22 Year Old No Kids, Weigh 150 5 '7' One Boob with Size B Another with Size C

Hey guys so my surgery is coming up! I just want...

Hey guys so my surgery is coming up! I just want to post before and afters and ask a few questions if you can help me! I will be getting a full breast lift with implants and am hoping to end up a DD. I have decided on Silicone round under the muscle high profile. Do you guys think ultra high profile might be better? This will be my first procedure for my breasts and I am nervous. How long do I have to wait to start working out again? Pre op is October 17 and Ill be choosing size of implant! what size do you guys think I could do? I am considering 650cc. Let me know anything you think

Dream boobies!

Dream boobs !

Dream boobs number 2

Love these boobies

Tomorrow is pre op!!

I'm very excited and nervous. I'm looking forward to choosing a size just keep wondering how surgery day will go! It's so close but so far too! I really just want everything to go well and as I hope :)

Pre op done!

Everything is fully paid and done. Me and the doctor agreed upon 550cc-600cc depending how much my muscle can stretch since it is my first augmentation ! I'm so ready for the day to finally be here ! I'm excited for bikini time
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