Post Op: 24 Year Old, No Kids, BL/BA 425 cc Silicone Under Muscle, in Miami, FL

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I have wanted, or should I say NEEDED, a breast...

I have wanted, or should I say NEEDED, a breast lift for as long as I can remember. I was overweight as a child, then lost a lot of weight during puberty. By the time I developed breasts they were saggy and unattractive. I spent my entire teen years and early 20's with saggy breasts and low confidence. But now, I'm finally getting my dream procedure with Dr. Hochstein!

I've had my phone consultation (I'm an out of town patient), have paid my deposit, and chosen my surgery date. The next step is getting my blood work and ultrasound done. I cannot wait for two months from today!

Before Photos & Wish Pics

These are the before photos and some of the wish pics I sent to Dr. H. He was able to tell exactly what I needed just based off of the photos. I'm looking to get high profile, round, silicone implants. The size is still up in the air, but he said it will be somewhere between 400-475 cc. I'm currently a 34 D/DD depending on the bra, but as you can see, it's a lot of sagging. I can't wait for some upper pole fullness!

Blood work & ultrasound complete! Only 41 days to go...

I completed my blood work and ultrasound required for pre-op last week. It's finally hitting me that this is happening. It's crazy to think that something I've wanted for so long is only 41 days away! Now I really want to focus on being as healthy as possible and working out. I would like to lose 7 more lbs and really tone up. I want to go in to surgery looking the best I've ever looked so that I can enjoy my results even more. :)

Any advice for things to eat/vitamins to take before surgery and during recovery? I've read about a couple things, but what has worked for you ladies?

Headed to Miami!

I'm flying to Miami tonight and have my pre op tomorrow morning. I can't believe the time is finally here! :) I am so excited and not really nervous or anything. I feel very sure in my decision and very confident in Dr. Hochstein. Everyone in his office has been so great and prompt when responding to any questions I have. It's crazy to think that in two days I'll have something I've wanted for at least eight years!

I will try to remember to update this over the weekend while I'm in Miami, but if not I will definitely post an update (with photos) when I return next week. Wish me luck ladies! :)

Pre Op Complete - Only one day away!

I had my pre op today and I'm so excited for tomorrow! I was called back right at my appointment time, but was waiting to meet with Dr. H for almost 45 minutes. In the mean time I was looking at implants trying to decide on a size. In my head I originally was thinking 425 or 450 max, but Dr. H. suggested 475! After looking at the implant more I'm coming around to the idea, but still nervous about going that big. My surgery time is 9:30 AM tomorrow, but I need to be at the office by 8:30 am....a little over 12 hours from now!

Amanda is the patient coordinator and she has been great!! She's very personable and answered all of my questions. She also shared how cup size doesn't always equate to look, so to not be super stressed out about that. She really put me at ease and I'm so grateful for her!

I got the "post op kit" with bioCorneum scar cream, Arnika Forte, and Arnicare cream. The kit was $150 which isn't bad for all of those products. I've been taking my multivitamin and Emergen-C daily for at least three weeks, so I'm interested to see how my body heals. I've also been putting Vitamin E oil on my breasts for the past few weeks to help with elasticity.

I took my last "before" photos in the office today and I'm so excited for this new chapter! I'll update you ladies when I make it to the other side!

I did it! Yay new boobies!

So I just wrote this really long update and it didn't post ugh! Here are some of the highlights...

My surgery time was at 9:30, but needed to be at the office at 8:30. A few minutes after 8:30 they took me back and I got changed in to my gown and got my IV hooked up. TIP: bring fizzy/warm socks to wear! They allow you to wear these during the surgery and it was freezing in the office today. I waited for a bit until Dr. Hochstein arrived and then he marked me up. After that a nurse walked me back to the operation room. I got the anesthesia and was asleep probably within 2 min.

I woke up recovery and couldn't stop crying! I am not sure why. I think it's because I was nervous and relieved it was over and was just releasing some energy. I aske the nurse how long my surgery took and she said about an hour. I also asked her what size and she said 425 which makes me excited because that's what I originally wanted! During my pre op the doctor recommended 475 and I was nervous about that, so in glad he went with 425. I'm not sure why though, but I'll ask when he calls me tonight to check up on me.

Overall I would say my pain level is moderate. It was probably a 7 or 8 when I woke up in recovery but I've been trying to stay on my pain pills every 4 hours. I think I'm doing great and I can't wait to see the girls on Monday at my post op!!

Bandages are off!

Hi ladies!

I had my post op appointment today and got my bandages off. Dr. H. said that the girls look "terrific" which made me so excited. I'm so in love with them already! Day 1 post op was probably the hardest day of them all, but I'm feeling way better today (day 3 post) and have only had two pain pills. I also started using the Arnicare cream today since I was able to shower and clean myself up a bit. I'll be flying home tomorrow so I hope I feel even better then!

A bit of a tough time today

I flew home on Tuesday and was doing okay, but yesterday and today have been rough. I have had trouble sleeping (waking up every 2-3 hours) and it's really taking a toll on me emotionally. Today I have been very weepy and I think it's just because I'm tired, but I'm also not sure if it's side effects of stopping the pain medication. I've emailed my PS to see if I stopped it too early/too suddenly but am still waiting to hear back. I'm also a little upset, because I am still bloated and I'm frustrated that I can't really do any activity. My surgery was great and I'm almost one week post, so I don't really have anything to complain about, I'm just feeling really down. Has anyone else felt like this so soon after surgery? I will update again when it's officially been one week post.

One week update

Hi ladies!

So it has officially been one week since my surgery! I've had some ups and some downs, but overall I am recovering well. Yesterday I mentioned being very emotional and I kept crying for no reason. I called my PS and they said that crying outbursts can be a side effect of the Valium, so I stopped taking it. I also think I weened off my pain meds a day or two too early, so I started taking them again at night and Tylenol extra strength during the day. I don't really have too much pain, just some intense soreness, especially when I get up from sitting or when I move around too much. Even showering is exhausting!

I took some photos today and I think you can see how the swelling has gone down a little. I've been using Arnicare cream every day at least three times per day and it's really making a difference. The swelling in my breasts has gone down, but my abdomen is still extremely swollen. It's been a mental battle, but I'm just trying to remember that it will eventually go away. I'm excited to see how I progress as the weeks go on!

Two Week Update & New Bras!

Today marks two weeks since my surgery! I am feeling so much better and am excited I can finally raise my arms above my head (praise God)! I am not as "aware" of my chest muscles as much as I was last week. The only time I really notice them is when I'm pulling on something, if I make too sudden a movement, or if I am walking at a quick pace and bouncing a lot. Driving is a lot easier now, but turning (mainly when parking) is still a little difficult.

I sent my photos in to my PS today and they said that I am healing beautifully! I'm so excited! I have noticed that my implants are dropping and fluffing a little and the PS confirmed this. I can kind of pinch the breast (no squeezing yet) and move them together a little (maybe like a centimeter haha). But this makes me excited, because my implants are getting soft and I can't wait to see how my breasts and cleavage develop over these next few weeks and months. I love my cleavage right now and that's something I never said pre op.

Now that I can raise my hands above my head I went sports bra shopping at Target. I went the other day, but they didn't have any good front open options so I came out empty handed. I was really surprised when trying on bras, because my breasts just sat on my chest and were so perky. I've never experienced this before, because I would constantly be pulling up and moving around my saggy pre op breasts, but not anymore! I LOVE IT! I tried the Hanes Comfort Flex bra and it was soooo comfy!! But, it wasn't really supportive (it was kind of like just limp fabric), so I didn't feel like investing in it since I would probably only wear it to bed. Instead, I purchased three new bras - all Champion brand and all $20. I got two compression bras, because the feel reminds me of my surgical bra. I also got one fun one (hot pink), but I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it, because it has molded cups. My PS office said that I can't wear push up or wired bras for a year and when choosing a sports bra I need to make sure it does not move my breasts together, because this can affect my results. They didn't say anything about molded cups, so I'm sure they are fine, but I'm just thinking about as I drop and my size changes, it could be hard to get this bra to fit right.

Any advice on if molded cup sports bras are good to invest in during the initial 6 week healing process?

Merry Christmas & Three week update

Hi ladies!

I can't believe it's already been three weeks since my surgery! I'm doing great and don't have any pain or discomfort anymore. The only times I feel a little meh are sometimes when driving and pulling on my wheel or if I push or pull on something too hard or sudden. I am still not able to sleep fully on my side, because my implant feels weird being pressed against the surface. So if I want to be on my side I sleep partly on my side and partly on my back, kind of at an angle lol. I barely have morning boob anymore which is great!

I have noticed the my breasts are getting softer and they jiggle more! I can push together the tops a little bit, but not fully. I'm excited to see how they progress these next few weeks. I think they have dropped a little more since last week. On my surgery day they were up to my collarbone and now they're about two fingers below.

Yesterday I pulled off the tape under my right breast, but decided I wasn't ready for my incision to be out so I covered it up with some non-stick gauze. The tape under my left breast is almost ready to come off, but the tape around my areoles is a little more stuck on. I think by next week it will come completely off and maybe I'll be more ready then haha. I have never had an incision before, but I think it looks pretty good. The only parts that creep me out are the ends. I have the Biocorneum and I picked up some Bio Oil from Kroger, so I think I'm going to alternate using those and hope my scars heal well. I'm also excited to use the Bio Oil since it helps with stretch marks.

If you ladies have any tips on how incisions should look or the best scar treatments please let me know!

Four weeks & the steri strips are off!

I can't believe it's already been four weeks since my surgery! I'm doing very well and barely have discomfort anymore. Sleeping on my side is still a little weird, so I've been avoiding it. I never thought I'd see the day I could sleep on my back through the entire night lol. I sometimes will have morning boob, but it lasts for maybe a minute or two and then it's gone. For the most part my boobs feel like they are mine. The only time they feel kind of like they aren't mine is when I'm sitting slouched down at an angle - then I feel like there's something resting on my chest. But, other than that they feel like mine! They are also getting softer by the week. I still can't fully squish them together, but I'm happy with how they're developing. In my sports bra they don't move together yet, but if I'm topless and moving my arms around you can see them jiggle (yay!).

As of yesterday all of my steri strips are off! I am surprised at how squeamish I was with my incisions. I guess it's different when it's your own skin that's stitched together. Overall I think they are looking okay. My right areola had me freaked out when I took the tape off, because of the white line with little blood spot looking things on it. I immediately emailed Amanda, the patient coordinator, and she said everything looks good and that the skin still needs to heal up. She also approved me to start using my scar treatment, so I've been applying the Bio Corneum twice a day (except around my areolas). I also have bio oil and the silicone scar strips, but she said to wait on the bio oil until it's been 6 weeks since it's greasy. I think I'm going to start the silicone strips at the beginning of next week, just to see how they do. I've been putting the Bio Corneum on the incision under my right breast for almost a week and I feel like it's working well. Besides the dark spots I have on some parts of my incisions, the lines are so thin and small that I'm very optimistic about how they'll look as the weeks go on.

The past couple of days have been really rough in terms of itching. Oh my gosh I have never had such persistent itching like this before! Tuesday I woke up and immediately started scratching and my skin was so red! I thought it would pass, but it didn't. So I purchased some Cortisone cream on Wednesday and that has really helped. I apply that on the outside of my breasts away from the incisions twice a day. I know that itching is a sign of healing so I'm trying to stay optimistic, but it's just so annoying! Hopefully this will be gone by my next update.

I still have a lot of numbness on my right breast - my nipple and around the vertical incision is still completely numb. But, I keep getting little shooting pains there so I'm hoping the feeling returns soon. On my left breast I'm really only numb right around the vertical incision. I know that it can take several weeks for feeling to fully return to normal, so I'm just staying positive and trying to be patient.

Five week update

Wow five weeks has gone by pretty quick! It's been a struggle at times, especially this last week, but it's totally worth it. I love having nice perky boobs! I feel like I'm in the ugly duckling stage of recovery right now since my incisions are still fresh and glaringly obvious. I still have some puckering going on around my nipples, but I do think my breasts look a lot better than last week. My right areola is healing well, but I'm not sure if it's going to look 100% how I want it to. I have a little opening where my right areola and vertical incision meet, so I've been keeping a bandaid on that. I'm hoping it heals up within a few days.

I've been trading off between the silicone scar sheets and the Bio Corneum. The Bio Corneum needs to dry before I put clothes on, so if I don't feel like waiting on it to dry/am in a rush I'll just put the scar sheets on and get moving. My vertical scars are much flatter than my horizontal scars, but the vertical ones are what you'll see so that's fine by me. My right breast is still lower than my left and is looking more shapely, so I hope my left breast catches up soon.

I don't really have any pain anymore, not even morning boob. Sometimes when I'm laying on my side the inner side of the breast closest to the ceiling can feel uncomfortable so I'll have to roll on to my back. My right nipple is still completely numb, but I'll get random shooting pains in that area, so I'm hoping the feeling returns soon.

Six Week Update

Woo it's finally the six week mark! I just sent my photos in to Amanda and Dr. H. and they said everything is looking great and will look better as I heal. I double checked that my breasts look good and that the difference in height is normal since my right is dropping quicker than my left. I was also cleared to work out, but am not allowed to do chest specific exercises (push ups, bench press, etc.). yet. I'm going to start with some dance cardio today, because I just ordered Shaun T.'s Cize program and can't wait to start!

I still have numbness in my right nipple and on the inside of both of my vertical incisions. But, the numb area is getting smaller around my incisions, so I'm confident the feeling will return. My scars are looking good and the vertical ones are very flat. I've been kind of lazy with my scar treatment and only apply it once a day, but I am going to start being more adamant about applying twice daily. I've been using the bio oil on the breasts (besides my incisions) to help moisturize my skin and help with some stretch marks I've developed. Other than that, I really haven't noticed much difference since last week, except that my breasts are much softer. I can fully squish them together (instead of just the tops) and they jiggle when I move around. They aren't 100% where they should be yet, but that's to be expected.

I'm not sure if I'll continue updating every week after this point since I only need to update my PS every other month from now on. But, I do like tracking my progress on this site. Whenever I've feeling down about how my breasts look/am impatient waiting for the final result, I take a trip down memory lane to see how far they've come. That really helps boost my mood and it's nice to track how my breasts change each week.

Also, a few weeks back (I think at week two) I posted a question about using molded cup sports bras. I asked Amanda today if bras like that are okay and she said they are perfect, I just have to make sure they aren't too tight to the point they move my breasts together. I originally returned that bra, but I'm about to go pick it back up for my work out. I'm cleared to wear any bra I want now (except underwire and push up), but I think I'm going to stick with sports bras for the time being since I don't know my true size yet. If you ladies have any bra suggestions please let me know!

Eight Week Update

These last two weeks have flown by! There's not too much new to report, but I do think that my breasts are healing well and they are feeling more and more like real boobs every day. I still have some numbness in my right nipple/areola and a little bit around my vertical incision. The numb area is getting smaller and smaller though so I'm confident I'll get feeling back in my nipple soon. My left nipple sensation has completely returned to normal.

I am still applying the bio corneum gel twice a day to my incisions and I think they are looking really good for only eight weeks post. I just started applying the gel around my areola incisions since I had some sutures coming out and the skin on my right areola was stilling healing. I still have some slightly mild itching on the outsides of my breasts, so I apply Cortisone cream there and bio oil to the inside to help with the stretch marks. What good is having amazing cleavage if it's full of stretch marks? I think I've noticed a slight improvement in them since starting the bio oil, but that could just be in my mind.

My breasts have dropped and fluffed a little more and have a more natural look. I think they can still stand to drop a tiny bit more, but I hope they stay perky like this for a long time! I can push them together and create great cleavage, but when I put a bra on they don't naturally move together yet. They are really soft and squishy and have great bounce to them.

I absolutely love my new breasts and can't even believe my before photos. I used to wear a cami with a built in shelf bra EVERY SINGLE DAY, because I would spill out of my bras. Now I don't even have to wear a bra and I only wear a cami if my shirt has sheerness to it. Of course I do wear a bra every day to make sure the girls stand the test of time, but it's great knowing I'm not bound to a bra! Dr. Hochstein is truly incredible and his work speaks for itself!

Three Month Update

Hello ladies!

My three month boobiversary was last Friday and I am feeling great! This surgery was one of the best decisions I could have made and I LOVE my results!

My breasts feel like they are completely mine and I think they fit my body well. They are pretty squishy and bouncy, but don't jiggle as much as my natural breasts did. The Bio Corneum gel has been fantastic! My vertical scars are basically invisible and my horizontal ones are starting to turn white at the edges. However, my horizontal scars are thicker, so I'm not sure if they will completely disappear. My areolas have been healing well and have rounded out for the most part, but you can tell they aren't perfectly circular. I think my breasts are in the perfect position - they've dropped enough so that they don't look like two round beach balls on my chest, but they are still really perky. I do wear some sort of bra every day (either a sports bra or the Playtex Comfort Flex) and I wear a sports bra to bed each night. The only difference I notice when wearing a bra is that my breasts move together a little bit, but they aren't resting heavily on the bra band or anything. I honestly think that Dr. Hochstein just did that good of a job that my breasts don't need a lot of support. :)

The biggest change I've noticed is that my right nipple sensation is coming back!! I actually just noticed this the other week and I couldn't be happier! I don't think that the sensation is quite where it was pre-op, but my breast is definitely not completely numb like it was before.

Overall I love my breasts and am extremely happy with my decision. I probably won't update again for another couple of months, but I'll be checking my account periodically if anyone asks questions.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far I have loved working with Dr. Hocstein's office. Jennifer, the out of town coordinator has been great! She is very quick at responding to emails and has answered all of my questions. During my phone consultation, Dr. Hochstein was able to tell me exactly what I needed in terms of procedure, implant type/size, etc. - all from my photos! He is very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I'm extremely confident in Dr. Hochstein and cannot wait for my surgery date! Update after surgery: Now that I've had my surgery I can give a better update on Dr. Hochstein. He was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. His time spent with me was short both at my pre op and post op, but I know he would have spent more time if I needed more questions answered. I have been working with Amanda since Jennifer is on maternity leave and she has been great! Amanda really made me feel comfortable at my pre op and it was so great to see her on my surgery day. Overall I loved working with Dr. Hochstein and I think his work speaks volumes!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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