Silicone Butt Injections, Don't Do It.....But if You Have, There is Hope!!! - Miami, FL

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I am writing this review because I made a promise...

I am writing this review because I made a promise to God. I told God that if he would help me correct this mistake (which I consider the biggest mistake of my life) I would share my story with others to possibly help someone or help change the mind of someone that wants this done. I live in Dallas, Texas. I have had the silicone in my buttocks a little over six years. When I did this, I did not know what I was getting myself into. In fact, I didn't know that I would be injected with silicone. I had a lot of stripper friends at the time and they had the procedure done first. I was so naïve, I thought "butt shots" was like a shot you would get at the Dr.'s office. I thought I was going to get a shot of hormones that would cause growth in that area. I know it sounds ridiculous, now that I think about, but you pay for ignorance. The procedure was done in a friends apartment. The person that did the procedure claimed to have medical experience and they had already injected my friends months prior. I was the first person to be injected that day! I was asked to undress and ly on a bed. I was warned not to flinch or move while the needle was being inserted. The very moment that I began to be injected a thought went through my mind. "You are going to regret this." It was very painful!!! So painful that I knew that it had to be harmful to my body. I told the person that was doing the injections that it was hurting. I wanted to get up and walk away after one cheek had been injected but I didn't wont to be lomp sided or uneven, so I allowed her to do the other cheek. When I stood up and looked in the mirror. I immediately saw a significant difference in the size of my butt. I know it sounds crazy but I looked in the mirror and said to myself. That pain was worth it!! Silly Me!!!! A few years passed and I started hearing talk on the streets about butt shots and how they are harmful to you. I got online and did some research and found this website. I read the reviews and looked at pictures (pics of deformity and discoloration) of other women telling their story and I became terrified. I couldn't sleep for days and went into a deep state of depression. I knew at that moment that I needed to correct this mistake. I went a long time before researching the matter online again because after doing the research it scared me. I work out all the time, and while walking and running I started feeling tingles (slight discomfort like bothered nerves) in my legs. I thought to myself, "Oh my God". I immediately stopped running and decided to only walk. I took this as my body reminding me to take care of this mistake, like a warning. I gained the courage to get back online and do research to see if I could find a Dr. to remove the silicone. I found Dr. Gallerani in Miami, Fl. He has a lot of experience with this procedure and the reconstructive surgery. I traveled to Florida a couple of weeks ago to get a consultation and to see how much the procedure would cost. I had to get an MRI of the area, it was cold and very uncomfortable, but I knew it was the first step in getting well. I was in the MRI machine for about a 45 mintues. The Dr. walked in and asked several questions and began to show and explain the MRI images. Luckily for me the silicone had not penetrated thru my musles as I was told this is extremely painful. I was told that I had slight discoloration, buy my butt was soft. Now I am soooo happy, I spoke up and told the person injecting me that is was too painful, because had I not said that I might have been injected with a lot more of the foreign substance. I was told that my situation is better than most because the silicone's position and it had not hardened or moved to my thighs. I began to cry because I was thankful to hear the good news. MY MISTAKE COULD BE CORRECTED!! The Dr. also told me he is glad I told them to stop. This procedure is very serious and it is costly. I plan on having the surgery in August. I will have to stay in Miami for two weeks after the surgery so that I can be monitored. I will have to wait a few more months before I can have corrective surgery done. I will post pictures soon, and I am open to any questions, as I am doing this to help someone. God Bless the women that have made this mistake. God help them to seek the medication attention that we so desperately need. If you are reading this and doing these procedures........STOP can be deadly!!!!! God bless us to love the skin that we are in as we are made in your image.

Pre Surgery Photos

This was my first time taking a picture of my behind......ugh.....I can't wait until this is all over!!!

Pre Op Photo

This will be all over soon!!!

Very informative and kind!! I feel that God has directed me to the right Dr., his staff was very nice!!!

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