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Hello ! I've read several reviews and found it...

Hello ! I've read several reviews and found it very helpful so I figured I'd do the same and perhaps I can help someone someday also. I'm also rather nerved up as my surgery has yet to pass! 6 more days! EEk! Yay! OMG! Someone strap me down!

I'm 42, 5'5, 125 lbs. Somewhat active lifestyle as I do serious massage work and have been for 20 years now. No "fluff and buff" in my work... (ha!)

I live in Massachusetts and will be traveling to Florida to have my breast augmentation. I chose Florida as I looked around and found the pricing to be best as well as figuring doctors down there are more likely to do the augmentations more often. My doctor is double board certified and is highly recommended. I've been in contact with them for over a year now, made tentative dates 3 times and well, 4's the charm I guess.

I'm very proportionate except for the boob sag. When I was much younger I weighed about 150+ . I lost 25+ lbs in less than 30 days (stress induced btw) and ever since then I've had boob sag. I used to be a good 36B now it's more like 36A. Deflated 36B. I'd like to be around 36D. I have some padded bras but never liked how they felt and usually just walk around as me. I'm looking to be fuller and larger breasted to go with my smaller waist and larger hips. I may have to have a mini lift but really really want to avoid that as I don't like the look of the scar! I'm hoping there can be something else that can be done to avoid it.

I've tried the rice test a couple times and looks like around 450+ cc. But we'll see. I fly down to Florida Tuesday July 10, get my consult and July 11 is the Big Boob Day! Yay!

I haven't told my parents and my Mother, well, she lives 2000 miles away so I figured when I fly out to visit she'll see then.

I've told several friends and only one chose to tell me horror stories (yesterday) - That really bothered me. So! I won't be chatting with her anytime soon... sheesh!

So all I can say now is stay away from the negativity and naysayers, do your homework, stay positive and keep positive people around you!

I've hired a caregiver through I posted a job listing and I had 20 applicants and narrowed it down to this one. She's very nice, very straight forward (required) and we are very similar.

I bought a few zip up sports bras at JC Penney, on sale for $15 !! Bought 36D. Have all my button up shirts, nightwear (silks and satins), bendy straws, tylenol.

More later... =)

Well. 13 hours post BA - tight feeling but no pain...

Well. 13 hours post BA - tight feeling but no pain. My caregiver has been rite there with me. I rec.d 420 cc in right and 450 cc in left. Got real dizzy and think i ay have fainted about 3:00 todaay, super sweaty suddenly and lost a little time so thats probly what happened. Just rested for a spell and i was fine. Went to cheesecake factory for dinner. So far np lifting arms and getting around to bathroom, etc. Getting out of and in to bed no problem either. I can see where people not in great shape would have issues doing that though. Leaning over feels like boobs are just gonna plop out but i.ll just do less of that. Lots of friends texting and calling to cbeck on me and of course get me laughing! Thank you my friends! Feeling a bit bloated so i hope to poo soon.

Well i think thats that! Everything is fine...! Yay!

I just spent some time writing my update and for...

I just spent some time writing my update and for watever reason i couldn.t. so here we go again. Today is day 2. Had my follow up and i as well as everyone else is very impressed with how i.m doing. This ba business really isn.t difficult. I did hit my nipple with my water bottle and that hurt quite a bit. New boobies added on and i.m just not used to them in that space! Ha! also discovered they are a crumb shelf! No kidding! I.m a total neat freak so that.s something i.m going to have to fix! I walked around today...shopped...sat...shopped...sat. no problem. Just listened to my body. Had a great filet with sauteed spinach and caesar salad and now back to just relax. Still tight but not taking pain meds. Only tylenol today. I just watch the clock and make sure it stays in my system. I mite take a muscle relaxer before bed though. Still haven.t pooed! I.m bloated from it but not uncomfortable. Just trying to keep up with the fiber, fluids, etc...

Day 3 - walked quite a bit this a.m after my first...

Day 3 - walked quite a bit this a.m after my first shower post BA ! Felt so good to get days worth of crud off me! Thought it would hurt nips and breasts but it didn.t at all. I dried my tape with the cold setting on the hair dryer just as they advised. I wasn.t too sore wen i woke. More stiffness is how i can describe it. Took my tylenol pronto, moved around a bit and i was fine. Ive been gently massaging my breasts and find when i do they feel even better, even just a little bit helps when there.s a tight spot. They advised me to not do the typical pushing and squeezing for a week but probably because incisions were aereola and one was completely cut to lift the nipple. I can remove tape after a week and replace with the scar guard. Ive been able to lift arms no problem its my breathing while walking i.m having issue with. The pressure makes me want to tighten up and as long as i remind myself to relax its much easier to breath! Nuts! Sounds odd but thats what i.m encountering. I have no pain at all and have not needed pain meds since the first day. Just tylenol and tons of water! Oh! I pooed today! Finally! Yayy for me! My boyfriend wants more pics so im signing off to appease the man! So far i am very pleased just still feel bloated probably from anesthesia, drugs and not pooing as much, very gassy tho. Don.t like that but at least its an exit of some type! Ha!

Day 4 - Woke up about midnight just for the...

Day 4 - Woke up about midnight just for the bathroom. No problems getting up, just real tight. Went back to sleep and woke again at 5:30 flat on my back. I thought I would have a problem getting up from that position but not really. I took tylenol at 9:00 p.m. last night and didn.t think I needed it but took it anyways. Tylenol again first thing this a.m as i don.t want to chance anything getting in shower getting ready to leave and I.m driving today for the first time. It.s probably a 90 minute drive to Miami airport so why chance extra owwies. I have found I tire more easily but it.s probably the body taking the energy to heal from surgery.

Overall I feel good. Able to lift arms, I do kinda have issues opening pill bottle but i manage eventually... Now i just leave them open as I don.t want the challenge. I.m still doing the antibiotics with just a few more days remaining and tylenol.

When I walked last night it was still tight but better and easier each time. We ll see how I do today.

I.ll pick up my rental car at 10:00 today, drive to Miami with my flight leaving at 1:00.

Day 6 - Well today i have not needed tylenol and i...

Day 6 - Well today i have not needed tylenol and been up almost 3 hours. Haven.t done a lot and my tight pecs seem to have relaxed a bit more so its much easier to breath. Last night when my pecs finally relaxed i chose to get up and walk around the house a bit and tripped over the cat...! Owwwie! Tight right breast all over again. Took a while for it to settle down but i think that may be the end of it. Fooled around this morning and pecs and boobs still feel fine. Yayyy!

I.ll have to say the worst day for tightness was probably yesterday and even considered a muscle relaxer but now thankful i didn.t.

Today i.m just going to get a couple more zip up sports bras and thats it. Maybe try on more tops and see how everything fits. Its like having your old wardrobe be new

Day 8 ! I had my surgery last Wednesday! Time...

Day 8 ! I had my surgery last Wednesday! Time flies! As you can see from my pics i.m still riding super high. They really look funny. No pain. Tightness still but been doing massage on them and they respond well. Just the muscles haven.t become accustomed to their new placement yet. Tonight or tomorrow i take thetape off as instructed and start using the scarguard. I.m actually considering waiting til the tape falls off on their own but by the end of the day with my nipples so sensitive being trapped between the tape i just want it off. We.ll see how much i can take. I bought little round bandaids to cover the nipples and will use them as soon as the tape is off. I was getting a burning sensation in the right breast again last night but wasn.t wearing anything. As soon as i put my sports bra on i felt much better. What i don.t understand is that my breasts feel better in the sports bra but not free and naked. Is it because they are still moving? Hmmm. Well, all in all i feel good. Im no longer tired midday and can sleep thru the night.

Day 9 - Friday a.m. - yesterday i felt great all...

Day 9 - Friday a.m. - yesterday i felt great all day. Only took two tylenol. Went golfing with the bo but i just drove the cart and was his own little cheering section. Three weeks I plan to play! I had no pain or soreness to speak of. I was thrilled. Woke up this morning and i.m tight and sore. decided no tylenol for a bit to see if they.ll quiet down after moving around. So far so good. Also skin is very sensitive to the touch. The right side is soft and the left is ever so slowly catching up. I have not removed the tape yet and figured i.d give it more time since it.s so touchy. Don.t see the harm in it and it.s just more protection. I really need to get back to massaging people. I miss touching people and i miss taking care of everyone. I feel like a piece of my life is missing. Kinda depressing really. Maybe i.m ugh. definitely got the umph to get up and go but i know i have to heal. Not sure I.m going to make it 4 weeks without working on some body! I miss riding the motorcycle. I miss golfing. I miss my clients. I miss massaging. My house is filthy! Cripes! All in the name of vanity! :)

Day 10 - been an ok day. But last night wen i had...

Day 10 - been an ok day. But last night wen i had my arms up going thru the clothing racks i started to get zings in my right nipple. Then wen i was leaving and sitting in my car i had some seriously uncomfortable zings directly in nipple. Oh boy did it stop me in my tracks! Finally got home and massaged lightly but even my skin is hyper sensitive. The tylenol didn.t touch it so i.m safely assuming its the nerves that are healing in their own unusual way. Woke this morning and my left breast was very heavy and uncomfortable. It eased after a little time but both breasts are hypersensitive. Even the shower water is no fun today. Hmm. Rode on the back of the bike today! 70 miles. Did great! Its not the same as riding but it will do for now. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for these girls. I plan to do a little cleaning in the a.m. we.ll see how it goes. It.s been a trying couple of days mentally, but ! This too shall pass... amen!

Day 11 - slept on my stomach for a bit this a.m! ...

Day 11 - slept on my stomach for a bit this a.m! Didn.t hurt...just pressure. Felt so good to be in a different position tho! Still get zings but more now when i raise and reach with the right arm. Not as hypersensitive either. Bought two bras yesterday, i know its early but im tired of the sports bra. So i.m at a 36D comfortably. Still sleep in the sports bra but thats it. Cleaned my house, just took it easy but finally! Back to some semblance of normalcy.

DAY 14 !!! Two weeks officially today I am post...

DAY 14 !!! Two weeks officially today I am post BA! My chief complaint is often they feel totally separate from me and just seem to be a ball on top of my breasts and the hypersensitivity has been just wicked. Good grief! But! I consulted with a client of mine who also happens to be a scientist in western medicine but she is also a guru of homeopathic remedies so she turned me on to this nerve pain relief that is homeopathic. It is called "Hypericum" and it REALLY takes the edge off. So with my ibuprofen, which I'm grateful that I now take less of thanks to the hypericum things are calmer and much easier to handle. Just having a cotton t-shirt on was unbearable before ! The sides are very tender as well but that's tolerable. Today I also removed the remainder of my strips and almost fainted. ! ! Nuts !! Really only because it was ME doing it to ME ! Did not hurt at all. But I had to have my boyfriend help me in to bed just to chill out for a few minutes, I could feel myself shaking and couldn't control it. I knew if I gave myself any more stimulation I was going down. Oooh I hate that feeling... So when I finally calmed down I stayed on the bed and had him apply the new stuff: Scar guard. Goes on shiny and dries lickety split. I'm so grateful to be just one more step closer to fully heeled. I shall post pics as soon as he's done watching Jeopardy and he'll snap the pics. I'm still definitely riding high but you can see they have truly softened in appearance. Evvvver so closer!! Yayyyy !

Day 22 - Well, let's see... Day 18 and 19 were the...

Day 22 - Well, let's see... Day 18 and 19 were the best days yet as I had next to no discomfort throughout each day. The night of the 19th I rolled over on to my boob (forgot I had it!!) and it hurt for a spell. I mean "OUCH!" Yesterday it felt like I had a sunburn on my boobs. The ibuprofen may have taken the edge off and I've reduced the amount I take to 4 a day. Two in the a.m. and Two in the evening. The tightness is gone but now when I use my arms with any strength my pecs move and thus makes my boobs move. Looks kinda funny. So the pecs are relaxing with the right more so than the left. The left still high and the left pec unrelenting in it's position and will not give! Come Onnn ! I have pics at the one week mark, pics at the two week mark and as soon as my bo and I coordinate some extra time I will have three week pics up. But I can definitely tell they are slowly moving south to it's proper place. I have clients that I told and the one last night said she didn't even notice I had a boob job! Now I went up two sizes! Pretty cool. So, the swelling is definitely less, the discomfort while moving is for the most part non-existent. Even though they don't feel as though they are 100% a part of me, I can tell I'm getting there. Thank heavens! Next week! 4 weeks and I'm on the bike.... You'll HEAR ME!! Yeahhhh ! Anyways, overall feel great, this weekend I go to a pool party and will be donning my bikini with my new boobies! I'm thrilled I did it!

Day 24 ~ First let me state that I had to remove...

Day 24 ~ First let me state that I had to remove my photos as some creep was creeping around. It never ceases to amaze me the level of audacity that people will stoop to since there is the ability to hide behind his/her computer. Keeps things impersonal. That's easy for creeps! Just wrecks it for so many. I'm CERTAIN it wouldn't be stated face to face!!

Ok, the nitty gritty... Feeling really good. Sometimes I wake up on my stomach. Not sure how this goes on but when I roll back over I feel ok. I was looking for my after-care documentation and for the life of me could not find it. I really should advise the doctors and nurses not to give me instructions after I just awaken from anesthesia. I get short term memory issues after anesthesia and even though I mentioned this to them I think it's just standard procedure for them to give instructions straight away. So! Anyways...! I found my after-care stuff - it said not to sleep on my stomach for ....4 MONTHS! Oh brother! I did on day 10 or 11. I felt ok afterwards but still... I've woken up a few times on my stomach since then.... What does this mean for me and my healing purposes?

Where the incisions were were very itchy for a brief time last night but ok today. That's the first time throughout all this that I wanted to scratch them. The areolas are still quite sensitive to most types of touch so scratching is out of the question! Some areas become sensitive around the breasts but I find light and rhythmic massaging helps immensely.

The only issues I can say I'm having now is sometimes theres a feeling on the tissue itself along the sensation of a sunburn. It's really the only way I can describe it. Nerves still need a little more time to fully heal. But it doesn't last all day and night like it was. Yesterday, day 23 was the first day I went without ibuprofen. Today, so far I have no plans to take anything. I know it takes 6-8 weeks for the swelling to completely go down so I'm still 2-5 weeks away. They are both soft with the right being very soft and giving and the left.... Wellll.... Needs more coaxing ! I massage them quite often and usually afterwards there is a marked difference in the softness and pliability (so-to-speak) so I know the tissue is responding well just needs some more time to allow the body to fully accept the big boobie change.

When I first had the ba I could only put 3 fingers from the collarbone to the top of the swelling of the new boobie on the left now I can comfortably fit 4 fingers. So I'm getting there. Just a few extra doses of patience and some more time and it will all work out. Wednesday is motorcycle day! Yeahhhhh! (maybe even monday! teeheehee) Tomorrow is bikini donning day and a couple of Capt and diets at the pool! Happy Boobie Girl I am!

Still Day 24 - I had to tell this story! My Mom...

Still Day 24 - I had to tell this story! My Mom STILL does not know I had the surgery! ha! I laugh as she is my target for "shock effect" - so we had this conversation the other day over the phone - and we laugh a lot - I mean gutteral laughing - so our conversations are usually really rather fast paced, witty, sarcastic, sometimes over-the-top - so here's how it went:

Mom: "Hi honey... whatcha doin?" - (cutesy)
Me: "Cooking dinner, making squash, corn-on-the-cob and steak" - (just stating)
Mom: "Oh, are you using GMO veggies?" (cutesy) (Mom really has waaaay too much time on her hands and she watches a lot of news so she's hears all kinds of crap and relays it to me)
Me: "Of course Mom, there's nothing better." (flatly stated)
Mom: (Gasps...) "You are?!" "How do you know?" (alarmed)
Me: "It's on the package it's GMO" (full of crap, but just slowly setting her up as I KNOW I've found my "In")
Mom: "Well, well (exasperated)... they don't have to put it on the package!"... (exasperated)
Me: "Well, the squash says: GMO squash and you'll grow big boobies.... so next time you see me I'll have big boobs!" (straight faced)
Mom: silence on the phone for a second or two...."hahaha"... "Oh really? And what does the corn do Kimmie?" (snarky and sarcastic)

(seriously I don't know how I keep a straight face sometimes with the things I come up with) My boyfriend is right next to me and he is silently laughing at what I"m stating to her.... he keeps telling me if I don't behave he's going to call and tell her....! )

Me: "The corn will make my feet grow..."
Mom: "I'd stop eating the corn honey..." (quickly and flatly stated)
Me: "Hahahahahahaha" "Thanks Mom, I'll take your advise into consideration."

And then we move on to the next subject. As I write this I'm laughing again. She really cracks me up. She has such a sheltered little life inside her little bubble. I HAVE to shake it up! I'm compelled!

So... there ya have it... A moment in the life of ME and my Mom!

Almost 1 MONTH (tomorrow) So let's see... I mowed...

Almost 1 MONTH (tomorrow) So let's see... I mowed the lawn Sunday. My right pec was a bit tight at the end of the mowing but my mower is self propelled so that was huge in getting it done. Had no issues to speak of. I definitely listened to my body. I was a bit sore in my left armpit and have been for a few days now. That's a new one on me! Pec muscle attachment. No problem though. Went to the Red Sox game last night and jumped up and down many many times! ha! Yeah! We kicked the Rangers' butts! A beach ball found it's way to me and when I went to hit it I spilled beer between my new girls! Yeeeee! Chilly!

I did have a few concerns with the crowds bumping in to my boobies but always kept a defensive vigil and only a couple times did I have to raise my arm for deflection from elbows or whatever but the bump never happened.

Last night was the first time I slept without my sports bra during the night and I was a little concerned as I didn't know if during the night I would roll on to the them and wake up in pain but it did not happen. Woke up with morning boob this morning. I considered tylenol but now I've been up for a couple hours and I'm better.

The nipples are the most sensitive. It's my chief issue. And it's not a big issue really.

When I use any sort of pressure my pecs rise up and so do my boobs. Kinda funny. Pecs are still tight around them though.

My breasts do look much more relaxed and I do wish I could post pics because those of you that saw them in the beginning could really appreciate how they look now. No longer are they oblong or frankenboobish. The swelling is essentially gone at least to my eye and now they just need to drop and relax more.

That's it for now! Today! Is motorcycle day! Yeahhhh!

5 WEEKS on Wednesday ~ Feel good. Been on the...

5 WEEKS on Wednesday ~ Feel good. Been on the bike several times and have not had any issues at all other than the fact that when I use my pec muscles UP come the boobies. I really find this gives me the chuckles... I was doing massage on my boyfriend and I was showing him what my boobies can do when I use my pecs... we had a good laugh. Said I'm very talented... ha ha ha...! I still get burning issues but again, just like a sunburn. Tolerable. Have not used any meds at all since I think around day 19 or 20. Somewhere around there. I do get sensitivity to touch and still have tender spots but I know it's just the way it's going to be for a while. They are definitely more relaxed and the swelling, at least to my eye, is non-existent. The left is still high where the right is more relaxed. I don't think the right is where it should be 100% but at least it looks more like my own and it belongs. Yesterday I went to put the seat on the motorcycle and got it stuck and couldn't get it off and tried and tried until I pulled my pec muscle. Crap! So, I got my gear on, got ready to go, sweat my butt off messing with the seat and all for nothing! So tonight I plan to hit the bike again as my bo fixed the problem. Cool! Every now and again I'll get zings or a deep burning sensation but it goes away just as quickly as it came. So let's see... I've been called Dolly, Barbie and Boobs.... HA! All in good fun! I love how my clothes fit and I'm much more proportionate. Yes, I will put pics up again. And I truly am very sorry to the lady if she was offended at all by my breach. I would explain my world here on the other side of boobie land, but I won't bore any of you. I hope she will reach for support here on and not feel as though there has been a damper. I was wrong and that's all I can say. It is never my intention to offend even by chance....Peaceful wishes, peaceful thoughts, Speedy healings, Happy droppings! ha!
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