Post Op - 20 Years Old, Breast Lift with 475cc High Profile Silicone Implants Under the Muscle

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Hello everyone! I'm writing this review because I...

Hello everyone! I'm writing this review because I haven't read a lot of reviews about women my age getting a lift with implants. I've already my consultation with Dr. Salzhauer, who seemed really friendly, and I also really like the results of his patients. He told me I had tubular breasts, which I had no idea I had, I thought my breasts were just saggy. But, I still want to opinions from other surgeons. I want to schedule a consultation sometime next week with Dr. Hochstein, Dr. Altman, and Dr. Mendieta. Have any of you ladies been with any on those surgeons? I would love to hear your experiences! :)

Some wish pics

Here are my wish pics, I hate how far apart my breasts are and I'm worried I wont be able to achieve the cleavage I want :/

Had a consultation with Dr. Ghurani

As the title says, I had my consultation with Dr. Ghurani today. He was very nice and informative, and spent a lot of time with me answering any questions I had :) He says I don't have tubular breasts, so I would like a 3rd opinion from a doctor on whether my breasts are tuberous or not. I still have 3 other consultations with other doctors, so I would really like to hear their opinions. I hope I can choose a doctor by the end of this month and schedule my surgery soon! :)

Met with another surgeon

So I had a consultation with another surgeon who said that my breasts were slightly tuberous, lol. I'm having more consultations next week then I finally be able to choose which surgeon I want to do my operation. I'm really impatient and I feel like time is going by so slow! I can't wait until next week! lol

I can't choose between two plastic surgeons!

So I narrowed my choices to Dr. Altman or Dr. Hochstein. It's really difficult to choose because I love both of their work! On one side, Dr. Hochstein is known as the "boob god" but I think Dr. Altman results are just as good, and Dr. Altman's quote for the procedure was also cheaper, but that's not a huge factor in my decision, also both of their staff are very friendly so it's really difficult to choose! Have any of you ladies been through what I'm going through right now? lol :p

I choose Dr. Hochstein as my surgeon!

I chose Dr. Hochstein! After reviewing all the before and after pictures from numerous surgeons I feel the most confident with Dr. Hochstein's work. I can't believe it's finally happening, after years of wanting this! I know it will be a huge confidence boost for me and I can't wait! :)

Looking at before and afters from Dr. Hochstein

And I have to say wow! I think he'll be able to give me the cleavage I'm hoping for, looking at these pictures.

My stats

I'm 5'3 and I weight 123-124 pounds. I think I may end up getting 475-500cc's high profile.I would really like to get my weight down to 115-118 and stay there before my surgery! So I'm trying to make better choices when eating starting today :)

My measurements

I'm almost a month and a half away from my surgery date!! :))
I just measured myself, I am :
35.5 inch bust
26 inch waist
36 inch hips

I have the measurements of an hourglass but I don't feel like I look like an hour glass if that makes any sense? lol. Do high profile implants significantly increase the inches around your bust? I'm just hoping that the implants enhance my hourglass figure :/

I've also lost 2 pounds so I'm at 122 now, I have about 7 more pounds to go :)

Pre-op and blook word tomorrow

I'm excited! I can't believe my surgery is so close! This is a weird question, but what did you guys wear at your pre op? I see a lot of women wearing tank tops or tees and I'm curious on what to wear tomorrow lol

Blood work and ultrasound done, pre-op pictures, and weight goals

All of my blood work and other required testing before the surgery has been done! Now its just a matter of waiting before my surgery date. I've uploaded some more pre-op pictures for comparison after my surgery. I'm also 119 pounds now, very happy, I would just like to lose about 1 or 2 more pounds! :)

Tomorrow is the day!!

and I'm so excited! I finished speaking with someone from the office and the anesthesiologist. I have to be at the office tomorrow morning at 7:45 am, and my surgery is at 8:30 am. I can't believe it, three months ago it felt like it was so far away and now in just a couple of hours I'll have my new boobs! I'll try my best to update tomorrow after my surgery.

All done!!

One of my surgeons said my surgery took about 45 minutes total. But omg when I woke up I was shaking uncontrollably and felt sooo uncomfortable! But thankfully that stopped after like 20 minutes. One of the nurses gave a pain killer and I honestly don't feel bad right now, but a little tired and with a very dry mouth haha. I can't wait to take out the bandages and see how they look!!!

Bandages removed!

I forgot to mention in my last review that I ended up with 475 cc's each breast, high profile. I went to the Dr's office earlier today to have my bandages removed. It's such a relief, those things gave me a blister and made my boobs so itchy! but this is how they look with the bandages off, I can't wait till they start dropping :) The weekends recovery was a little rough for me. Post-op day one was awful, I threw up from the oxycodone and I think I got a terrible head ache from it too. I'm still taking my anti-biotics but I'm avoiding taking the pain killers since the pain I have now is bearable, it's honestly not even bad now it just hurts to get out of my bed if I stay laying for too long. My areolas also seem to be a lot smaller, which I'm really happy about! although I cant really see how big they are until the steri-strips fall off. I'll keep updating at they continue to drop and fluff :)

10 days post op

Hey everyone, just updating and I have to say that I feel fine now! I slept at an angle for about the first 6-7 days because my chest felt too heavy if I slept flat, but now I am sleeping flat on my back with no problems :) I still cant sleep on my sides though because my boobs fell like still feel hard on the side and uncomfortable, so I'll have to wait for that. Honestly for the first couple of days after post op I only took pain killers for the back pain because of how I was sleeping, not because of the pain in my boobs. It would hurt to laugh, cough, sneeze and have the hiccups like day one and two post op, but no more :)
My swelling has gone down a bit, but they're still really high, my right one is more swollen than my left one. I can also lift my arms above my head without a problem. I've been taking bromelain capsules and putting Arnica Montana gel 3x daily on them but I honestly don't know if that's what's helped my swelling go down or if my own body has been doing all the work :P
I've developed some weird rash like thing on my left boob and the blister on my right boob is still healing, nothing too bad but its just itchy. My steri-strips also itch me sometimes, and I was told they take like 3-6 weeks to fall off which I believe because mine are still stuck on like glue. I can also drive fine now, without my boobs hurting me.
Overall, I love how they look! I'm really hoping that I stay with the cleavage I have now and that they can at least stay semi-perky :)

Oh! and btw, those spots on my bra weren't blood, I'm guessing its iodine that my surgeon but on my breasts after surgery, which would stain my bra for the first couple of days, but it doesn't do that anymore.

Loving them so far!

My breasts are dropping nicely and the swelling is going done. The steri strips should fall off in like a week and a half, if not I have to remove them in the shower. Im worried I won't like my areolas but I'm hoping for the best!

1 month post op and steri strips are off!

I love my boobs! When I first took off the steri strips I was sad because I thought my areolas were too small but I'm completely happy with them now! I didn't even think achieving the type of cleavage I have now would be possible considering how my breasts were pre-op. I love Dr. Hochstein's work! He is absolutely amazing! I also started putting on silicone scar strips over my vertical scar, I don't think I'm gonna use scar treatment around my areolas or under my breasts because I'm not too worried about scarring under my breast since it won't even be visible. When I first took the steri strips off, I had a scab forming under my left areola so I put a band aid over it so it could heal nicely without it getting infected. I just took off the band aid today to see the scab and i looks like its healing nicely. Only thing that sucks is that I have some dry red spots from scratching too much because my boobs are so itchy! :( idk if I should put anti itch cream on the red spots. Also, my nipples were super sensitve but I think they're finally returning to how they originally were.

All in all I love my breasts and I'm so eager to see what they look like after they're done dropping!! :)

5 weeks post op

Still loving them! I think they're starting to look bigger too. I think the redness that i was getting were rashed, they were so unbearably itchy! so I started putting cortisone and a rash creme my bf gave to me, and the redness has gone now but the skin is till dry. I think my vertical scars are healing really nicely. I'm still using the silicon strips on them. For the horizontal scars I have decided to use both mederma and bio oil on them, massaging them into the scar. My boobs are also getting squishier. I can push them together!

Forgot to add this picture of my scars

6 weeks post

Hi ladies! The past week has been well. The rashes are completely gone thankfully. I also started swimming again for exercise, I was worried that my boobs would feel weird when the muscles contract but thankfully they didn't. I did go running yesterday though and they felt hard and heavy while I ran so I'm just gonna swim instead of run for now. The only time my boobs feel weird now is when I contract my pectoral muscles, or I lift myself up on ladders, they well weird, but nothing painful and I think its just something you need to get used to. I'm finally returning to work this week, I'm a swim instructor and I was told not to get into any pools or hot tubs for 6 weeks. Thankfully all my incisions are closed so I can return without a problem :) Also, looking at my old breasts, it's crazy how different they look. The look completely different, I can't even see a slight resemblance! Dr. Hochstein is amazing! Honestly I wish I took more pictures pre-op, but I was too embarrassed and I hated looking at them, but I'm so happy to say that's not something I feel anymore! :)

almost 12 weeks post op!

Everything is still going well! I still love everything about my boobs, and they keep getting softer and more naturally feeling. I tried on some of my shirts with one of my old bras and wow! the amount of cleavage is crazy to me because I never had nice cleavage like this before, lol. I think my scars are still healing nicely, the vertical scars have healed greatly while the scars under my breasts are still pretty thick and red. I started putting the silicone scar strips on my bottom scars because I really do think the sheets work wonderfully, it's just annoying to have to wash them everyday.
I still can't believe that I have cleavage! I remember during one of my consultations that wasn't with Dr. Hochstein, the surgeon told me that a having close cleavage may not be possible because my boobs were so far apart, but Dr. Hochstein made it happen! He's amazing!

4 months post-op!!

So tomorrow makes 4 months post-op! I think they have dropped a bit more. My boyfriend says they feel natural and look natural but I still think they feel pretty firm lol. I love the fact that I can now wear bikini tops and other cute tops that I wouldn't have dared to try on pre-op! I feel so sexy in them :) I think my scars are also still healing greatly- I was looking into derma rolling them but I read that there's a risk that if the little holes get infected it could reach the implant!! :O I definitely do not want to risk that, especially after everything I've been through!

I love the fact that there big but they're still super perky! It's crazy to me that they do not sag at all- I thought that would have been inevitable if you have big boobs. I'm not sure if they have completely dropped yet but I think if they haven't, they are pretty close to it.

About 5 and half months post-op!

The squishiness!
I'm still in love with my boobies of course! I think they're done dropping, what do you ladies think? They're also still firm a bit so I have no idea how long it'll take for it to feel natural or at least close to natural :p For some reason I feel like the scars on my left breast are healing faster and nicer than the scars on my right breast, I don't know why. I'm kind of getting impatient with my scars and I want them to disappear already! I still think they're pretty intense.

7 Months Post-Op and Scar Update

So, last Sunday made 7 months post-op! Sometimes my boobs feel like they're mine and other times they feel unnatural, especially if I'm laying down on my back or my stomach. I thought by now they would feel 100% mine but I guess it's a longer process. They still feel moderately firm, but I feel like they still feel kinda hard when I lay down flat on my back. My scars are still prominent, I haven't been doing any scar treatments lately because I've gotten lazy. I still think they're healing pretty well, I've noticed that the scars on the bottom of my breast have gotten flatter.

I have been updating my wardrobe lately! I've been buying cute tops that I never would have been confident enough to wear pre-op. My boobs now make me feel confident in low-cut shirts and crop tops :)

I was worried that down along the road I would have wished I went bigger with the amount of cc's, but I'm still really happy with the size I got and I still think the size looks great on my frame.

8 months post op

Hey everyone! This is my 8 month post op update. Can't believe it's been 8 months already! my boobs are really starting to feel like they're mine. It feels weird now to look at pictures of me pre-op. Some people have asked what my bra size is, and to be honest I'm not 100% sure. I tried on a UK 30E bra which is equivalent to a US 30DDD/30E bra and it was too small. I think I might be a UK 30F which I think is the same as 30F in US. I think my scars are getting better. I think in some spots they have even faded significantly, that's all I can think of now though I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. Thank you to all you ladies for all the wonderful and nice comments! I'll gladly answer any questions that you guys may have :)

1 year boobieversary!

Hey guys! I'm a bit late but January 30th made 1 year since I got my boobs done! Sorry I couldn't update on that date, I have been very busy.

So I don't really have much to say to be honest! I'm still completely in love with it and I have never regretted getting them done. They are still very perky and look great.

Scar Update - 1 year, 8 months post-op

Hey all,

My scars have been healing a lot. The vertical scars have lightened up more, but the scars under my breasts are still pretty thick. They are not so red anymore, but they are still not flat. Overall I am still happy with how my scars have been healing :)

Dr. Hochstein is remarkable! His work is absolutely amazing, I don't think I could possibly be any happier with my new breasts! He is very experienced and he knows what is best for you. I love my results so far! The patient cordinater, Amanda, is also very sweet and answered any questions I had in a very quick manner. The rest of the stuff are also so friendly and comforting! I recommend Dr. Hochstein and his staff 100%.

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