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I absolutely loved my breast augmentation when I...

I absolutely loved my breast augmentation when I first got them done. It was exactly what I wanted after losing so much of my breast volume while breastfeeding. A little over a year later, I felt a hard firmness around my implant but only in the right breast. After going to the doctor I was told it is a capsular contracture. I did not want to return to the same doctor because he prefers to use an awake method with his procedure. Which I do not like at all!!! I have been looking on Realself for a little while now and gave Coral Gables Cosmetic Clinic a call. I have a surgery date on October 9th with Dr. Ary Krau. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am from out of state, so I am having to prepare to travel to Miami, FL. I just want to get this taken care of, and I am confident that Dr. Krau will deliver!!!

Counting down!!!

So I only have a few days before my surgery!!! I am not real sure how to feel about everything right now!! I love reading the reviews on here about Dr. Krau, it gives me hope that I will be happy with the end result of my surgery. Honestly, I am just ready to get it done and over with. I am ready to start the healing process!!!!

4 Week update

I don't really have words to express the thanks and gratitude for Dr. Krau. I did have some issues at first, I was told all I needed was a exchange of implant and capsulectomy. I asked numerous times for the my representative to ask the doctor about a potential for a needed lift and each time I was told "no you don't need it". But as predicted, on the day of surgery Dr. Krau recommended a lift. I was completely prepared and paid the difference.

Waking up from surgery was an absolute painful nightmare. But with each passing day I felt better. I had to learn to take it easy which was not easy with a super smart 3 year old at home. What I will say is if you will not willingly slow down, your body will definitely slow you down. Today I am 4 weeks out and I love my results, the best part is they are not close to the finished product.

As for Dr. Krau, he is an amazing doctor and a true artist. He did a wonderful job with my revision. Once I left Florida I was very concerned about how much communication I would have with him when I have questions and issues. I am super happy to report that before surgery Dr. Krau gave my his number and ever week we have had some sort of communication. He has successfully answered any/all of my questions. I am looking forward to how my breast will continue to heal.

I would personally recommend Dr. Ary Krau to my closest friend and family!!!!
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