22 Year Old No Kids, Weigh 150 5 '7' One Boob with Size B Another with Size C

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Hey guys so my surgery is coming up! I just want...

Hey guys so my surgery is coming up! I just want to post before and afters and ask a few questions if you can help me! I will be getting a full breast lift with implants and am hoping to end up a DD. I have decided on Silicone round under the muscle high profile. Do you guys think ultra high profile might be better? This will be my first procedure for my breasts and I am nervous. How long do I have to wait to start working out again? Pre op is October 17 and Ill be choosing size of implant! what size do you guys think I could do? I am considering 650cc. Let me know anything you think

Dream boobies!

Dream boobs !

Dream boobs number 2

Love these boobies

Tomorrow is pre op!!

I'm very excited and nervous. I'm looking forward to choosing a size just keep wondering how surgery day will go! It's so close but so far too! I really just want everything to go well and as I hope :)

Pre op done!

Everything is fully paid and done. Me and the doctor agreed upon 550cc-600cc depending how much my muscle can stretch since it is my first augmentation ! I'm so ready for the day to finally be here ! I'm excited for bikini time

One week left!!!

I am beyond excited!!! Not a tad nervous right now just want the day to come. I have full support from family and friends, my home is ready and I am counting down the days !! I even bought bralettes that I can't wait to try on! I'll post more before surgery pics the day before!

Two days left for my new boob journey to begin!

I have wanted this so long I am excited but starting to get pretty nervous ! Honestly I trust my doctor! He's known as the boob god so of course I will have amazing results . the only thing that gets me nervous is the anesthesia! Luckily I have my friend who is coming with me. I'm as healthy as I can be so everything should go smoothly! Counting down the hours haha

Home and doing well everyone!

Surgery was great I haven't gotten to see my boobies yet but I'll see them on Monday at post op! I highly recommend dr hochstein and his team. I was really nervous and they did everything possible to calm me down and from the looks with the bandages he gave me even better results then I expected. I feel like a beautiful woman with the one feature I've always wanted. I'm so happy and pain is tolerable. Pain medicine took the pain away and with family support I'm feeling better than ever!

Here's a pic right before surgery:

Haha me not looking cute lol: and some pre op pics from last night

Post op day 1!

I had a fever earlier today so went to the hospital but ended up just needing an IV for fluids and temperature went down! So far pain is tolerable with pain meds and I'm very excited for Monday to Take bandages off then. Suggestion from me: drink tons of water to remain hydrated!

Here's my new girls with bandages!

I'm so excited for tomorrow I know that dr hochstein achieved even better than my desired results! Yes it has been painful the past couple days but that's normal and having friends and family here to help has been great. I'll post pics of the girls with no bandages tomorrow :)

Post op day 4

Today was a tough day. No fever health was good. Keep getting compliments. But I tried pushing the pain killer hours into 6-8 hour intervals and it start hurting so much. Still is hurting and been crying ( I know I'm a baby :() im sad I'm all by myself here tonight at my place with my dog and no one to help and not sure what I should do I'm hungry Thirsty and feel like I'm an emotional rollercoaster right now. So far surgery results are going well, hope I see a difference soon

Postop day five girls

today was a great day. I pampered myself I decided to go get my nails done go get a petty and get my eyebrows done and this definitely helped me relax a little bit. I also forgot a little bit about the pain with having so much fun at the beauty salon. I also got compliments on my boobs and people asked for my doctors number which made me feel great. Actually I'm wearing a 30 6D bra all right now and my boobs are already starting to pop out of them and I know I'm supposed to get a size bigger from what I am right now since they're all high up so I'm hoping I'm gonna get my double D's ladies. I'll be updating a pic so you guys can still get a sneak peek. Tell me what you guys think I love honesty so what comes to mind please :-) i'm also very bloated it feels like I'm pregnant is that normal did that happen to all of you other gals?

Post op day six!

My strength has fully came back but am not expected at work till Tuesday which is great. Antibiotics are done . Pain comes and goes and so does discomfort. Swelling is still really bad right now. They haven't started to drop but tomorrow I'll post a few pics to let you gals be the judges !! Very happy I decided to have this surgery , it is life changing

Post op day 7

Today I feel better than yesterday. This boob journey so far has been going great. I'm still pretty tired and a little in pain however the nausea and appetite is normal. Meaning I have no nausea LOL. Here are some pictures let me know what you guys think

Post op day 8 ladies

Each day I see a new difference. Today when I looked in the mirror I loved what I saw. This is the first time I love looking at my breasts. It's pretty emotional for me. I'm so excited to see how they're going to look. Let me know what you ladies think so far. Bloating has gone down tremendously. Probiotics and a treatment of a Venus legacy on the belly really helps.

Post op day 15!

Feeling really good. Loving my breast. I'm so happy I did this procedure and wish I would've done it years ago. This was so worth it. I'll keep posting when I see changes!

Officially 21 days postop

I'm at work so I won't be posting postop pics until tomorrow but just want to say each week is better and I can do more. Sometimes I have slight discomfort but Tylenol takes it away. I'm just getting impatient because I want the strips to come off and I want them to drop and fluff already ! Haha sucks I've got a while because Black Friday is a great opportunity for new bras ! Any advice on how to figure out what size I will end up?

Officially 3 weeks and two days post op!

Here's a couple pictures I'm in love with my boobs I couldn't wait so I went to Bloomingdale's and got measured and I was measured as a 34 triple D. I know I'm still supposed to drop but I think I'm going to end up at least a double D. This is exactly what I wanted let me know what you ladies think about the pictures thanks!

Here's a pic without the bra


I know it's a few days past Thanksgiving but I just wanted to say thanks to my surgeon and his wonderful team. I know it's only three weeks postop but I just feel so confident and happy with this surgery so far. This helped me so much and trying on clothes is so much fun. I can't wait to try on bras and wear cute dresses all the time I'm counting down the days till I reach the six week mark so I could start showing them off! I've already had a ton of compliments and I'm so happy so again thank you. Also, thanks to his nice staff for answering all my questions when I have a concern!

4 weeks post op!

Four weeks!

4 weeks and 2 days post op!!

Omg they look so beautiful I feel like it's my body and the more they drop the more I love them!!

5 weeks post op!!!!

Steri-strips are finally off!! They look beautiful ! Areolas look a bit swollen but I guess that's to be expected! I'm gonna contact my doc on Monday to make sure everything looks fine. Finally they are starting to drop haha let me know what you ladies think????????

Had to add another pic, in love with my breasts!

Before and after! Omg

It's incredible the difference I see from five weeks ago to now!! Words aren't enough to describe the happiness and confidence I am feeling with these new twins !!

Almost 8 weeks post op!!

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