Part 2 Revision- Lift with implant replacement

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I'm 5/7 and 126 pounds. I'm hoping to go from 325...

I'm 5/7 and 126 pounds. I'm hoping to go from 325 to 500cc. I have followed this board for some time now and have deemed it important to document my journey along with so many of you gracious ladies.
I'm in Miami now, traveled from NC with my husband and daughter for my procedure tomorrow with Dr. Ortega at CG cosmetics. So far I have mixed reviews but I'm not sure if it's just nerves or a combination of other factors. My consultation moved quickly and I believe that a great deal of information was provided during that time. This is my second augmentation and as I recall from my first, it was done in 5 minutes. That doc did an amazing job but 10 years later, breast feeding my daughter for two years and a 100 weight gain then a 145 pound weight loss, has taken a toll on my once perfect breast.
I'm hoping that I can be a better version of myself mentally and physically albeit 10 years older.

Surgery Update

So yesterday was the big day. I arrived at 6:30 am and my husband was called around noon to pick me up. I didn't he and my toddler waiting around. Besides, we booked into a hotel just 7 minutes away.
The whole process went pretty quick. I woke up and three things hit me. 1) The pain was soo incredibly intense, 2) My breast are too small ( I was supposed to be 500 cc. 3) My left breast appears to be a lot bigger than my right. Not sure if this is normal at this stage but the same thing happened with my first BA and for the most part, my breast while beautiful stayed that way even 18 years later


I had my follow up yesterday and I was indeed given 500 cc saline under the muscle. The pain has been dreadful.

4 days post op

The pain has subsided. There are times when my breast look even and times when my left looks far bigger than the right :(. The left does tend to swell more than the right. Hoping that with time they will even out. I'm also concerned that 500 cc is enough. My breast look extremely small to me. I feel like I know have a B cup.

5 days post op

In an earlier post I meant to say that I don't feel like 500 cc was enough. My doc told me that's the biggest he could safely go. Even with the swelling, they still look very small to me. What will they look like once the swelling subsides?

5 days post op

I finally took a shower today (sponge bath prior) and changed some of the bandages. The bandage was stuck to some parts of my areole making it difficult to remove but i used some bentidine to saturate the dressing and unstick from my skin. It's still very early in the process I know but for now, I'm still unhappy with the size. I do love how my doctor crafted my nipples. They are smaller and the healing is going well with them. I will be patient and trust that I will have the ultimate outcome that I soo desire.

Weight gain

I should also add that I am extremely swollen everywhere!!! I'm 5/7 and typically around 126. I weighed yesterday and was 137 pounds! I'm soo upset about this. I'm hoping that this is just water weight gain and some constipation. I can't live in a 137 pound body. Besides all of my clothes fit like a glove. This much weight gain will bar me from my own closet.

Very hard day back at work

Today was my first day back to work and let me say, it was absolutely awful. I have a comfy sit down office job and I barely made it through the day.
First, I could barely drive! Just turning the steering wheel was difficult. Opening and closing the door was uncomfortable. Once I got to my office, it was hell trying to open the massive entry doors. Even exiting the ladies room the doors were so darn heavy!
Now I had a lift with 500 cc under the muscle. I don't know if this along with my size makes a difference but this has not been an easy recovery! I must sleep in an upright position night after night. My tailbone hurts from this position night after night and I'm exhausted from not being able to sleep in this position.
Back to my job.... I found it difficult to constantly reach for my phone or type on my keyboard. It's a constant reach reach reach motion. Even the weight of my coat was a nightmare. I typically drink a large "smart water" daily. Even the weight of the water bottle exceeds what one should pick up at this point! What? No water! Don't even try to hold water, purse, and open a door. Impossible. I don't know how gals Are returning to work within a week after this procedure. I don't feel pain per se but the constant reach reach motion in the basics of things is unreal. What on earth does one tote with them to work within one week if your only allowed 10 pounds max? I feel my chest muscle strain under every pound that I attempt to pick up. I have even forgone carrying a purse! This is huge for me. I actually wore flats today to my office because I'm still swollen from the IV fluids. I'm absolutely miserable. I know that it's a process but I don't know how one could be a good patient and carry on like normal within a couple of days. Not possible in my eyes. I've taken tomorrow off. Thank God it's a Friday and I'll have the weekend to rest as well.

Pulled a muscle

I'm trying to be upbeat here and have gotten wonderful words of encouragement BUT I think I pulled a muscle. I'm past the pain and was just entering the discomfort stage. I am having sharp pains in my right breast now. On the outside. It feels like a muscle strain when I raise from a sitting or lounging position. I have my implants under the muscles. Has this happened to anyone else?

Sleep and weight

The past couple of days have been mixed. I'm improving and the pain for the most part is gone but this pulled muscle is still an issue. I'm still sleeping in an upright position and it's killing my tailbone. It's soo sore. How are you gals sleeping post op especially those of you with full lift? I can't recline too much. Feels like I'm pulling on the stitches. Also, getting up exacerbates the muscle pull. I don't know what to do.
As for my weight, my weight ballooned up to 144???? I don't know why I continued to pile on weight. Strangely this past Saturday my weight started to come back down to 134 this morning. I feel soo much better with some of this swelling gone. I'm still 9 pounds away from my normal weight and I'm REALLY hoping that I'm back to that weight within a week or two tops!
Other than these two issues, I'm praying that I get past the four week mark with no wound openings, infection, or any I'll fated mishaps. I see many girls with wound issues at 4 weeks with lift????? Any of you experience sudden wounds?

Two Weeks Post Op

Today is my 2 week post op. I'm feeling pretty good. The muscle pull is still pretty sore but only felt when rising from a reclining position. I'm super happy about spring finally arriving and was happy to let my convertible top down!
The boobs.....while I like the shape, I still feel that they are waaay too small. I really want them bigger but at this stage I can't even fathom going through recovery again. I'm still sleeping in an upright position. Strips still on. Still bathing only with bentidine and blow drying strips after EVERY shower. Still wearing a support bra all day and night. Will continue all of these things until 4 weeks. I'm still terrified of incisions opening or developing an infection. I'll do my part as a good patient and hope for the best. On another note, I'm down 2 more pounds. Yippee! 7 pounds away from my normal 125. Don't know why 118-126 is soo important to me but it is! Also, hoping that as my body shrinks and returns to normal weight, my boobs will look bigger. I still don't believe that I have 500 HP. Perhaps they look smaller because it was a lift and under the muscle. Not sure. Nonetheless, I'm feeling great and can't wait to be able to get back to cleaning my house regularly ( I have a very white and ivory color theme going) and sleep on my side. Don't think I'll ever sleep on tummy ever again.

3 weeks post op

Can't believe that 3 weeks have passed! Ok, the muscle pull that I lamented about is gone! Yay! No more pain from that. The swelling still persist the moment I eat a starch or sodium. I am back to my normal weight but I feel puffy. I still have tape on my boobs and I REFUSE to remove them until 4 weeks. I'm TERRIFIED of developing a wound! I keep them in a post op bra at all times except for showering. I then apply fresh tape. They are still really high and again, I'm still not happy with the size! Ugh! They are beautiful at least in my eyes but far too small for me. My husband says that they fit my frame perfectly and the size and shape looks very youthful. I don't know. I'll give them 6 months before increasing them to 600-650 cc.

4 weeks post op

Ok so last week Thursday made my 4 week post op anniversary. I'm feeling good. Still dealing with slight tension pulls. I'm not 100% and this bothers me. My breast are still sore around the nipples and incisions. Speaking of which, I'm still wearing tape :(. I'm terrified to take them off. I still replace the tapes that have come off on their own and cover the ones that are still hanging on. I will say that the exposed scars are VERY thin and light!!!! Yay!!! Still, I'm so scared of open wounds. I know it's a month but I see a lot of girls with sudden open wounds at 4 weeks. I'm still sleeping in an upright position. Ugh!!! I don't know how to transition. My first breast job was easy but this time with the added lift, I feel the need to be overly cautious. I'm ready to just get on with my life already. I'm a lover of extraordinary clothes and I'm a public figure with my company. I've been shying away from my day to day practices because I'm still a little uncomfortable and these awful surgical bras limit what I'd like to wear. I'm very fastidious and meticulous with my appearance. I'm just ready to get beyond this phase. I'm wining I KNOW but I'm really candid and I prefer to put my true feelings forth. I honestly don't know when I will stop taping, feel safe sleeping on my side, or transition to a non wire bra then wired bra. Patience patience patience.
On another note, I have now decided to have a bbl. Nothing huge! I don't have enough body fat for a massive butt and I refuse to gain weight. I just want a nice little puff and to shrink my waist from a 24 to perhaps a 21 if I'm lucky. I'd like to have my inner thighs done a bit to increase the GAP! That's for another blog I suppose.
Still waiting to see how my breast progress to rate my doctor as I have gone above and beyond to be the perfect patient.

4 week post op

6 weeks yay!!!

Six weeks post op today and I feel great! I'm still worried about the incisions but I'll probably fret about them until 8 weeks. I've started massaging them and it feels weird because again, I'm nervous about the incisions. These boobies are pretty but definitely too small for my taste. I must admit though that I look thinner than before and my clothes have a better fit. Still, I can't wait to be able to see what they will look like in a real bra. I'm still considering going bigger 650 perhaps but I will wait a full 6 months to decide. I already have a doc in mind and of course the funds!

Def. worth it

Just a quick update. All is good, well past being scared of wounds opening up and no longer sleeping in an upright position. I'm on my sides now and back to restful nights! The size isn't a big issue now as these breast really are super beautiful although I have noticed that my left is slightly bigger than my right. Was this way pre surgery as well. Ugh why can't they (docs) make you totally even during surgery? Moving along.... Clothes are fitting beautiful and I can actually wear a wired bra no with no discomfort what's so ever. Not that I need one! I'm now measuring at a 32 D at one place 32 DD at another. I'm good with those measurements

Cute boobies but

Cute boobies but I'm definitely going bigger. Maybe. Oh I don't know. They are cute and youthful looking which is always great in the aging process. Clothes do fit better BUT I love big boobs on a slender figure for MY dream look. Now that I'm 4 months out, let me say that I can see where my doctor could have gone bigger. I asked for the max! I still have a fair amount of space between my boobs. I'm 125 but 5'7. I could handle more. 500 cc def. is nothing significant. I'm a 32dd. Looks more like a C.

Ugh going bigger!!!

Ok, while these boobs are cute, I'm over cute! I didn't have a revision for cute boobs! Granted, I still feel like he did an amazing job but I wanted big juicy breast. The doctor told me that he would give me the max for my frame. Nonsense! I still have soo much space between my boobs (which I specifically asked to reduce) and a lot of the implants feel closer to my armpits. Now that ALL the swelling has gone, I'm a freakin 32C! WTH.... I went in with a full D cup and wanted bigger. Now I'm smaller????!!! Ugh... I hate having to redo this. I'm pissed because I asked for the max and provided wish pics. We settled on a profile and size (500 HP) to achieve the look. Nonetheless, I'm having revision and a TT done mid January. I'm still 123-127 in weight. I am shooting for 620 cc and perhaps a different implant profile. I have HP now. Also, my implants are under the muscle now. I don't know if going over will get me closer to my wish pics. Girls please chime in with your thoughts. Thanks.

9 month update Revision Again!!!

Ok, so I'm going for bigger implants. I like my breast at 9 months but I don't LOVE them. Also, I can clearly see that my pockets are slightly bigger than the implants. I now want at least 650 period! 500 cc really does nothing for me and not only that, there is still space in my pockets. I still think that my surgeon did a great job but I really want to love the outcome. I will be having surgery around December 10th. I'm also adding a tummy tuck. My tummy is really flat and my waist is 24-25 inches but I do have excess skin.

Surgery Oct. 11

So I've decided to just go for it and have my breast enlarged and a TT with Dr. Ortega. I'm scheduled for 12/11. It's soo close but I just want to get it done and over with. I have several months coming up that will be very busy.
This time I'm aiming for 650cc saline implants. I hope this increase makes enough of a difference. I'm worried about the tummy tuck, swelling and drains. I want those things out quickly and be on my way back home ASAP. I feel Ill prepared in a way but I've had a Caesarian and I've had my breast done Twice, so I should manage just fine. Wishful thinking. I've spent a lot of time researching how to avoid complications and being a compliant patient. Soo nervous!

A little over 48 hours to go!

I've posted this in both this section and another. Ugh! So I'm all paid up and ready to do my breast AGAIN! I really can't believe that I'm doing this! Why???? I never wanted to be one of "those girls". I wanted bigger boobs at 18 and was very happy with every thing else about myself. Even after gaining weight, breast feeding and losing weight. It was only after looking at a swimsuit photo that I determined it was high time for a revision. Again, I figured just the boobs. In out and back to my life. WRONG! I'm older now and very particular about the way that I look and how I want things. Not good because my breast are beautiful yet I'm not completely pleased. Then there's the tummy and thighs. Oye vie! I love my figure. Surprisingly I'm a perfect size 0-2 with my height and weight. BUT the fall out from massive weight loss and childbirth.... Anyways, this Thursday is the day that I do my breast for the third damn time! I hope it's my last! I'm also getting my tummy done at the same time. I'll update the tummy in another thread. I'm soo damn nervous and starting to question my sanity! Lol

Surgery day!

It's 7:35 am and I am waiting to meet with the doctor. I'm supposed to have surgery at 8 am. It's freezing in this room and to make matters worse, I'm feeling bloated and full of gas. Lovely.
I'm really nervous. For whatever reason, several things hasn't gone right this time around. I'm trying not to play into this but....
7:38 now. Still waiting.
I don't see surgery happening in 21 minutes now. Ugh! What's wrong with me this morning? I'm anxious, annoyed and I just want to get on with it before I put my clothes on and leave. I can't do that. Or can I? Ok, now I'm rambling and starting to overthink, over feel and over analyze! Oh! He's here! Gotta dash. Pray, chant, throw sugar, cinnamon, whatever for me!

Did it!

Hello! Dr. Ortega was great and as usual candid. For the breast we discussed going up to perhaps 700cc. I'm not certain yet. A little drowsy and I'm not feeling any pain. I am staying on top of medications.


So I ended up with 660/700 cc saline. I love them so far! I don't feel a thing either. No pain. I wonder if they are under the muscle. I hope so! But there is absolutely no pain or discomfort. Could be because the TT is taking front stage. Oye the pain! It's soo uncomfortable and I've got some burning on my right side at the drain entry.
TMI but it's going on day 5 and still no BM. I've been taking senna daily and nothing! Of course I'm swollen and I'm guessing 11 pounds heavier.


I don't feel an ounce of discomfort as far as my breast are concerned. Never ever would've picked 600+ cc for my breast but it works and I'm soo thankful that my doctor gave me what I needed to achieve the look that I wanted painlessly.

8 Weeks post 2nd Revision

I'm really happy with my breast. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think that they could be a bit bigger. I get a reality check every time I take a photo or try on a bra. They look huge then. I'm still swollen from my tummy tuck and lipo mind you. I'm very curious to see what the overall look will be after my waist and tummy are completely flat and narrowed. I'm vigilant about scar treatment. I make my own paste and I don't have much of a scar at all. I don't know how he did the revision with little to no scar this time. I wear a variety of sports bras with bands under. I'm in no rush to wear a real bra. Spring hasn't even sprung! I am bikini shopping though. Several of my old ones no longer fit.
Today I'm;
5/7, 126 pounds, 30G bra or 32DDD
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortega was a very cool doc. Personable is a good word to describe him. Few tattoos even. 5 weeks later I can see his work starting to take form. While I'm not overjoyed with the size, his handy work is pretty awesome. My breast are smaller than what I'd love but they are beautiful. The scars are barely visable and this was a full lift. Very good job! CG cosmetics.... Well they are very fast and busy. No frills. To date, no one has followed up with me. I was in/out and long forgotten. While there things moved quickly. My coordinator Tatiana, wasn't there for my pre-op and I'm not sure she was there the day of my surgery. Again no follow up. Not sure if I'd utilize them again and I'm currently planning on getting more body enhancement. I didn't like the building at all but the staff was nice. There was a nurse Palma I think. She was soo sweet and funny. As an out of state patient, I hated giving my cc over the phone to God knows who on the other end. All providers should have a way for a patient to pay securely on line or in person. This place wanted all of the money BEFORE the pre op! I had to pay over the phone 2 weeks prior to surgery!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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