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I've thinking about gettting a breast augmentation...

I've thinking about gettting a breast augmentation for approx. 3-4 years now. I am 20 years old and in the past 9 months I've been doing a lot of research on this topic. As long as I can think I was never really happy with my body, I feel ashamed wearing a bikini, let alone be completely naked. So many people tell me not to do it cause I "could always wear a push up bra if I am unhappy" but what a lot of people don't understand is how much it can affect ones self-esteem. At the end of the day, when I take off my (push)-up bra there is still nothing there. This is why I have chosen to get a breast augmentation.

I had a couple of consultations here in Switzerland but the price was insanely high (approx. $11'000) and I was not happy about the previous work I saw. One of my friends had a breast augmentation in Miami with Dr. Hochstein and was more than happy with the final result. I went on their website and liked the before and after pictures a lot. Finally, I decided to get in contact with the staff and was surprised by the super friendly answers. I had a very informative phone consultation with Dr. Hochstein in November 2012. Since then I exchanged around a 100 e-mails with his lovely asisstant, Jennifer.

In order for them to reserve the surgery date for me, I had to give off a deposit of 20% and get some labs done, which show my blood count, urin analysis etc. My gyneocologist did these tests for me and sent off the results to Miami himself.

Day by day I feel more nervous and excited - However, I am more excited than nervous :-) I just keep thinking how it must feel having silicone implants inside of the breasts and how long it will take for me to heal etc. The most exciting thought for me is how I am going to feel when I wear a bikini to the beach for the first time; it must be an incredible feeling. I have created a channel on youtube where I will be uploading videos, which document my journey from pre op to post op. You can find my first video below!

Here some tips:

1. Make sure you consult with a couple of plastic surgeons before you decide on the final one.
2. Make sure you can afford the surgery; if you think you it might get you into debt, please wait another few months.
3. I am a smoker which can have a negative impact on the surgery and the healing process. If you cannot quit a month before the surgery, make sure that you at least cut down a lot.
4. Make sure you ask your plastic surgeon a lot of questions, if you are still unsure about something don't hestitate to call the office or e-mail the staff. You are paying for this surgery and it is your body, might as well make sure you have the best possible knowledge about the procedure.
5. There are some supplements that you should quit taking 30 days prior to surgery. Make sure you tell your surgeon about all kind of supplements you're taking, even if you think it does not have an impact on the surgery.
6. I read that it is important to drink A LOT of water few days prior to surgery, since it can reduce nausea after the surgery.
7. Be sure you have realistic views about the breast augmentation!

So it's exactly 26 days before my surgery. 2 days...

So it's exactly 26 days before my surgery. 2 days ago I started taking my vitamins, which is Iron and Vitamin C. My doctor told me to avoid any supplements with Vitamin E, though Multivitamin tablets with a low dose of Vitamin E is fine. Moreover, Aspirin and Ibprofen should be avoided too. I will have a list of recommended Vitamins and Supplements below :-) First I will explain to you why these two Vitamins and Supplements will help you during and especially after surgery.

Iron: Iron is essential in the production of haemoglobin in the red blood cells. These blood cells are responsible for the transportion of oxygen from the longs around the body and to the body tissues. When there is a deficiency of red blood cells, the body looses it's abilty to heal properly. However, you have to be careful that you don't overdue it because too much iron can be toxic. I am currently taking 14mg of iron per day.

Vitamin C: With Vitamin C it’s interesting to know that the body does not produce it nor does it store it. Smokers especially should have a greater intake than non-smokers because the toxins in the cigarette reduce the Vitamin C levels in the blood. Vitamin C plays an essential role in the development and growth of the body. The body uses is to create protein collagen and collagen is major component of the skin, ligaments and blood vessels. I am currently taking 2 x 180 mg of Vitamin C a day.

My video is basically a copy of what I have just written down here BUT I can't stress this enough - make sure your PS knows exactly what you are taking!

I'm still very calm, it hasn't hit me yet that in a month from now I will be having two new babies :-) yuppii. I will be flying to new york on the 25th January and spending a week there for some pre op holidays and on the 1st february I will be flying to miami!

Check out my video from below and subscribe for updates! xx




Arnika Forte: To reduce swelling, bruising and pain associated with soft tissue injuries. Recommended: start with 2 capsules with 4 oz. water day after surgery until pain relieve.
Bromelain: To relieve edema and reduce swelling. Recommended: 2 capsules per day for 3 days before & 7 days after. (In Switzerland only available on prescription. However, it can be found in pineapples.)
Vitamin C: Recommended: at least 1 gram per day a week before surgery and continuing for several weeks after surgery.
Vitamin A: recommended: 10'000 IU per day.
Protein: Up your protein intake and watch your sodium.
Iron Supplements: recommended: 2 tablets a day, starting at least 2 weeks prior to surgery.


Aspirin medications: this can affect blood clotting (eg. Alka-Seltzer, Ibuprohm, Norwich products)
Ibuprofen: this can affect blood clotting as well (efg. Advil products, Ibuprin, Sine-aids prdocuts)
ALL diet aids: can intensify anaesthesia and serious cardiovascular effects.
Tricyclic Antidepressants: same effects as diet aids.

Foods & Beverages to avoid: can affect blood clotting:
Almonds, apples, apricots, blackberries, cherres, beans, cucumbers, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, wine.

Vitams & Herbs to avoid: can affect blood clotting, blood sugar, increase or decrease anaesthesia, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, liver damage.
Aloe, barley, bitter melon, carrot oil, chamomile, cayenne, ginger, garlic, ginseng, grape seed, lavender, onions, papaya, vitamin E, yellow root.

Soooo, I was planning to upload more than 1 photo...

Soooo, I was planning to upload more than 1 photo but it doesn't seem to work. Can someone tell me how that works? When I click "add photo", my other photo turns up and I can't seem to find the option to add more photos :-( Thank you in advance for your help.

I forgot to mention some of my details :-) I...

I forgot to mention some of my details :-)

I am:

5'6" Tall
114 lbs

It's exactly 18 days before my surgery. I'm still not quite realizing that's it's happening SO soon :-) It might have to do with the fact that I'm still at home in Basel, Switzerland and go about my day... After all Miami is like 10000000 miles away from here. It feels kind of surreal, all these years I wanted this more than anything and finally it's happening!!! I got an e-mail from Jennifer (Front desk assistant at Dr. Hochsteins office) reminding me of all the supplements and vitamins to take and avoid. Other than that there isn't much happening. I picked up my lab results from my gynaecologist today and will fax it to their office tomorrow so they can make sure they know what my current health status. Next Friday (on the 25th Jan) I'm flying to NYC with my sister and staying there till the 1st February. Then I fly to Miami where I meet my mom. SO excited that I get to have her with me while I'm there and so thankful that she supports me (even though doesn't really approve). I'll have my surgery on the 4th February, even though the time isn't set yet. Finally, on the 9th February I'm flying back to NYC which will probably be like hell because I have to travel alone and I'm not sure how that will turn out with all the luggage :-( The implants will be put below the muscle and after a week I probably won't be able to carry that by myself. And last but not least, I'll be flying back to Zurich, Switzerland on the 17th February :-)

WOW! This is unbelievable. In approx. 18hrs I will...

WOW! This is unbelievable. In approx. 18hrs I will be done with the surgery. I have been waiting for this day for ever. I came to the US on the 25th Jan and stayed in NYC for a week which was absolutely horrible - I love love love the city but gosh, the weather was killing me. I'm Swiss, I know how it's like being cold but new york city is on a whole new level of coldness.

On friday I met my mother at the JFK airport and we flew to miami together. The weather is lovely here and I feel like its the best place to recover from a surgery like this. We booked a hotel but my mom isn't too fond of it so tomorrow morning we'll be switching hotel. My mom tends to be uber controlling.. SOO, she is absolutely horrified at the idea of me staying in this hotel because it could cause potential infections which WILL lead to my death (my mom being an uber dramatic iranian mom). However, to her (and frankly my relief) this will NOT happen because I'm going to be staying in a clean environment. Sorry for all the random rambling. I guess it just shows how nervous I am.

I mentioned in previous posts that I smoke and now proud to say that I was able to quit. I've been absolutely smoke free for exactly 8 days. Before that I had cut down smoking to 2-3 cigarettes a day. I used to smoke around 15 cigarettes a day, on stressful days even a pack. What helped me with quitting was the homeopathic remedy "arnica globules". In my second youtube video I talked about it briefly. My doctor recommened to take these 3 days prior to surgery as it helps with the swelling and bruising. Every time I felt the need to smoke, I took 8-10 globules and the feeling got less. I feel pretty great now, I rarely have the urge to smoke anymore. I'm not sure if that's actually because of the arinca globules or because I know smoking will interfere negatively on the healing process of the breast augmentation..? Whatever it is, I hope I can keep it up.

I'm sorry I couldn't update my youtube videos yet. I am planning to make one tomorrow morning, unfortunately it won't be in such great quality cause my mom forgot to take with my pro cam with to miami, which I used for my previous videos. I will try my best to keep you guys as updated as possible and latest by the 18th february I'll be able to post a video with the quality of the previous ones. Until then my Iphone will have to do!


My surgery was yesterday at 11:45 pm and took...

My surgery was yesterday at 11:45 pm and took approx. 35minutes.

I arrived at Dr. Hochsteins office at 10am and had tons of paper work to sign and fill out, at that point my mom was close to a mental breakdown and tried convincing not to do it because she was terrified of the anaesthesia!! However, she does say now that she likes them a lot.

After having filled out the paperwork and payed the BA, the staff brought me behind to the offices and asked me to undress and wear this surgical gown (not sure what it is called). I was then brought to a different room to try on the final size of the silicone implants. I was tending between 339cc and 371cc.

Later, Jennifer came in and asked to have my before photos taken. At that point my mom was already crying but the staff and Dr. Hochstein let her know that I will just be fine, which I turned out to be. I am very grateful to have had such an amazing staff and especially anesthesiologist who took such great care for me. Minutes before I fell asleep he was joking around with me making sure I was as comfortable as I could possibly be in the OP room. I slept like a baby and did not feel a single thing during surgery.

I woke up at 1:20pm. Dr. Hochstein let my mom personally know that I was alright and that the surgery went without a problem. I was in a lot of pain when I woke up, it was the worst physical pain I have ever been in BUT the nurse quickly came and gave some painkillers. Also, I was absolutely freeezing when I woke up. I was shaking on my entire body and I was so confused - I didn't even know what I was doing there.

Our driver came and picked us up and my mom went to the pharmacy to get my meds. At the hotel I was feeling nasaeus and a bit dizzy, but I was fine as soon as I lay down. My mom got me some crackers and water :-)

It's nearly 5am now and I've barely slept all night. I took a valium at 9pm to relax my muscles and help me sleep. It has indeed helped me relax but I am whether asleep nor sleepy lol I am top fit :-)

Anyway, I'll be uploading some new videos from my youtube channel soon!

PS. Dr. Hochstein really did work his magic. My boobs look fantastic and he helped me go for the perfect size! I feel so blessed!!

Forgot to mention: 421cc Silicone moderate...

Forgot to mention:

421cc Silicone moderate profile implants of the brand Natrelle under the muscle.

Today I thought was a pretty tough day. I had an...

Today I thought was a pretty tough day. I had an appointment with dr. Hochstein at 11am but I felt quite naseaus the entire morning so I was dreading the post op appointment. This morning I had the 'morning boob', barely got out of bed without my moms helped. I felt super stiff and could not move really. At the office I thought I was going to get sick but thankfully the nurse assisted me and gave me some medicine to prevent anything lol the past couple days seem like a blur to me due to all the medicine, my vision is quite blurred at all times and I cant really think straight.

I got my bandages off today. Check out my pictures. I get to wear a sports bra for the next 4-6 weeks which is much more comfortable than the bandages.

I'm sorry for thr sparse update, I am still heavily medicated and I am constantly sleepy. Thank god my mother is here to take care of me, she is so lovely.

It's post op day 5 and I am just starting to feel...

It's post op day 5 and I am just starting to feel a bit better. My mom asked me to come with her and get some take out food yesterday, which turned out to be a mistake. By the time we got back to the hotel I thought I was going to get sick. Today was also the first day I dared to take a shower since monday. It was quite difficult washing my hair but I made it. I'm so sick of having to lie in bed and not being able to sleep on my side. I dont like sleeping on my back. I stopped taking the painkillers at the end of day 3, which made me feel a bit better. I have uploaded two new videos on my youtube channel but am not able to upload the video on realself over my phone. Go check it out!

Today is Post OP day 6 and I am starting to feel...

Today is Post OP day 6 and I am starting to feel much better. I've been off all medication, except the antibiotics, for 3 days now and the feeling of the implants don't feel so strange anymore. I was wondering if I will ever get used to it. I love sleeping but since the BA, sleeping has become such a mission. I need to find the perfect position to sleep on my back so I don't feel the pressure and sometimes I get the brilliant idea to sleep on the side (which has turned out to be a mistake every single time). When I'm on my side I put a large pillow between my legs and boobs.. but then I always feel like one side of the implant will rip through my skin because of the pressure it produces. As if that wouldn't be bad enough, I decide to ignore that feeling and once I wake up, my arm is SO sore. I've never felt this kind of soreness before... SO I will reduce side sleeping.

Today I went clothes shopping with my mom and I was getting so frustrated. Because I used to have small boobs and a petite frame, I would always fit into XS clothes BUT now I have a bit of an issue. On the top I'm like an S/M and on the bottom XS. When I try on dresses, either they look like a potato sack on me or they don't close up on top. Really frustrating to find a dress like this. Bikini shopping on the other hand is SO much fun now :-) First time in my life I've been taking out the padding cause I don't like it with and it feels amazing. I also went to VS today to buy a proper sports bra and picked out a 32D which looked perfect. It also seemed to fit perfect when I tried it on.. but when I wear it for longer than 1h my boobs start getting numb and my boobs come out on the sides. Not the perfect fit. I'm guessing I'm a 34DD at the moment. I am about to upload a new youtube video :-) enjoy. I should apologize, I have the tendency to talk A LOT. Thank you for bearing with me :-)

It's post op day 15! I came back from nyc/miami...

It's post op day 15! I came back from nyc/miami last thursday (post op 12). I feel really great at the moment. I am back at work and feel as though I've had the implants for ever. As mentioned above, I had the areolar incision and very very happy about this choice. I think if had the incision under the crease or by the armpits, I'd be very limited in my movement. I can put up my arms without having the fear of opening the wound or so. The steri strips are still on very tight, on the edges I feel like they've gotten a bit looser. Dr. Hochstein told me I should leave them and let them fall off on their own but I am SO ready to get the steri strips off and start massaging my breasts with Vitamin E and get started on the scar treatment. I used to moisturize my body twice a day with either Vitamin E or Shea Butter from Body Shop but I am too scared to moisturize my breasts at all with any kind of cream or lotion because I am afraid that it might get over my incision and maybe causing some sort of infection and now my boobs have gotten really dry. Thank god I am blessed with relatively good genes that stretch marks have never been a problem in my family.

I wrote in my previous post that I was getting very frustrated with clothes shopping and that I was a DD, emphasis on WAS. I went to VS a couple of days later and she said I am a DD. Now, I measured myself again and have definitely gone down to a D. The swelling has gone down a lot and even though now I say I want them bigger I wasn't too happy about the size when they were swollen. It just looked too fake and didn't fit to my frame. I also said previously that the sports bra from VS, which I had boughten in 32D made my boobs numb. I tried it on again and it was absolutely fine around the cup, just a bit tight around the band.

I got a call from Dr. Hochstein's office before I flew off and she told me that I'm not allowed to wear underwired bras and not allowed to wear push up bras for 6 months. I've been doing my massages everyday and soooo happy about the results. I can't even put it into words. This was probably one of the best investments I have ever made. Before my surgery I didn't want anyone to find out about the BA and since I am back no one actually noticed. This is probably because my boobs now are as big as they were when I wore my super push up bras. On one hand this is a relief and on the other hand I am so ready to show my new babies off LOL.

You girls probably have all noticed that I have a boob vlog on youtube. Please let me know if you have any questions about my experience so far or general questions about the BA, which I can tackle in my next video. :-) Thank you so much for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it.

I'm lying in bed and reading through all your...

I'm lying in bed and reading through all your lovely comments. Thank you so so much for supporting me. Honestly, without you guys and realself I don't know if I would have been able to pull through with the surgery. Thanks to you guys I knew exactly what I was expecting and I appreciate this so much. You girls are lovely. :-*

Btw, sorry I had to delete some photos!

Yesterday I reached 1 month post op! Can't...

Yesterday I reached 1 month post op! Can't believe it's only been 1 month. I know I keep repeating but it feels like I've had the babies forever.

Let me update you guys on my previous week (week 3). Last week I discovered that I was able to sleep on my stomach without a problem, with no pain or weird pressure. It feels as though I never had anything done on my breasts. Even though I feel great with my twins (I am much more confident, outgoing and balanced), I do have moments where I feel down. I figured that must be cause I haven't done any sports since the surgery. I wasn't able to go to the gym and started eating junk food on a more regular basis. I used to go to the gym 3x a week and had a fairly balanced diet AND I never never ate cookies or sweets. This has gotten me down a bit because I was so happy with my body before surgery (except of course the boobies lol) and now I am happy with the boobies but not the rest of the body haha. Today I will FINALLY hit the gym again, just to do some leg exercises.. I'll have my trainer help me decide which exercises are appropriate, so I don't harm my breasts :-) I have gained about 3-4 pounds since the surgery - but this is totally my own fault, I didn't stay very disciplined and started becoming a bit lazy, so I'll stop complaining about that lol hopefully I'll get my stomach and legs back soon!

In my previous posts and videos I mentioned that the swiss people are a bit uptight about cosmetic surgery, especially when someone as young as me does it, which is the reason I wanted to keep it a secret. It was obvious that wasn't going to last long. The city of Zurich is a little phenomenon to me. In the circles I used (!) to hang out, people were very arrogant and you were nothing to them if you didn't have the looks and money. Because of the school I went to I kind of "fell" into these circles of the young, beautiful and rich. I never really felt comfortable though. I was always the one who would rather go to the pub than the new fancy lounge, or the one who would rather stay at home with my family than go out clubbing in the most "exclusive" club in town. However, I let myself get peer pressured into this because I was afraid that I was going to be excluded and end up with no friends. I was very young and even though I never felt like I belong, I tagged along and pretended to be one of them. It was more like a protective mechanism than anything else. After a while I learned which people were real and which ones weren't. I started becoming very careful with who to trust and not to trust. However, if you start mixing in such societies, you start acquiring certain character traits, especially after several years. You become very cautious with other people and I'd even dare to say that you become a bit paranoid. I was very fixated on the idea to present myself just the way I thought they wanted me to be. However, it was obvious that this would back fire on me because in the end I wasn't that kind of person. I'm not that kind of person who doesn't hang out with someone because they have "less" money than me or because they might not be "beautiful", which is complete bullshit anyway. Why get down on someone like that? I was always extremely lonely, felt like I had no one to trust and there was something missing in my life. I've had one boyfriend, which also only lasted 9 months. He was from the middle class and couldn't afford the things I was able to afford, such as holidays or even simple stuff like train tickets or the entrance to clubs. I told him that I didn't care about his social background, which was the truth but he started becoming very jealous of the people I hung out with and wouldn't let me leave the house without telling him where I was going. So finally, the only relationship I ever had broke down as well and I was devastated. That was when things started to turn into extremes. I felt like I needed to prove something. I was angry, I seemed to be the only one who wasn't able to built a relationship or anything like that. People didn't take me serious anymore and this was partially my fault. I finished school in may 2012 and that's when I started to re-evaluate my life. My life seemed to be shattered all over the place and I didn't know what I wanted in life anymore. I became very depressed and spent the majority of my summer in my room with the curtains closed. I thought about things a lot and decided that something had to change. I moved away to a different city and distanced myself from the people where the relationship was based on superficiality. I started becoming better, and day by day I stopped caring about what people might think of me. The reason I wanted to keep the breast augmentation a secret wasn't because I was afraid of what they might say or think, it was more that I didn't feel like getting confronted about it and having to tell them why I did it. Quite frankly, it's non of their business. I did it to boost my self confident, I did it so I could feel more like a woman, I did it for me and no one else. Whatever the reason, in the end it's me who has to live with it and no one else.

You might wonder why I am writing this out... I'm not looking for pity or sympathy. I'm writing this out so the young community doesn't fall into the same pattern as me. The majority of my teenage life I cared so much about what people thought of me and finally I was able to break this pattern and for once take care of my needs and wishes.

On saturday I was invited to the Zurich Operaball, which is a traditional ball with debutantes and lovely classical music :-) Waltz time! I was a debutante 2 years ago, so I decided to take my stepsister and enjoy and nice evening out. I have to admit, I was a bit afraid to see all the people again but was ready to face them. At the ball I met one of my former friends and she asked me whether I got a breast augmentation. I was a bit perplexed. I thought there would be no way that she knew but she let me know that there are rumors going around, that I had it done in miami. Then it just hit me - I didn't care anymore. I was surprised but I didn't care that everyone knew. I have nothing to be ashamed of. If you have the means and courage, why not use the technology that the world has to offer to make yourself feel better? I just want to let you all know - everyone who is considering cosmetic surgery and everyone who has gone through with it - remember that you are doing it for yourself and ONLY yourself. You shouldn't care too much about what others might say. I am proud to say that I can finally say that after all these years. I am happier than ever in my life and if I had the chance to go back in time I would do the surgery again in a heart beat.

Hello Ladies! Today it's been exactly 7 weeks...

Hello Ladies! Today it's been exactly 7 weeks since the surgery. Isn't crazy how fast time passes? :)
I just uploaded a new video, hope you enjoy it. Sorry again, I tend to drift off from my sentences and I stutter sometimes!

Soooo.. these past two weeks I have made a lot of progress. I've been using dermatix ultra 2-3 a day and massing my breasts twice a day. The scar tissue is getting very soft, and slowly but surely becoming much less visible. I'll be updating you girls with new pictures soon! Also, I can feel how the breast is getting much softer. Can't wait till half a year is over and I get to see the final results. If all goes well, they will look terrific! Dr. Hochstein really did do a fantastic job.

As mentioned in my video, I have been getting a lot more male attention. On the one hand, I am flattered - on the other hand, I am very annoyed. Obviously, I realize that the male attention is only because they know I have fake boobs.. The same men that wouldn't even take a second look at me before the BA.. and NOW they are all over me. Coincidence, I think not. Thankfully though, I now live in a new city where no one knows me and I get to make friends who are geniuine and don't know and don't care about the BA. It's not that I'm ashamed of it, not at all. It's just that I don't to be minimized or reduced on my boobs (not sure if that's the right phrase lol grabbed it from german, hope you know what I mean).

Anyway, enough whining for today lol I'll get over the stupid men who only see boobies!

I hope all is well with you girls and thank you all for your lovely comments. I couldn't be more thankful! Kisses to all of you xxx

Good Morning Ladies! I hope you're all as well as...

Good Morning Ladies! I hope you're all as well as I am :-)

I am 9 weeks (and 3 days) post op today and I couldn't be better. The weather has been getting better here in Switzerland, which makes me enjoy life that much more. Everyday I thank god for being so blessed. So far everything has been absolutely perfect with the boobs and I would have never imagined it to get so perfect.

The breasts have dropped a lot since the surgery and they are super soft now. I can't wait to reach the 6 months post op mark. On the pictures you can see that the right breast has dropped a tiny bit more than the left one. However, I feel like there is some rippling going on, on the right side of my right boob. It's not visible whatsoever but I can feel it a bit when I touch over it. I can feel it especially when I compare both sides of my boob. I knew that rippling could happen (even though I read it's more common in saline implant) and I am willing to accept some rippling. Other than that, I have nothing to complain about. The scar has been healing exceptionally well - the hardness has of the scar has gotten much better. I've using the scar treatment 2-3 times a day and the line has gotten very thin. It is still visible as a red line but I am positive that in the near future it will become very discreet.

When I get lazy and don't feel like putting on a sport bra at night, I just sleep with a tank top or a shirt and feel completely fine. However, I have to admit that sleeping in a sports bra is much more comfy, otherwise I sometimes feel like the twins are in the way.

In one of my previous videos, I added my email address for anyone who wanted to get in touch with me or didn't feel comfortable talking to me over youtube comments. I have gotten an astonishing number of e-mails. To my surprise all of them have been genuine and is has been so interesting to read all of their stories.

I will be uploading a video very soon - I've been slacking off a bit with the videos. It'd be great if you ladies could tell me what you want to hear about in my next video :-)

BY THE WAY, before I forget. Since the surgery, I broke out on my chest. I got super small pimples and the area is rather greasy. Did anyone else have this problem after their BA and if yes what did you do to make it better? I've been doing peelings almost everyday but it doesn't seem to get better. Any suggestions would be appreciated! (I'm getting quite desperate)

Hello Ladies, has been a while since I posted...

Hello Ladies, has been a while since I posted anything. hope you forgive me :)

I need your help :( In my previous post I was bragging about my good genes lol that I don't really get stretch marks. However, as I discovered 2 week ago, i got stretch marks all over my boobs. They're purple and pink and blue and I am so upset. I don't know how to get rid of them. They are on the left side of my left boob and around the nipple areas. I didn't really use much moisturizer after the surgery cause I was afraid to get it on my incision. NOW it just looks horrible. I've been using bio oil, pure vitamin E (50'000 u), vitamin E from body shop and pure unrefined shea butter for the past 2 weeks, twice a day. I haven't seen any changes. I'd be really grateful if anyone could recommend me something that helped them out, even if it's just minimizing the final scar... :-( I'll post some pics in a few hours. I am still at the office.

On the bright side, I was feeling adventurous 2 weeks ago and decided to get a nipple piercing. My mom, as usual (I love her), decided to give me emotional support at the studio, while I was getting pierced. I love it :) I think either you love them or hate them. I think it looks kind of cool. No one sees it but I feel sexy just knowing something is under that shirt lol. You'll see them on the pics.

Update in regard to the actual BA: They keep dropping, even though the right side is still a bit higher than the other. They do not hurt anymore (woopiieee), I can move them around much better day by day. The only thing, which is still bothering me is that I can still not do any training that involves my chest area or arms. I feel like the right side has healed faster than the left side. The left side feels uncomfortable when I do such activities.

Anyway :) I hope someone can help me with the stretch marks (In desperate need of any recommendations and tips)!! xx

Sorry, I said that my right breast hasn't dropped...

Sorry, I said that my right breast hasn't dropped as much as my left breast :) I meant that my left breast hasn't dropped that much! the same breast that still hurts when doing some exercises! xx


Hello Ladies, has been quite a while since I last posted an update. I've been quite busy! I went on vacation beginning of march and again last week. I went to south france and ibiza :) perfect occasion to show off the new twinsieees. I have gotten so used to them and couldn't imagine life without them. I've started exercising properly every day. I do 45 min cross trainer and another 45 min light weights to define arms and legs, as well as training the stomach. I have no more pain in the breasts :)

My mom says she feels as though they have gotten bigger since the first week after surgery.. first I didn't believe her but looking at the pictures I took straight after surgery, I must agree with her. It's probably because the breasts have dropped quite a lot since the surgery and they look fuller at the bottom. However, personally I feel like you can still quite see that they are not my naturals breasts because they are a bit too big for my frame and still a bit too high up! (not saying that I don't love them!!! ;))

My stretch marks have gotten more visible and I am getting a bit frustrated, I use vitamin E 2x a day, as well as scar treatment.

Many of you might know Jennifer Stano. She posted a Belly Butter recipe on her blog and I might gather the ingredients and try it out myself. She used this butter during her entire pregnancy and she sais she doesn't have a single stretch mark on her belly. I know I can't get rid of the already existing stretch marks but I might be able to prevent any further damage. The recipe is below: (


1 jar of organic coconut oil
1 container of organic coco butter
1 container of organic shea butter
1 small bottle of 400 IU of Vitamin E
Place in a pot of boiling water all the ingredients (except the vit E ) in their separate containers as they are all hard, letting them melt ( the coco butter takes forever to melt ) , after all is melted pour in a large bowl , mix together add Vit E , put in glass container . Store in a cool place ( if you have extra store in refrigerator )

Pictures at 4 months post op!

New Video!

I uploaded a new video last week xx

7 Months Update!

Hi Ladies!!! Sorry for always being so late on my review. I feel horrible!

So I have reached my 7 month post op mark and I feel really good. I couldn't imagine life without them anymore. The breasts have dropped very very nicely and are so squishy and soft! (the only time they don't feel soft is when I lie on my back). I don't wear shirts which show a lot of cleavage, especially not when I go out to clubs because I feel grossed out by some men. I only show them off when I'm around people I know and feel comfortable with.

I have become quite lazy with him gym and working out!! even though I shouuuuld be training my pec muscles a little bit. However, I have gone swimming a bit. In the beginning it felt super weird because my muscles contracted and it looked super strange. I am slowly getting used to swimming with the implants but I still get a little bit of a panic attack when the water gets deep.

The scar looks perfect but I feel like the stretch marks are just NOT getting better. I have tried all your remedies and tips but they are not getting lighter. I will see if there is a laser treatment out there to reduce them a bit.

Video will be posted either tonight or tomorrow! (I promise hihi)

Pictures :)

Before & After

Evolution of my Boobies

Hope the pictures are visible, I tried my best lol xxx

Frontal Picture

I'm adding another pic from the front cause I don't really like the one from my previous post. It looked strange cause I needed to lift my arms. I'm just setting up everything for my video! wohoo :)

7 Months Post OP Video now Online!

I posted my 7 months post op video last night :-) Let me know if I can answer any of your questions!! x

Dresses&Shirts&Bikinis after BA

so some people have messaged me and asked me if I can post a video or share a photo where you can see my whole body and also just wearing a shirt.

As I'm at work and procrastinating a bit I thought I might just upload some photos from the past couple of months :-) I think I'll post some in a normal t-shirt soon!


Unnecessary post really, but I went to the gynos for my yearly check-up last friday and he usually checks the breasts to make sure everything is okay. I had my last appointment last september of 2012, so it was the first time he saw them.

He was very impressed with the Dr. Hochsteins work and had to ask me where the incision was, because he couldn't see it!!! :) Just wanted to share this with you ladies. Thankfully, everything is okay!

Pictures with clothes

This one is for you amouragameela!

It might seem like I have no friends and am obsessed with myself but that's not the case haha. I just didn't want to add pictures with my friends on them because a) I didn't ask for approval and b) the quality isn't that great either.

These pictures were taken over a course of 7 months (since surgery), unfortunately I don't have too many where you can me from my side. Personally, I think it's quite easy for me to hide the boobs if I want to and also show them at the right times I guess.

Also I'm gonna add 2-3 more pictures I took last week which I sent dr. hochstein (without clothes haha) just don't want to make another update and spam your inbox ;) hope I didn't add too many pictures and I hope I'm not boring you :P


soooo, I have a piercing as you can see on my pictures but that was just a bit of a phase I had.. I don't LOVE the piericing but I don't hate it either.. should I take it out or not? mehhhh I'm so undecided..

All sorts of photos

I'm at home on a friday night cause I have uni tomorrow (mehhh) so I decided to take some pictures :) I'm going to be 8th months post op in 1 week. crazy how time flies!!!!!!

My mom went bra shopping for me..

My mom went to london for a couple of days and she loves bringing back presents (she's the best!). she left me a huge box of stuff on my bed this morning before she went to work and she got me like 10 bras from primark. they only cost about £2.50 each. However, as lovely as they are, most of them don't fit me :( she got all of them in 34D.

I have definitely realized a change in size of my boobies. As they dropped they have become much more natural and finally "fluffed" up but I also feel like this made them bigger. Now I have a 34DD, which is okay but in Switzerland that size doesn't get sold ANYWHERE. In fact, we don't even run DD's.. we got A, B, C, D, E.. so I'm a 34E in Switzerland (sounds huggeeeeee).

Anyway, other than that nothing has changed thaaat much. My left breast still has no sensation and even though I have gotten used to it, I am concernced I will never get it back. It does feel very strange when I scratch my boob..

New Bras! (a bit too small)

Boob Greed and Nostalgia

So in the past 3-4 days I've been experiencing MAJOR MAJOR boob greed. I have NO idea where this is coming from. Even though most surgeons say you see the final result after 6 months, I have seen some prominent changes between 7-9 months post op (I'll be 9 months in 2 weeks). The breasts have dropped very nicely, no doubt, but I feel like it is too natural looking now, which was totally the look I was going for but now I want the fake look back!!! (what's going on lol). I almost have the tear drop shape now from the side and when I wear a normal bra (not the ones from my previous post) it looks as though I'm a B cup wearing a push up. Maybe (hopefully) I am just imagine it and this boob greed will go away soon. I will be posting pictures soon :-)

The past 8 months have been absolutely amazing. I have really grown as a person and so grateful for this experience. I have met some wonderful people, got the chance to hear and read about other people's stories and really kind of figured out myself. I am now a confident young woman, who doesn't take shit from men or anyone else. I have learnt to stand up for myself and walk away from people who don't affect my life in a positive way. These were the two things I really struggled with before the BA. I would come together with assholes because I thought that no one else would take me otherwise. They would tell me to go to the gym, to work out, eat less, not to talk with other men.. ask them whether I was allowed to go out with my friends etc. All that because I genuinely thought, that that is all I deserve and I will never do better than them. Now I know how ridiculous my thoughts were! The BA helped me grow in so many ways, only someone with the same experience can understand, people like you :-) thank you for supporting me through this journey, thank you for giving me strengths when I had none and thank you for accepting me for who I am.

I look back at pictures from before the BA sometimes and it feels very strange. Some pictures were taken 1 month before the breast augmentation but it feels like these pictures were taken way way back.. like 2 years ago maybe. Its such a strange feeling I can almost not describe it.. maybe some of you have experienced the same?

So glad to be party of this community. :-) you are all amazing.

9 Months of Boobyliciousness

Hi Girls

Finally my boob greed has passed - I feel like it come and goes according to my menstrual cycle haha. Some people have asked me to post some new pictures, so here we go :)!!

9 months post op pictures

9 months & 2 days post op!

Uni talk about fake boobies

Hi Girls,
funny story that I wanted to share with ya'll! so yesterday I was at uni and my group of friends and I were looking at a fitspo page on instagram and one of the girls on the photo was really beautifully toned and had beautiful shaped breasts. I said that I would like to be as trained and toned as her and that she's my fitspiration. Then one of the guys said "No maggie, that's really not nice!" and I was like "What? Why?" and he answered "She totally got fake boobs" and I started laughing and said that it doesn't matter and that there are also natural looking boobs jobs and he answered: "fake boobs ALWAYS look fake!" If he only knew hahaha. (Honestly though, the girls were done perfectly, I wouldn't have been able to tell:)

Just proof how much prejudice there is on implants! Of course there are BA's where it's obvious but I would say with a majority it's not obvious at all! He also didn't realize I had it done, so he's wrong lol :-)

Sunday Funday

got a bit bored today and decided to take a few pictures on how the boobs look like with bikinis and a blouse

pre-op pictures

I just discovered the pictures I sent dr. hochstein before my BA!! (better quality than what I posted in the beginning of my journey!)

Last photos for tonight, I swear! lol

found some pictures from miami! the ones in the bikini were taken 5 days post op exactly :-)


mhhh pictures didn't upload

Agent Provocateur, Thailand and lots of little Puppies


sorry for being M.I.A. but there are some exciting news!

1. I've been wanting this agent provocateur swimsuit for 2 years now and finally finally I was able to get it (see picture). My size was always sold out, online and in the store and FINALLY I found it and got the last one in store wohooooooo when I went to the lady she asked me for my size and I said I was a DD and she almost couldn't believe me haha, she was like "are you sure? you don't look like it" :D I was only wearing a blouse and a cardigan :P

2. I am going to thailand next friday and get to show the babies off after the 6 months mark :) they have dropped beautifully and are softer than I thought they'd be!! almost feels all natural. I will be posting a new video in thailand as I am super stressed... why am I so stressed you might ask?

3. the reason is 9 little puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My beautiful baby girl gave birth to 9 healthy puppies 2 nights ago. Unfortunately, she got fever and the milk production isn't going so well, I've been getting up every two hours to feed the puppies. She's doing much better now and the puppies have been growing. beautiful and pure little creatures, such a miracle :)

Other than that, there are no news at all. The boobs look the same as a month ago and the scar is almost invisible. I had to take my piercing out cause it got infected :( I guess it wasn't meant to be.. had problems with it for a long time. Soooooo yeha, that's about it :)))

MIA and YouTube Videos


I'm really sorry for being super MIA the past few weeks! I was on on vacation in thailand and now back in switzerland :-) I ordered a couple of new bras from DKNY before I left and got them while I was in Thailand. I'll post pictures in a bit. I ordered them in 34DD which is a 75E in switzerland.

I feel like my stretch marks have gotten a lot better but I haven't gotten sensation back in my breasts. Especially the top part of my left breast is still completely numb!

Also, some of you have written me and asked me what's up with my youtube videos. I had a low moment and put them private. I thought you guys would still be able to see it because I had the link posted here but I think it doesn't work so I'm gonna put them public again.

New DKNY bras

the promised pics :-)

Boobie Pictures

Hi Girls, just realized that the last time I posted photos of the breasts was at 9 months post op. I am getting closer to the 1 year boobiversary mark (4th February)!!!! Also, I have my 21st Birthday on the 29th January :-) I have a good feeling about this year lol.

I will be posting the pictures shortly! I got the pictures on my phone and I am typing this on the computer hihi.

11.5 Months

Ignore the rash! i have sunallergy :(


I am actually going insane! This is probably the most insane SALE I have ever seen in my life. I went to AP yesterday and bought 4 bras and 3 panties for all $400 instead $1'450 !!!!!! I will be uploading pictures in the evening, I feel so sexy in them! I bought the bras in 34DD and one in 34E and panties in size 2.

I will never again pay the full price for AP products. Sales are still on till the 25th and then again summer sales. Go girrrrrls :)

Not Advertising

lol sorry girls my previous post sounds like I work for them or something haha i don't! i just love their products :)

AP Bras

Lingerie & Boobie Gap

new lingerie (surprise surprise lol) and I realized I never posted a pic while lying down. I got a huge gap when I lie down flat and the left boob moves to the side a lot more than the right one. Is that normal?

Long overdue Boobiversary (and 3 Months) Review


I feel really guilty for not having posted anything for such a long time :(. 2014 didn't exactly kick off how I imagined it would - I went through 2 break ups within 5 months (!!!!!!) ughhh and it really put me in a constant bad and depressed mood :( but anyway, things will eventually get better :) it always does, doesn't it!

Anyway, putting the negativity aside and let's talk about the fun stuff!

sooooo, it's been exactly 1 year, 3 months, 28 days since the surgery! Can you believe it? So many of you girls were following my journey from the very beginning and supporting me where you could. The breasts are softer than ever and the scar is almost invisible :) I've boughten some new bikinis for summer and really excited to show them off again as they have finally dropped completely.

Other than that, really not much has changed and this will probably be my last review. Even though, I am planning on posting a video soon but haven't found the time yet (ugh sorry again)!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He was recommended to me by one of my friends, who had a breast augmentation with him as well.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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