is anyone going to the d.r I need a buddy like asap

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Hello my beautiful sistas from another mother im...

Hello my beautiful sistas from another mother im not new to realself but im new to writing a review so with that being said help a sister out lol im stuck in between 2 docters dr salama & dr jimmerson ... ikr? I love both doctors they are both the ish im just torn in between the 2 lol dr salama get all the fat out of u n do good butts however , dr jimmerson do good butts but leave back fat but I think he shape his bottom alittle better then salama but they both do good jobs I have paid half mt deposit with dr salama set for February 18th 2014 but I have a phone consultation with dr jimmerson 09/18/2013 6days away but I dont know witch 1 I want a tiny waist n big ass hell help me out please

dr salama it is baby

Heyyyyy yall well just an quick update I want be going to dr j because I suppose to have had an phone consultation and I never got an call so dr salama it is so February 18th it is for my new boottay ....ok bye my lovely ladies

help please

I really.wanna go to dr. Jimerson omg im stressed do anyone know if i have to start all over ?

dr j charge 50$- to reschedule my phone consultation lol

Dt j done showed out yall lol he charged me 50$ to reschedule my phone consultation for next month witch is funny to me but it wasnt my fault that I missed my phone consultation it was his staff fault but anywho anything to get this surgery going I talked to mitchell n kelly they say if u pay for your surgery they will put u on fast track n u can have your surgery 3/4 months after witch is good to me im trying to get this thing paid for before my bday witch is april 23 yall pray for me please

im so confused anyone want and February 18th for salama please let me know

I want this bbl so bad I got a date for salama put down half of my deposit for salama so if anybody want and earlier date for salama for February 18th please let me know I wanna go with dr j cus I love his projections he gives the toosh

ive changed my mind dr s it is

Im going to dr salama he has being tearing the roof up I mean amszing results yall smh lol im scheduled for for FEBRUARY 18th2014 so only time will tell

realself is so radegy

They really need to fix this darn thing because im so addicted to this site im fenning for it lol ikr

thinking about switching from dr salama to dr duran

Do anyone want n feb date for salama? I want to go to dr I just can't get n touch with her do anyone kno how 2?

I want alot of ass


do anyone

Know how to get in touch withh duran please let me know

dr salama

I was gonna go out the country but im hearing to many stories so id rather stick with dr salama who I know will have me looking right OKAY !!:-)


I am so obsessed , please help! Lol I dont kno who I wanna go too. I was looking into dr j but heck noooo he is to high, then I put dwn my deposit with dr salama but now im second guessing him now dont get me wrong he do amazing work however I just had a baby girl july 5th thats why I have been absent sn7d on delay lol sorry ladies please forgive me but anyways you guys she messed my body up my stomach look like a garage door lol its hangy and loose ewwwww ikr im so stressed I have low low esteem I just want a nice body you guys is that to much yo ask for? My boyfriend is a hater he dont want me to get it lol he tell me he not condoning in it dont ask him bout it anymore a**hole lol plz tell me what do u think do you guys think I should keep my spot with dr salama .... I think who can do my body like I want it is dr duran or cabral ik ik ... kind of scary un I never got on a plane b4 kind if scary

anyone going to the d.r I need a buddy

Heyyyyy ladies ???????? how is everyone? Ladies I have a lot to talk about I really need u ladies ???? okay first n for most I hate my body its diqusting then on top of that I been with the father of my kids since I was 14 I'm 24 now we have 4kids smh ???? ik. But I just found out he was cheating on me with a young girl for a whole year . & when I leave he tells me he gone hurt me in he beats me its like I'm so custom to him I don't know what to do ... But anyways I'm doing what makes me happy for now own I wanna have surgery but I wanna go to d.r not because they are cheap but because I feel like they are going to give me the results I want Can someone buddy up with me I'm scared to go alone and I'm scared to fly please someone
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Im not sure either Dr Duran or Dr cabral

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