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Is 1300 ccs to much for bbl? I'm ready and...

is 1300 ccs to much for bbl? I'm ready and excited! anyone going doing this time please let me know. Elite plastic surgery check them out they the best in Miami. I live in mobile ala, 41 years old having a bbl for my birthday gift to myself. I will post before and after pic and keep y'all posted as the time nears for me to leave.


ladies is riding back on the plane after a bbl for 3 hours good or not? what are somethings i need to take with me?

Dr. Salama Moises (Miami)

Anyone from mobile Ala. that's booked for Dec 8 2015?

Dr. Salama

Hi ladies I would like to share with my experience with dr. salama and his staff. I called and spoke with nancy and told her what I and she responded back in no time with the answer to my question. Ive called other offices and either never contacted back or either no response. I'm not going to beg someone to take money. If i'm not worth a call back then my money will not be spent with you. Dr. Salama responded back and told me what he thinks and didn't sugar coat anything. He's not in it for the money he's about what's right. Ladies choose a dr that's going to tell you the truth not sell you lies just to get your money. TEAM SALAMA IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looking for a place to recover!

Hi RS I'm looking to book a condo close to dr. salama office and wanted to know if anyone knew of any. I'll be traveling with my boyfriend and would like to find a nice place for eight days. If anyone knows of a great hotel or condo close to his office? Thanks!!


Hi ladies just wanted to share with some of the ladies on here that are looking for the best BBL Dr. to do their BBL. Ladies if your looking and wanting the best results check out Dr. Salama he's the man for the job. He give you the best results and will tell you the truth. Don't be fooled by theses others dr. that have you come back for round 2. Dr. Salama is best at giving you what you want. He not only cares about his patients he tells you the truth. He's the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies think before you pay these DR's

Ladies think before you pay theses dr's if they charging you less, trust me it' s for a reason. Stop being fooled by the price of 4,000-5,000 it's only to botch you up and give u infections and not return your calls once they've got your money. Save your money until u can pay A REAL DOCTOR. Ask if they have insurance if something goes wrong. Remember some of us have kids that needs to be taking care if something do go wrong. These dr's on here charging 4,00-5,000 not going to offer an insurance all they want is your money. THINK PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Death the DR

Ladies there is another death in the Dominican Republic, on this pass Thursday. check it out google deaths in the DR. and see why its best to stay in the country for surgery. Cheap aint always good!!!!!!!

Getting closer to my big day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey ladies just wanted to check in and see if any of you have a surgery supply list of things that I'll need to be shopping for?

I'm getting closer to the big day!

Hey just wanted to check in and say that I'm thinking of getting a tt with my bbl, I want to have this body on point, so ready to do this!

Looking for a recovery house that will allow my husband to stay with me!

Hi ladies I'm having my surgery done by Dr. M. Salama, I'm looking for a recovery house that will allow my husband to stay with me. If anyone could recommend one I will appreciate it so much.

Getting ready to do labs soon!

Wow! Its time to start getting ready to do my labs. I'm sch for labs soon and I know that everything will be fine on that end. I Started to work out six days a week to prepare for surgery. I will post before and after pic after surgery.


Its real now, so excited and starting to prepare for my surgery!

Labs done!

Hi, ladies well labs are done just waiting on a clearance letter from my doctor to send to Dr. M. Salama. I'm praying that everything is well and it's a go. After I'm cleared by both doctors, I'll buy my plane ticket. I'm so ready to get my new body.

Lab work perfect!!

Well, went to the doctor to get my lab results today, and everything checked out perfect! Now, waiting on a clearance letter from doctor Salama's office. Once I receive it i'll be purchasing my plane tickets.

Lab lost !

Ladies plz make copies of your labs bc they do somehow get lost after being told they were received. This concerns me deeply.

Buying supplies now

Anyone with any tips plz feel free and share your input.

The count down begins!!! 40 days today

40 days till I'm Salamafield!!!!!!!!!!!

Got the call I've been waiting for!!

Hi ladies, well yes I got the called today from Dr. Salama office that i'm cleared for surgery. Now it's time to book my flight. I've bought a lot of my supplies already, just got a few other things i'm going to order online next week.

Where to buy the best compression garments in Miami?

Hi ladies, Im trying to find the best place to purchase two compression garments in Miami, I would like to purchase them online if possible. If any of you ladies know where good quality garments are sold please inform me, thanks.

wish pic!

wish pic!


Hi, ladies supplies are coming in!

With pic!

More supplies

Where I'm staying


where I'm staying!

Sorry ladies having trouble uploading pictures

Tide Waters

The Count down is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The count is real 26 days till I'm a Salamadoll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got my packet today!!

Flight paid!

Hi ladies, just booked my flight and ready to finish up a little more shopping! My husbands said that I always over pack, but ladies you know how us women are, we must take things we think we will use and end up not using half the stuff. I'm the type that pack like i'm going to stay for two months,LOL LOL. O one more thing I just order me a Victory Secret robe and it's nice, can't wait to put is on. TTYl

Husband showed out!

Hi, ladies my husband is the best, he supports me and he'said my best friend, he came to my job for lunch and surprised me, and told me to go finish preparing for my surgery after work. I just love this man.

22 Days and counting!!

So ready and excited, I've been working out a lot try to lose a few extra pound, my current wt. is 190 and I want to lose 10 more before surgery.

Going to use Justin (the driver for elite plastic surgery) any information on his service?

Good idea or bad?

Adding more supplies to the bag!

Just adding more stuff to the bags, hope I don't over pack.

Me before I'm Salamafield!

Me now before I'm Salamfield!

My Victoria Secret robe made it!

Well ladies got my robe today and it's a must have item. It's so warm and it feels so good against my skin.

Still counting down the days!

16 days to go! I'm so ready to have my surgery!

Happy Holiday to all you beautiful ladies!

Happy Holidays to all you beautiful ladies and happy healing to you all!

Salama here I come!!!

Hi ladies , I'm so ready to meet Dr. Salama because he and I got a lot to talk about. I will ask him so many question that he may not want to do surgery on me when I finish, lol. Me being a nurse, I know some stuff to ask. I pray and feel that I've chosen the right person for the job. I'm very out spoken and I hope I don't sound like a smart ass when speaking with him being that he is the Dr. I've finished all my shopping except for some small stuff that ill buy once I get there. I leave Dec 6th at 6 am and will be staying at a hotel until 7th due to the condo not being available till 3 pm on the 7th. I also want to thank all you ladies for your kind words and prayers, It has truly meant a lot to me. Happy healing to you all and wishing you all the best of luck with whomever you have chosen to preform your surgery. Remember, you get the best results by doing what the doctor ordered!

Busy week!

Well ladies this will be a very busy week for me. I will do all my running around doing last min stuff, so that I'll have everything in order before I leave. My husband will be taking off work to attend the surgery with me and I hope he's a good nurse, lol, he'll try and do everything him self and wont let me do a thing, I like to stay active as possible and its very hard for me to just lay around being that I work 16 hour shifts 4 days a week and work out 5 to 6 days a week for 2 hours. I've been working out like this for the past three months preparing for surgery. I've lost 25 pounds since. I want to be in good shape for this surgery and I want to stay working out after my surgery. I will inbox before and after pic only to ladies that I've had communication with only, Thanks!

December is Here!

Hi, December is here which is my b-day month. I'll be the big 42 and I'm so thankful to see another b-day! I'm having this surgery as a gift to myself. I think every woman should do something that she wants for herself often. I spoil myself all the time because I love me some ME, lol. My b-day is December the 28th and Ill still be in the healing process during my b-day but trust me I will enjoy myself a little. My husband wants to go out of town to visit relatives but I don't think that will be possible being that I'm still in the healing process during that time. Just want to share a few things with yall and I pray that all is well with each and everyone of you. Be blessed!!!!!!!

Before photos!



New vitamins

Hi, ladies these are new vitamins I'll take after my surgery, and to help me heal fast.

More Photos

Hi, ladies just a update on a front view and hair flow view. Happy healing to you all and prayers going up to everyone having surgery today!

Miami Here We Come!

Well ladies the day has come for me to leave . Our flight is at 6 am and I'm up, can't sleep, so ready to get this surgery done. i know that I've over packed, because my husband stated" You packed like we going to stay for a month". I just like to know I got enough stuff that's all, he got two bags and I have five, LOL, LOL.

Update on travel!

Me last night!

Hi ladies this was taken last night. Out with my husband enjoying this time before surgery.

Getting ready go see Dr. Salama!

Good morning ladies I guess as you can see, I've made it to Miami. Getting ready to go see the Dr. Ladies Justin( the driver) is awesome he is super sweet and if your needing a driver he is the man. I'Lloyd give a more detailed review once I get time. Surgery tomorrow, so plz ladies send your up and thanks again for all your kind words. TTYL

Sorry for the typos

I'm typing from my cell phone so plz, excuse the typo.

Top Dr. Recognitions

Surgery Tomorrow!

Well ladies tomorrow is the big day and I'm so nervous now. I know that god is with me and I trust him that everything will go well. My husband has been so much help and I thank god for him. The condo is soooooo nice. If your looking and needing a place to recover, you can't go wrong with this place and its affordable as well. For information on the condo contact (Greycy Vega at 305 785-4431) She is super nice and sweet. My husband and I walked the beach for awhile it was so nice. Keep me in your prayers and thanks to yall for all your kind words and prayers! TTYL

Up and getting ready!

Good morning ladies! Today is the big day, I'm sch for 9:30 am, I'm so nervous and excited at the same time. Keep me in your prayers. TTYL

I'm here!

Just sitting and waiting on the Dr. Salama!

Touch Down DR. M. Salama

Well ladies sorry its taken me a few days to get back to yall, but let me just say that Dr. Salama is the truly the MAN. Ladies I got so much to inform yall all also be patient.

Dr. Salama changed my body!

First off let me just say I love Dr. Salama. I have tears in my eyes as I write this review. Dr. Salama is the most nice , sweet, handsome, kind hearted person you want to meet. This man knows what he is doing and is veryyyyyyyyyy good at what he do.

The staff at Elite plastic surgery( Dr. M. Salama )

This staff is the bomb and I will spread word to every social media site I know. Ladies if you want the best results please check out this group, you can't go wrong.

I scheduled my next surgery!

Yes, ladies I've schedule my next surgery. I'm scheduled for Dec 8th 2016. Dr. Salama is already following his next year schedule fast so ladies go ahead and schedule soon.

Any questions?

Ladies I'm open to any questions yall may have so feel free to ask. I have so much to tell so as I think of stuff I'll post.

My new Salama Bootay!!!

This new bootay is getting to many looks! Dr. Salama did his thang on me. If anybody say that Dr. Salama is'nt the best they'll be lying. Dr. Salama truly knows what he's doing.

Well ready for round 2

Just a little update, I'm doing a round 2 with Dr. Salama. Yes, I love what he did but I want more. I'm getting a tt and bbl.

Round 2

Greeting ladies! Well I'm back and getting ready for round 2. I'm sch. for November 8, 2016. I'm getting a tummy tuck and another bbl. The reason I want another bbl is bc I want a stripper butt, lol. Dr. Salama did an amazing job on my butt it's just me, wanting more. Dr. Salama is the man!!!!

Love it!

Dr. Salama put it in my life!

Yall been wanting to see the full results, so ladies look at what he gave me. Lord I love Dr Salama!

Round 2

Round 2 ladies getting ready, I'll post more as I get closers to the big day.

Looking for a recovery house?

Hey ladies I'll be traveling alone on this trip to have surgery with Dr. Salama. I need a good recovery house to stay at. Price don't matter just as long as their good, safe, clean,, providing transportation to and from the airport, alone with to and from surgery and follow up appointments. Please help!

Lord I love Dr. Salama!!! He put it in my life!!!!!!

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