Breast Augmentation

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After seeing some really beautiful and natural...

After seeing some really beautiful and natural breast implants on here I have decided that when I am done nursing my last baby I want to go ahead and get the procedure done. This is how I looked before babies. I am nursing so my breasts are a bit bigger than this now but not as firm. I'm thinking- since I am at it- I might as well go a bit bigger than this! I already know I can carry big boobs well ( from pregnancy and nursing) and I am getting really excited!! Dr. Hoschstein seems amazing!

My Boobs now while breastfeeding.

Some wish boobs

More wish photos.. one " I do not want to look anything like this" photo.

More ideas for my doctor.

Me now.

I want to be a bit bigger than this. This is me while breastfeeding. Obviously my boobs won't be this soft/saggy with implants but ilike this natural look. My boobs never looked this "natural" before children and I like it! I am hoping for NO upper pole with my breasts augmentation. As natural as it can possible look! :-)

Oh, I am 5' 8" and 118 pounds. I am thinking I want to get 475 cc moderate silicone under. My nipples get tiny when I am cold but at their biggest they are actually kind of big, so I hope Dr. H will go through the nipple. I think that leaves the best scar!

Front before BA

This is how I want to look!!

I am nursing a toddler last night and he seems to prefer the left side. ( My other child did too). Last night he nursed on the L side only and today my left breast is just full of milk and looks amazing. This is just how I want my breasts to look ( both) the size and everything. I have naturally round boobs though, and I hope they aren't too round with an augmentation. I REALLy don't want roundness at the top. Excited to look like this permanently- especially on both sides! lol

Great size and shape!

Ideas for Dr. H

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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