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I was that kid in school that looked like a...

I was that kid in school that looked like a popsicle stick...front and back. Never looked feminine, could never buy clothes small enough to fit, and had the self-esteem to match my popsicle shape. After I had my child, what little waist I had prior was now gone and I started putting fat on everywhere it really shouldn't be in my know, back belly, arms. Since then I have made every attempt to correct my short comings. Plastic surgery is not new to me. However this is probably the most sensitive subject for me to approach. Why, you might ask. I felt I should be able to correct my skinny legs and flat, narrow behind by lifting weights and modifying my diet. While this did help, in ten years time I barely made any progress. The more I tried, the more desperate I became. The more desperate I became, the more depression set in. Then when I fell and hurt my knee this New Year's Eve I had no choice but to stop lifting. Within 30 days I lost considerable size in my behind. I truly realized that my age and genetics were screwing me out of ever being happy and feeling sexy. So I decided to start checking into butt implants. Its scary business and I'm very nervous. But the desire to have my pants fitting properly and looking good in my bathing suit and lingerie is overwhelming. So, I made a consultation appointment with Dr. Gershenbaum in Miami for the 17th of this month. Like I said, I'm very nervous. I'm also still sometimes sad that I was incapable of overwriting my genetics. But it is what it is. I have decided to look at it this way...I will be able to exercise for the right reason instead of simply trying to achieve an impossible goal. Plus I will actually get to wear a belt as an accessory instead of a necessity! Bonus!!!

I will post some pictures once I have decided when/by whom to have this procedure done.

Just nervous

I'm just a little nervous. My consultation with Dr. Gershenbaum is Wednesday. I have looked at also getting another consultation with Dr. Mendieta but his office staff quoted me an extremely high amount just for implants ($18,000+). I've not completely ruled them out.

It's hard being a skinny-fatty with no behind. I don't have enough fat for fat transfer, too much to look attractive and a man shaped behind. Waiting for this appointment has been very stressful. The money that goes into it is very stressful. Don't get me wrong I want a behind. Just not sure if my spouse can foot $20k. I'm asking a lot for half that amount.

Sorry I just needed to vent a bit.

Much less nervous

So I went to see Dr. Gershenbaum yesterday. I'm much less nervous now. His office staff is fabulous. Very informative and polite. The patient coordinator has been exceptionally quick about answering all my questions. Dr. Gershenbaum spent the most amount of time with me of any surgeon I've ever seen and he was easy to speak to. He has a realistic attitude towards what he can and should do surgically. We discussed options, such as size of implants and liposuction of my flanks, and he answered most of my questions before I even asked. It made the whole process more comfortable.

After I met with Dr. Gershenbaum I discussed the business of the procedure with the patient coordinator. She gave me the quoted amounts, pre/post surgery procedures and informed me that I need a physical and extensive blood work along with a chest x-ray and an EKG. I thought this was odd initially but it actually makes a lot of sense and I'm wondering why doctors have never done this before any of my previous surgeries.

Now my biggest concern is can my PCP write me a referral for everything I need done (he doesn't do any blood work or x-rays, etc in office and I have to go to the hospital) and if so will the hospital forward him the information...yes, they have overlooked sending my results before...or should I just try to find a new doctor here in Miami since I temporarily live here. I'm waffling today and will call someone tomorrow to get this show on the road.

I will be taking pictures sometime either today or tomorrow and posting them.


Just so everyone knows, the price above includes gluteal implants and minimal liposculpture.

Before pictures as promised.

My apologies if the pictures are sideways. I just got a new phone and am trying to figure it out...:/

March 17

Scheduled my surgery for March 17. Pre-op is the first. Back to feeling a bit I think I'm nervous because I've been through surgeries before. Each time I seem to be more nervous than the last and I know what to expect. With that being said I realize this recovery is probably going to be the worst ever. And I'm getting older so healing time is slower. But on the flip side of that I can't wait until I'm healed withe a perky, full booty and a more hourglass shape. I can also start back to lifting weights to build up the muscles in my thighs and calves again. At least this time I won't have to be so focused on my butt. I'm ready.

Pre-op medical clearance

I went for my pre-op medical clearance exam yesterday. The folks at Fast Care in Aventura were great and the entire process took less than 2 hours (wait time, ekg, chest x-rays, blood work, urinalysis, physical exam and checkout). If you go there I would however suggest the earlier the better. When I arrived, there was one other person in the waiting room. When I came out, it was full and other people had already been taken back. I digress. I am one step closer to my actual surgery. If my results all come back normal they will send the results directly to Dr. Gershenbaum. If there are issues they will contact me. Now I'm just waiting.

Pre-op appointment

Two days ago I had my pre-op meeting with my surgical nurse Jennifer. She's very friendly and informative. She was eager to answer all min and my husband's questions. She also had me try on compression garments to make sure we received the correct size. She said it should be snug but not excessively snug. Believe it or not I fit in a large. ;)

When I went in I was pleased to find out that I had already been medically cleared. Again, one less thing to take care of.

After the appointment we went to CVS and GNC. I had to pick up Bromelain at GNC (pineapple derived anti-inflamatory) and went to purchase other things like an enema and unscented bathroom wipes, etc. I meant to pick up Hibiclens soap as well, but I left my list in the car...good thing I have a couple weeks yet to get things ready.

We are going back today to pick up the prescriptions I will need after surgery. The only reason we are going to pick them all up is because of the pain meds. The last time I tried to have the same pain meds filled here in town, NO ONE had them and didn't seem to be able to get them. So, we are picking them all up early and this will assure me that we have exactly what we need the day of surgery. My husband has already scheduled a hotel room for the week following. So after I get my prescriptions, the only things left to do are buy soap and wait.

A complaint...not surgically related

I just received a message from someone named zobb ( handle I suppose) asking for naked bent over pictures. Not sure where to send the complaint to on this website or how to block people that send messages like that. Creeps!

Night before surgery

It's the night before surgery and I am a bundle of nerves. I've followed my instructions and packed my bags. I have a list of things to grab in the morning. The only thing I can think to do now is maybe make my husband a list of drinks to buy me. Of course water and juice being the priority. Beyond that I'm happy. Prayers are welcome.

Three days post-op

Ok. It's been three days and Dr. Gershenbaum was not joking when he said this would be an extremely difficult recovery. I'm wicked sore, my bows are raw, my face is swollen like a boxers and I've learned to pee standing up. Not the easiest thing to do and I would give guys a break for peeing on the floor except the fact that they have a method by which to direct where it my mobility and pain seem to be getting better slowly but this is still a very difficult process.

Btw, my husband checked out how many cc's are in a size 2 round implant. He said it was 276 cc's.

I have some pictures I am attaching. They aren't great pictures but you can see the difference.

More pictures

More pictures, day 5 no compression garment

Swollen and itchy

Ok. I've had a rash for several days now and I thought it was a heat rash or a dirty compression garment. I woke up this morning with welts all over my legs. I assumed it was an allergy as my garment doesn't even touch my legs. Add insult to injury and my legs were EXTREMELY swollen all day today. They are finally coming down.

Called my doctor and they said to discontinue use of my antibiotics buy benadryl oral and apply cortisone cream 1%. Stopping my antibiotics prematurely makes me a bit nervous but I can't keep itching like I am. Hopefully this will all help.

I hope tomorrow I will fell better than I did today.

Finally tried on some clothes

Finally tried on some clothes. It looks great. Wish I wasn't itchy and could sit down. Oh well! One day at a time.

More pics 10 days post op

Butt is still way tight. Especially my right side. And i. Still swollen through my entire torso but I have absolutely no bruising which is amazing g. Dr. Gershenbaum did an amazing job because I bruise easily.

Progress made

Ok. So it's all in small steps but progress has been made. Yesterday I put my own socks on my feet and pants this morning. I also layer on both sides, but for short periods of time only. Not near long enough to even fall asleep. I slept until 4:30 this morning, longest since I had the surgery and I've been sitting. Not too long. I'm exhausted after just a little while of doing anything. And I'm starting to go a little stir crazy. I'm ready to go do something mentally but my legs, butt and back tell me otherwise. I did try on some clothes the other day that really haven't fit ever and am thoroughly impressed. I am posting those pictures.

I have a question

Did anyone else who has had this procedure had a double bubble? What I mean is, you have the bubble from the implants and then the bottom portion of the butt cheek is its own bubble? I am going in for a follow up on the 6th and plan to ask my doctor if this is normal but I am stressing out and hoping someone has some good news for me to help ease my angst.

Three week follow up

I had my three week follow up this morning. I sat for about three or four hours total on my cushion my husband and I have devised. Still ended up have muscle spasms in my left butt cheek and nerve pain running down my leg. Point being, I made it there and back on my behind. Bonus! Dr. Gershenbaum told me that my flat spots, both in the center (running down my butt crack) and at the bottom of my cheeks are temporary. Good news! He also said it could take up to a year for everything to settle in its proper location. Poop!

Back to good news. I can now put my own pants on and I painted my own toenails yesterday. I am also laying on my side to sleep. I'm not sleeping all night because I wake up in pain but I'm sleeping a good deal more than I was. This is excellent.

I am going to send Eyra, the patient coordinator at Dr. Gershenbaum's office, to see if there are any stretching exercises I can do to try to loosen up my hamstrings. They are Uber tight! I believe my legs hurt more than my behind does.

My next appointment is on June 2nd.

I'll post some more pictures next week to show you one month progression. Hopefully the flat spots will be diminishing by then.

Thanks for your support

I want to thank you all, and you know who you are, for all the kind words and support. You've all been amazing.

A side note I think is funny: I feel like a rotisserie chicken first thing in the morning rolling from siDE to back to side to front. I continue this process until my body just can't stand laying down anymore. Pretty hilarious. Ok, maybe in my own mind. Lol

Pictures of my double bubble

Hopefully, the doctor is correct and it's just swelling and will correct itself with some time.

Minute changes...if any

There have been minute changes if any to the shape of my behind. It's been six weeks today. I'm afraid my pockets are too high. I'm going to give it time as a couple doctors have suggested. I mean, what else can I do...right? !

I am only going to take pictures and post them on a month-to-month basis so everyone can see my progress more on a time line rather than just because I'm fretting about it.

I have become extremely anxious and depressed. I feel worse than I did before the surgery and I didn't even believe that was a possibility. The though of going through any additional surgery, whether it be to adjust the pockets or to remove the implants really stresses me out. I was nervous before the first surgery and now they would have to go through the same incision causing the scarring to be bad. (I know this for fact because when they replaced my saline breast implants with silicone they went through my precious scars - as I asked them to so in an effort to MINIMIZE scarring. This caused my scars to be lumped up and one stayed sore forever and red. I'm still working on getting it to go away and the surgery was in October 2014.) Then, God forbid that something else go wrong and have to have more surgeries done to it.

I need to step up my deep breathing and meditation techniques.

The good news is (yes, there really is good news) the tissue above and over the implants are softening up a bit and I'm able to sit directly on my behind for a while now. I can also sleep on my sides for longer and I finally get to take off my compression garment. My left leg still hurts quite a bit but I'm sure that's most likely nerve pain associated with the implants and the pressure on the nerves. I will still ask my doctor about it, if I am still experiencing the pain, the first of June when I go for my three month follow up.

Until the next time!

As promised, month 2 pictures

Here they are. You can judge for yourself if the implant has settled any or if I'm suffering from a case of the wrong shape implants or a pocket that's too high. Sorry for the weird angles. I live on a boat and, besides having limited space, the door wouldn't close completely due to an electrical cord.

Mad as hell!

I spent a lot of money and it looks HORRIBLE! The doctor and his staff are friendly enough and professional. He did a fine job on the surgeries but not every butt should have round implants. My butt is too long. I regret having this surgery. I went from having a flat, shapeless ass to now being deformed. All I get from everyone is be patient. Maybe it will drop. All I have to say is, If you were to be deformed, how frustrating would it be to have people say that to you over and over even though you know your body better than anyone else?!? As soon as I can, I will have them removed and new ones inserted. The right shape and size for me.

Just another day

So, I just tried to update and lost my information I typed in while trying to post my last pictures from a couple weeks ago.

Since my last update nothing has really changed. I had a follow-up appointment and my doctor says he still believes the bottom bubble us swelling. He said they would schedule me a six month appointent and at that time if it hasn't changed we would discuss lowering the pocket.

I know for fact that the bottom bubble isnt swelling and I'm very concerned that simply lowering the pocket would only cause the dimples I have on the sides of my butt naturally to be seen again. I still believe my butt is too long for round implants. Therefore I'm still planning a consultation with Dr. Stanton. I need a second opinion.

Again, the pictures I'm attaching are from a couple weeks ago (I believe) but I will be posting more in the next week or so to show the change, or the lack thereof, at the 3 month mark.

On a bright note, the muscles are softening up and I don't notice the implant moving around as much. My butt, above the implant, is sore but I believe it's because I am on a road trip and have sat a considerable amount in the car and while visiting. The point being, it's feeling more like me and less like foreign objects.

The lighting is terrible in these pictures.

Have to fix this

I'm officially done. Dr. Gershenbaum's office never called me after my last follow up to schedule my six month follow up. Fine by me! I'm done! I decided a while back to go to Dr. Stanton and have this mess fixed. There has been a lot of stress over this decision. Still is a lot of stress. I'm going to start a new profile for Dr. Stanton in case any of you care to follow that progress. There is nothing else to discuss here.

My second review

If anyone is interested In continuing to followmy progress simply click on my handle at the top of this review. Click on full profile. Scroll down and select which review you are interested in following. Easy peasy!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Excellent 5 star doctor. Personally called me the evening after my surgery to verify I was doing OK. Spent lots of time with me and was extremely informative. Not to mention his office staff is extremely helpful and compassionate. The process went smoothly and the healing process is going well. He was as gentle and cautious as could be and the price was good. But my results aren't good. I don't believe this to be completely Dr. G's fault. He only uses round implants and my butt is too long for round.

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