24yr Old 5'5 135lbs Asian - Miami, FL

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Just a heads up, for writing a review you are...

Just a heads up, for writing a review you are given a free waist trainer. In case you are swayed to go with Dr. Salama just based on the amount of reviews he has, this may be the reason why he has so many. That being said- I am very happy so far with the results, his staff, and him.

Let me start from the beginning of my BBL Doctor selection process 3 months ago in Sept.
I decided to go with Dr. Salama due to his awards, the reviews on real self and most importantly his before/after pictures. His vision of beauty seemed to align with mine. He wasn't too aggressive or too conservative. Also, his fee is reasonable and included massages/garments/pillows whereas others drs. did not include it.

Since I was out of town- I sent in pictures for a consultation. The Dr. said he wouldn't work on me unless I gained 10-20 pounds. After hearing that, I decided to halt all my plans of a BBL. I decided gaining so much weight was too much, I was afraid of how I would feel about myself physically and mentally. I told the Dr. that I was no longer interested in the surgery and if I changed my mind, I would reach out.

1 month later I did change my mind. The holidays were coming up and I was slowly gaining weight anyways. Turned out this was all perfect timing, it was winter in NYC and I would have sweaters to cover up and holidays for me to pig out without the guilt. Also had holidays to take time off for the surgery. So I called- left my deposit and went along on my road to fatness. I gain very easily and was able to gain 10-15 pounds in 1 month. I took my iron pills and vitamin c pills everyday for a month and had my pre-op clearance forms cleared and booked my flight. I was all set.

Day before surgery.
Because I was out of town, I decided to stay at their Serenity Recovery home. Let me tell you, it is seriously the best decision I've ever made. Even if you have friends or family to help you- its so much better to have someone 24/7 to be on hand to know what they are doing and cook/clean for you. I highly recommend staying here even if you're in state! They had a driver named Justin to pick me up from the airport. Dropped me off at the office to meet Nomi who explained everything I needed to know before surgery and stopped at the pharmacy for anything else I needed. I met the beautiful women who took care of me, Grace and Lourdes. They are angels. They treat you like their own babies and will do anything and everything to make you feel better. I met the other girls staying at the house and everyone is just so warm and friendly. It's dubbed the Booty Sorority House.

Day of Surgery.
No eating or drinking after 12am the night before. My surgery was set for 2:30pm. Dr. was running behind so it didn't happen until around 5pm. I was so nervous I wasn't really hungry but mostly just dying of thirst. They ask for urine before surgery for a pregnancy test so get ready to save some pee! Met the anesthesiologist and he was very sweet. Very easy to talk to and explained what was going to happen during surgery and what to expect after. Then I met Dr. Salama. By the time I met him, I was probably his 3rd or 4th surgery of the day and I could tell he was exhausted. But he was great, easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable, even when I had to stand there butt naked and hold a conversation with him. He told me the type of butt I had and what areas he will transfer fat from. He asked me what I wanted and I explained: a bubble butt, inverted heart shape, perky and no shelf. He took a few photos and I was ready! off to the surgery room, was immediately given anesthesia and I fell asleep in less than 10 seconds. Surgery takes about 2hrs and takes about 2 hrs to get out of the anesthesia. I woke up crying and shaking. I woke up not remembering that I just had surgery done and very confused where I was. I was shaking so hard I started crying because I was so scared of what I was happening to my body. My body was traumatized. I was wheeled out, put into the car and drove back to the house. I was shaking even when I was put into the bed. They covered me in layers and a heating blanket. I eventually stopped shaking and went to sleep. I napped for a couple hours and sprung up like a kangaroo with new found legs. I was so refreshed and got up and mingled with all the girls. It was such a funny 180 turn of events.

Days after the surgery tips
-there are ups and downs. One day you'll feel like a million bucks and some days you just want to sleep all day long.
-if you get your arms lipoed, it will be extremely sore and very hard to push yourself up to get up from laying on your stomach. It's very painful.
-take your pain meds...TAKE EM.
-dont forget to take all your pills, dont forget taking the stool softener. you'll regret it if you don't.
-make sure your drains are squished. Thats the only way they work, if not you'll bleed all over your garment.
-drink lots of fluids. I peed every hour. So much fluids have come and gone out of your body. You need to replenish!!
-like an idiot I forgot to take my percocet before my massage. I died. TAKE TWO BEFORE IT.
-there are a few hurdles you have to get over, your 1st poop and your 1st massage.
-order your bbl pillow at bblpillow.com at least 4 days before you fly. you will want it for the plane ride!
-I saw the dr. once more at my post-op follow up. He looked at the work he did and put me back into my garment. I appreciated that time with him. He could've had the nurse put me back in but he did it himself.

Only 5 days post-op. I will keep ya'll updated!

Before/After Photos

Sharing some photos of my before/after!

Coming home with a new bod

I flew home and I have to thank my lucky stars that the worst that happened was that there was a little too much turbulence so I had to sit on my boppy pillow longer than I wanted to. But after hearing other stories from my bbl sisters of their trips back home the day before christmas made me feel like I lucked out.

I called my airlines and asked for a wheelchair. It was free and had many perks! Obviously I wasn't using it to sit. I explained to security that I was only using it as a crutch and that I had surgery so I couldn't sit. Some ask what kind of surgery- I told them my tailbone. The wheelchair was great, I had priority and skipped lines. I was also able to use it as a luggage cart too. I also used it to lean on when standing was too tiring. Got to board first! So don't forget to ask for one too!

Funny story: The security women complimented on my booty and 1 even took down Dr. Salama's name. She had to pull me aside to a private room to check me more thoroughly since I had a drain but we clicked instantly because she also wanted something done. She lifted up her shirt in the room to show me her belly hahah! Oh how people are so open in Miami!

The Dr. gives you a letter to hand to the flight attendants if they ask you to sit. But besides take off and landing, the seat belt sign is usually off. I also asked my airlines to switch my seat to the last row and aisle seat. I'm so glad that I did because I spent most of the flight kneeling. It would've been awkward staring at another passenger otherwise. Thankfully I sat next to a friendly young couple. I just told them straight up that I had butt surgery. We talked the whole flight and even exchanged numbers! So thankful I got to sit next to people who weren't judgmental.

But unluckily there was a lot of turbulence so I spent a lot of time on the boppy pillow. I was super paranoid and just imagined all my fat cells just being killed. But so far my butt looks great!

Got off the plane and had no wheelchair. Was a bit out of breath and fatigued carrying all my luggage (stupid me, decided to pack a duffle bag and not a rolly, learn from my mistake!) But I made it home in one piece. I laid across the backseat in my taxi cab ride home and my sweetheart driver was more than accommodating! I have to say- this was all great timing. Everyone is just in such a jolly, friendly mood because of the holidays!

8 days post op. I take out my front drain myself. You can call me, doctor.

I had my outfit ready for my family's christmas party. Baggy clothes to hide the butt. Oh yeah, family doesn't know btw. And its going to stay that way. The worst part was hiding the front drain. There was no way to!!! I left the house and came back to take it out. I stopped draining anyways, had barely 3 drops in the last 24 hrs. Instead of waiting the next day to remove it, I had to take it out NOW or else my family will know!! I had so much adrenaline because I was already late to dinner and I had this big secret to hide, I snipped the black stitches, released the pressure of the drain and pulled it out in 1 quick motion. Oh boy was it longer than I thought. The drain ran across my tummy and having it slide from one side of my stomach to the other when I pulled it out was painless yet an odd sensation.

Finished christmas celebrating without sitting once and without family knowing. Let's hope I can keep this up. Pray for me. Otherwise I will get slaughtered.

10 days post op pictures

Dress up time :)

let's put some clothes on.


sorry for the inconsistent posts...but I have to give an update on what happened a few days ago.

I went bowling with my co-workers and I was nervous at first about sitting with them. But conveniently, I was able to stand the entire time even when it was time to eat the bar food we ordered. None of them sat either so it wasn't strange that I was standing.

Everything went smoothly until my co-worker HIT me with a bowling ball. He nudged me in the ass because I was in his way of the alley. I YELPED and was in shock. WHY did this have to happen?? I thought bowling would have been a safe fun time but of course when you're hanging out with boys and you have a big ass, they need to find a way to touch it. I got home and immediately looked in the mirror to check. Yup, its dented. It's flat on one cheek.

I..can't believe this happened. LADIES. Avoid going out and socializing. Just don't go out even if you think its harmless. Anything can happen. Protect your investment. I'm going to massage it with oil and pray that this works. I am beyond depressed about this.

4.5 weeks post op

Still sooooo itchy. The combination of the cold dry weather and this surgery itchiness is making my skin CRAZY looking. Rashy and bumpy. Oh and liking super hot showers does not help either. I've been lathering myself with coconut oil twice a day. The massages really help my skin too. I feel like my body is still reacting from the trauma and it doesnt know how to deal. But I've always had skin problems...I just feel like the surgery made it worse.

My dent is sorta evening out, the difference isn't as noticeable as my harder cheek is now just beginning to soften up.

I have to say, I'm loving the perks of having a nice booty...I've gotten more free drinks than I've ever had in 1 weekend than my whole lifetime haha. The surgery will end up technically free with the amount of free stuff I get hahah!

6 weeks and 3 days post opp

yup, lost A LOT of volume. on the 6th week mark I celebrated by sleeping on my back. I wake up and my ass shrunk drastically. I measured and I lost about an inch. It also looks like my hips went down too. I think the compression reduced the swelling and this is really how its going to look. I literally was able to clap my cheeks they were so big and now it doesn't even jiggle. I was bummed out the whole day and just wanted to mope. It's really such a tease to be able to have such a huge ass and then have it taken away from you! But all my friends assure me that what I have now looks a lot better. They said it looks more natural and fits my body better. i mean it was GINORMOUS. I'll see how I feel/look in a few months and decide if I want a round 2. I really want more projection! I don't have any photos right now but I'll take some tonight. sigh* I know its better than what I had before but if I'm going to go through all this work and put in all this money...of course I would want it to be big!

Shrinking and Growing butt

It's literally different everyday. I was complaining in my last post that I lost all my volume, which is still true but it has also grown since then. Like today, my morning butt compared to my night butt was a drastic difference. Here are pictures taken today. I feel like this can't be seen but only felt. I'm letting you be the judge! My ass tonight feels so poofy and swollen, but I've been sitting on it all day which makes me think it shouldn't be able to swell. I'm going to get off this roller coaster of emotion and decide what my butt looks like in month 6. Take a look!

6 mo PO. Entering depression because of new booty

I waited to hit my 6 month PO date to talk about my feelings about my results before I jump to any conclusions. How do I feel? Well I HATE it and I spent all day in the house today because I just didn't want to walk around with my wide fake hips and an ass that looks padded. I've fallen into this deep sadness where I'm ashamed and even more insecure than where I was 6 months before without an ass.

My ass has severely dropped where it looks like its sagging. My boyfriend helped me take photos today and we even found a droop in my right cheek. But not only that but overall, it looks completely fake. It doesn't have a round shape, but rather a square one. It is not proportional to my body and in pants, it looks like that I padded it.

I didn't know what it truly looked like until I saw a photo taken of me without me knowing. I have been taking selfies in my own mirror and it had always looked good, but they look completely different from the perspective of others. When I saw it, all I just wanted to do was run home and hide under the covers. Let me tell you the first time I realized something was wrong.

It was finally getting warmer and I was so excited to wear my new white jeans that really show off my curves. I checked my ass in the mirror before I went out and it looked great. Went out feeling confident and sexy. I walked down the street with my best friend, swaying my hips happily. Then this white man in his late 20s stopped me and asked "hey do you know how to get to the empire state building?" I smiled and pointed him to the right direction. He laughed and said "sorry I already know where it is, I just wanted to stop and ask...where did you get that ass???" I stood there puzzled and a little shocked. I never had someone be so blatant with me, people normally complimented it but never a question about my ass. I just giggled and tried to walk away. He shouted after me "you didn't get that from your mama, YOU BOUGHT THAT ASS." I literally wanted to die right there on the NYC pavement. My night was ruined and I couldn't get that interaction out of my mind. Funny in enough, the next bar we went to, this promoter asked me if I wanted to be on his Instagram. He has a game on his page called "Real or Fake" and he wanted to take a picture of my ass. I was so fucking mortified. I went home and just tried to sleep it off. My friends tried to comfort me, they said white pants always shows off every inch of your body. I eventually got over it. But then the photos came to light.

To describe what my ass looks like is pointless. It's easy to tell in the photos. My ass no longer looks natural. It looked great when it was tight and a little hard in month 1-3. I had both men and women tell me how great my body is. Now the compliments has stopped and the whispers began. People at work were talking and the gossiping has gotten back to me. People give me a knowing look when I walk by them. I can read what they are thinking. I feel small and I want to be small. I don't fit this body. I'm 25 and I'm in a body of a middle aged woman who has had kids. My hips are too large and my ass too huge. I need a revision quick. I can't live like this!

Sorry photos didn't attach. Pics of botch BBL

Miami Plastic Surgeon

The Dr and the staff are all amazing. They will do their utmost to make you comfortable and happy. They are attentive and caring. They make sure all your questions are answered and they made sure they aren't creating any unrealistic expectations. Props to Eileen (I think she spells her name differently) the masseuse. She is seriously the sweetest and I love her!! And I can't say more great things about Grace and Lourdes, the caretakers at the Serenity house. I want to take them both home with me!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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