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Hello Im 5feet 105pounds so to small for bbl so Im...

Hello Im 5feet 105pounds so to small for bbl so Im getting Butt implants June17th with Dr.Salama. I had my breast done 4years ago and I love them!! Now I want a butt to match!! I have not met Dr.Salama yet but will a few weeks before my surgery.His work is great but I do not have any butt implant pictures to see only his bbl . Has anyone had butt implants with him? My husband LOVES big butts But that Is NOT the reason Im doing it but is part of it.Any one around my shape can help tell me How many cc's and shape is big enough ? Thanks

New Date DEC 5TH

So I finally paid everything and Met Dr.Salama last week,My husband and I both liked him!! He said It looks like 360cc would fit but will not know till he makes the pocket and puts in the fake one that he than inflates and that will measure how big he can put in.Im also getting Bbl .I don't think I have much fat but he said I have enough to put on top and on the bottom part of my butt to fill it out. So Dec 5th at 730AM….So nervous and Excited!! !!!

forgot to put up my flat Azz

Its been one week!!!

before and after

See my hips are bigger too!

Drains and V cut

2nd week

So I figured I tell my story from the day of surgery.I went in at 730 met the good looking Anesthesia guy that all the girls on here talk about, he was nice and reassuring.Than Dr.Salama came in and marked me up , he actually had a conversation with me not about surgery so I liked that ,we have the same birthday too.Nice guy I like him.Anesthesia guy (don't know his name) comes in and takes me to the surgery room,I get nervous walking though the large silver door,He says not to worry and tells me I have nice vains I told him "Bet you say that to all the girls " he laughs and next thing I know I wake up with a nice heated blanket on me and so much pain in my butt and the iv is still in me.There is a lady behind me reading a magazine she gets up and I cry and she gives me some good stuff through the iv so I felt better.She calls my Husband and tells him she's bringing me down.She brings out the wheel chair and I kneel on it and out to the car we go.Since I read so many many reviews on here I knew the car ride would be painful so I told my husband to put futon in back seat so I could lay out and have some cushion for the bumps.He gave me my pain pill with some gatorade .I was pretty comfortable on the futon ,bumps didn't bother me.Since I had BBL and Butt implants my story would be different from girls that only get Butt implants.I had 3drains ,two in the back and one in front . Since I had lipo on my stomach and back it felt weird and gross,I could here the fluid under my skin .I had to drain like every few hours.When you get lipo you also need to get lymphatic massages and I had two ,first was the 3rd day and 2nd was 5th day. The massages hurt so much I just massage my self or my husband cause I couldn't take another painful deep massage.Im doing great too I don't feel a lot of bumps either.The 1st day I had to pee every hour and I bought the female urinal for 10 at Walmart but what a waste don't bother, I just used a cup so much easier.My face was fat lol my husband said I looked cute and pregnant since My face was all round ,That went down at around the 4th day.My appetite was good I ate 2 hours after surgery and I kept drinking Ensure and Gatorade the 1st week .I use a heating pad on low on stomach and back than massage.My Jeans don't fit haha I love the wider hips he gave me!! Sorry Im all over the place I do that a lot.I wore my garmet with foams and all the first 12 days but now I wear it but the top part I keep down and just wear my Husband back brace it's so much better and I know its important to keep it tight so I don't get serum . I went to Walmart my 4th day and I was there about an hour ,felt good to be out of house ,of course I was still walking like a penguin but I didn't care.I still can't bend down and eating and well everything is laying down which is the worst part my neck kills me :( I took my baby to the park a few days ago and today ,feels good to be out! My ass is hard and I still have my back drains its 2 weeks now ugh .I live in orlando so when I last seen my Doc he said the drains can come out once they are under 20 0r 25cc for two days.My one drains is still at 25cc but I talked to one of the ladies not Nancy and she told me no matter what the drains come and do not pass 2 weeks But The doc told me under 25cc for two days so What do I do? Im afraid if I do take it out than I will have a lot of serum build up and will have to take a four drive back so he can drain it .Today makes 2 weeks and I feel good and last night was the 1st night I didn't have to wake up at 4am to take my pain pill so that was good,I did wake up at 7 though. As far as pain I say the first 3days are the worst than you feel better and better as days pass.My stomach is even smaller this weeks from last weeks pictures I didn't think I could get any smaller lol. My Husband Is great he takes care of me still even though I can do about everything he still helps me put my shoes on haha I feel like a baby.Since I know my butt will go down from swelling I didn't take my measurements cause I read so many reviews on how their butt went down a inch or two I didn't want to be one to get down about it.I was nervous at first since Dr.Salama did not have many butt implant pictures but a whole lot of great BBL reviews ,I have to say I Love Dr.Salama !! He did a great job,Im very Happy!!

2nd week

One Month Today, Happy New Year Everyone!!

love it

Wish pic and Me

One month

I feel 90% now, Im walking close to normal.The edges around my butt where the fat was grafted is soft now but the middle where the implant is is still hard.I couldn't help but to record my self shaking my butt to see how it looks,It looked very nice!! At certain angles it still looks stiff but Its still early !! I feel like all the swelling is gone but I still wear garment on my ass anyway.I don't think It has gotten smaller since 3rd week so hopefully all the fat I have now stays.


For the ladies that inboxed me asking if it shakes , I wanted to show you u can't see the outline of the implant when you bend over and it does move but remember Im 5weeks in two days so its still stiff but I love it so far!! Im only leaving video up for a few days hope this helps! I look silly holding the door don't laugh at me :)

Sat down

So I finally sat down yesterday and it feels so weird like there going to pop . I went to gym today and worked out,Felt Great I missed going to YMCA My husband & kids love it too!! I have two boys btw age 7 and 4 !! So My husband and I did it a few times :) and I asked him to be honest how it felt, He said he can't feel it ,does not feel fake and just feels firm so Im happy since its still early and I have a couple months till it softens up So it will only get better. And trust me He would tell me even if it hurt my feeling. I told my husband I might want to go bigger and do this again in a year and He said He's not going to complain haha . I do love my ass its Sooooo much better but I still want Bigger lol . I emailed my Doctor asking if I wanted to go bigger could I and how long would I have to wait ,a few hours later he responded I can go bigger but Id have to wait a year and most likely would have to get custom implants. I go back to work next week ,I feel like Im fine to work now .Oh so going back to sitting hmmm well other than it feeling really weird I feel more comfortable sitting with my legs open and when I cross my legs it feels like I'm stretching my butt and feels like I'm doing exercise just trying to keep them crossed. Its normal since we are stretching are butt muscle when we cross are legs you just don't notice but when your healing YeA your going feel it. I will say today is my 2nd day sitting and I feel better sitting today than yesterday so maybe its a process and everyday will feel more normal, I'll let you know. I couldn't find anyone who said how long it was till they felt normal sitting down :( Does anyone know?

Waist and Ass

So I Finally measured myself Im 23inches in the waist and 39inches for butt!!! I don't know what my butt was before but my waist was almost 25.

7 Weeks 3days

Im Soo Happy!!

2 Months

My pants fit on my butt but loose on waist haha. I love my Ass it gets better everyday!! I still fit a little sore , feels kinda like when you work out and the next day your muscle feels a bit sore. I can sit normal with out it feeling weird but I still feel it there so I hope in the next few months It will feel part of me like my breast. Everything looks So much better with a butt :) . You can't feel the implant when rubbing touching the butt. My husband loves to cup my butt and he can't feel it. Only when lets say girls at my job felt it they say it looks great Some said its like I work out and some said its hard ..... they also were digging in my ass tissue to try to feel the implant.... No one grabs a ass like that serious, like there searching lol . So many have asked for my Doctors info !!! Im very happy and look forward to the drop that girls say happen after 6months ,Makes it look more round!!! For everyone who is thinking of doing it "Go for it You will feel sexier than you ever have"!!!

Dress & Pants


Almost 3 Months

Hi Ladies So In 10 days I'll be 3 months ,I feel great I can sit fine now without feeling sore even when I sit for several hours. I do everything at the gym but I did try to run but still can't :( it hurts likes its loose bouncing around so hopefully in a few months I can run otherwise I will be very unhappy. My butt feels firm has not gotten any softer last few weeks and thats fine I think its reached its max of soft firmness whatever I should call it lol. Oh so at the gym I do this exercise on the machine that works out the lower middle back and butt and I have noticed that the fat that was above the butt is gone but to me it looks sexy. The bruise on my butt is fading very slowly can't wait for it to be gone ugh. My scars do not seem to be lighting so Im try a lighting cream .

5 months

So I will be 5 months the 5th. I feel great! My butt feels great no one ever says Im butt is hard. I still have a very light bruise on my butt still :( but its fading just don't know why its taking so long. I started using silicone sheets on my on of my scars and It really works ladies so use them . It has lighten my scar a lot in just 3 weeks , I plan on using it for 3months.

one year update

Hi ladies sorry I have not been on here forever but I came back to say I Love my butt the fat and everything is still there.I'm Six months pregnant now so I think my butt is bigger lol. I can run and everything , no pain what so long ever. I have been using silicon strips to fade marks and that Really does work. I will post a picture but only of butt not front since my belly is round :). Remember I'm pregnant but I don't think its much bigger than I was before, I just showed 3 weeks ago and have only gained 7 pounds so the pictures will give u a idea.

old info

So u don't have to read long old posts. I have 360 implants with 600cc of fat around each cheek. Intramuscular. And he added fat to hips but I think the fat for hips is gone but all is great in butt department!!


I looked at old pictures and the fat in hips did stay!
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