Looking Forward to Dr. Salama's Handiwork! Miami, FL

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At 53, I am older almost every girl on here, I'm...

At 53, I am older almost every girl on here, I'm sure. Years ago, I had liposuction on my butt. The physician wasn't experienced with it and my butt flattened out. Later, after three kids, another physician cut off extra skin that was drooping. But I work out hard and eat right. Everything else on my aging body is pretty tight. I am so tired of avoiding tight dresses and skirts. I figured if I am ever going to do this, I need to do it now.

I am 5'1" and 108 pounds. BBL is out. Implants are really the only option to add any shape to my butt. So, I met with Dr. Salama in May. His office was easy to work with. I liked him immediately. And Cynthia is incredibly helpful. I am ready to go July 11.

Honestly, I am very nervous. I am ready for the recovery and am committed to it, but it is still surgery. Thank God I have a very supportive and involved husband. We will have some good bonding time!

I feel that I am realistic about my expectations. I am not expecting J-Lo. I am just looking for a result that matches the rest of me. Adding roundness and lifting would be great. I have read all the Dr. Salama posts on this site and almost all of the butt implant experiences. I know this is an important venue for feedback and education, so I will keep you all in the loop! Think about me Friday! Will post pics when I get down there!


I am so excited at the prospect of having a butt that matches my front. Tired of a completely flat butt. And as I look at some of the girls on here I think I would be happy with their "before" pics! LOL. Still, am looking forward to some shape from Dr. Salama. Some roundness would be great! It's getting closer and I am nervous but ready! Think about me Friday!

Third Day Post-Op

Sorry I am just now getting around to updating. The last few days I have been a little busy. LOL. Today, the third day after surgery, I am feeling much better. So, here is my experience:

Thursday: Met with Nomie for the pre-op. She is so nice. She explained everything and really made me feel comfortable. Told me what to expect.

Friday morning, Dr. Salama and the anesthesiologist Dr. Hernandez met us (my husband and I) about 7 AM. He reviewed the procedure with me, and he suggested round implants. We had always talked about anatomical implants, but when he explained exactly why, it made perfect sense. I am very glad we switched. He definitely knows his stuff. We talked about everything we would do. I like both Dr. Salama and Hernandez. They are very kind, patient, and helped me relax.

Dr Hernandez had me out quickly. Next thing I knew I was in recovery. Yes, the pain is definitely significant. But I knew that. I was ready for it. Still, the pain meds the first day didn't seem to help much. Thankfully, the general anesthesia hadn't worn off yet. Rough night the first night. I drank tons of Gatorade. I was actually able to straddle to toilet to pee. That helped.

It was funny to look in the mirror and see a butt. It didn't even seem like me! Of course, everything is swollen and this is not going to be the final result. Still, Dr. S. did exactly what he said he was going to do.

Day 2 was rougher. I saw Dr. Salama in the morning. Everything looked good. There is bruising. But he explained what he was looking for. He also told me then that he went with 300cc implants. I have seen where girls push for bigger ones, and that creates problems. I am happy with 300. By Day2, though, the general anesthesia seemed to wear off and the pain got tough. It was also then that some of the leg swelling showed up. That freaked me out a bit. I had a scar revision done also with the lipo/butt implants. That darn scar revision was the worst. We put ice packs on it just so I could sleep. Had to increase the dosage of pain meds just to relax a bit. My husband kept reminding me that this would be the worst day.

Day 3: Went to the office for my first massage. I never realized how important these were. I actually heard the fluid moving around during the massage! It really hurt where I had lipo, but I survived. (Celia is great, but she tried to kill me!) Much better day overall though. Not as hard to stay on top of the pain, and I am getting around a little better. Got the compression garment today too. Not sure I can handle it! It took two people to put it on and it is so uncomfortable. We will see how that goes! Will post pics at some point.

This is a very professional team. They explain everything in advance, follow through, and there have been no surprises. Dr. Salama downplays his expertise. He is very, very good at what he does and doesn't over-promise anything. Cynthia, Karen and Nomie make sure you know exactly what is going to happen. They are very responsive and helpful. And if this is how I feel now - when I am hurting - imagine how I will feel when all this swelling goes down and I am not in pain! LOL.

If I could just poop!

I'm day seven, post op. I love the shape I'm seeing and bruising is subsiding! I still have some
swelling in my legs even though I didn't have any lipo on them. But it seems that is normal. I've had two massages and one more to go. As painful as they are, they really help reduce swelling. Celia is great, she makes it "hurt so good"!

Nomie and Cynthia have been great! Between my constipation and pain, I know my husband and I have been a pain in the butt (LOL)! I can't imagine any other office being as responsive and helpful, never once did I feel like I was being "burden" to them and I know they are extremely busy!

Hoping one drain can come out tomorrow. Will post pictures after I get home. So far, I would say that it was a great decision to choose Dr. Salama! He's such a nice guy, and it is clear he knows exactly what he's talking about. But he never makes you feel that your questions are silly or that your problems are not important. I just can't wait for the healing to be over with!!!

Day 18 Update; Amazing Results! Thanks Dr. Salama!

Finally things starting moving through! The last hurdle was removing the drains. I had to leave Miami 8 days after post op with the two back drains still in. I made arrangements for a plastic surgeon friend at home to monitor/remove the drains. Dr. Salama was so great about keeping in contact to consult on the drains and post op follow up! We would text his cell phone - even on a Sunday night with updates and pictures, and he would get right back to us. How many plastic surgeons do that?!

Finally, day 17 the drains were removed! As you can see, my results are nothing short of incredible only 2 1/2 weeks post op! I am SO EXCITED to have a butt for the first time in my life and feel like it's now in proportion with the rest of me! My husband of 30 years is pretty excited too!

I guess going in to something like this, you never know exactly how it is going to look. You know it will be better, but you don't know exactly how. And for some younger girls, my after picture is not J-Lo. But, if you consider my before picture, it is fantastic and exactly what I wanted. This fits and is the butt I have always wanted - one that is in proportion to the rest of me and has shape. I know it is only Day 18 and there is still swelling and tightness. But I am ecstatic already and can't wait to see how it all settles in over time!

What makes this process so much easier is the kindness and responsiveness of Dr. Salama and his staff. When my husband or I call, they are right on it. Answers given. Calls returned. Prescriptions filled. I can't tell you how much easier that makes things when you are out of town. If it were not for Nomie, Cynthia, Karen (and Celia who tortured me with massages!), it would have been a much more difficult recovery!

One month post-op update

At one month post-op I am very optimistic of the final results. Looking forward to getting back to the gym, but I think it may be another week or so. Funny thing is that the implants don't bother me much; the lipo area numbness and soreness is the worst part. And some itching at the incisions, but I am sure that is part of the healing process.

I have seen some posts about infections in Dr. Salama's patients - one that actually had surgery three days after mine. I feel terrible for that poor girl. I would be devastated too. But I can't find fault with Dr. Salama or his office. They told me everything I should expect, and they were right on the mark. So far, I have had no problems at all. Still, I feel bad for those with complications.

I know that most surgeons are clear with patients that there is a 10-15% infection rate. That's 1 in every 8 or so. That's high! And form what I understand that is why so many physicians don't do these surgeries. I remember that Dr. Salama told me about the infection rate. And everything I have read is that the high infection rate comes by virtue of the local of the incisions - not the physician's practices. Sure, the physician could have bad infection control practices. But Dr. Salama spoke with me about how he controls for infection. He took it serious and seemed right on top of it. And again, I am doing fine. I know anything can happen, but I feel great about my journey so far. I would just be careful not to cast the blame in any direction without knowing more.

For now, I am very happy with my new shape. I really needed it! I wish everyone the absolute best!

5 1/2 Weeks Post-Op

I ran 3 miles today and felt great! Finally getting back at it!

Before and After Pics - 4 Weeks Post Op

Before and After - Amazing results!

2 Months Post Op

Thrilled with my results two months post op!

Dr. Salama is very personable and responsive. He spent about 30 minutes with me and my husband at the initial consultation. Seemed straight to the point, which I like. My husband is a physiologist, so he knew what to ask, and Dr. Salama answered all his questions without batting an eye. He definitely does not over-sell. Dr. Salama trained with a physician in our home town. This physician up here was not thrilled that I went to Dr. Salama a day's drive away instead of him! But still, he said Dr. Salama is excellent.

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