of the surgery. The doctor is such a great guy- very personable and humble. He must have spent at least 30 minutes with me just talking about the surgery process. At their practice, they also use "Touch MD" which puts your picture on a touch screen TV and they doctor can draw on it and show you exactly where incisions will be, what liposuction will take off, etc. I really liked that.

After my 1-on-1 with the doctor, Kathy took me on a tour of the facility including the surgical suite. Everything is hospital-grade, clean, and beautiful. Then she fully informed me even further about what to expect on my arrival the day of surgery and the procedure aftercare details. I also got to meet with other staff members that have had plastic surgery there including one that had my very procedure of a chin implant and lipo. All of his staff were just as nice at Kathy!

I was quoted a price of $4,055. I paid $500 before my pre-op appointment to reserve my date. Then at my pre-op appointment I paid the remainder of the balance ($3,555). That includes everything except my prescriptions and compression garment I have to wear around my chin (but the garment is only $30).

My nose didn't really bother me that much, but I think I would also like to add a rhinoplasty to give my nose some definition to the end. I'm going to call Kathy in a few hours and talk to her about it. I will update you all on if I do decide to add this surgery and what the total cost ends up being if I go forward with it.

I am including the pictures from my pre-op. Kathy gave me a photo copy of them. I will take some regular pictures soon. My chin and the genetic fat stored in my jaw-line is actually worse in person. I "contour" that area with darker make-up to give the illusion of shadows which help create a more defined look. I am looking forward to the day that I don't have to do that anymore!!!

Additional info-
I am 5'2 and my weight fluctuates from around 120-130. I am not overweight at all, so no matter what I weigh this fat stored under my jaw will never leave! The count down to March 12th starts now!!! :)

Rhinoplasty added

I have talked to the office manager, Kathy, and confirmed my additional surgery of rhinoplasty during the already scheduled chin implant with liposuction. Another benefit of choosing Dr. Perez-Gurri as my surgeon is that he offers multiple surgery discounts which definitely helps someone like me who is back in college with not a lot of capital hanging around.

It's going to be Christmas in March!!! ***doing my happy girl dance right now***

What lie did you tell your friends/family to hide surgery?!

Well, I am getting my surgery during spring break, so I thought that the coast was clear. No one would see me.... I didn't have to make up some story. My family also lives about 9 hours away.

BUT THEN my mom drops an unexpected bomb on me and tells me I have some family visiting from overseas and I NEEDED to see them.

I read another review of a women on Real Self that was having a chin implant and liposuction done and she told her family that she was having a cyst removed. Great lie, I thought. So, I quickly ran back and told my mom and the family coming that I will be having a "cyst removal surgery from my jaw" on the 12th of March.

But, there's one big problem.... what the hell do I say about my nose?!?! I was thinking of telling ANOTHER LIE and saying I fell and broke my nose shortly after my surgery???

What do you all think?? Does anybody else have a good coverup story for a rhinoplasty??

p.s.- Telling my family is not an option. They would never understand!!

"I don't need a rhinoplasty"

Hello fellow RealSelfers!

I've gotten quite a few messages and comments saying, "I don't need rhinoplasty." While I absolutely love and appreciate those comments, I disagree! The pictures that you're basing your opinion off of I am wearing a lot of makeup and I "contour" my nose and jaw area... That means I place a little darker foundation along the outlines of those areas to create the illusion of shadows, which create a sliming effect and generally more flattering shape.

Also, I feel great with makeup! But I don't want to have to put on makeup just to feel good about myself. That's the equivalent of being in prisoned to my makeup. I HATE THAT! That's one of the main reasons I want my surgeries. I don't want to have to use makeup to heavily contour the areas I am insecure about anymore. We all have personally reasons to get our respective surgeries and my reason is something I've thought about for YEARS!

I did take new pictures of myself this morning. No makeup-I just had woken up. Be kind ;)

Tomorrow is surgery day!!!

Wow... time has flown by... TOMORROW is surgery day. I cannot believe it! I am slightly panicking, so I do not think I'll be able to sleep much tonight. I also want to thank everyone a part of this RealSelf community for all the great advice, comments, and tips! I would have not made it to this point without all of you!

Got out of surgery around 6 p.m.

I feel like I got hit by a bus right now.

Yesterday, was my surgery. Everything went great. When I first looked in the mirror last night and saw my face all bandaged up I had sort of like a breakdown.... I was hysterically laughing and crying and telling my spouse I was a ninja turtle (I'm blaming the anesthesia left over in my system). Then I slept like a BABY (thank you sleep medicine my doctor prescribed!)

We checked out of the hotel at noon and headed over to my PS's office so he could take the stuffing out of nose. It came out easy, no pain. **side note** EVERYONE in my PS's office is just so kind especially yesterday. I have weird fear of anesthesia and they did everything is their power to make me comfortable. His anesthesiologist is extremely funny and sweet too, so that was a giant plus. I cannot express to you how happy I am that I chose Dr. Perez-Gurri as my surgeon. He has a great staff.

After we were done at the PS office in Miami- we came home (few hour drive) and now I'm feeling pretty miserable. If I ever was hit by a bus, I think this would be along those lines. My face is so swollen (of course, that was expected) but it's just surreal looking in the mirror and not really recognizing yourself. I know in the end it'll be worth it, but it still is a little strange for me.

Oh.... I scared my roommate's daughter (in my defense, it was her mother's idea). We decided not to tell her 10- year-old daughter the truth because well, she's 10, and we don't want her to even know about plastic surgery until she's much older. So her daughter has a huge issue with wearing her seat belt, especially in the backseat of the car. So, when she saw me, I told her I got into a car accident and was sitting in the back seat with out a seatbelt. If you could have only seen her precious little face... she was horrified... and will probably never argue about wearing her seatbelt again.

When did everyone's swelling go down? I'm also getting a black eye on right eye because my PS had to break my nose... super bummed about that. Any advice for me???

Another side note- I stayed at the Indigo Dadeland for two days since I'm not a local to Miami. The pro's on the hotel was that it was beautiful, clean, the staff was so nice, the in-house food was delicious, and I got a discount because I am a patient of Dr. Perez- Gurri. The con's were there was not a microwave or mini-fridge in the room. That was important to me because I brought a lot of snacks like oatmeal, soup, and shacks for after surgery since I cannot eat solid food. But other than that, it was a great experience at the hotel.

Hey all!

Sorry, I've been horrible at responding to messages and comments. For the last couple of days, all I've been doing is sleeping. I feel like the "hit by a bus" stage is over, but still pretty uncomfortable (which is expected). I promise, I will do a real update soon and I want to thank you all for the advice... I've been doing all of it and I think it's helping a lot!

I'm back!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA. I feel back to normal now. I went to my one week appointment today. I am very happy with my results, like over the moon!!!

The doctor had wrapped my jaw area/head with gauze and foam so I had no idea how my chin was looking until he unwrapped it today. I was pretty shocked when he took the bandages off... Barely any bruising on my jaw area. My black eyes are going away pretty quick from my rhinoplasty too (thanks to everyone who suggested Arnica!).

The first couple of days after surgery were pretty awful for me. I wasn't expecting it to be that bad; however, I do not have a high pain tolerance at all. I have to add, my rhinoplasty recovery did not hurt me at all... It does not even feel like I had surgery on my nose at all! It was all the chin implant!

I made a collage of a profile picture I took without makeup and my progress so far (took picture right out the shower, so don't mind my wet hair). I keep looking at the picture... I cannot believe how bad my "before" picture was!

I'll post before and after pictures of my rhinoplasty after the strips come off my nose... There's no point right now because of the strips and swelling, but I will say- I love my nose too.

On a end note, I will also add I absolutely love my doctor and staff. I am so glad I found him on RealSelf... Best decision, ever!

lymphatic massages, anyone?

My PS's staff recommended lymphatic massages after liposuction. Has anyone had this done on their chin area after lipo?? How was your experience??

Today also I'm having a lot of swelling, but at least not really any pain.


Well, I am loving my results. The swelling in my nose has gone down a lot and I can see the definition in my tip and am beyond pleased. My PS really really did do an amazing job. He gave me the nose I always wanted, balanced my face, and made it look very natural.

On to the healing- my nose has been a cake walk; however, my chin/jaw has been up and down. After the initial few days of misery, I have felt a million times better. It does not really hurt 24/7, it is just extremly tender with a few periods of pain. I have some lumps and bumps around my neck area from the lipo. I've started gently massaging the area and see some improvement daily. I was told about lymphatic massages, but I've heard it was painful and not really wanting to have it done. I think I'll just stick to self-massages.

I've also been having some shooting pains on the right side of my mouth/lip usually when I'm eating or talking excessively. It does not last except for a few seconds, but after it does happen I feel a little burning sensation probably for around an hour or longer. Does not feel pleasant at all. Hopefully, it goes away soon.

Still have it in my chin/mouth. It's mostly on my right side though. Is that normal to have it mainly on one side??? It's also still awkward to smile and laugh. I'm sure eventually it will go away, I can deal with a few minor issues.

All this aside, I am VERY happy I did this surgery. I only wish I did it sooner. I will post update pictures of my nose and chin/jaw tomorrow.

I think my chin implant shifted upwards

I've been MIA from RealSelf for a couple weeks because I wanted to give myself time to heal without obsessing about the progress. After my last update I began to swell like crazy with the ugliest bumps and lumps, thankfully, those are 90% gone; however, now I notice my chin implant may have shifted upwards. Both of the wings of the implant are not really at the jawline either, my right wing being worse than my left wing.

And of course, I notice this when I go out of state to see my niece's graduation. I am panicking. I just sent my doctor's office manager an e-mail. I am definitely going to cut my trip short and return to Florida ASAP.

I had my implant done intra orally and I've read a lot of reviews about it having a greater chance of shifting upwards and complications. Has this happened to anyone else?

UGH. I'm depressed and disappointed right now. Healing from my chin implant was the worst experience EVER and I do not want to go through that again if I need a revision, but obviously I will have no choice.

I will keep everyone updated after I hear back from my PS's office manager. I'm searching for return flights right now.


Update on implant shift

I think I overreacted at first about my implant shifting. Esthetically everything looks fine from the exterior. I'm hoping what I'm feeling is mainly left over swelling. Regardless, I'll be back in Florida on Sunday and I am making an appointment for the Dr. to look at it and give me his professional opinion.

After I e-mailed his office manager about my concerns she and his nurse immediately responded back to me. That's one thing I've loved during this process. They have been and are still so helpful and easy to reach. I will update RealSelf once I see the DR.

Impant Crooked- Revision needed (DO NOT DO A CHIN IMPLANT ORALLY).

Last year, I had wrote my last review about my implant possibly being crooked or shifted. After my initial panicking about it shifting, I had talked to their office manager and she calmed me down and convinced me that it was swelling and that after the area stops swelling my implant would be in the pocket the doctor made. Well, it's been a year and that never happened. I tried to ignore it for awhile, but one of my wings is so far up I can feel it in my gum line and it puts constant pressure on it. Last Tuesday, I went to see the doctor about my issue and bring my spouse for a consultation for another procedure. I talked to their office manager extensively about my issue prior to my appointment; however, when I got there the doctor did not know I was going there for any issue. I guess he thought I was coming for my official after pictures. So, I told him about it and I felt he brushed it off. He did not exam me or touch my chin area where you can physically feel the implant is is placed way too high. Esthetically everything looks fine from the exterior without touching, so he basically said why put my body at risk because there is a risk factor every time I go under anesthesia. He did not make any suggestions to fix it until I told him about wanting to get a implant exchange and lift on my boobs later on this year, so I would have to go under anesthesia anyways. He said, "Well, I can fix your chin when we do that." I live 4 hours away from his office and work so much and literally wasted an 8 hour trip for pictures. I am disappointed. I would NOT recommend to anyone to do a chin implant orally. So many reviews on here advise against it and when I brought that up to him before my surgery last year he basically told me it's all about the technique of the surgeon. I beg to differ. I think it is worth the small chin scar to have your chin implant positioned correctly the first time. I wasn't going to post this update to my review because he and his staff are so nice. They really are! I don't think he is a bad surgeon and in fact my nose looks good. I do wish he was informed of my problem and I did not waste 8 hours to come to Miami for small talk and pictures. I wish he gave me a solution to my problem rather then brush it off. It might not be an issue to him because esthetically everything looks good on my exterior, but the constant pressure on my gum line physically bothers me and I have to live with that. I have decided to do a revision, but I am going to someone else. I have some consultations at the end of the month with different plastic surgeons for a BA/BL and chin implant revision. I will update everyone with new reviews once I see the new doctors. Until next time!

Chin pain

The pain from my misplaced chin implant is getting worse. I wake up with shooting pain in my chin/jaw area.

I should have listened to my gut last year when their office manager told me to be patient and the chin implant will fall into the pocket the doctor made. I really wanted to believe her especially because he's done her chin implant surgery too, so I rationalized that she must be telling the truth.

The funny thing is, when I went in April to discuss my issue with the doctor that I previously discussed with his staff (office manager, really) 1. He had no clue 2. When I was like, "Do you even know why I am here?" He was like no. No one told him. So, after I told him he was like, "That's no big deal. Happened to my office manager when I did her chin implant and I just had to go in and trim her wings."

So, why is it, "no, big deal for me, but when it happens to his office manager he immediately fixed it?"

I'm really upset with the way I was treated.

Dr. Perez-Gurri is fixing my implant.

Ok, so I completely blew up on his office staff via email maybe a week ago. I just really wrote exactly how I felt. I guess there was a misunderstanding and they thought that I wanted to hold off on fixing it? Not really sure how that came about; however, Dr. Perez offered to fix it for free after that. I changed my rating back to 5 stars too because mistakes/miscommunications happen and he is doing what needs to be done to fix it. I would also like to note once again- Dr. Perez is really nice and I would trust him operating on my grandmother. I guess I should be more upset with his office staff who did not tell him what was going on with my chin implant.

My revision is scheduled for July 22nd at 8 AM. I will keep you all posted.

I walked out of my revision surgery appointment on 7/22

Had my appointment on 7/22. When I got to the office they were acting so weird. Not welcoming or nice like my first go around. You know when someone talks to you like they are irritated? That was how the nurse was speaking to me. I did not feel comfortable going under general anesthesia when I felt so unwelcomed. I feel like she was acting this way because of my honest review process. I am not going to sugar coat or lie on here about my experience, so if they were mad about that then so be it.

Apparently, this chin implant not being put in correctly is a huge problem for Doctor Perez. I've have 2 different people message me about how their chin implant was also put it wrong. How frustrating!

I trusted my gut and walked out of the appointment and drove home.
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