Brazilian Butt Lift/Arm Lipo with Dr. Salama - Miami, FL POST OP NOV/2013

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Don't have much to review b/c I haven't had the...

Don't have much to review b/c I haven't had the surgery yet but so far I can say that I love the interaction between the patient coordinator, Nancy, and myself. Originally, I was going to go with Dr. Jimmerson but when I sent in the e-mail request for a consult and didn't receive a call for a few days I decided to call them and they called me back a couple days later and told me I couldn't even get a consult with him until March 2015! I'd probably have to wait another 3 years just to have the damn surgery. Would have given birth twice by then. Lol.

So I called Dr. Salama's office and right away the receptionist said take your three pics (back, front, side) and e-mail us and we'll get back to you in a couple days. Exactly two days later Nancy called and Dr. S had already seen my pics and gave me his opinion which was basically I need to lose 16-17 pounds and he can give me the badunkadunk I want.

I'm 6'2 and 256 pounds and I most definitely have some meat on me but I really like my thickness and I was worried if I lost the weight AND had lipo I wouldn't like how thin I was. Nancy replied right away and let me know I didn't have to lose the weight if I didn't want to. It was just from their experience most patients want to be thinner. I'll be happy with losing my back fat and handles...the rest can all stay. I'm also getting my arms done...that's the one thing I don't like cause I lost so much weight after my first pregnancy and my arms stayed the EXACT same after 6 years.

So I am soooooooo excited! I'm starting to become obsessed lol.

I really wanted my surgery before I started my master's program in Jan and thank God there was a cancellation otherwise I would have to wait until May 2014 for the surgery. So I'm scheduled for Nov. 26/2013 and I am looking forward to getting rid of this flat butt and have something to match my shape and large breasts. Yayy!

4 MTHS to go! Are we there yet?

I can't believe it's been less than a month since I booked my appointment. Lol. It feels like forever but I'm hoping once I start working the time will go by faster. I'm moving to an amazing luxury apartment next week so I'm really excited about that. I've been living in some HOT, cramped quarters for the last year in the middle of nowhere and I've been so bored depressed. I'm a very social person and thrive off community/communication so I can't wait to be living more in Toronto. I'm not working so while the hubby is at work I've managed to pack up the entire apartment just to make the time go by faster.

I've been looking at pics and I have to say the best ass on this planet is Serena Williams! I love her body. Strong and beautiful! The attached pics are what I'm gonna show Dr. S.

Initially, I wasn't going to lose any weight because I like my size but I think it won't hurt to tone. I went to see Dr. Jugenberg in Toronto before I booked with Salama and he straight up told me I didn't have enough fat which sounded like complete nonsense. I almost gave up after that one visit because he's the only reputable doctor in T.O. that does butt lifts but my hubby said we can go to the states if I want to and thank God for that!

I think I'm going to lose 10 pounds. Tone up my arms and upper thighs a bit. I know I'm in desperate need of a tummy tuck but I decided it doesn't make sense since I want to have two more kids in the next few years. I'll wait till after for the T.T. but the ass needs to happen ASAP. Lol.

Counting down the days. Sigh...............

Anyone had conflictions with morals and surgery?

So I'm 3 months and 3 days away from surgery and I know it's going to come quickly. I start work at the end of September and I'm sure time will fly even faster!

I am so excited to have the surgery and I think about it every day. I've told a couple of my close friends and I have to say the comments are 50/50. My friend, SM, thinks I'm only getting it cause of the man I'm with and I should love myself for me etc etc but that's so not the case. I've always wanted to get it done but at the time I had issues I didn't know there was such thing as a BBL and I didn't have th emoney for it anyway. Now I'm with my hubby and he's willing to pay for it so why not?

My mom's response was "Girl, you're crazy!" I don't really know what that means but she's been supportive in the sense that she's willing to come to Florida to check on me and she wanted to make sure I wasn't getting the surgery done at some hole in the wall or by a fraudulent doctor. Other that she's cool but I think she gave up on my when I got my tattoos. Lol

My sister said "I'm scared! There are so many bad things that happen! Please be careful!". Sigh. Not much I could say to her except to chill out.

My other three friends SB, RC and SC are like "Do the damn thing!" "You're gonna be sexy as hell. Gonna get us our free drinks when we go out." I'm so jealous and excited for you!"

It hasn't really affected me all that much especially since the man I'm with every day of my life and who I'm going to spend the rest of my life with is 100% on board so it really helps with the negativity.

However! The one thing I am struggling with is whether this is morally the right thing to do. I grew up in the church and I've always been taught God doesn't make mistakes and I feel like going to get my ass done is kind of.....disrespecting him in a way? But then I also tell myself God didn't make me with cellulite and a stretched abdominal region, or HUGE F size breasts either and I got my breasts done with no hesitation at all. I also think the reason is more for vanity than a need (like with my breasts) so does that make it wrong?

Let me know if anyone has experienced this doubt.

I'm still getting it done though. Lol.

You Ladies Make me Want to Exercise

Hey ladies!

So like many other waiting for their BBL I've become ass obsessed. I find myself looking at other women's asses in public too! LOL. I can't even help myself.

So I have 2 months and 10 days so I have to admit time is going faster than I thought. I should be receiving my medical clearance package via mail at the end of October and will get that done right away. I'm starting to realize there are more expenses besides the sx, flight, and hotel. Like the massages and after care stuff and garments. I'm going to be following a strict after care regimen like #BigBootyTinyWaist; her body is RIDONKULOUS. I'm so grateful for her blog and she's the best at answering your questions.

So based on all the pics and blogs I think it would be best to do what Dr. S says to get the results I want. I want that hourglass shape and even though I like having meat on my bones Dr. S is the man for a reason. And now that I think about it he did say to lose 15-17 pounds, not 25-35 so it probably won't make THAT much of a difference.

It's amazing the incentive this surgery gives you! I'm not one for the gym but knowing my husband is throwing down 10 g's for this surgery I'm not trying to waste his money. Lol.

I have to admit I am really worried about not having enough fat because of the first doc in Toronto I had a consultation with. He straight said you don't have enough fat for the results you want so don't bother getting it. He didn't even tell me to put on weight and then get the surgery or anything like that. And it's not like I want anything insane, just what I've been seeing on here so I know it's possible. I guess it's a good thing he was honest because I wasn't liking his before and after photos anyway. The girls went in with no ass and came out looking like they bought the box DVD set of the Brazilian Butt Lift exercise NOT the surgery. Very little butt to show for it after the thousands they pay for him. I actually didn't see ONE girl with a BBL that I thought was a significant change. So God is good.

I know that I need a tummy tuck badly but I may still have another child so I won't be getting that any time soon. I just have so much wonder about how I'll like the results if I have the need for a TT. It's pretty significant and I have that weird tire shape around my waste all the time so I NEVER wear tight tops at all. I actually can deal with having the little pouch in the front but it's the side fat that kills any outfit. Hopefully that will be gone after the surgery cause he said my waist will be significantly smaller.

So yea! I'm going to exercise but focus more on toning. My daughter just started school and they won't bus her so I've been walking 80 minutes a day and goign to the gym every other day so I MUST lose the weight between now and Nov. 26. My clothes are already fitting a little looser in the stomach and thigh regime and it's only been 2 weeks of walking and I'm not kidding when I say 80 min. 20 minutes each way!

When I'm at the gym I do 20 minutes on the elliptical and work my arms and legs for another 20.

I've been trying to get my arms smaller then they are now so there isn't a bunch of loose skin. Working those triceps like mad. Is there anyone who hasn't liked their arm lipo with Dr. S? I've been looking up arm lipo on RS and there are A LOT of horror stories but thankfully none come from Dr. S.

I really want my arms to look great and a heart shaped ass!

I've started my list of what I need to bring and so far all I have is baby wipes, maxi dresses, female urinal, painkillers and a waist clincher for when I won't need my garment anymore.


Spoke To Nancy

Spoke to Nancy today and she addressed all of my concerns after apologizing for taking a day to call me back. I totally understand though cause Dr. S is crazy busy being the best ass doc in the business and all!

She is such a sweetheart with a positive attitude. A real pleasure to talk to. So I'll list my concerns/questions and her response just in case anyone has the same questions as me:

Q: I'm worried I won't have enough fat because of what a previous doctor told me.

A: Don't worry about that at all. A lot of doctors tell their patients they don't have enough fat or to gain weight for the surgery because they don't specialize in liposuction like Dr. S. If you see the before and afters or look at Real Self you can see that he even manages to get all the fat from small girls and give them a large butt. So if you want the best results then you'll do fine losing the 15-20 pounds.

Q: I am desperate need of a tummy tuck. Will I still be able to get the small waste/figure 8 shape?

A: Yes, because the tummy tuck area is in the abdomen section so you can still get the small waist. However, you may have loose skin in the front afterwards and may want to get the TT anyway. If you decide to do it, it's best to wait 9 months after surgery.

Q: I am getting my arms liposuctioned and I'm worried I'll have loose skin there afterwards. My arms are pretty big.

A: Well, we can take a look at your arms during your consultation the day before the surgery and if he feels like you don't need it or you don't like what he tells you your results will be then you can easily take the arm lipo off the sx amount.

Q: Do you provide the garments or will I have to buy them?
A: We provide you with two garments (two different sizes) included in your surgery costs. Usually patients don't have to purchase a third one. Instead when they feel the second garment loosening up they buy a waist cincher. So don't purchase anything before the surgery that's garment related.

Feeling so much better after speaking with Nancy.

BTW: Check out this for lots of shape wear and cinchers!

SQUEEMS dealer near Dr. S office

Was doing some research and found some Squeem sellers near Dr. S office.
Here's a list in case you want to buy and try your Squeem instead of ordering online.

Locatel Health & Wellness
1715 East Hallandale Beach Blvd
Hallandale, Fl 33009

Distance (Miles) from Dr. S office : 1.864

Locatel Sunny Isles LLC
1951 SW 172nd Ave
Miramar, Fl 33029-5593
Distance (Miles) from Dr. S office: 14.913

Angelus Bridal & Formals
878 SW 10th Ave
Suite #8
Pompano Beach, Fl 33069
Distance (Miles) from Dr. S. Office: 18.02

Slim Body Shaper
10597 SW 73 Ter
Miami, FL 33173
Distance (Miles) from Dr. S office: 22.369

HOLY BATMAN! 47 Days, 3 Hours and 3 minutes till the day......

Wow, ladies. I can't believe how fast time is going by! It felt like I was just saying it was 5 months ago and now it's the next month. I'm still just as obsessed as I was before except I think I've gone through every profile on here. Lol.

I realized that the SCALE IS NOT MY FRIEND. I know for a fact that I lost weight cause my clothes fit looser but one minute the scale says I gained, then it says I lost, and then gained again. I'm not so much loosing weight as I am toning so I'm guessing the increase in muscle mass is what's killing my scale. It has to be! I'm walking my daughter to and from school so that's four 20 minute walks five days a week. I swim almost every day for an hour. I don't drink any juices or pops, just coconut water and water with lemon/lime. I could eat a bit better so I'm really gonna button down for the remaining month and a half.

I'm really bad at preparing for this so far. Lol. I know I need a squeem for later on and a female urinal, a few maxi dresses, ummmmmmm......uhhhhhhh.....yeah. Need to do some research. Can't wait to receive my package in the mail!!!


I knew I was getting the surgery and I've been searching all over for info, checking out my fellow BBL sisters and seeing what I need to prep myself but it all became very final and real after Zuni called me to let me know that it was time to prepare.

She told me as of now I need to start taking 325 mg of iron and 1000 mg of vitamin C (500 in the morning and the other 500 at night) up until surgery day. Gonna have to do some questioning at the pharmacy because the last couple of times I tried to get my iron up I kept feeling nausea. Maybe I was taking too many mg.

We also set my pre-op date for the day before surgery. I had planned to make an evening appointment and fly in the same day as pre-op but I learned that they close at 2pm and I'm not trying to risk cutting it close. If something happens (delays etc) and I miss it then I'm screwed because there is no surgery without the pre-op and they can't do a pre-op the day of surgery. So thank God we didn't buy our tickets early! Now we are going to fly in the Sunday instead of the Monday. I don't mind though cause at least we can get settled into the hotel and get our stuff together.

Not sure if we are going to rent a car for the few days I'm staying in the hotel but I took down the drivers number and info instead. I'm glad to hear it wasn't the name I've seen floating around on RS because I've heard so many complaints of a driver being late and forgetting appointments altogether and my husband won't play that #@$! lol.

We also discussed payment and that was a lot of back and forth because of their payment policy. We wanted to pay half two weeks prior to surgery and the rest later but we can only do that if we show up to pay the balance with cash. Can't do half credit and half credit on the day of pre-op. So now we're just gonna do all credit two weeks prior cause traveling through Canada customs with nearly $5000.00 cash coupled with being black will cause us delays for suuuuuuuuuuuure. Sorry to say but that shit is true ladies.

Last but not least she said I'm going to get my medical clearance documents via e-mail and I should book my appointment anytime after Oct. 26 because my results have to be within one month or less from day surgery. She also stated I need to call them back with my doctor's name and appointment date.

I asked her about the massages because I didn't realize these damn massages were so expensive! I've been searching around Toronto and it's $65 per session and BigBootyTinyWaist said she was recommended by Salama to do two per week for six weeks. Laawwwwwwwd. Sigh. Aftercare expense if real ladies.

I was looking through my closet at the two pairs of expensive ass dress pants I bought a few months ago and realized there's no way they're gonna fit me anymore. :( ...... To be honest with you I think I'm gonna have to become a tights lady because for the life of me my jeans won't last now BEFORE surgery. I have to shop at a special store because there aren't that many jeans/pants options for 6"1' women and no matter what jeans I buy and how much I spend they rip. Apparently there's an invisible and undetectable fire going on between my legs when I walk and in two months my jeans will have slits on either side of the inner thigh. It's annoying as hell and I'm over it. So tights it is. Smh.

So excited ladies!!!! :)


So I found out I'm 80% covered for the lymphatic massages (through my husband's benefits) as long as Dr. S writes me a prescription. So happy! Up to $500 but each massage has to be less than $90. So far I've gotten quotes for $65 so I'm very relieved. Now to find cheap tickets!

Bought my Tickets!

So I purchased my ticket today! Staying in FL from Nov. 24 - Dec 22/23. Can't remember the exact return date. Was going to return to Canada on Dec 10th but damn Air Canada makes the flight almost double for returning on the weekend. Ugh!

Right now we are dealing with my hubby's US Visa stuff cause he isn't a Canadian Citizen. I was so scared cause an appointment for the US Consulate in Toronto wasn't available until Nov. 19th,....I almost started to cry but then I changed the location to Ottawa and it's available next week. Sigh. I just pray they get this Visa out to him before our time to leave. Way before actually so he doesn't pay and arm and a leg for his ticket.

So I'm gonna book the hotel later on down the road. Price is $55 + at the Mariot for Dr. S patients so I'm gonna stay there for 3 days and then head to my fam's house for the rest of the time. They can drive me to my other appointments...I'll have to lay in the back I guess.

So happy that Zuin said that I should most definitely have all my drains out before I return home. So didn't want to be on a plane with drains.

P.S. Flight is non-stop too! That's what I needed.






yesterday but I'm over it. I received my package in my e-mail yesterday and there were two issues right away.

First - Dr. S has a personal e-mail in one of the attachments that say we should take 300 mg of iron and 1000 mg of Vitamin C. But when Zuni initially called me a few days before that she said it was 325 mg. I guess the 25 mg dosage isn't going to make that much of a difference but I want to be told the right amount of meds, you know? That's nothing to mess with! So when I called the office one of the staff said to nevermind what staff told me, just go with what's in the letter from Dr. S.

Second - The paper also said that I'm supposed to start taking the iron and vitamin C 45 days (and this is in bold writing) before the surgery but I didn't receive the info to start taking it until 35 days before surgery but apparently this is okay too. Why put things in a paper and bold them and use the word "must" if it isn't a must? I seriously started worrying I wouldn't qualify for the surgery cause of these minor things but since it's okay I guess I'm not so annoyed anymore.

Trying to find the iron dosage in Canada was a pain! First I was looking for 325mg of pure iron and everywhere I went the pharmacists looked at me like I was crazy. "Why do you need so much iron?" "You'll need a prescription for that" "You would need to take 9 pills a day to equal all this iron"......Eventually I found a tablet online called Nature Made Iron. They actually have 65mg tablets that are equal to exactly 325 mg of elemental iron but of course it's only sold in America. Luckily I finally found a high dosage iron pill called Euro-Fer which is 100mg of pure iron. So I'm gonna take 3 of these a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner so it's not too hard on the stomach. The morning dose with one 500 mg tablet of Vitamin C and the night dose with the other 500.

I planned on not taking much to the surgery with me but now that I've received the package it says to have certain things on me. I'm gonna make a pre-op/post-op chart and post it later on if anyone needs it.


Hey all. Was given the information from Dr. S office about a driver. His name is Justin and his number is 954-478-8475. I was going to go with him but my hubby is coming with me and I have family in Fort Lauderdale so it makes more sense to rent a car since I have people to get me around. I got a car from Orbitz for $271.00 for a week which if $4.00 less than Justin. Here is a copy of the attachment he sent me with the price and what it includes.
Transportation fee and schedule to and from Fort Lauderdale Airport
• Pick up from airport
• Pre-Op appointment
• Grocery store / Drug store
• Day of surgery / drop off and pick-up
• Post-Op appointment
• All massage appointments
• Follow up with Doctor
• Transportation back to airport

Fee for transportation is $ 275.00 for above schedule (cash payment due upon arrival)
Should you need additional transportation speak with your driver for fees.
Arrival at Miami International Airport will be an additional $ 60.00 charge
All lodging needs to be within 5 miles of Elite Plastic Surgery office, or there will be an additional fee added.
To better accommodate you please forward the following to the driver.
1. Your full name
2. Airport where you are arriving
3. Airline you are using
4. Flight number /date and time of arrival
5. Date and time of departure for your return flight
6. Location where you are staying (Hotel /Address)

Upon arrival please call or text your driver so he can give you a location where to meet.
To better assist you please be prompt for pick- ups, and inform the driver of any appointment times given to you by Elite Plastic Surgery staff.


I was looking around for a place to stay and this is the best pricing so far. The hotels on Dr. S' site are great but damn they are expensive!! I decided to stay at the Hampton for 2 nights only cause I cannot spend $1000.00 on a hotel. It would hurt my soul too much! I'm going to stay with family until surgery and my hubby can check into the hotel while I'm in surgery and we are out of there on Thursday morning. Two nights only and then I'm back with the fam in Fort Lauderdale. Thank God mIy family is in America!

I know cleanliness is a concern so bring some Clorox wipes, towels, mattress cover, your own sheets just so you can be sure you have the room in the condition it should be.


Richard's Motel Extended Stay
1219 S Federal Hwy, Hollywood, Florida

They take reservations if you pay 25% over the phone.

Can't Be Bothered With a Hotel........

So some of the hotels on Dr. Salama's Out-of-Towners section are 15/20 minutes away from the surgery site. My aunt only lives 30 minutes away so I figure I'll tough out the ride back to her house and save myself 200+ dollars. If you haven't already guessed I'm trying to save every dollar I possibly can. Lol. That includes waiting until I get to Miami to shop at Wal-Mart for the things I need because Canada is EXPENSIVE! Guess health care isn't as free as I think it is cause the taxes and price of things kick our asses.

Waist Training

So ladies,

I've been looking into waist training and I decided I'm gonna go for it using a corset. I really like the results and reviews and they say the difference between the cincher and corset is that the cincher works from outside ----> in and the corset changes your waist from the inside out.

I made sure to do lots of research because I've heard people say you mess up the placement of your organs and all this other stuff but that's nonsense. Lol. Besides I'm not trying to get to anything ridiculous. Currently my waist is 42 inches and they say to buy your corset 6-8 inches below your measurement if you are over 38". So I'm going to purchase the 34" corset.

I've heard a lot of reviews and so far like everything I've heard about Orchard Corset. I heard their customer service is impeccable, they replace items easily (for instance if you get the wrong size) and ships very fast.

The website is and I'm adding a pic of the one I'm getting but they have tons!

Tomorrow I can officially say I\m getting my ass THIS MONTH. So excited. I'm in Canada right now and it's not that cold but it's rainy and dark like Gotham City. Looking forward to the two days I have in Fl before the surgery. Going to go out and NOT drink....boooooooooo. Lol

Details of Cincher

Sorry but it wouldn't let me update.

Steel-Boned Underbust Corset in Satin (CS-411) $73.00


They really need to change this site so you can edit a post. Geez

My Grandmother is the Best.......

My mom called me the other day and asked when I'm going to tell g-mom. She's here in Canada from Florida right now and even though I told her I'm going to head back to Florida the same day she is....I didn't tell her why. My mom said she's been "skirting the issue" like she's nervous to tell my gmom but her and I are cool as heck so I wasn't worried at all.

So I call her this morning and tell her I wanted to be the one to let her know instead of seeing me look different or hearing from someone else.

Me: Have you heard of lipo suction, grandma?
Gmom: No, love, what is that? (Jamaican accent and e'rything)
Me: Well, I'm gonna get all the fat sucked out of where I don't want it. Like my arms, back and stomach. I'm not gonna get cut open or anything but there will be incisions.
Gmom: Oh, kinda like a vacuum?
Me: Yup!
Gmom: Okay, okay. Is your better half gonna be there?
Me: Yup. AND THEN...they're gonna take some of that fat and put it in my butt and give me a nice, round, juicy butt!
Gmom: Hahahahahaha. Okay! Well that sounds goooooood!! I'm gonna be there for that!

Is she not the cutest thing on the planet??


Sometimes we forget how blessed we really are. When I went for my physical I realized I'm a very healthy person. No asthma, hypertension, diabetes, heart issues, ....absolutely nothing. And my blood work came back HIV negative and Hepatitis negative. Some people don't get those results. Praises to the Almighty! Thanking Her for a healthy life no matter what else I go through.

That being said I got my clearance from Dr. S's office and kudos to my doctor for sending out the fax right away. It sucks I had to pay $120.00 because healthcare doesn't cover the form or the physical but whatever.

Another blessing is the hospital I used to work at wants me back soon so I don't have to worry about how an employer will feel that I will need two weeks off. My boss is my mother's boss and a family friend so she has no problem with me taking the time I need and coming back to work after December. I don't have to sit for my job either, walking around pretty much all day at the hospital so that's good too.

It's almost time ladies!!! 23 DAYS, 10 HOURS till my day!

Arm Liposuction

This might seem crazy but I'm more excited for my arm liposuction then I am about my ass. LOL. Even though I am going to LOVE my ass, having a flat ass has never prevented me from wearing certain types of clothing but these big ass arms have. I never feel confident to wear tank tops or those shorter sleeves. I'm 32 years old and I have NEVER in my life worn a tank top in public. That's how much I hate my arms. No matter how much weight I lose or how much I work out my arms always seem to be so big!

Not only have I not worn tank tops but I can't buy a lot of other 3/4 length sleeves either. I could easily fit into XL shirts but I have to go 1x or 2x because of my arm size.

So this surgery is changing my life in more ways than one!

I've seen with some of Dr. Salama's patients that they do the arm lipo but I never really see anyone go into the results or show their arm before and afters. I'm going to make sure to take pics of everything for my before and give details on the progression of my ass and arms post-op for all the BBL sisters out there who have the same arm issues as me.


2 WEEKS. Prepared a list after reviewing paperwork from Dr. S

I can't believe how fast time is flying. One minute I'm staring at the calendar wondering when the day will finally get here and the next minute .....

Just paid half of the balance and got a great discount for paying the other half in cash! It worked out to me getting my arm lipo for free! That was a nice surprise.

I went through all the paperwork and organized it differently in a word document so things are easier to check off. Here's what I gathered from it. Hope it helps!

30 Days
• 300 mg iron per today
• 1000 mg vitamin C today – 500 morning and 500 at night
• Driver: Justin Phone number 954.478.8475 – call ahead plenty of time

1 Week
Purchase/Bring the following items
• Fitted t-shirts/tank tops
• Sundress/ lose jogging pants
• Cotton socks
• Glasses
• Peroxide
• Towels
• Flip flops/flats
• Cotton Gauze/Gauze squares
• Soft white wash cloths
• Zip down sweater/robe
• Polysporin (no name brand)
• Anti-bacterial , Fragrance free Soap
• Fragrance Free lotion
• Squeem/Corset from online
• Books/magazines/puzzle book
• Saltine crackers for nausea

1 Day Pre-Op
• Bring all paperwork
• Bring all ID
• Don’t shower with anything scented
• Don’t use deodorant/or moisturizer on purpose
• No nail polish/piercings/necklace/cosmetics
• DO NOT EAT OR DRINK AFTER 12 PM – including candy, gums and mints
• Shave legs/bikini area
Immediately after surgery
• Only drink Fruit juice, water and milk (NON-carbonated, non-alcoholic, caffeine free, green tea free beverages only)
• Drink 8 oz of fluid every two hours
• Eat soft, bland, nutritious food for the first 24 hours
• Keep incision dressings DRY and CLEAN
• APPLY anti-bacterial ointment over steri-strips ; DO NOT REMOVE steri-strips
• Wear compression garment/elastic wraps around the clock
o Only remove to clean incisions or empty drains
• Treat sites where fat was extracted the same way you treat sites fat was injected. May experience mild tenderness, bruising or discomfort in these areas as well
• To eleviate discomfort and to reduce potential swelling: GENTLY and WITHOUT PRESSURE apply cool (NOT COLD) compresses to the treatment site.
o Crushed ice or ice packs must be wrapped in a towel before being applied to skin and for NO LONGER THAN 20 MIN INTERVALS.
• Recline, don’t lie down. Always keep your head elevated and DO NOT BEND FORWARD or OVER

2-7 Days After Surgery
• Take warm, 10-Minute showers (NOT HOT and NO BATHS)
o Avoid getting your incisions wet
o Do not remove steri-strips
o Do not rub incisions
o Apply a fragrance free moisturizer to surrounding skin (NOT ON YOUR INCISIONS)
• You can switch to acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain if you don’t need the strength of the prescriptive meds
• Continue to wear compression garment around the clock
• Exercise: ONLY WALKING
o 10 minutes of INDOOR walking every 2 hours for a max of 10 min.
• No sun exposure: use sun protection including wearing protective clothing.
• Begin sleeping in a modified reclining position

1-4 Weeks After Surgery
• Continue Wound Care
• Continue wearing the garment!!! – VERY IMPORTANT so skin conforms
• No weight bearing exercise – Range of motion and 20 minute walks only
• Practice good sun protection
• Tenderness or bruising at the injection site may last one week or more
• Redness and swelling

6 Weeks After Surgery
• Ease into regular fitness routine

1. Fever more than 101
2. Severed nausea/vomiting
3. Continued dizziness
4. Hallucinations
5. Pain not controlled by pain meds
6. Bright red skin that’s hot to touch
7. Excessive bleeding or fluid through incisions
8. SEVERE Asymmetry accompanied by acute, localized pain and not corrected in 7 – 10 days then contact the doctor.
9. Misshapen region anywhere there was liposuction or bruising that is localized to one specific point of the body
10. If you develop any nodules, lumps, or uneven appearance in the skin call doctor immediately.

Starting to get scared........

Hey ladies. So now I'm only 12 days away from surgery and every time I think about it I end up with knots in my stomach and some serious tummy gurgles.

There are a million thoughts running through my head and the main one is that I'm way too fat OR way to small to get what I want. It's just confusing cause I like the size I am except for my arms and my flanks. I can deal with the poodge in the front from having a baby but the side fat is what kills every outfit cause it looks like I'm wearing a tire around my waste when I have tight clothes on.

So Dr. S said I'm a good candidate but should lose 15-17 pounds. I didn't want to do this for 3 reasons.

1. I like my size. I'm 6"11 and I'm a thick girl with DD breasts and thick thighs. The only thing I don't like is my arm size, bra rolls and the fat in my flank area.

2. I had a previous consultation with a doctor in Toronto who saw my wish pics and knew what I wanted and specifically told me I don't have enough fat for WHAT I WANT. Meaning if I wanted a smaller butt I would be okay but since I want it large I don't have enough fat. I know he doesn't work magic like Dr. S nor does he do the aggressive lipo suction but his stupid opinion has made me struggle with Dr. S advice

3. Dr. S hasn't seen any wish pic of mine nor did we have a face to face consult. That won't be until preop. He just saw the same pics you guys see at the top and said I'm a good candidate and should lose 15 pounds. He doesn't know what I want so how can he tell me what to lose? Lol. That's what doesn't make sense to me. Sigh.

So I have 12 days left and I'm certainly not going to try and gain weight (cause of the fear of not having enough fat) but I'm not too sure I should be hitting the gym hard in the next 12 days either.

I eat really well now. I think I'll just stick with that and see what happens. Sigh. What if I have so much fat that I don't get what I want out? Lol. Isn't there a maximum of fat he can liposuction? I have my huge arms, fat on my flank, abdomen and all those bra rolls. Isn't that too much? Argh! This is confusing!!!! Don't care about the abdomen actually but the arms, flank and bra rolls have to go!

I know I've lost at least 5 pounds cause I can fell my close are loser around the belly area in my work out shorts......guess I'll be 10 pounds over what he wanted...maybe it's not such a big deal. I can't really tell cause I gained muscle in my legs so the scale is all jacked up.

Lawd Jesus Faddah! Lol. Anxiety is serious right now.


Lol! I remember reading everyone else's blogs and seeing them countdown and now I'm doing it. :) My nerves are much better now.

I posted a question to the doctors with my pics and the confusion I had about weight loss/gain and they all said don't lose weight for what I want. They also said I need a TT (which I already know). And get this!! The same doctor I was complaining about (Dr. Jugenberg) who was SO dismissive when I went to see him and told me I couldn't get what I want answered! Lmao! Talking about you may not get the really small waist cause you need a TT but best case scenario you get the curves and butt have good fat deposits in your flank area....look on our website blah blah. No what kinda shit is that??

You didn't want to spend any time....didn't even see me naked.....told me I don't need arm lipo go to the don't have enough fat and if you had looked at me properly I may have been your patience. Bwoyyyyy God is good cause I know I'm with the right doc. Team Salama!!!!

Starting to dream...............

Or should I say starting to have nightmares. Girls, I had the most strange random dream. I was sitting at a table with a couple celebrities. One of them was this really famous transvesitite from the Miami rich And we were talking and I got up to pull up my pants and my ass was FLAT as a pancake but I knew in my mind I had already had the surgery. It was flatter than the ass I have now if that's even possible. So yes, it was flat EXCEPT for a HUGE tennis ball lump on one cheek! And then I blinked and I was at home in front of the mirror wondering what the hell went wrong. It felt so real, I woke up and was SO HAPPY it was a dream. My heart was beating a million miles a minute. Sigh.....

Landed in MIA

Hey ladies! Landed in Miami today and spent the day shopping and hanging out with family. So far I'm not nervous but we will see what happens after my preop appointment tomorrow. I took a couple pics today and will take a few more with measurements. It's funny cause I think I look HUGE in my pics but when I put my clothes on I don't feel that big. Whatever. Lol.

So Dr. S told me to lose 17 pounds and I lost 5 lol. So we will see what he says tomorrow about my wish pics and ideal results. I think he should be presently surprised because I know I won't have a teeny tiny waist or completely flat stomach. I just want a big ass and smaller arms and flanks area if I've got too much fat.

Talk to you all tomorrow!


Wellll today didn't go quite as planned. I was all anxious to meet Dr. S and discuss my wish pics and expectations but I just saw Naomi. Apparently no meeting until tomorrow. A bit strange but ok; guess he's busy giving women their asses.

Funny story though---- my hubby and I couldn't find Dr. S named on the directory (very strange no one told me the unit/suite number when they give the address! Smh) and then we saw this girl walking by us with an awesome looking ass. My husband was like follow her! And he was right. That ass led us straight to Dr. S office. Lmao.

So Naomi just gave me a boppy pillow and prescription for Vicadin. Told me what to eat and explained eating is one of the most important factors in eating. If I don't eat I will end up in the hospital. I ain't got no problem eating so I'll be good. I just ate just now cause she said nothing after midnight at its 11. Lol.

Not so nervous yet. Maybe tomorrow. My mom said she is coming and she is waiting for me even though they say don't wait. Lol. She was like "nobody a go put my pickney unda anesthetic and tell mi mi haffi leave! Mek dem go bout dem business!" Lmaooo my mom is not playing. Glad she will be there though cause hubby is great but mommy love is where it's at with the nurturing. Not to mention she's a registered nurse and doesn't drive like a race car driver. I love my hubby but I know it would hurt if he drove me home cause he's just a terrible driver in my opinion even though he thinks otherwise. Lol.

So my surgery was changed from 1:30 to 7:30 and the I got a text from Naomi apologizing but it would have to change again to 10:30 because another patient was having some issues with a ride. It's all good though. As long as I get it.

So ladies this time tomorrow I will be Salamafied! Thanks so much for all the kind words and support. I love you all!!!! Xoxoxoxox

Oops typo

Naomi said eating is the most important factor in healing. Sorry typing from my stupid phone. I'm nervous.

Good morning ladies! Heading to the office in 30 min. About to have another shower and on my way!

My stomach feels like I'm riding a never ending roller coaster now. Surprised that I slept straight through the night though so I'm happy I didn't wake up in the middle of the night nervous and unable to sleep.

Talk to you all later!

I'm aliiiiiiiive!

Hello all my beautiful BBL sisters. This is gonna be short cause my hands and face is soooo swollen!

Surgery went well. The worst part by far was waking up with that anesthetic in my system! Cold, teeth chattering, nausea and exhaustion! Now I'm just forcing myself to eat and drink. Vicodin and Tylenol are what works for me together.

Wearing this arm garment is a pain in the ass!

Something I thank God I bought Everytime I use them are the female urinal and baby wipes. Buying a donut soon cause stooping and number two is just too much drama!

Love what I see so far. Dr. Salama and I were on the exact same wave length. We left my stomAch alone since I need a tummy tuck (which I'll do without after this!) and worked on my arms, flanks and back.

Give more details after but love my arms and ass!!! Dr. S is the biggest sweetheart ever!

Will make sure to give details in the arms. They're in the garment now so it's pointless but after I have a shower I'll upload the arms. They are already significantly smaller even with the swelling.

Talk to you all later. Xoxoxo.

Post-op Difficulties

Oh my Lordy. No regrets but this surgery made giving birth a walk in the damn park!

Now I know why Noami emphasized eating. I thought I would be ok but ladies I have no desire to eat! Today I've eaten a ceaser and spinach salad, half a tuna sandwich and a big ole chicken breast just now. And believe me it was all a struggle. I use Gatorade to wash down every bite. Ugh!

So I made a mess of myself today cause I got number two all over myself ( I'll wait while you all stop eating, lol). I wiped everywhere with wipes but it's so damn messy cause the antibiotics are giving me diahrea. So I pulled up my garment after the 100th wipe and smelled something too close to home. Pulled my garment off and barely made it too the washer cause it's so damn tiring to a lot. After stooping for five min and wiping for another five I had to lay on my side looking a mess just to get the energy to go shower. Damn!

So I had a break from the garment while waiting for it to wash and dry and slept.

Sleeping a lot but still walking around and using bathroom regularly. Looking forward to healing up!

By the way I'm on so many drugs! Vicodin and Tylenol, antibiotics and probiotics because the antibiotics may kill the ones I need and we don't need a yeast infection. Plus the iron pills and vitamin C, and anti nausea pills!

Sigh. Ok no more complaining but kudos to anyone planning to do this alone....or who have done it alone. I've needed every bit of help I needed.

Keep you guys updated. I know I said I would take more pics after my shower but I was feeling dizzy. :(

Got some strength for pics with garments

1300cc per cheek! Can you all see the difference in my arms?

Sorry here is the arm

Heyyyyy everybody!

So here's the update.
* took off the arm garment cause it's TOO uncomfortable! It's actually cutting my skin. My mom grabbed some Acer bandages instead and it changed my life!
* I am SO SWOLLEN. I can't see my results at all yet. I normally am very sensitive so it's no surprise that plowing through me with a metal suction rod has left me a hot mess. Probably won't see much for another week but I can see the fat from my sides is gone and my waist will be smaller.
*appetite is much better. Had some more turkey dinner and enjoyed it. Small amounts but ham, potato salad, rice and peas, Baked macaroni pie, green beans...and a glass of orange juice went down smooooth.
*Drain is empty for 2 days now so that sucker is out Monday and then I'm drainless!
*please eat before taking meds cause it will do a number on your stomach.

Keep you all posted!!

Post Op Update!

Hey my beautiful sisters!

So I'm 10 days post op and doing sooooo much better! I'm typing from my phone cause I'm at my cousins and my damn laptop won't work so bear with me regarding spelling mistakes.

So the day of surgery I showed up, got naked and waited for Dr. S in his office with the hubby. I have to say this man is awesome! He's got a great sense of humour. Keeps it 100 real with you, answers all your questions and just makes you feel totally comfortable. He even cracks jokes here or there. Had to say I never felt so comfortable being naked in front of someone I've never met. Lol.

So right off the bat he said "we can't do your arms cause you have so much fat". Guess I should have lost that 17 pounds he recommended. Lmao. But once I explained to him I wasn't looking to get my abdomen done he was totally on my wave length. I know I need a tummy tuck and I really don't mind the stomach that much. I had a kid so I have a pooch. My stomach doesn't stick out and I think it looks good in clothing. It's just the muffin top around the flanks I hate so he said its perfect then. We will do the arms, back, and flanks. Everything I wanted so I was sooooooo happy!

The man who does the anesthetic gave me an interview first. Forgot to mention that part. He was awesome too and I made sure I was 100% honest with him. Ladies, if you have any dental stuff going on (I have cosmetic bond in the front ) be honest so he can do his best to be gentle with the breathing tube. He said knocking it out is the least of your worries Since it can get lodged in your lungs. Yikes!

So Dr. S gave me some awesome news that I am naturally an A shape which will give me the heart shaped booty which is an awesome shape to have. He let me know the CCs he puts in will be dependent on how much my skin will stretch. He said he could give me a number and put all the fat in the world in but if the skin won't stretch then it makes no difference.

I said that's cool with me. Just fill that sucker up. He asked me if I want a shelf and I said not so much. I'm looking more for a cuff at the bottom, roundness, fullness and projection. He let me know that a Nicki Minaj butt wouldn't happen because that type of projection usually works on women who already have projection. You know he made me feel so comfortable and I trust his judgement so much I didn't even bother with wish pics. Once he knew I wanted a nice, round, full ass with a cuff and projection then we were on the same page.

So I get in the room, they verify with me what I'm getting done and then I get verrrry sleeeeepy.

Ok, so here is where my life changed. Waking up from this anesthetic was insane for me. I was so nauseous! So tired! So disoriented and FREEZING. Before I could even say anything a nurse was there with a warm blanket and got me to sit (yes,sit) in a wheelchair with a boppy pillow while she got my mom and hubby.

Dr. S came by to see me and said he packed it up with 1300 cc per cheek, asked if I was ok and said he'd see me tomorrow.

I can't really remember much for the ride home but I was out of it until Day 2. Couldn't hold anything down to eat, drank Gatorade and took one Vicodine and 3 extra strength Tylenol every 6 hours. The funny thing is my ass didn't hurt at all. It's the damn areas that got lipo that killed me.

The garment is a pain too cause it's an eternal wedgy that's hard to pick! I had a lot of drainage the first night. Liquids leaking everywhere. Guess that was a good thing cause by the 4th day my drain was empty and it was removed after my first massage.

So ladies, be prepared not to sleep. Lol. It's just uncomfortable with the constant peeing, and the sensitivity of all the lipo areas. I can't imagine if I had done my abdomen too and had two drains. Lawd!

Ladies, ladies, ladies whatever you do make sure you drink lots of fluids even if you don't feel like eating that much. It's kind of a catch -22 cause the meds make you feel like you don't want to eat but you need to eat so they don't mess up your stomach. Even if you throw up the food it's better than a completely empty stomach.

Ok so out of all the lipo suctioned areas my arms were the most swollen and bruised by far. They measured 16 inches going into surgery and even with all this crazy ass swelling they are 15 1/2 inches so I'm looking forward to seeing it go down even more. Today I went for my second and last massage and she said my arms are still really swollen so I'm happy to hear they'll be going down a lot more.

If you have arms my size please make sure to ask Nomi to order in the arm garment in a 3X/4X. The largest size they have is 2x and it tore up my arms bad at the laced section at the end elbow area. I went and got Ace bandages but today Dr. S said it's not smooth and he doesn't want to run the risk of it healing badly so they special ordered me a 3x today and are having it delivered directly to my aunts house! So happy. :) so right now I put on the 2x and cut it with scissors so it's not so tight.

Ladies, don't keep quiet about anything that is uncomfortable. They may be able to help you or maybe not but you won't know unless you ask!

So in regards to garments I received my second one the day of my first massage and even though it was a 2x like the first one it is way more snug. It's funny cause at first your garment feels hella tight and uncomfortable but when you take it off to shower you actually start to really miss it. Lol. Your body just feels loose and unsecured and starts to pain after 20-30 min without it.

In regards to a garment regimen I was specifically told to wear it 24/7 for the first four weeks but I could get a couple hour break while washing it and it wouldn't be a problem. He then said that after four weeks I need to wear it 12 hours a day for another four weeks which I could do while I was sleeping if I wanted. He said for optimal results keep the garment routine up for 8 months and that you wouldn't see final results until a year.

Ok let's see.......that's all I can remember right now. I also have to wear foam along my back so I don't get wrinkles in the skin. I love my results so far! He got rid of my side fat, arm fat and back fat! He did everything the way I wanted!

I don't know if any of you ladies experienced this but when I fall asleep for more than an hour i wake up super tingly, sore and stiff everywhere that I lipo suctioned. Then I kinda change positions and stretch and it goes away and then an hour later I'm doing the same thing. So basically I gets no sleep. For some reason it's better in the day at night so I get most my sleep between 8:30 and 1:30.

My first massage was awesome!!! It hurt like hell but it's a good pain. Like your body is getting stretched out and exercised. Make sure to time your pain meds with the massage. Medications usually take 45 minutes to get into the blood stream so if your massage is at 1 pm pop those suckers at 12. ;)

Let's see.....I guess that's it! Have any questions inbox me or write below and I will answer ASAP. I can't wait for my butt to drop so I get more projection but I'm still happy with it now. It just looks so natural I don't want it to get too much smaller.

I have not sat down at allllll. I stoop doing the number two and pee as well. No sitting whatsoever!

I'm leaving Florida on the 10th and the office gave me a letter for the airline asking them to allow me to stand as much as possible during my 3 hour flight.

I talked to my boss today and God bless her heart she said to take the entire 6 weeks I need off so i will work after Jan 1 and don't need to worry about sitting at work. By then I will only have to wear the garment for 12 hours so thank god i won't need to be uncomfortable at work either.

Sooooo that's it! I don't have much clothes hear now but when I get home I'll take mad pics and I will keep you all posted on my arms. Too swollen right now to see any major difference.

Here's one pic of me in tights from the back. :)

Here's my butt 10 days post


Iwantabutt95 looking for care

Hey all! Help a fellow sister out :) IWantabutt95 is enquiring about hiring care after surgery.

Any one know of any nurses , etc?


To All My Big Armed Sistas!

Hey everybody!

Ok, so remember how I was talking about my original arm garment tormenting the hell outta me?

It was the largest size they had - a 2X. Well I got the 3X today via UPS and ohhhhh my goooodness my life has changed, ladies.

If your arm measures any more than 14 inches and you're getting them lipo I would suggest you ask the office to order you a 3x ahead of time. My measurements after surgery including swelling were 15 1/2 inches around the upper arm and 11 1/2 inches around the elbow.

Ok, so this garment shows up today and Nomi had asked if I wanted beige or black...went with the black. It ends up being long sleeved so no more hurting and bunching up at the elbow and slicing up my damn arm where the lace ends. Not to mention it had Velcro straps in the front and back so it doesn't wear like a jacket.

One issue I had with the original garment was that because it fits like a sweater / shirt I would have to take the darn thing off to get my garment off to use the bathroom but not with this one! Just unstrap the back and front and all you have are some sleeves.

Also, ordering in black is awesome cause you can wear it under a Tshirt and it doesn't look all grandma-ish. I just don't like beige undergarments period.

So I am LOVING this arm garment. It is soooo comfortable it feels like a yoga top you'd wear to work out.

I'm posting a pic and the details for my big arm sisters who may have garment issues after surgery.

The only problem is now I'm so comfortable up top I am actually noticing my ass does hurt! Lol

3X Style 55 - Armsleeve with Elastic Band and the company is Contour MD.

Update on Arms

Hello sisters!

Ok, it's been 10/11 days since surgery. My arm has gone down half and inch since Wed when Nomi measured me for my arm garment or maybe it didn't and I'm just horrible with a measuring tape. Lmao! But it does feel a little less swollen so.....

I definitely see a difference in the amount of fat there but it probably looks the same via pic because of the swelling. But that hang down you see in the pic isn't fat like my preop pic it's swelling. So gravity is not on our sides ladies when it comes to arm lipo and from research I've been doing the arms are an area that can take the longest to see results. They say it can take months or even a year.

When I put my arm garment on I see the potential of how small it will be so if I can get it down to arm garment size and make sure the skin shrinks then I will be very very happy.

Also, let's not forget that even if we don't get the results we want from arm lipo we are not limited to this procedure alone. Just think of the arm lipo as an awesome head start and get them big ol cans of spaghetti out and start doing arm exercises. ;)

Love ya'll!!!

I'll keep u posted.

Bootay Pics

10 days post op. Loving results. I think it totally looks realistic and matches my body. Still looking forward to a drop so I can see more of a cuff or overhang

Random....but I am sooo sick of

my vagina floating around in punani purgatory. I have always been a panty girl and panty liner girl and I can't stand having nothing but the garment there. Not to mention it squeezes and pinches my vijayjay when I'm sleeping (which I do very little of) and wakes me up. So I basically spend a lot of time picking this garment out of my nether regions. Lol

I'm looking forward to going home. Right now I am not active at all cause there really isn't anywhere in my house to accommodate my condition besides the blow up mattress and the bed in the living room. I feel like Im laying down most of the time and that is not good. Looking forward to being back in Toronto. I live in a very active part of the city and walk and take the bus everywhere. I think my healing will be more active once I get home and become more mobile.

Miss my babygirl, hubby and friends. Sigh.

5 MORE DAYS and I[m home!

My clearance to sit on this booty is Jan 1. What a New Year's it'll be. While everyone jumps up and does the countdown you can bet your sweet ass I'll be hitting the chair in the booth when I get to one. People are gonna think I'm nuts. Lol



I just woke up from a 6 hour nap (can it be called a nap if it's 6 hours?) and I feel like a million bucks!! I couldn't sleep all night and decided to change where I was hanging out so I can get a change of scenery in the house and I conked out within an hour. I recommend anyone who is staying in one spot all the time and are having trouble sleeping, take a couple of blankets and a pillow and try sleeping somewhere else. It's kinda like that idea that you should never really do anything but sleep in your bedroom (no TV) or it'll make sleeping more difficult because your body is used to stimuli in that area.

So here are a couple of tips I have learned to help this transition easier; maybe it'll help you too.

1. I found it very difficult to sleep on my stomach all the time so I took 2 pillows and the boppy and lined them up one side of my body so I'm on a sideways tilt. I put a pillow under my head, the boppy under my torso and the last pillow inbetween my legs. It kinda works out that you're in the fetal position but you're not sleeping on your butt and it allows you to bend your leg a bit so you can relieve the pressure off your stomach. This helped tremendously because I seriously had to pee every 20 minutes cause I'm laying directly on my bladder. It's not even pee coming out at this point, just clear liquid.

2. Garment irritation. I find that when I'm lying down the straps pull and irritate my arms more than when I'm standing up. At first I was using two huge gauze squares wrapped around each strap but it wasn't long enough and was still shifting. Instead, I took a pair of long, cotton white tube socks and wrapped each strap all the way around from the top of the strap to the bottom and it makes a WORLD of difference. No irritation from the straps at all and the socks aren't as bulky and uncomfortable as the gauze that the office gives you.


Alrighty!, So my arms have gone down 1/2 an inch and are measuring just under 15 inches. I'm not sure if it's because I know I got lipo so I'm not as critical of my arms of if there really is a difference but I swear I would rock a tank top right now without any insecurities. Even though they almost measure the same as pre-op it's just different because the fatty dimples from the cellulite in my arms are gone and it's more firm looking. I'm already happy with them so I'm looking forward to them even going down one more inch. There is still edema and firmness so I'm sure I'll still lose some.

I'm at the point now where some parts where the areas that I got lipo are much more sensitive because the swelling is going down. I sometimes get a burning sensation (like when you fall and scrape yourself on pavement) but it isn't unbearable and doesn't last long.

My ass is holding strong at 51" and I'm sure that includes some swelling so I'm not really expecting it to stay that big but if it did I would be happy. I can see I have a bit more projection from the side now but still waiting for the booty to drop and get a cuff.

Even though I need a tummy tuck I am still so happy and grateful for my results so far. I'm not trying to be Pamela Anderson with a huge ass. I just wanted to improve on the sections of my body that I was the most insecure about (ass, arms and flanks) and that's exactly what Dr. S has done! VERY HAPPY so far.

Tomorrow I get to see my daughter! I miss her so much. It's crazy how your kids can annoy the hell outta you sometimes but when you stay away from them long enough you actually miss being annoyed. LMAO.

Here are a couple of pics. I'll start trying on clothes on Wed or Thur cause I'm still in FL and didn't bring anything that'll show my butt.

Hit Update instead of add are the photos

Heading out to the mall selfie.

I have a shelf at the top hidden by the jacket. Still wanting more cuff

Forgot to tell you about the plane ride!!

So I flew from MIA to Toronto. It was a 3 hour flight and I wanted to get up but couldn't. It was a full, cramped, HOT, flight and I had a window seat.

Everytime I wanted to get up the damn cart was blocking my way or the seatbelt sign was on so I sat in fear for three hours. I shifted my weight from front, back and side to side cause the butt would start hurting but I finally made it. Luckily, my seat was in 12E so I got off the plane right after "first class".

I've been getting this weird feeling that my butt is getting smaller but measured it today and I'm half and inch bigger! I've never in my life lost fat outta nowhere so I sure as hell hope it doesn't happen now. Lol.

Took a pic in my tights and ass is looking good! I tried to take one from the back but because the tights are floral it's hard to see.

Side note: my husband has renamed me "Nicki". Lol. My daughter asked why I went to Florida and got two huge coconuts halves stuck to my ass. Lmao!

Here are a couple photos but I find the pics don't do it justice. My ass is big.

ARMS: My arms are great! They've gotten smaller but I will measure and take pics before my shower tonight and they have really firmed up. All that jiggle jiggle from before is almost obsolete.

It is so tempting to want to stop following the regimen once you feel better and like your results but don't do it girls ...the Devil is a lie! Stick to it cause it helps to create shape.

My garment is starting to loosen up on me so I'm going to order a size down and wear that until the second week of January and then move to the corset.


I don't know if I'm alone on this one but I have a baaaaaad sweet tooth. Ever since the surgery I've been eating well when I do it. So I get home from my 17 day ordeal and my bestfriend (God bless her wonderful little heart) was watching my daughter at my house so she wouldn't miss school. I bought groceries before I left and left some spending money.

So my besty leaves when I get home and please tell me whyyyyyyyy the following items were in my fridge and cupboards

1. A huuuuuge roll of cookie dough to be cut and put in the oven for chocolate chip cookies

2. Left over Chinese food from my favourite restaurant.

3. A bag of regular Doritos and ....wait for it!.....a bag of spicy Doritos (my fave)

4. Left over Pizza Hut

5. Chocolate Chip Mint Icecream and .....wait for it again!.....Cookie Dough Icecream .....wait for it yet again!!!.....a box of sugar cones

6. A box of Corn pops and another box of Fruit Loops

7. Half of a slab of chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

WTF?!?!? Ladies!!!! I love my homegirl but I could kill her!!! I need this shit outta my house pronto before I throw this man's money down the drain.

SMH. I gotta hit the grocery store.

Post Op Tip

Hey ladies!

Finished baking all that cookie dough and gave my daughter and all her friends ice cream and cookies. Everything else went in the garbage. I feel bad throwing stuff out but it really is crap.

So here are two post op tips for sleeping. Have to find different ways and places to sleep cause my body still aches after staying in one position but it's getting better.

Tip 1: get into the fetal position on your couch with a pillow in between your legs and position yourself so just your ass hangs off the side of the couch. This is probably best for those that didn't add to the hips during contouring. I already have large hips so Dr. S only added CCs to my butt.

Tip 2: A huge bean bag chair! Girls, this bag has given me new hope. It is sooooo comfortable. I sleep, eat, play video games with my daughter, paint my nails .....whatever. When I sleep I just drape my body over it and use a pillow for my legs if they hang off. Adding a pic so you get the idea.

I've had this for years. It was $150.00 but I'm sure you can find one cheaper in the US.

Question: did you all wait the full 6 weeks before exercising? I feel like I want to do something more than walk right now but don't want to cause damage.

My house shorts are ......

Getting me into trouble. My hubby has had a permanent hard on. Lmao. Poor guy.

Woke up really swollen today. Not sure if it's cause of how I'm sleeping or the massage I got or maybe lack of water.

Completely off my painkillers now but will take Advil when needed. The Vicodan is too strong, I feel high after just one and I'm not trying to be on a season of Intervention.

Slept great last night! A full 8 hours.

My garment is starting to feel loose. Debating whether I should buy a size down (or take it in) or just get a cincher to wear on top.

Post Op BBL Blues ....anyone ever experience this?

Hey ladies,

So I am having these weird emotions. One minute I feel like I love my results and the next minute I feel like my ass isn't big enough and my hubby may have wasted $8500.

I feel like I like my ass more when I'm trying on clothes with the garment on the without. It just seems fuller and bigger with the garment pushing it up at the bottom.

The good news is I measured 51" nine days post op and I still measure 51" three weeks post op. Let's see what happens in a month.

When I feel down and that I don't have enough butt I tell myself well I still have fluffing to go through. Not to mention my clothes are not flattering to my new shape. They are bigger and not fitting at all and even though my jeans fit I feel like they are pushing my ass in instead of letting it be free and juicy. Lol.

Sigh....I don't know. I'm just as obsessed with my ass now as I was before. Lol. Think I'll go to the mall and try on some stuff to feel better.

Any post op girls been through this? Let me know.

Also, I am cleared to return to normal life on January 1st which is quite fitting because I am starting a new fitness regimen. As I said before I don't want to lose weight but i want to be more fit and toned just to improve on Salama's work. Besides a healthy diet I will be doing 15 minutes of cardio to get my heart pumping and then the squat challenge and the rest weight training on the arms to tone.

On a positive note.......even if I lost my ass....I love my back and flanks! Even with the need of a tummy tuck my muffin top is gone! For all my bbl sisters getting a bbl without a TT.... Don't worry. Dr. S will still work his magic on your waist line.

I will keep posting on this site so you ladies can see the ups and downs as well as the final result. Not to mention for anyone concerned with what exercise can do to your results...I'll be your guinea pig!

January 1st it begins. :)


Hey ladies!

So today is a good day cause my ass looked huge under my outfit at work. Lol. But I did have the garment on but whatever. *shrugs*

Went through MAJOR changes in the last week. My spots that had lipo are no longer numb and are sooooo damn tingly!! It feels really weird. Sometimes it stings a bit. My bruising has now turned to a couple tints darker then my skin instead of purple. Really hope it keeps lightening.

The biggest change was my ass. Yesterday I woke up and my left ass cheek (at the bottom where the cuff is) wasn't hard anymore and had dropped a bit. Went to bed and my the same thing happened to my right ass cheek.

Even though Foxy said to leave the damn measuring tape alone I just had to measure cause of the drop and change in swelling. Lol. Still measure at 51.

Here's a maxi dress without a garment. I like my butt in this pic but still looking to fluffing. Hope I get bigger as the months go on like BigBootyTinyWaist. Lol.

Soooooooo excited for my garment regimen to change on Tuesday. Only have to wear all this crap for 12 hours a day! Can't believe it'll be a month already. Time flys.

Love ya'll! Good luck to everyone with an upcoming surgery. My prayers are with u all!

Arm Update.

Brief arm update. Pictures aren't worth taking yet. You can't really tell the difference but I can feel it. But I will!.....promise.

Very happy I didn't throw out the smaller arm garment that was torturing me earlier because the beautiful black 3X that relieved me before isn't quite doing the job now. I felt like it wasn't tight enough. Sure enough I put on the 2X and it's doing the job. Going to wear this one for two weeks 24 hours a day even though I am cleared to stop wearing garments 24/7 on Tuesday. Just want to do it to make sure.

Still have lots of swelling in the underarm area and that's where the garment is the tightest.


Hey baby girlz!

In a matter of minutes I will be ordering my corset from Orchard Corset. I've decided to go with the corset so the results are permanent. I'm going to wear the corset over my garment for the next four weeks and then continue afterwards.....

I'm so happy I decided to wait until after surgery to purchase because I have dropped from a 44" waist to a 38" waist since Nov. 26! This is due to the surgery itself and the weight I lost from not being able to eat ....I haven't gained that back because I am maintaining a healthy diet although I must admit I give myself one cheat day.

I am 11 days away from removing all restrictions! I have been sitting a little bit at work. I was going to take until Jan 2 off but I feel great and miss the extra money from taking people's shifts. When I sit, I sit on my thighs. Sounds weird but I sit forward so my thighs take the pressure and my butt is just floating but since I'm, in a hospital I really don't get to sit for long. I'm sure I'm okay to sit cause I doubt 11 days would make much of a difference... I had to measure myself today (I swear I did!) for the corset so I just measured my butt again and it's still 51" so I honestly think I'm good to go. The lower part of my butt has softened a lot but the top part is still quite hard so I know I have more changes to go through.

As I mentioned before I am going to begin exercising (weight training cause I only want to gain muscle not lose too much weight). I will do 10 minutes of intense cardio to increase my heart rate and then work on my arms and legs in the gym. I will also swim a lot cause it's great for getting that type of body.

I eat well so that won't be too much of a challenge. I don't drink juice and soda; only water and lime/lemon and coconut water. I eat out once a week. I love juicing, fruits and veggies, eating almonds, apple sauce and dry mango for snacks, whole wheat and rye breads, bake my meats (no frying), salads etc. I used to suffer from a serious sweet tooth but if I don't have it in the house I won't eat it. My work is friggin' ridiculous. The lounge is always full of donuts, chocolate, etc but I've managed to walk right past it without the desire for it. I always find it so weird to work in a hospital and see docs and nurses drink coffee with sweetener, smoke cigarettes, and eat crap all day. LOL. It makes no sense to me. Anyway, I digress.....

So here are my measurements as of December 20, 2013 :)

Underbust 39"
Waist 38"
Hips 47"
Ass 51"
Arms 15" (Yes, still!)
Upper thigh 29.5"

I don't know why my arms measure the same but are different as each week goes by. I know it isn't in my head anymore because I had three shirts that were tight in the arms and now they are looser and look better. Not to mention I fit in the 2x arm garment comfortably and I was dying in it before. So I don't know *shrugs* but like I said before research says arms take longest to see the results in and I'm still swollen and tingly in the under arm. I'm really not sweatin it cause I WILL GET RESULTS whether it's from the surgery or from exercise.

Ladies, I've gained so much more than just a larger ass and I hope you all do too! This surgery gives you a head start that is such a confidence booster and motivator! I'm someone who loves results and even though I would exercise, it would take sooooo long to see an improvement that I would have no motivation and end up in the same cycle (start your new regimen and then not do it cause you feel like it makes no difference anyway). But now....I love what Dr. S has given me and not only do I want to keep it but I want to make it better. :)

So these are my measurements! I'm going to exercise every other day so I give my body the chance to recover in between. Believe it or not, that period of rest is where your body does the most changing.

I will measure in only once a month....well not the ass. We know that's bullshit...lmaoooo.....or the arms...hahahaha. But everywhere else ......once a month. The corset takes time...I hear 3-5 months to see any change but everyone is different.

I'm sure I won't change between now and the first so I will measure again on February 1st and let you all know what's going on.

Love you all!

This is the corset I went with......

Hey ladies,

Paid $86 for this corset and that includes shipping to Canada because I found a discount for 15% off online! And these corsets are the real deal. Steel boned and everything.

I ordered 30" ---- 8" inches down from my size now. Don't plan on going any smaller than that.

I was considering the cincher but like I said before I want more permanent results.

Can't wait ladies! I may have to order another once since I will be exercising as well but we'll see.

Nite, nite!

Arm Update - 4 weeks post op

Hey Dollz,

Wanted to update on the arm. So I measured today and it's gone down half and inch and is measuring at 14.5. Still feeling good about it because my shirts fit looser in the arms so I know there's been a change.

Even though I've reached the 4 week mark and no longer have to wear my garment 24/7 I feel better with it on as much as possible. I really don't think it's time to start wearing the arm garment less. I don't want to risk not shaping it or loosing the opportunity to make it smaller. There is still swelling in the underarm area so I know it'll go down more. Want to shape it as much as possible. It's also still sensitive and tingly just like the other areas where I got lipo.

Another thing I noticed is I now I have hella stretch marks cause it's like I lost all that weight in the arm so quickly. I'm VERY happy Dr. S only does the underarm one can see it unless you lift your arm up and even then people probably won't notice.

The entire underarm is still sore and sensitive ladies so it's real when they say the arm takes a while to heal. Even my butt and flanks are doing better than them.

Here's a pic. It sucks cause you can't really tell in the pic cause no matter what the arm is handing down. Hmmmmm. I'll have to find another way to position my arm so you all can see the changes. The fat close to my armpit doesn't seemed to have changed at all. Gonna have to work that out myself.

The other day my skin under the arm was looking bumpy and weird but I wore the garment for 24 hours and it's smooth as a baby's bum. So I really am going to veto the 4 week garment bench mark for now and continue to wear as much as possible. Everyone is different and I dot think I'm ready yet.

Keep you all updated. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Had a Good Butt Day in a pair......

Of high waisted jeans and a fitted flannel top. Some days I still get the blues and think too small but today I felt my butt was proportional and cute.

Still changing everyday and still looking forward to the cuff! 5 weeks post op and no cuff in sight. Sigh.

Body still feels hella weird without the garment even though I've been cleared to go 50% of the time without it. Tried that and woke up with weird tingly, back and arms and swollen and sore flanks. Guess my body Isn't ready yet but I don't mind cause I like the security the garment gives you. I guess it's not a big deal when people where Spanks all the time.

Can't wait for my corset!!! *happy dance*

Talk to u all later!

Yours truly,

Impatiently Waiting For a Cuff.


Sigh. I remember a time not so long the month of November before surgery when I said "I don't mind my stomach. I want the back, flanks and arms done". Welll now that I got everything I want done this stomach is NO BUENO! Smaller arms, smaller waist, no muffin top, heart shaped booty coming along SLOWLY and then a gut? It's just not working for me anymore. Lmao.

All I need to work on now is this stomach. I'm going to do the 30 day ab challenge and stay far away from foods that stick to the guy. Essentially carbs I guess. Have some homework to do.

Maybe I can get this stomach flat enough where I don't want a tummy tuck cause I know there's still some unnecessary fat cuddled up next to the extended abdomen.

Damn....this body perfection is addicting and I truly thought i would be happy enough with these results not to bother but no!! It's addicting. Straight up.

If I don't get the stomach I want after a year of exercise I'm gonna get the TT.


Gut....not guy.

Ps. Starting my workout routine tomorrow. Can't wait 4 days. LOL.

Corset Waist Training Started!!! Info on first day....Pics in Corset...Ass in PJs. LOL

Hey ladies!

Corset came in the mail today. I live in Canada so I was surprised I got it after just over a week; especially since it was during the holidays and regular USPS so I'm sure if you're ordering from the US it'll be just a couple of days. I'm going to get into it but just wanted to give you a quick update on the ass and arms.....THERE AIN'T NONE! Ummmm...yeah. Booty seems the same to me but my hubby woke up like Santa Claus came early and insisted my ass got bigger.....he claims I don't know ass like him (lmao...awesome thing to say to your wife, huh? LOLOL. Jackass I tell ya) and that he is SURE it got bigger. He claims he noticed it the night before during know....but in the morning it seemed different again. I guess I have noticed I'm liking my bum a bit more without the garment and I'm not having the surgery blues anymore. I bought a pair of 5x underwear before surgery and by God it's filling out even more. That says something right? Just gonna continue to wear my garment cause if the doc says wear it for 8 weeks that must mean the ass is going through changes. I am much more strict with the butt garment then I am with the arm one and wear it longer than the 10-12 hours I'm required to at the 4 week mark and still like the comfort it provides me.

ARMS: Okay, so even though I have another 2 weeks and 4 days in the arm garments I really don't think anymore change is going to happen with them. I've been wearing the garment but not so much since I'm at the 10-12 hour mark with the garment wearing. My arms pretty much feel 100% normal. If any change is going to happen from this point on.... it won't be from the garment. I have maybe a LITTLE bit of tingling in the underarm but the hardness/ederma/swelling that was there before is 98% gone and it's just softness. I measured today and it is still 15 inches but as I mentioned before I know there is a change so don't worry ladies. If you want to emphasize your arms with Dr. S just do so! :)
Even though I still want my arms smaller I'm not sad. When I flex my arm I feel muscle under a thin layer of fat as opposed to not feeling a damn thing like before. I know with some arm exercises I'll be great for summer. Totally think the $500 is worth it. I even walk around the house in tanks all the time and I NEVER DID THAT BEFORE. The change is subtle on camera but real in life. I bought an arm band and have been using this daily for tricep and bicep exercises I can do EASY in my living room while watching tv. I find the band to be much better than weights because you can determine the resistance as opposed to being stuck with a dumbell that has a specific weight and then needing to repurchase heavier ones. One thing I'm really happy about is that Dr. S does the arm lipo under the arm so any stretch marks and darkness from lipo can't be seen. I've seen some complaints on here of people hating their arm lipo cause their arm is a lumpy mess but it's all good with Dr. S. He knows where to do it.

CORSET: here is a YouTube link of one of the owners teaching you about "seasoning" (and a couple other links I think you'd like) Basically, you can't just throw on the corset and go as tight as possible your first time. You need to give the corset time to get to know the shape of your body and curve to it. If you try to do too much too soon you can damage the corset or yourself. I've seen people complaining about it on YouTube but OC is great with replacing. Seasoning can take up to a week or more and you should only be wearing the corset for just over 2 hours while seasoning. I'm doing 45 min and then tightening a bit and doing 1 and a half hours...then off till the next day.

Corset 101: What To Do With Your Brand New Corset:

Corset 101: How to Lace Yourself Into a Corset

Corset 101: Do My Hips Make this Corset Look Big


So, I'm considered a plus size (38" waist or more) and they tell you to order 6-8 inches lower than your waist. So I ordered a 30". I will not be going any smaller than this corset. Once I can fully close this corset...I will be done training. My goal isn't to have a waist like Cathie Jung....walkin around lookin' like a damn ant. Nope! I'm good. Google her if you don't know. LOL.

So because I am a tutorial junky I had no issues getting this on. You just loosen the x's and make sure the corset is fully extended/laces loosened and the panel is flat across before you lace up. I had no issue but did have a concern that I bought the corset too small since my panel didn't reach all the way to the other side.....I have a quite a bit of space in the back but I called customer service who answered in a half a ring and she assured me that it's good the panel doesn't meet for the first time and in time it will.

I found the corset definitely fits in the waist area. You can tell you're training your waist when you put that sucker on. The underbust and hip area were very loose but OC will tell you that it will become one with your body after seasoning. I thought maybe the corset would help with some tummy fat but it's still quite loose in that area and my tummy fat seems to be lower than the corset. Lol. Tutorials that I've watched says that the corset will take larger, plus size women's fat in the abdomen and redistribute to the hips. Sounds good but we'll see.

It's great quality and even after the first wear...I like the shape it gives me. Will probably wear under my clothes when I go out. Patience is key ladies! Most women don't notice a difference until 2-3 months but the fact that it's permanent and I won't have to waist train forever is good enough for me.

In regards to maneuvering, it's not bad at all except bending over and getting up. I get up from the computer chair like a 9 month pregnant woman. You know when they use their arms to lift their weight and their stomach sticks out first? Yeah. Lol. But my posture is excellent! I didn't realize how bad I was sitting until I tried this on.

So here is DAY 1 pic of corset training and I measure at 38" and I threw in an ass shot cause my booty was lookin right in my PJS! Still waiting for projection and cuff but ....happy. :) Why can't you wear PJs to the club? When is Halloween again?

2 months post op

So here is a side and a front. As u can see now that the swelling is gone my cellulite and back and in full affect but that's cause I'm just full of cellulite. Not Dr. S fault.

Like my results cause I went from no ass to ass but I will definitely be getting a touch up!

I need more shelf and more cuff. I feel like all my booty is in the middle and it's not quite what I want. Gonna email Dr. S. Is only been two months and I have noticed my butt dropped and rounded out a bit but the top part is way too flat. I don't like it.

Can anyone inbox me his email. I had written it down somewhere but I lost it and my guesses are all wrong cause the email keeps bouncing back. I'd appreciate it!

I've definitely decided to get a tummy tuck. My abdomen is so stretched that exercise isn't gonna cut it. I'll be staying in Toronto for that one though. I need to save $8500 so it damn sure won't be for a year or so.


Ok ladies. So it's been two years and all the joy and happiness I felt about my butt has gone down the drain. Unfortunately for me, all that ass I had in the first five months or so was just swelling. When they tell you to wait a year to see your final results..they WERE NOT KIDDING. I wish I had waiting a year to leave a review.

1) First off, I barely have projection unless I'm wearing TIGHT TIGHTS. If I'm just wearing a pair of jeans ...nothing. People say I have a butt but once I say it was surgery..they gimme that side eye like 'damn, you PAID $10,000 and that's all you got?'. I don't blame them.

2) All my ass is at the bottom of my ass so I believe that's why I have no projection. I don't understand why it had to be one or the other. Ass on top or ass on the bottom. I wanted both. A nice round full ass.

3) ONE ASS CHEEK IS BIGGER THAN THE OTHER. You can tell moreso from the side view then from the back. But even when I feel my ass with both hands one of hands is fuller than the other. My left cheek is bigger than my right. Now I know they say assymtry can be an issue so I guess I can't blame the doctor for that but if I had the roundness at the top I don't think it would be an issue. I really don't think Salama put ANY FAT AT ALL at the top of my ass. ALL at the bottom.

4) Because I need a tummy tuck I can't show off my ass at all. Cause who wants to wear tight clothes with huge pooch. Salama recommended he didn't do any suction in my abdomen area...just the side because it can affect the tummy tuck later on. He did give my EX man 1000 refund for that. That I am happy with the flank fat being gone because I had a tire going all the way around my entire stomach and now I have just the issue in the front so I have been able to wear tighter clothes. Just not as tight as I wanted.

When I contact Salama about my ass being uneven I didn't like how they were SO QUICK to jump to telling me it would be an entire BBL all over again instead of a revision. Like give a bitch a break!!

Here are some pics! I have decided to go with a round two with Dr., Yily and boy has so much changed since my last surgery. I lost a man (LMAO), I lost over 20 pounds too! I plan on losing a lot of weight before this surgery. Unfortunately, I was in a controlling relationship and he wanted me to have a bigger ass and it was free for me so I was like eff it! Why not? But he didn't want me to lose any weight because he liked my size which I didn't want to do but he basically said if I got small he wouldn't pay for it. To be honest with you I knew he wasn't gonna work out but I was gonna get my BBL before it ended. Am I mean? LMAO/ Whatever. He was a mentally abusive prick. I feel no ways.

So now that I am doing this surgery with MY MONEY and I'm so much stronger and independent and will lose as much weight as I damn well please before the surgery.....I AM VERY EXCITED!

So overall, Dr. Salama didn't do a TERRIBLE job. I mean I do have more ass. But it's uneven and he really needed to give me some ass at the top of my butt! Why he only transferred the fat to the bottom makes no sense to me when I was very clear on what I wanted.

Don't waste your time paying extra for the arms. Yes they are smaller BUT there is some hanging skin from where the fat was taken so what's the point? Lol

As you can see from my pic I REALLY need a tummy tuck and I see Dr. Yily does both! I want a BBL and TT with her!


Looking that big cause of the garment. Unfortunately, without the garment it was alot smaller and no projection. :(
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Waited 5 months post-op to leave review. * Dr. Salama is a sweetheart and doesn't promise you the world. Very realistic. Said he put as much fat in my butt as he could. He did say I would get a cuff -- I personally don't think I got one but we will see if my butt changes anymore. He will not do revisions/changes for a year anyway. He's a very busy man and I felt it. Spent five minutes with me after the surgery on my after care visit and I felt he had more important things to do. That was the only time I saw him after my surgery. Once you get your last massage I haven't heard a peep from anyone. Don't know if that's normal or not. It took forever to get my first call back when I left a message and when they called they said his brother would get back to me regarding a question only he could answer and I still haven't heard back from him two months later. That's why they get a 3 star for phone or e-mail responsiveness. I feel they only answer you quickly before your surgery. The staff is very SWEET except for the nurse right after the surgery who rushes your ass into a wheelchair cause she wants to close up.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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