Revision 19yo saline overs to silicone unders

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Got my first implants 19 years ago. Chose saline...

Got my first implants 19 years ago. Chose saline 300 cc left/310 cc right placed over the muscle. I was a fitness instructor and concerned about muscle distortion. Lots of fear about silicone at that time also. Things have changed both in implants and body. Breast fed two kids for 9-12 months, sucked what breast tissue I had left away, and now visible implant under thin skin, rippling, and changes to nipple position as the skin stretched. Been thinking about this and researching options for over three years. So happy I found this site and follow along with your stories. Sometimes the amount of information is overwhelming, but it all helps towards an informed choice. I went to see 6 PS over the last 3 years in two countries, and three states! I travel for work and have family in another country so was able to see renowned doctors in different places. Ultimately I chose Dr Ary Krau in Miami. Saw him in April, and finally booked surgery on Oct 5. I liked his approach and manner, and has excellent reviews for revision surgery. I will be flying in from out of state but figured a mini vacation was in order a few days before surgery. Pre op and final sizing is scheduled for Oct 1. Nervous about the general anaesthesia and pain/recovery time from going submuscular, but convinced that is the only way to get the tissue coverage I need and look that I want. I am very excited to get rid of the bags of water palpable on my chest and changing to silicone. I want to go a little bigger but let's face it I am edging towards 50 (no idea how that's happened!) and I am very active. Each PS told me something different about size and even had different chest/BWD measurements. I am measured as a B cup - with 300 cc saline implants. I remember being small chested, but I must have been flat chested! I guess age and breast feeding have something to do with that. BWD is 12-13, and rib cage 29". I am thinking HP 450 round, smooth, silicone. I tried to add rice sizes yesterday and couldn't quite get the shape right and consequently they looked ridiculous! Drs recommended between 350 and 550 cc. I thought the 450 implant looked huge! I do want to be a little fuller, and heard you lose some size going behind the muscle, and silicone has a more natural curve then the older versions of saline implants. Also getting gala flex to support the lower pole and help prevent the muscle window shading up! Was also offered ADM but I can't afford the 10-14 days to get the drains out! Would love to hear from ladies on what you think would work for me.

One week to go - not sure if I should be nervous or excited.

So I started to get concerned when I started sneezing, coughing, headache and generally feeling unwell over the weekend. I have been dosing up with Vit C and multi-vitamins for the past week. I bought some arnica tablets and cream from Amazon, and an extra post surgery bra. I wore it around for a couple of hours but it irritated my skin and was itchy! Packed my bag as I am traveling on Wednesday. Looking forward to the sun and beach, and for the pre-op to finalize decisions about the surgery. I keep wavering on size??? I don't want to go too big, but I don't want to go through surgery and deal with the recovery if it is not worth it. What I do know is how glad I will be to replace my saline bags of water that seem to get worse each day. Or maybe I am just noticing them now since lately it is all about the boobs!!!! I am a little anxious about the general anaesthesia, even to the point of updating my will. I passed my physical and generally very healthy, but you never know. Trying to stay focused on work but before I know it I will be under the knife! Can't wait to see and feel the results of silicone, under muscle, smooth, round implants! 7 days and counting.......

Final consult and pre-op done

Reality is sinking in! Spent the best part of the morning at Dr Krau's office. While waiting to see him spent time organizing my wish pics on my phone and reviewing my questions. Met him and nurse Nora to review procedure and discuss size. I really like this Dr. He is not pushy, has a sense of humor and reassuring! I am getting very excited. He explained how the gala flex will work and the size differences when changing from saline to silicone and from over to under.

Basically if I want to stay the same size or slightly bigger (currently 300 cc saline, overs) I need to go 400-450 cc. Apparently saline to silicone version is not the same cvs. Plus going from over to under compresses the implant losing 25-50cc. Therefore, if I want to increase 20-30% then he recommends going 500-550 cc. He reaffirmed I can decide or he can based on what I have told him and my wish pics. Typically I am not always trusting, but lately I am breaking down that barrier and allowing people in. Yes I am talking about a couple of things here, but my point is, I feel Dr Krau hears me, recognized my apprehension on cc amount, and I don't believe he will disappoint. Nora also reminded me that I have a couple of days to think about it and can decide the day of surgery. I recall doing this during my first surgery 19 yrs ago, freaked out and dropped 50ccs and regretted it!

That said I am thinking 500 cc HP silicone round smooth. My stats are 5'6, 130 lbs, athletic, BWD 12.5-13 cm and 29.5 inches. Oh and I have minimal breast tissue so the implant, muscle and skin is pretty much all I will have. Currently all I feel is skin and implant.

So gala flex is relatively new but the Dr likes it and says it has produced some good results. He explained that since I have subglandular implants the muscle is not attached to the breast tissue. By changing the pocket to sub muscular there is nothing attached to the muscle and as such there will be greater animation deformity as the muscle origin is released. The gala flex is a mesh that he will attach to the lower part of the muscle into the inframammary fold. This will help prevent the "window shading" effect and provide more lower pole support for the implant.

The pre-op part went well. Sonia was very reassuring and helpful. She thinks I should go with 550cc but I told her that I ain't a Miami girl and things are a little more conservative where I am from!

So I ordered my medications, bought antibacterial soap, crackers and a few other things. Now I get to enjoy Florida sunshine and beach, relax and mentally and emotionally prepare for the big day!

A huge thanks to all you ladies who have shared your stories and commented!

Me now and wish pics

Surgery tomorrow at 9 am and I am still awake at 2:20 am!

I think I am ready for surgery tomorrow. Decided on 500 cc HP silicone round under muscle replacing 300cc saline overs. Can't wait to get rid of these bags of water. Although I was a little nostalgic taking pictures for the last time of my current set! Well I have had them for 19 years! Anyway, looking forward to getting this over with.

All done - one day post

All done and feeling good. I thought i would be in a lot more pain then I am especially converting from in front to behind the muscle! I arrived for my 9 am appointment at 8:40 am on Oct 5th and had a lovely conversation with Dr Krau. He was running behind so I didn't go through until about 10:30 am. I met with the Anesthesiologist who reviewed my medical history and explained the general anesthesia, and then the Dr came in to review the procedure. I was surprised he didn't mark me up, but rather dotted the original incisions. To ensure he knew what I wanted he cupped one breast and pushed up so he could get a feel for the projection. He thought between 500 - 550 cc. Given my age and active lifestyle I said 500 cc will be plenty, which is 50 cc higher then I initially planned. I was then taken into the Operating room and the IV was inserted. Within minutes I was out to it, and did not recall waking up until 4:30 pm. My surgery was almost 3 hours, and they let me recovery for about 2 hours before going home. I went to a recovery house - Keyla and she was awesome. Attentive, sweet, helpful. She administered by meds, gave me water, gatorade, pineapple water, provided homemade chicken noodle soup, came in during the night to help me to the bathroom and dispense the medicine. I had a good night and the pain was not as great as I had expected! I slept really well, did not have any nausea, and was quite hungry. I am right handed but my left boob hurts more, which I thought it mean the DR did more pocket work on the left side. I had my pre-op at 9 am this morning. Everyone was there to see how I was. The took the strap and bra off for the first time. My boobs are wider then high which I was expecting. He did some internal stitching at the bottom and sides as my previous implants had bottomed out. He also attempted to center my left nipple better which had stretched out to the left. I am a little concerned about the positioning of the lower fold internal stitching as it appears uneven between the right and left boob. The doctor explained what that he raised the inframammary fold and attempted to even out the left and right. He said they will look awesome when they heal. I gather you have to trust your doctor. Also I thought I had 300cc and 310 cc saline implants, but they weighed about 334 and 335 ml each, which meant they were slightly bigger then I thought. I have a lot of swelling and bruising on the sides, and not as much height of the implant. I hope they won't settle this wide. I did get 500 CC High Profile which are a perfect width for my BWD which was 12.5 - 13 cm. The 500 CC is 13 cm base. I left the PS office within 20 minutes taking an additional strap and bra. The said I could go home and take a shower, and just pat dry the incision location in the inframammary fold dry. I stopped off my Starbucks for a coffee and then ubered back to my hotel. I took my last Percocet at 6:30 am this morning, and not just taking flexural (muscle relaxant) every 8 hours and Tylenol every four or as required. I am feeling a little drowsy still, but I am only 24 hours since surgery. I will see the Dr again on Thursday before I fly home. I will ask about the differences in the folds but will try to trust that it will all look terrific once swelling goes down and they settle. Oh one more is my tummy looks 5 months pregnant, which apparently it will get worse before it gets better.

One week post

So I am one week post. I was able to get off pain meds within a couple of days but took the Flexeril although not every 8 hours, after the first couple of days. I replaced Percoset with Tylenol within two days. I was able to work two days post, travel home three days post and work a 10 hour day four days after. I do work from home so I didn't have to drive anywhere and it is all on a computer. I was exhausted by Saturday (five days post) and took a Flexeril and 3 hour nap that afternoon. Surgery, work and travel caught up with me.

I got assistance on the flight home - wheel chair from the curbside checkin at the gate and did not carry my backpack with my computer in it at all. Same once I arrived although I had to ask the flight attendants really nicely to carry by back pack off the plane! I recommend everyone who travels for surgery get this service through the airline.

Anyway, by Sunday, day six I drove to the supermarket and did grocery shopping, but had help with loading the car. I also did laundry and light cleaning which all in all I think I overdid it. Overall once I got through the first night the pain has been manageable. I used my legs to maneuver in bed and used momentum by holding my knee and rocking up to avoid pushing down with my arms. That seemed to work. I have been sleeping at 30 degree (isn) on my back using a bunch of pillows, and have had middle back soreness on and off. I typically sleep on my side and I am very much looking forward to those days again. I have been wearing my strap 24/7 until today when I took it off this afternoon. I will put it on again tonight and will wear it through the day probably when I am home.

Overall I am happy with the size 500 cc, although I am feeling the doctor made my pockets quite wide to enhance the cleavage and I don't have any upper pole fullness. Which I find remarkable since I got HP implants! I recall the doctor trying to ascertain how much fullness I want and I found it hard to describe. I am a little disappointed that I will only have it with a bra, and that i feel my breast looks unnaturally wide. He did a lot of pocket repair on my left breast and it looks a little uneven with the right breast. I keep reminding myself that I am only 1 week post so maybe when the swelling goes down i won't look so wide. I also feel a dull pain on both sides of my sternum, which I believe is where the muscle was released. I am hoping he didn't overrelease the muscle! I can also feel something moving on the left side near the sternum which I plan to email my dr about. I had gala flex mesh so may be it is where that is attached? Who knows.

Oh the other thing I wanted to share was just how bloated I was in the first few days post surgery. By now it has gone down a lot but I am still 2-3 inches thicker around the waist then I normally are! Expect to look 6 months preggers! I don't own a scale so I have no idea how my weight has fluctuated.

Anyway I have posted some pictures showing the last few days. I am interested to hear what you think about the width versus height anxiety I am feeling.

2 weeks post

Swelling has gone down and boobs are settling. I still have a lump on the left side. I think the DR released the pec muscle a lot and did internal pocket work. I emailed and his coordinated said that it is early days. When I flex my pecs you can see the difference between the right and left side. I am really active (mainly power yoga lots of chest work) and I am hoping the cutting of the muscle does not impact. I couldn't even open a jar of jam yesterday! Still healing but just weird not to be able to use muscles. Silicone feels awesome compared to the old saline, and Dr did a great job and fixing the bottoming out. Steri strips are still on so I haven't event looked at the scars yet. They said no scar treatment until 4 weeks so patiently waiting. The change from 300 cc saline overs to 500 HP silicone unders is no different in amount of projection, just wider implant and very gentle slop and minimal upper pole. Totally not what I expected, but still happy with the result so far. I had gala flex so hoping they don't drop any more then they are now.

4 weeks post

Overall recovery has been fairly easy, although last few days I feel I have over done things and quite sore on both sides. Pulling a suitcase and carrying a heavy shoulder bag is probably the cause. Trying to take it easy now. So I still have the lump on the left sternum, which I think is scar tissue from the pec being cut. The left side has window shading and muscle animation really high up, which is very different from my right side. The left is closer to the midline, and when i flex looks very different from the right side. There is an indent / line which feels like the lower part of the muscle. I am not sure why I went under the muscle, when the left side is almost fully out of the muscle! Dr said he aggressively released the left medial side (not sure why) but I really wished he hadn't. Overall in a relaxed position they look and feel good, but I am very disappointed with how much of my pec he released and don't like how wide they are on the medial side of the nipple. Changing from overs to unders is totally noticeable. Overtime I open a door, jar, pick something up it feels really weird. I gather I will get used to this. I bought a gorgeous bra from VS - it does not have underwire so started wearing it at 4 weeks. I was sized as exactly the same size as with 300 cc saline overs, but i fill out the bra more so.

5 weeks post

Maybe I am crazy but I really don't like how wide my boobs look and the cleavage created by over releasing the pec muscle along the sternum - especially on the left side. Still getting used to the strange feeling when doing any normal movement requiring pecs. Lump on left side has not gone away any and is still painful to touch. The muscle animation is very high and super noticeable. I have been searching on line and keep rising that pecs should not be released along the sternum and this over release causes muscles to window shade!? I went to a well-known very experienced PS in Miami so no idea why he so aggressively cut the left left muscle?! Right boob doing well but can feel something on outer part of boob. It feels like something is in there. Maybe the gala flex? Not sure if this has anything to do with sleeping on my back or a combination of sitting for long times at a desk and doing little activity, but my lower back has been sore and achy the last few days! Can't wait to use my body again and get back to yoga but DR said definitely wait 3 months. Trying to follow his orders to a T and trying to be satisfied with the new look.

Almost 11 weeks

It's been a few weeks since I posted. I have tried to avoid focusing on my boobs as looking at them have been getting me down. They look worse now then they did before. The silicone feels better then saline, but they feel heavy and saggy. I feel they could be bottomed out as I have no upper pole, and the space from nipple to fold is now 11 cm! It appears my inframammary folds were lowered as my first scar was on my chest and now it is on the boob. My PS created a weird looking cleavage by cutting the muscle and making the pocket wider medially. There is also rippling along the cleavage. I have tried to like my revised boobs but I have to say I hate how they look. The muscle animation seems to be getting worse too. I still have a dull ache and sometimes pain in my muscle especially near my sternum. There is still a lump on the left side! I have raised my concerns with my PS and he said he will revise to address these issues but I have to wait 6 months. I really didn't think my boobs would look worse then before and I didn't think I would be considering a third revision.

3 months post revision

Boobs have settled and may be starting to bottom out with nipple high up on breast. I am going back to see my suregon to evaluate the high muscle animation deformity, and wide and low settling of implants. I posted question on RS and several doctors commented that implant either placed too low on chest wall or bottomed out. A couple also suggested that there was too much inferior and medial pectoralis muscle release causing high animation. I just started yoga again after waiting the Dr recommended 3 months, and push ups or anything using the chest muscles feels awkward. I have lost a lot of strength but that could be related to not doing anything for three months! Due to the animation I feel very self consious and wearing a lot higher tops and t-shirts trying to cover up my chest. I am paranoid about people seeing the muscle distortion since it is so high up. It looks like I am headed for another revision. I knew things were not right from the moment I saw them. At least my PS offers revisions and will work with me! I will still be out of pocket though since he is out of state. One positive is switching the saline to silicone. They feel so much better and definitely not like bags filled with water!

Pictures are not uploading!

Will keep trying to upload the 3 month pictures.

Adding 3 month post pictures

5.5 months post revision

It's been a while since I posted. Muscle deformity has worsened, bottomed out especially on right side, areas of depression on both sides next to sternum (from muscle release), and boob fall into arm pits when lying on back. Saw Dr at 3.5 months and he will do revision after 6 months. I just need to find time to make the trip to Miami.

I feel I was talked into getting a 500cc silicone HP implant. They said changing from saline to silicone I had to go up 100 cc just to get the same size. I am not sure this is accurate based on the 0-25-50 cc difference I have seen posted from other surgeons regarding the difference. I think this size was probably too big for the quality of my skin and existing breast tissue. I should have gone with my gut rather then trust the surgeon and gone with the 400-425 cc that I wanted. I was 300 cc left and 310 cc right salines over. Dr said they weighed 334 g when he took them out.

I have done a ton of research and asked the dr during the follow up. He said he had to over release the pectoral muscle to fit the implant. Answers from DR's on this website suggest this caused the high animation. My chest muscles ache with any effort and I am so much weaker then I was pre surgery. After 11 weeks back taking 4-6 power yoga classes per week, I still can't do what I was doing before the revision.

I also can't wear any low cut workout tops without seeing the deformity.
Dr says he will fat graft and add internal support. I don't believe it possible to reattach the pec muscle but I am hoping he does something to resolve the animation so I can wear workout tops, bathers, low cut tops without being paranoid.

2 weeks and 2 days to go Revision #2

I can't wait to get back to Miami to hopefully sort out all the issues I have experienced since switching from 300 cc saline overs to 500 cc silicone unders. I have done a ton of research to include asking doctors questions on RS and seeing a local PS to get professional opinion. I wished I had gone with my gut and not trusted my PS's judgement on implant size. Hindsight is 20/20 but I really should have done more research on the size increase required from saline to silicone. They convinced me I had to increase 100ccs just to get the exact same size. Girls - don't listen to this, an increase of 25 cc is more like it! 500cc silicone is way way bigger, heavier, and wider then I was led to believe they would be or I ever wanted. I have been so depressed and upset that I have considered explant! I had my saline overs for 19 years and never once thought about removing them!!! I don't know why I disregarded the other PS I consulted opinions which was for a maximum of 400-425CC HP silicone! I hate the way my boobs are so saggy, bottomed out (IMF is now at least an inch lower then it was), no upper pole and wide. My pectorals muscles were over-released from sternum to be able to fit it in and create cleavage that I never wanted or asked for. It looks and feels weird. I can't stand the muscle animation across the top of my boob with any flexion. I can't wear low tops, bathing suit, or sports tops without seeing it - and almost have to wear a full t-shirt to take yoga as you can see the flexion really high up! I understand that by going under the muscle there would be muscle animation - but all the photos I saw did not create a line across the top of the boob! At any rate, what's done is done, and I am headed back for a revision on June 9th and really appreciate that my Dr will do the revision at no cost! Especially since I have already have spent a ton of money and with flights and accommodation expenses, on top of a $9000 original fee! No idea what he will end up doing, but I have to trust that my doctor will do his very best to right the wrongs. I just hope my skin hasn't stretched so much that he will say that I now need a lift. Pre surgery I consulted six doctors and no one said I needed a lift. All I wanted was to change from saline to silicone and regain a little upper pole I lost from age and breast feeding. I will be very engaged in my pre-op appointment to fully discuss all options and expected outcomes. Wish me luck girls!

Preparing for 2nd revision - 6/9/2016

I had my pre-op for revision surgery #2 yesterday. I met with Dr yesterday to discuss options to address bottoming out and muscle animation deformity. I am not very happy with the options discussed and feel the doctor did not want to listen to my concerns and dismissed information i found out through RS doctors about treatment options. I am frustrated and anxious, as I feel the only option I have is to "trust" the doctor. He plans on doing a capsulorrhaphy to tighten the pocket laterally, medially, and at the IMF to treat the bottoming out, and a fat transfer to the breast to help camouflage the muscle animation deformity. This involves liposuction of fat from elsewhere in the body (which I know sounds good to some people), however the risks are bumpy, lumpy and unevenness at both sites! The issue that I have is that everywhere I read about treating muscle animation deformity is to go over the muscle - but this is not a good option for me (and that's where we started) - or use some type of ADM. I discussed this with the doctor, and he does not plan on using it. I had gala flex originally but it did little to prevent the animation or bottoming out. I am anxious about another surgery and do not have a good feeling about the results! I will try to share my fears again prior to surgery and appeal to him to use ADM or mesh once he gets in there if it will help both issues (per the research!). While it will cost me another $1000 I am also considering downsizing from 500 cc to 400 cc implant since the larger implant is more then likely to bottom out once again. Wish me luck - surgery is at 5:30 pm today. I am starving and not sure how to get through the day!!!! I will be cranky by the time I get there.......

2nd Revision done

Had my post op visit with nurse Nora this morning as Doctor was not working. She explained the surgery and when I mentioned the downsize to 400 cc she said he used the same 500cc implants! I discussed downsizing with Doctor Krau immediately prior to revision surgery and offered both him in the consulting room, and then him and his office manager, Cristina to pay for the new implants before the surgery. They told me no so I went into surgery. I can't believe it! I specifically asked and he agreed. No one else was in the room with us when we discussed this or when he marked me up. I also told the anaethesiologist that I was downsizing. He was unaware of this change. I was hoping this would be my last surgery at least for a few years but I hated how big they were and since he was lifting the IMF because of bottoming out, I didn't want bulging implants high in my chest. I sure hope he has a good reason for not downsizing. Nora, the nurse in surgery asked if she needed to bring in implants and he said no. WTF? I am in shock and so upset! I was talked into the 500cc to begin with. I wanted the night to think about it between my pre-op and post op, and told the receptionist that I wanted to discuss sizing with the Doctor prior to surgery. I told her that I didn't want to sign off of the paperwork until I discussed the downsizing with the Dr, however she asked me to sign and that it could be changed after I saw the Doctor. So I signed it believing that my discussion with the Dr was enough. I was very clear with him about going to 400cc -425cc and he said 400cc. I agreed and confirmed that it would be $1000. After the anaethesiologist I walked past the dr and his office manager who were seated in the office and asked if they wanted me to pay the extra $1000 before the surgery and they said no I can do it later. What gives? So very very frustrated and upset! I will wait until I see him on Monday and sure hope he has a good reason for not following through on our discussion and my decision to downsize. Girls I did this alone and strongly suggest you have someone else in the room with you during consults. So upset and angry at myself for not making sure it was written down and everyone new about it! Now I am stuck with this size for at least another six months and another surgery will cost me way more the the cost for the new inplant!

Follow-up with Dr on downsize that did not happen

I emailed Dr Krau expressing my disappointment on size. He flatly denied that we agreed to downsizing, and said I didn't stop by to offer to pay with my credit card before surgery. I am flabbergasted! Not only is this wrong but he also sprang on my right before surgery that he wanted to go through the areolar rather then through the existing IMF scar! So now I have two scars on each breast, and a much larger implant that I was talked into getting the first time, was totally disregarded the second time! I absolutely regret going to Dr Krau, and strongly recommend that whenever you go to get plastic surgery you have someone with you at all times during the consultation. While he did not charge me for the revision, replacing with smaller implants was going to be $1000, which while I said was another big expense since I paid $9000 the first time, I was prepared to pay to get a smaller implant and not have to have another surgery. I can't believe he totally disregarded our conversation before surgery. Now I will need a fourth surgery to downsize the implants!

Further, he said he could only do a good job suturing the pocket and raising the IMF through the areolar, and couldn't guarantee success going through the original scar at the IMF which is why I agreed to him going through the areolar. What is done is done and I will have to wait and see if he was able to fix the issues that were created during the first surgery with him (muscle animation deformity and bottomed out). By looking at the photos my breasts still look wide and low. They are really bruised and swollen from the pocket work and fat transfer. From these pictures I can't see them looking any less wide then they were but now I have two sets of scars! Word of advice look at all the reviews, not just the good ones!

3rd revision - 4 days post revision #2

After emailing back and forth, Dr Krau recognized the miscommunication and offered to exchange the 500cc implants to 400 cc. I am going in at 6:30 am tomorrow morning. I have no idea if it is a good idea to have another surgery so soon after, but I do not want to keep these implants and I don't want to wait another 6 months before downsizing. IMO this miscommunication could have been avoided. I am sure he is just as frustrated as I am, and I hope he will do a good job in replacing the implants. I also want him to close off the pocket more medially. The first revision surgery I had with him last October replacing over saline 300cc to silicone under 500cc brought my boobs too close together. The surgery last Thursday was supposed to address this issue. However, my nipples are still not centered over the implant, the amount of breast from nipple to sternum is much greater then the amount of breast laterally, and there is no space between my breasts. I just hope this will be the last revision I will need for many years.

10 weeks post third revision

I am now 10 weeks post second and third revisions to address muscle animation deformity and bottoming out, and downsize from 500 to 400 cc. I think the bottoming out procedure has been effective but muscle animation deformity on left breast has worsened. It does not appear this issue was addressed at all despite discussing it with my PS. It all started with my first revision surgery. I knew something was wrong when I saw my breasts the day after. My breasts were so low and wide, not the high look I expected when implants placed under the muscle. There was something wrong with my left side. There with so much swelling medially and it appeared that my left cleavage was compromised. As I healed my left breast crossed midline of sternum, and I felt a 1-inch lump on the left side of my sternum. Although not symmastia something was wrong. I had no space between my breasts when pushed together. I thought this odd since I always had a gap with my first augmentation which was above the muscle. I thought breast augmentation under the muscle retains the natural gap due to implant being under the muscle which is attached to the sternum. From the beginning I felt the muscle either ruptured or was over released during surgery when doctor tried to place 500 cc implant. I discussed this with my PS and he said that the muscle was still attached to the sternum, and that the lump was due to my first surgery (which is untrue since I didn't have it before first revision surgery). He also said that my pectoral muscles are so strong and the muscle animation deformity would have been much worse if gala flex wasn't used. I am right handed so my right pectoral muscle would be stronger. This issue is on my left breast.

I can tell you that I regret having the revision surgery as I went from ok to way worse. I gave my PS $10,000 and spent another $3000 on flights and accommodation. I can cope with the money spent, but the physical and emotional trauma is much worse. I have spent 6 months of my life in recovery thus far, which is challenging for someone who is active and took yoga 5 times per week. My left pectoral muscle aches constantly and any flexion creates this unsightly deformity. I have followed doctors post surgery instructions perfectly. I have not worked out at all and been mindful of not using my chest muscles. I am so disheartened. I researched revision surgery for years and believed I found the best surgeon. I have not heard from my PS since the revision surgeries on June 9th and 13th. No follow up whatsoever. I decided to wait to email him to see if things settled over time. I will send him an email with photos and ask what can be done to fix it. I also posted a question to doctors on this site asking the same.

Doctor unresponsive - 3 mths post revision

So sad that my doctor is either too busy to respond or is ignoring my requests for information on what can be done to fix the issues that were created in surgeries with him. I have been professional albeit a little upset in my correspondence and I feel completely dismissed. I really thought going to one of the best PS in the US would improve my look. Instead I feel disfigured and have to tape my breasts apart to maintain any separation. I thought going behind the muscle maintains some gap in cleavage? I am not sure if I have symmastia but if I push my breasts together the implants cross over the sternum, and the skin raises or tents off my chest with no gap. If anyone has recommendations for doctors who fix these problems and care about their patient's outcomes please pass them along. I continue to see awesome results on this site and I have faith that my issues can be fixed!

Revision with Krau

6 months post revision. Issues getting worse. Left breast crosses midline with any pressure to outside of breast. I cannot wear any bras that push breasts together otherwise they lose any separation in cleavage. I traced the left breast and took pictures. You can see how much the boobs crosses over. Animation is worse and pec muscle on left side aches constantly. My issues after surgery with Krau are so much worse then I ever had with my 19 yo subglandular saline implants. I regret doing surgery with him. He has not responded to my emails and has offered no follow up care. Nothing! Further I found lumps in both breasts - worse on right. I emailed him a couple of times asking what to do and he did not respond. I went to primary care doctor who ordered ultrasound. The radiologist could not explain the lumps and advised to discuss with PS since only he knows what he did! I have tried but nothing! No response. If this does not demonstrate a complete lack of professionalism and duty of care then I don't know what does! Girls please don't just look at all his good reviews like I did. If there are ongoing problems you are on your own and likely need to find another surgeon and spend a lot of money (I was quoted $16-17k with no guarantees) to fix it! I feel so violated and upset with myself for not just being happy with the minor issues I had before. Don't believe a doctor when he says you will look awesome yet he did not even spend a few minutes marking me before the surgery because i quote, "I do a lot of these, I know what I am doing" . Had he spent the time taking measurements and marking me up maybe he would not have influenced me to put in a larger implant then appropriate for my body, and would not have had to over dissect my muscle to fit the implant! I trusted him because of all the good reviews. My advice to anyone considering surgery with Krau - don't do it!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

While Dr Krau performed revision surgery (June 9th and 13th) at only the cost of replacement implants - I am still experiencing several of the same issues I had as a result of my first surgery with him (Oct 5, 2015). I do NOT believe the problems were adequately addressed. I received no follow up from him or his office to check my progress since the revision. I have sent several emails and photos of the issues I am experiencing requesting information. I received a one sentence email back that did not answer any of my questions, and believe he is either too busy or is choosing not to respond. I am so disappointed since I really thought I was going to the best PS who cares about his patient's outcomes. I chose Dr Krau because of his track record. Unfortunately, for me it looks like I will have to spend significantly more money and search for another PS to address the issues created during my surgeries with him. Original pre-surgery: I liked Dr Krau instantly. He did not appear arrogant like other DRs I had seen. He answered all of my questions and provided three options to consider. His coordinator Cristina has been very helpful addressing my questions to aid the decision making process. I am excited to finally take care of these issues! Post-Surgery: I feel Dr Krau made some decisions during surgery that created a look that I am not comfortable with. He changed the pockets to make them wider on the medial side and not within my natural fold. I don't like how they look. While my old set were far from perfect, I wish I had spent more time with the PS prior to surgery to better understand what he planned to do and have been able to say yes or no. You have to trust your surgeon but now I like them less then before and I am $11k out of pocket! I am communicating with the DR and he said wait 6 months and will address at that time. It may not look like much of an issue to others by looking at my photos but I have to see and feel it everyday and at this point I regret having the surgery.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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