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I will like to share my journey so far... I...

I will like to share my journey so far... I started considering breast reduction sometime in 2009. This was due to the severe neck pain, back pain and negative attraction i get all due to my massive double D cups. Yes, i know? not so big huh? Well i am a size 2-4 and weigh 132 pounds and 5 10 in height; so yes with my frame those boobs were just too much. I work as a business analyst and that means so much meeting with clients. the meeting normally goes way to smooth and easy for me... most of my co-workers complain that clients are not willing to cooperate and so the project is being stalled but when i go there the story changes. this made me so sad because i know combined with my being smart at what i do, i also know that men cant help but embarrass themselves by staring at my boobs. This does not only happen with my work but my social life too and i also get some comments about my boobs that seem so hurtful too. Dealing with this all through high school and early career life i decided that it is time to get this load off my

So as events turned out i got admitted to come study for a graduate degree in the USA, Miami precisely. I decided that this is the best time to put an end to this. Funny enough in Miami they seem to love boobs and admire a girl with a big one too, but sad enough everyone though i had implants.

How it all started: I woke up the morning of April 6th, 2011 and it was the worst pain of my life. I had severe back pain and with very serious breathing problem. My friends took me to the hospital and after so many questions with the Doctor they found out that the bra i wore to sleep that tight was too tight and hence caused the breathing problem. After questioning me, i explained that my boobs are just to heavy and hurts if i sleep without a bra and so there was my confirmation to take this breast reduction serious. he said " your boobs are too heavy for your frame and hence gives you discomfort, have you looked into a breast reduction, it will help a great deal"; there it was the motivation to get serious about a boob reduction.

I came back and i began a more serious search to get a surgeon, meanwhile i had gone for 2 consultations but always gave excuses why i should wait... so i started searching seriously and i came up with some breast sites including Realself. I read reviews of these sites but nothing came so close as being very real like RealSelf, you will see pictures for free and even day to day stories of ladies as they start and recover from their process. This was what made me stick to RealSelf, other sites gave me the creeps by scaring me with only the negatives. I continued as day went by to read reviews on realself until November 18th 2011, i came across a post made by a lady with profile name ckmia, she was so detailed about her surgery experience in Miami and her pictures were amazing, so i sent her a message, which led to my contacting her and she told me the name of her Dr, how good he is with this procedure and how happy she is with the result. At this point, i was like this is the best sign you can get so i went ahead and book a consultation with Dr H. 5th December 2011.

I had my consultation with Dr H... what you should know about him. He will never ever try to sell you a surgery. he let me ask my questions and told me to take my time about my decision. He asked me to confirm with his staff about the same procedure she did, i did have a look at hers and it was amazing. I was pretty sure that he was the one, because it felt so right and there was no excuse creeping up in my head and there and then i booked a date for surgery. Surgery date was 17th Jan 2012. I enjoyed my Christmas holiday and did all necessary checks needed before surgery ( breast ultrasound, blood test, urine test etc). i went back to Dr. H to get all paper work filled and get my prescription. This is how i knew that i was doing it all right: i went about my day to day activities like nothing was going to happen on 17th, no fear or fake voices or weird boob reduction dreams. i was just the normal me. Jan 15th: Mum arrives Miami to be with me.. still calm as ever. She was calm because she is a nurse and so was pretty okay with everything. Jan 16th: went grocery shopping and to school. Drs office called me to remind about the do's and donts. At about 9pm the anesthesiologist called also to go over his rules. i watched TVthen off to bed....

Jan 17th, 2012: woke up took a shower with antibacteria soap, ate nothing, and wore my VS pants and jacket. Had my dear friend drive i and mum to hospital by 9am cos surgery was by 10.30am. Got to the Dr H office, all necessary marking was done by Dr. he also took a look at the picture i brought in of what i want to be and took the drugs given to me by the nurse, hugged my mum and friends, then i walked into the operating room. All i heard the anesthesiologist say was "take a sip of the best Margarita of your life and be happy while doing so and that was the end... I woke up 2 hours later and after some time i was ready to go home.

I slept throughout the journey home and slept all through even after i got home. You know something amazing that happened, the doctor told me expect zero pain and seriously there was no pain. All you need to do is take thing easy and you will do great. So yes it went pretty well and i am doing good. No complications at all. still no lifting but i am back to school fully. been to some couple of parties and yes wearing those cute dresses and high heel shoes. i look amazing and feel proportionate to my frame and once i start sleeping on my side will know how my back is doing but so far i love my new perky C cup boobies and how i look in my clothes.. Will update as weeks go by .... but please if you are thinking about getting this done. i will say go ahead with your decision because it is all the way worth it.

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Dr H, will never try to convince you about getting a procedure done, in other words he is not a sales man. he lets his work speak for himself. it has to be totally your decision to go ahead with a procedure. His staff are lovely people and are always there to help you with anything. Also Dr H. shares the reality of a procedure with you, so you know what to expect after surgery.

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