Skinny Girl Butt Implants removed with Salama - Miami, FL

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OK, I'm a few weeks before my surgery and I'm...

OK, I'm a few weeks before my surgery and I'm extremely nervous. I am 5'1 weighing 105lbs so definitely too small for bbl. Salama suggested that I gain between 15-20lbs. I'm working on it now. I'm particularly concerned with lipo. I hope it's not too aggressive leaving burns and deformity. I'm also not sure if I want rounds or ovals. Any how, the closer my date gets the more nervous I am.

pre pics

pre op pic

2 weeks away

I just finished paying the remainder of my balance. I have 2 more weeks til surgery. I'm going to start shopping for post surgery items. I'm not really sure what to buy though.

OMG my date has been changed

Cynthia called to move my date from July 18 to July 14 this Monday. I'm so nervous. Ugh can't wait to get this over with.

enjoying the beach

I had my surgery

My surgery was scheduled at 1130am and I didn't get home til 6pm. The surgery went well. The ride home was uncomfortable. The pain wasn't too bad. I received 360 round implants with 500ccs of fat injected on each side. I slept ok on the first night. Going to use the bathroom is annoying. My vagina and face are swollen. I walk around for 10 mins every hour to circulate the blood. I can't really bend down.

day 2 post op

I don't feel any better. I have difficulty getting in and out of bed. I woke up last night in pain. My vagina is still swollen. I just want to sleep all day.

day 3 post op

The pain has gotten much better today. I had a follow up appointment and things appear to be healing well. I asked for more percocet and motrin 800 in addition. It's still a bitch to get in and out of bed. Also, my cycle started and I can't fit any of my underwear lol Anyways my first massage I'd tomorrow.

day 4 post op

Feeling much better. The swelling is going down. Going to the bathroom is a little easier. I try to sleep on my side but still too painful. I sleep through the night without waking up in pain.

day 5

Had my first massage and got my garment yesterday. The massage was painful. Am I supposed to give a tip to her? Anyhow the garment is really tight. I couldn't even sleep. Since my vagina is swollen the hole in the middle of the garment is too small. It squeezed my vagina so bad that I couldn't even sleep. I removed the garment this morning. My husband is cutting the hole to make it bigger. My ass looks nice. Still swollen. The lipo areas are looking better too.

made through week 1

Yay I finally made it through week 1. It is a tough recovery but it gets easier everyday. I'm still swollen and I try to wear my garment consistently. I have my second massage tomorrow. Hopefully it's not as painful as the first.

help, omg pain

Ladles, I'm experiencing some pain in my left cheek only when I am lying down. When I walk it disappears. I only feel it when I lie down. Wtf is this?

muscle spasm

The pain I felt was due to me running out of muscle relaxer medicine. Saw the doc today. He refilled that prescription. In feeling better now. He said he will remove 1 of my drains on Friday. I'm nervous about it.

is my butt too big lol

I'm trying to get used to my new ass. I went shopping and I'm thrilled that I'm no longer a size 0. I bought stretchy maxi dresses because I'm not sure what size I'll be when the swelling goes down.


I've noticed some brown fluid oozing from my drain opening. I saw the doc about it and he said he isn't sure what it is. He switched my antibiotic to something stronger just in case. He also removed one drain. I'm praying this is not infection.

2 weeks post op

Besides nerve pain I think everything is ok. I'm seeing the doc tomorrow about the left drain. I'm not sure if he's going to remove it because it's still putting out alot of fluid. In praying that everything is ok.

swollen vagina

Ok so my vagina was extremely swollen. It looked deformed and it was hard. After weeks of this swelling I realized that I got a rash between my inner thighs. The doc said it was because the swelling caused extra moisture in the creases causing a build up of bacteria. Luckily he prescribed some powder and it's now going away. My vagina is no longer swollen either.

bootyful at the beach

Went to the beach today. Pain is pretty much gone. I'm still very swollen so no swimsuit for me. Omg so many people were breaking their necks to look at my booty. Thank goodness I'm no longer limping. I almost have my normal walk back. I still have 1 more drain. So annoying. So far healing is good. My ass is alot softer too.

relief from nerve pain

Nerve pain is the worst. It comes and goes. There is nothing you can really do about it. Well, I tried sitting, yes sitting to alleviate nerve pain and it worked. After sitting on the boppy pillow for a few minutes, I immediately felt some relief.

last drain out today

Got my last drain out. I'm happy and nervous. I hated that dam thing but I also am hoping that I don't get a seroma. Also I hated my garment so much so I purchased something else. Hopefully it's more comfortable.

new pics

almost week 3

cleared to fly home

Saw the doc today. He said I am good to fly home. I'm still nervous because I don't want anything to go wrong when I'm so far away. My ass looks really good. I've already begun shopping. It's much much softer. Barely any pain. I get nerve pain occasionally which sucks.

Something is wrong

Heading to the doc. Will update after. Seroma perhaps.

not looking good

Had to remove both implants due to infection. I'm devastated.

I am so upset

Not with dr. S. He warned about this prior and none of this is his fault. I'm more upset that I'm out 9k with nothing to show for it except scars. I had already booked my ticket to go home tomorrow. Now I can't so that's 300 down the drain. But both implants were infected and had to go. I'm gnna miss my big booty the little time that I had it. Maybe I'll do butt shots when this is all over.

I'm feeling better

I still have 2 drains and I'm taking antibiotics. Hopefully i can fly back home soon. I think I'll try again next summer.

finally drove

I drove to work the past few days. It was my first time sitting since removing the implants. It wasn't bad. I just felt sore afterwards.

heeeyyy everyone

I'm all healed from my infection and I'm doing well. My ass looks better now than before surgery. The fat still looks nice even after the implant removal. If only it would stay like this lol. I know that soon the fat will be reabsorbed and I'll be back at square 1. I haven't decided if I'm gonna redo the surgery yet. My scars are looking ok too.

I'm so ready to try the implants again

I have been researching and I'm definitely thinking about doing them with Stanton this time. I spoke with the patient coordinator last week. I'm thinking of doing it this summer.

Redid my implants

Hey ladies,
I redid my implants with Stanton. Check out my other review.

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