32 yrs old 5ft tall 4kids 450cc High Profile Silicone Breast Implants and Lift

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Will be having my procedure done in 3 1/2 weeks...

Will be having my procedure done in 3 1/2 weeks now. I'm trying to decide on the implant size. I'm 5' even and weigh 113lbs. I'm thinking about going with 500-525cc implants with a lift but I'm not completely sure yet. I had really big breasts after my 4th child and really like how it looked. Now I'm extremely deflated. It's crazy how much I changed with this last baby. I'm pretty droopy too. I'm going to upload some wish pics of the look I want.

Pre-op photos and phone consultation

I had my phone consultation a few weeks ago. I live a few states away, so this will be my only contact before my lift/augmentation. I was hoping to just be able to have an augmentation, but Dr. Hochstein says that if I want the look in my wish pics than I will definitely need a lift. I've seen lots of amazing after pics of his patients, actually, most of my wish pics are from his patients on this site. I'm just a few weeks away.

11 days away!!

I'm nervous and excited at the same time about next week!!! I've been working so hard to get a healthy and strong body. I have 4 kids under 5 years old. My youngest is 13 months old so it is been hard on my body in a short period of time with 4 different pregnancies. Each baby I put on 50 pounds and I always worked hard to lose it. Where I am going with this is that I feel that I can almost handle anything, but I am still so nervous about the fact that I am getting cut open and the pain that I am going to feel after the surgery! I am a stay at home mom and we hired a nanny to help me with my children after the surgery and my husband is such a good help so I am not worried about that. It's just that I've seen so many pictures of women showing their stiches and it looks so painful so that's why I am so nervous. I am happy overall. I know Dr. Hochstein is going to do a great job! And after the healing I am going to feel great!!!

For those who want to compare themselves with me for future procedures:
I'm 5 feet tall.
I have a 25.5 inch waist.
My breasts measure as a deflated 30B right now.
Hips measure at 33".

I've included my before pictures. I'll share my after results after the surgery.

Final payment made! Getting ready to travel.

I made my final payment yesterday! I can't believe it is less than one week until my procedure. I'm nervous, but excited. I can't begin to imagine how I will look after!

Hi Ladies! First Post-op Update Finally!

Sorry ladies, I've been so busy with the combination of being back home with my kids and trying to recover at the same time.

So where do I start...

On Saturday July 11th we drove in to Beautiful Miami after a long 20 hour drive. We got settled that night and headed out first thing in the morning to the beach!! We had never been to Miami and wanted to take advantage of the couple of days my husband and I would have before my surgery! Coming to amazing Miami is a small perk of having Dr. Hochstein do your surgery!!

Dr. Hochstein's Nurse said enjoying the beach before the surgery would be no problem as long as I avoided any chance of a sunburn. So SPF50 sunscreen it was!

Monday, July 13th- I had my pre-op appointment with Doctor Hochstein. When I walked into the office, I saw a couple of ladies that had already had their surgeries the day before. I'm not going to lie, it made me a little nervous. They were walking bent over and looked like they were in pain. Dr. Hochstein assured me that I wouldn't be as bad, because the ladies I saw had also had tummy tucks!! That made me feel a little better.

Once I got in the room to see Dr. Hochstein the nurse had me remove my top only and put on a paper gown. Dr. Hochstein came in and asked me if I had any questions. My main question was what size he thought he would be using to get the look I wanted. He had my wish pics right there with him in my file. He said that most likely he would use 450-475cc, depending on what he thought during surgery and he would also be doing a full lift. He also said it would be silicone, under the muscle like we had previously discussed on my phone consultation. I was a little concerned that we weren't going to try on sizers(even though I had made my own rice sizers at home), but the nurse said that Dr. Hochstein doesn't do sizers when a lift would also be performed, because you would not look anything close to your correct size anyways, so that made me feel better. It turns out they only had me remove my top for the before pictures. The appointment with him only lasted about 5 minutes since we didn't have many questions. He was very nice, but quick and to the point. I feel like he would have taken more time with us, if we needed him to.

Later that day the anesthesiologist called to let me know that I couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight except for one 8 ounce glass of water before 9:00am since my surgery would be at 1:00pm the next day.

We filled all of my prescriptions after the appointment and put them in my bag to take with me the next day.

I didn't fill nervous about the surgery. I was more nervous about the recovery. I felt that I was completely safe with Dr Hochstein and trusted him completely, so that helped a lot.

Tuesday, July 14h, surgery day- When I arrived for the surgery my nurse, Lauren, was amazing!! She made me feel so comfortable! She asked me just a few health questions again and did an awesome job with my IV. Dr. Hochstein came and made his markings and then that was it! Off to surgery I went!

The surgery lasted about 45 minutes and I waited an hour in recovery. I woke up with basically no pain. They asked me from 1-10 what was my pain level, and it was a 2. They gave me some pain medicine anyways, just in case. The first day to me was nothing like I expected. I was staying on top of my pain medicine, taking it every 4 hours, but I didn't really feel bad at all. He ended up placing 450cc, silicone, High profile implants.

Wednesday, July 15th, 1 day post-op- At 11:00am we went to my post-op visit and they removed the gauze and tape. Surprisingly pulling off the tape was the most painful part up until then. If you have any peach fuzz whatsoever on your body, get rid of it before your surgery!! It hurt so much I felt so silly after words. They put on my 34c Marena surgical bra that they include in their price and sent me on my way. I probably saw the doctor for maybe 5 minutes or less. He said things looked good. I was ready to get out of there, because I was so nauseated during that entire appointment.

That night is when the pain really started. If I didn't take my pain meds exactly at 4 hours it hurt pretty bad. I would compare my pain to what I felt of a combination of when I was breastfeeding for the first time and the time I had terrible mastitis! It hurt, but was completely manageable with my medicine. I took a valium for the first time to get a good nights sleep.

Thursday, July 16th, 2 days post-op- This day my back was killing me and that didn't really go away for several days. We pretty much just stayed in the hotel this day.

Friday, July 17th, 3 days post-op- I decided I wanted to get out and do some shopping to just get my body moving, since they recommended to not stay cooped up in bed, so we walked around Dolphin Mall for several hours. I felt ok for the most part. Just had some pain still right at 4 hours, so we just stopped long enough for me to take my medicine and kept going. Really, as long as I took my medicine I felt fine. I felt tense, but didn't really feel too much pain. Today, I noticed a dark spot forming on the tip my nipple. I felt like it could be some dried blood, but wasn't sure. Over the next few days it got a little worse, but stayed on the tip of my nipple(see photo).

Saturday, July 18th, 4 days post-op- This was our last day in Miami. We decided to take a walk in South Beach before we left. Once again, I was really feeling great as long as I took my medicine. Wednesday-Friday if I didn't take my medicine every 4 hours I was in lots of pain. Today I was lasting closer to 5 or 6 hours. This afternoon, we started our long drive back. It wasn't too bad. It was long, and a little uncomfortable, but I felt ok.

Sunday, July 19th, 5 days post-op- We made it back tonight. I'm not taking my pain meds nearly as often, but did need one before bed and a valium due to the long trip.

Monday, July 20th, 6 days post-op- I sent an email to Jennifer at Dr. Hochstein's office with some pics of my right nipple, since it had gotten a little worse. Over the weekend we looked up some info about necrosis that made me a little nervous, so I wanted to see what was going on. Dr. Hochstein said it did look like my nipple had suffered a little lack of blood flow, but it didn't seem like anything to worry too much about, but to send more pics on Thursday to follow up, unless I saw more changes before then. Today I'm pretty much taking Tylenol Extra strength, with exception to a half a Percocet before bed, because I was feeling pretty sore. I have 4 kids, so I maybe overworked myself a little, we did hire someone to help me during the day for a couple of weeks and help carry my baby, so that did help, but I still felt like I needed to be helping out. I still feel so bloated!! Haven't had much of a bowel movement. I'm taking an OTC stool softener. Should work soon.

Tuesday, July 21st, 7 days post-op - Today felt good, nothing too eventful. I did start to feel a little disappointed today, because I felt like my breast aren't as big as I had hoped. I jumped on this site though and looked at a few pics of a few people that had had theirs done with Dr. Hochstein and it made me fill a lot better. Other ladies that also had around the same size of high profile implant as me also didn't look very big, but 20-30 days post op, they looked much bigger and had the look I'm hoping for, so that made me feel a lot better. I can already tell they are starting to change shape.

Thursday, July 23rd, 9 days post-op - I sent more follow up photos concerning my right nipple. Dr. Hochstein got back quickly and said that it didn't look concerning to him at all, and to follow up in a week. Today I can start to see I'm starting to see that my breast are moving more towards the shape I wanted. The day after surgery, I thought there was too much of a gap between my breasts, but I can already see them starting to get closer together, you can tell a small difference between my 2 day post-op photo and my 9 day post-op photo, with the 9 day post-op showing the gap slightly closer together. I'm not taking anymore pain medicine at all. I've been rubbing some bio oil on my breasts to try and avoid stretch marks, but we'll see what happens, I had some already from when I was breastfeeding.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Hochstein for your BA/BL. I can't wait to see my results in a couple of months! I know they are going to be great. I still think they are a little smaller than I wanted, they especially seem so under my clothing, but I know my Dr. knows what he's doing and I've seen so many amazing results of his, it's just hard to wait and see.

16 days post-op and feeling good

It's been just over 2 weeks and I'm feeling pretty good. I have sharp pains here and there, but nothing major.

How long did any of you wait before sleeping on your side? I've been sleeping flat on my back for about 5-6 days now and that was a major help for my back pain, but I miss sleeping on my side.

Also, do any of you sleep on your stomach now? When did you start?

The black spot on the tip of my nipple from poor circulation turned into a small scab. A portion of it has already come off and the other small portion looks like it will come off in a day or two. I was worried about it, but feel much better now.

27 Days Post-op removed strips

Things have been going pretty well. I still feel pretty sore some days. I'm ready to get through this completely and feel strong again. I can't wait to start working out. Technically I can start working out in 2 weeks, but I hope my body will be ready. I feel like I'm starting to see a nice shape in my breasts. I have such a small frame, I'm not going to get anywhere close to the size of my wish pics, but I'm very happy with my results. I got 450cc, but think probably 550cc would have been needed to get the look I wanted. I look 100% better than before, so I'm very happy!! I think my scars look great. I've started putting scar cream on them a couple of times a day. My left breast has been pretty red since I took my strips off. I think it has something to do with a couple of stitches that are sticking out, but I sent an email to my doctor tonight to make sure. I also have a small opening under my left breast that I asked him about tonight. I should hear back tomorrow.

Almost 4 months post-op update. I'm pregnant! oops!

Everything is going good. I have felt good and feel like my results are great. I've been running every day and ran my first marathon not too long ago. I only have a small burning sensation near my scars hear and there. I've been putting on my scar cream off and on.

A couple of weeks ago I found out I'm pregnant! Wasn't in the plans, but we're excited. I'm curious about how it will affect my results though. After my last pregnancy I lost so much breast tissue while breast feeding. I had nothing left, so I think I'll be ok with that because I can't get any smaller than I am now. I'm still working out every day to maintain my weight and will continue to do so as long as my OBGYN allows. I'm in the best shape of my life right now, so hopefully that helps me during my pregnancy and helps me not gain so much weight. I weigh 105lbs right now. Hopefully that helps. We'll see what happens!

Just before my marathon a month ago

I love running. My implants feel fine when I run as long as I have good support. They really help with my body shape. I love how they look!

37 weeks pregnant

My scars have darkened a lot. I've read that if you get pregnant within a year of your surgery, the hormones from being pregnant turn your scars the same color as your nipples. They also say that within a year of stopping breast feeding they should lighten back up. I'm hoping they do! Anyone with that experience? My boobs have gotten a little bigger during the pregnancy.

10 weeks postpartum-13.5 months post lift

My boobs have softened quite a bit over the last year..my scars darkened a lot during my pregnancy. I hope they lighten up over the next several months. I've been working out a lot and my body is looking great. My boobs really help the shape of my body.

Great experience with Dr. Hochstein and Jennifer, his out of town coordinator. They are a little hard to get a hold of over the phone sometimes, but don't give up! Dr. Hochstein's work is amazing!!

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