Young Mommy in Need of BL/BA - Miami, FL

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Hello, it took me a while to decide to do a review...

Hello, it took me a while to decide to do a review. I was expected to get the surgery done today (yaiiii). I was counting down the days, had everything ready, pills were bought, sports bras as well but last Friday (4/1/16) my period was late by 5 days. I decided to take a pregnancy test and it was very positive.
I decided I can't have another baby right now (I have a 3 year old). I will have an abortion next week, therefore, surgery has been scheduled for May 11th.
I will post some before pictures approximately two weeks before surgery!

About the clinic

I went to CG Cosmetics at the beginning of March and loved it. The girls were very nice and the doctor's work is amazing, plus i have a friend that got her breast lift and augmentation there.
I am currently 21 years old, 5'4", 170 lbs and i love my curves. I want to lose 10-15 lbs but I didn't want to wait any longer to get the surgery done. Doctor said im good health so my weight is not a problem. He recommended 400 cc and i liked 450 cc better. We will decide the day of the surgery.
You can find my "wish" pic below

3 weeks left!

I am no longer pregnant, and have just 3 more weeks left for my new boobies! I am getting the excitement back as i was feeling a bit insecure about the surgery a couple of days ago, i guess it was the hormones...
Well i will keep updating as the tine gets closer.

Found the perfect wish pic!

And this is what i would love, it was done by my doctor so i think it'll be possible ????

Undecided !!!

I am still debating whether I want 400ccs or 450. I know the difference is not much there is definitely a difference. I am not concerned much about the profile since i will let the doctor decide what will look better on me.
You can see my full body in this pictures and i was not wearing a bra so as you can see i dont have much. Im a deflated 36C (according to VS). Any suggestions on whether i should go for 400 or 450 ccs?
I would like to lose 10-15 lbs but will work on eating healthier after the surgery. Im thick and not skinny. Im 5'5" and 168 lbs...

Another obstacle!

I was just in the ER today, was diagnozed with tonsillitis and was prescribe z-pack (antibiotic) for 5 days. I will take the last dose exactly one week prior to surgery. Hopefully the infection will be cleared soon enough and I'll be able to continue with my plans.

Pre-op Pics....

Just because i know they will be full, and perky after the surgery, I am posting my before pictures.
They've always been "not completely perky", but after breastfeeding my son, this is what was left of my boobs.

Pre-op is done!

Im officially ready!!! Im so happy, anxious, nervous, and OMG i just want to have my boobies already. Infection is cleared and the countdown has started. 5 days to gooo

Surgery is tomorrow at 1:00pm

Surgery is at 1:00pm, but i have to be there at 11:45am, now im nervous, it feels so real!

Made it to the other side

Will update later

On the way home

They are sitting very high and tight, but i love the size, let's see when the drop and settle.

Resting at home

Percocet is really working, i just took the second pill. It makes me very sleepy. Up until now, im tolerating the pain very good, and its mostly discomfort on my arms and on the sides of my boobs. The girls seem fantastic already, can't wait to see them tomorrow at my follow up :)

1 day post-op

Well im on my first day and it hasn't been that bad. I had to take my muscle relaxer this morning 30 mins before i was supposed to because the tightness was horrible. I take the muscle relaxer every 8hrs. I take the percocet every 4hrs but will try to cut on it a little bit. I feel a lot better than what i expected. Today the doctor checked my incisions and nipples, everything looks good. Therefore, i am happyyy!

1 day post-op continued...

Forgot to mention that i got my card, and its natrelle style 68 high profile, 425ccs overfilled to 450ccs :)

More pictures

My boobies are still very high, its very swollen between my breats and i hope it'll go down, im already thinking about symmastia and all that but im sure it'll go down. You all know how us girls get worried about everything. Please tell me if they are looking okay.
Also, i will be able to shower today and remove everything except the tapes, i will post pictures as well.

2 days post-op

This site helped me a lot before the surgery therefore I'm trying to give as many updates as i can to help others. So I finally got to shower, and let me tell you that i almost fainted. My mom washed the girls for me but for some reason it felt so weird touching my new boobs. No pain, just a weird feeling. Today has been the worst day because of my muscle spams, everything else is good. By the way, when you shower, make sure to blow dry the tapes with the cold shot from the blow dryer.

Not the lift I thought it was

Well today has been the worst day of all, im extremely tired, my arms and back hurt, and i noticed some bruising. Butttt I thought i got an anchor lift, to my surprise I actually just got a lollipop lift yayyy!

Feeling better

I woke up feeling better. I haven't taken any pain pills, just my vitamin c, muscle relaxer, stool softener, and antibiotics. I feel like they dropped a little, they are still hard and high. I have been getting a lot of muscle spams and haven't been able to use the restroom since Tuesday evening even though im taking the stool softeners since Sunday. I will try to work on that because my stomach is starting to hurt.

Need to take it slow

Yesterday i decided it was a good time to go shopping for new sports bra, because i have 3 that have the front opening and one of them doesn't fit me, its too tight. I didn't have to drive or anything, but after 30 mins in the store, my left boob started to hurt, burn, itch, everything you could imagine. I paid and went home. I checked them and they were kind of red so i started freaking out. Right away i thought of infection, steri strip allergy, etc. Thank God i woke up today and they are not red and im not in pain, i guess i have to take it slow and rest even though i feel good.
Im not sure if itching is normal, because sometimes my left one itches at the bottom but everything seems normal. Other than that, im feeling amazing!

Getting better everyday

Im still waiting for pain but luckily it never came lol. I still feel some pressure on my chest, but im almost back to normal. I was able to wash my hair alone, dry myself up, but im not gonna flat iron it myself. I don't want to over do it. I can do everything by myself now. Im no longer taking any pain pills at all, and no muscle relaxers as well, just my antibiotics. I still sleep with a bunch of pillows that help me stay almost seated throughout the night. Ohhh and i almost forgot, im still taking Arnica and Bromelain, i have been taking them since the day after surgery. I only have one small bruise under my left boob. My muscles still get very hard from time to time and my boobies are under my chin. I can't wait until i start the massages to see if they drop. Well tomorrow i go back to work which shouldn't be bad because i work in an office, so basically just handling papers and phone calls. I'll let you know how it went. Also, if any of you ladies would like to ask me any questions, feel free to message me :)

Waiting for the girls to drop

I went back to work today and only worked 5hrs instead of the regular 8. I was feeling ok, but didn't want to over do it. I can do everything by myself now, bending down to put my shoes feel a little uncomfortable but not painful. My incision are doing good... i think. I dont see anything draining, it looks dry. Im not sure if i should be wearing a compression band, we'll see on Friday because this girls are high. Swelling has gone down a lot but I don't see that they have dropped at all. Any advices or comments will be appreciated.

Healing well

I had my follow up today and was taught how to massage my boobs. The skin between my boobs is swollen and the doctor said that if it doesn't go down in 2 weeks to wear a thong bra to prevent skin tenting but that i look perfect for my time. The tapes are off and along with the tapes went small pieces of skin. My incisions are healing well. I need to put Neosporin on then for 5 days so the little openings i have can close and also to prevent infection. Scar treatment starts in a week! Yay!! Any recommendations on what to use?? Please!!!

Feeling depressed

So, I've been slacking to post my incision pics for various reasons. They dont look that good, and my left breast dropped almost completely but my right one is still very high and long. Therefore it looks like i have one bigger than the other one. I have to admit that it looks worst on pictures because of the angle. My incisions are not completely closed and healed, and once again i try to remind myself that im only 11 days post-op and that it'll get better. Im still putting Neosporin and covering them with gauze. I have developed one bruise right next to the areola on the left boob... that is freaking me out

Thank you

I just wanted to thank ALL OF YOU that have taken a minute to comment on my posts, specially telling me that everything will be ok and that my results look great! Your kind words definitely make my day and make me feel soooo much better. Thank you again :)

Need help!

This is my current status... So my left boob has a bruise right next to my areola, however that's not my concern anymore. Now the wounds are separating right under my areola... I noticed it on Monday, yesterday was worse, and today is even worst. Its oozing a lot more and it used to be almost dry. It has no odor, but something is definitely not right. I called the doctor and sent pictures. He will call me back after 3pm.
Ohhh and i have been putting Neosporin on both of them since last Friday... Anybody that can advise on this?

Update on incisions

Im about to take my 3rd dose of antibiotic and i have to admit it looks better. I also changes the kind of gauze i was using and now im just using regular brand of triple antibiotic. I put the antibiotic after i shower and cover then with gauze to not expose them to any infections. I make sure to dry them very good before u put the antibiotic on. The doctor told me to go do a follow up tomorrow.

Update on incision opening

I'm still taking the antibiotic and putting triple antibiotic on the parts i have open, im barely oozing anything and that's great. In about 2-3 days more I'll stop the antibiotic and just put alcohol after i shower for 2 more days. Then i can start my scar treatment! I have the biocorneum cream and the mepitac silicone sheets. The bruise is getting better, but my left boob still looks a little bigger and feels harder. My right is still up in the sky lol. The most important thing right now is that my incisions are doing well.

Forgot to add this picture

Feeling much better!

Sooo... im starting to feel "normal" again. On Saturday i went out braless and OMG, i did feel awkward at first but they look good! Bruising is getting a lot better and so are the incisions. I did have a little issue yesterday... I put on the Mepitac silicone sheets on all of my fresh scars just to see how they looked with the sheets on (because im obsessed with them) and took them off but left the one around the areola. I guess im allergic to them or something because the skin around the areola got red and itchy, a small blister started to appear and i only had them on for 5 hrs!!! Sooo not using them until a couple of months pass by. Im planning to start using the biocorneum when the openings i had are completely closed, which im getting there. Boobies are finally looking somewhat alike and normal. My right one is so soft already, i love it. Left one is a little harder. I still dont have sensation in nipples, but i do feel a tingly sensation when i touch them and if im cold or touch them by mistake they "come out" lol so i guess they are not "dead". Anybody has sensation on their nipples? Or didn't have and now does? Please let me know.

3 weeks post-op already!!!

Almost 4 weeks already!

Well the boobies are doing good. That small opening i had its closed now but there's a scab I can't wait for it to fall off. I have noticed my skin is very sensitive so i just leave it alone. I clean all the incisions with alcohol after i shower and put my sports bra on.
My right is still higher (starting to get worried about it) and a lot softer.
My left seems a bit bigger and somewhat harder specially in the area where i had the huge bruise.
Other than that there's not much to update. Will let you know what the doctor says on Friday at the follow up :)

Happy 1 month post-op to meee!!

It's been a month already! Can you believe that?! Well I can't lol. They feel normal, very soft now (even the doctor said they are almost completely soft), my right is still higher so yesterday i was told at my follow up to massage that one more aggressively. When it drops, it's supposed to catch up with the other one in regards to size. I still have a small scab on my left from the opening i had but other than that everything is good. Scars are almost not there, just some darker areas. Overall im pretty happy! Therefore, im going out braless todayyyy :)


For those of you wanting to get a breast augmentation or lift and are married/have a boyfriend, let me tell youuu, he will be obsessed with your boobs. My hubby wants to touch them and caress them every single night. I tell him he still has to be gentle but he touches them when he shower together, when we go to bed, in the car, everywhere!!!! I even catch him staring at them when we go out! I love it!
The picture im posting today is a picture that hubby took to make sure nothing could be seen with the flash haha he inspected me before i could go out braless

Couple of weeks post op

Well im finally back to my old self. I am going to the gym (no upper body workout yet) and sleeping on my sides. They are completely soft and i think they have dropped and fluffed. I hope theh wont drop anymore. I also see that something looks weird when i raise my arms, im praying i dont develop a double bubble. We'll just have to wait to see what the next month brings.


Im starting to get concerned about the way they look when i raise my arms... Praying i dont develop double bubble but i think its coming. It's weird because on the "bottom bubble" i can feel my implant :(

10.5 weeks post op

Ok... So I finally went to get sized to Victoria's Secret, i know that's not the best place but since i love their bras it worked for me... Anddd i am now a 36DDD but i also fit into some 36DD. I am happy with the size.

Still think I'll develop double bubble because it looks like i have two breasts when i raise my hands but it is still not a huge difference.
I will post pictures later. Xxxx

Very happy with my results so far

Well im almost at my 3 month mark and im happy with them. They dont look saggy at all and look very natural. The "double bubble" I thought i had is getting a lot better lately or maybe it's just me.
I haven't used any scar cream or sheets because i used the sheets once when i was almost a month post op and it irritated my skin, same thing with the scar cream.
Im planning to start using the cream today!!!

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