38 Yrs, 8stone Weight Loss, Flew from UK to USA for Uplift with Implants - Miami, FL

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Having lost 8 stone twice in 6 years! and having a...

Having lost 8 stone twice in 6 years! and having a child, my body was not at its best and my boobs were horribly deflated, with over stretched skin and frankly shocking. I had followed Dr H for years via this site (thank you ladies for your photos and reviews) and after maintaining goal'ish weight for 3 yrs decided to go ahead with a full uplift and small implants.

Arranging surgery from the UK was no mean feat and a few misunderstandings took place, that in the end did not matter, and were sorted out, although for a short term it was hard, and traveling solo, without support when things go wrong and having sugary while jet lagged is not wise!

I had a very brife meeting with Dr H before surgery, he was professional but clearly busy, he answered my few questions and spent time assessing my breasts. he asked to see my wish pic, of which i had chosen from his past work. TBH his seemed to be drawing an image in his own head and at one point said 'i see', i took this to mean, he understood what he would do to improve them. With so much experience i went to him for a his skills and was happy to let him advise which shape he thought would work best for me.

The surgery team were amazing and from that point the process it all went like clockwork, i was in at 7.30 am and awake in recovery at around 11.30 am. They have a lovely blow heater they place under the blanket to keep you warm, for which i was very grateful. the nureses kindly checked on me and and called my family member to pick me up.

The pain meds meant i was not in much pain and i slept well that night. Overall the pain was bearable , lots of pressure more than pain. i was able to prop myself up on pillows and get a good nights sleep. Ensuring i took my meds as recommended and on time, the pain has been manageable.

I needed to fly back to the UK the following day and was lucky to have a doctor's not saying i was safe to fly, virgin staff at check in made a big fuss and i had to be signed off by their doctor before i could board the flight. Thankfully one of the checkout staff kindly put me on a row on my own and i was able to again prop myself up and sleep through most of the flight back to the UK.

I was very grateful to have arranged wheel chair assistance at both ends of the journey, both ends meant i was wheeled through customs / x ray and helped with my bags, which i could not lift.

Day 3 and i had to go back to work for 1 day as i had a long standing event i could not get out of, the event was fine, but did notice one boob seemed to be bigger and harder than the other by the end of the day, i am really hoping it will be the swelling and not the end result as one boob was always bigger than the other. Dr h said he would correct this by not tightening one so much, fingers crossed its not over corrected and its just me over worrying.

Day 6: the tape started to come off around the nipple, i paniked, brought more strips and taped it back again, Rang the office who informed me this was natural and fine and just to let it fall off, after thinking about it, is nearly a week since the op, it just feels like a couple of days ago. so i am relaxing a little and not taping everything back up :)

one breast looks perfect, the other i have a slight worry, it looks puckered, but again, i know i need to give it time, and am fully prepared to wait 6 weeks before questioning if these will be lasting results.. i really hope not!!

overall the implants are really high and need to drop, even by day 6 i think i can see them starting to drop, although others have said this is in my mind :)

Having perky breast is amazing and freaking me out, they do not disappear under my armpits when i lay down... lol.. yay, that never happened before. the nipples are still low, but i assume this will fix its self once the implants have dropped. i have faith the end result will be nice.. i am sending postive vibes to my boobs :)

However i am reservering judgement until the tape comes off and i can see the scars,i know this will be the real test, what they look like without tape, how the scars match up, what my nipples look like, will the feeling in them every return, so many things i cant wait to discover.. I am hopeful and will carry on updating as much as i can.

recovery :) and sorry for typo's / spelling... not my strong point and can't edit ?

After the hassle of returning home and getting over jet lag, finally starting to feel myself again and have been pretty pain free and able to reduce my pain meds, the pain really is worst in the mornings, around the bottom scar, i can not yet feel anything around my nipples... getting out of bed is still a little tough (or maybe i just want to stay there). returning to normal, i.e cooking, light cleaning, child care, work etc, but i am trying to take it very, very slowly! sleeping on my back is the hardest part, so have about 500 pillows and still manage to still turn in my sleep :(

Have found i don't need the sleeping pills from the doctor and the tape has contained to peel away in small parts, Amanda at Dr H's office emailed to request images so Dr H could check on progress, which he said all looked fine, i also visited my own GP in the u.k who checked the scars and said they seemed fine. has been really helpful having my GP be so supportive as they were able to order all the pre op blood tests, which save a little money and they are happy to monitor progress and have been told to come back if i need anything at all. I did info my GP what i was planning and this extra back-up has been great.

Amanda told me as the tape peels off, just to snip it and not to pull tape off in anyway,but to give it time to come away itself. I was also told not to soak in the bath, swim etc for at least 6 weeks (yuck, just showers for 6 weeks ) and to not worry that the breasts are slightly different shapes / sizes as each one heals at a different rate.

i am totally shocked at how well they look just 10 days out, am now washing twice a day with anti bad soap and have brought silicon scar away strips, silicon spray and bio oil, but have been advised not to use these until at least the 6 week mark. i was hoping to use the scar away strips as soon as the steri strips came off, but this would be after aprox 2 weeks, dose anyone have any personal experience or advice on the timing of using these? i int want to wait so long to start using as i do not scar very well :(

have added a few more images x

recovery day 10

should have found out which meds i needed and had them filled in the uk, GP was happy to arrange and could have saved over $100 on generic meds from the U.S

3 weeks out :[

Okay so 3 weeks out and the last 3 images were taken yesterday.
My left boob is much more swollen than the right and the scars look worst on that side also. and having taken these photos my BF says they look better in real life. They feel better and no where near as horrific as the images, but will have to wait and see and still wanted to post.

The left has def had less swelling and seems to be dropping sooner than the other, 2 days ago, i forgot myself and raised up from sitting using my arms, something felt pop, but no blood or outward signs, so assume it was an internal stitch and all is good.

I am wearing the bra most of the day, although there have been a few days when i just had to take it off, also for shower and ... ummm sex (no way to say that nicely). Also fell a sleep without one night and woke up very swollen :(

My main worry is i slipped up by smoking 3 cigarets over the weekend, am safely back to vaping with no nicotine but wish that hadn't of happened.

Apart from that everything seems to be healing nicely, am very swollen in the morning and evenings and i think the feeling to the nipple maybe returning as i am getting little sharp pain in both nipples.

Finally all my tape has fallen off and waiting for the go ahead from my Doc to start using scar strips for the scars, as he says at least 6 weeks, but i want to start using now :(

Hope the photos help, as they are making me sad, but alway knew there would be a pay off for shape and just hope they (boobs) will settle down and scar fade as much as possible... keep having to remind myself it is just 3 weeks, lets recap in 1 year .... positive, postive ,must stay postive!

4 weeks out,

Think they are starting to balance out, one side is still bigger than the other (which is a worry) but swelling is getting better and they seem more balanced in size and shape.

The scars are all but closed, tiny spots still to fully heal under boobs and on nipples, but on the whole the scars are healing well and i have started to use silicone gel around the nipples.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Nice, skilled yet busy surgeon. Clearly an artist who knows what he is doing. Would have liked to spend a little more time with him, but he answered all my questions and was able to suggest what would look better on my body type. Overall, (and yet to see end results) i would be very happy to recommend him to family and friends..

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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